Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 421

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Episode 421: Goodbye New Wave (3)

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The New Wave volcano caused a major eruption.

great roar. The momentum made me wonder if the whole sea was going up.

The red pillar of fire that blew away the gate of good and evil seemed to soon turn blue, and then doubled, tripled, quadrupled in thickness and scale… … grown hundreds of times.

A pillar of fire soared, and around it a secondary and a tertiary rising current was created, and a huge water column surrounded the pillar of fire and soared up.

Indeed, it is a powerful sea storm unprecedented in human history that does not choose between fire and fire.

It was a cataclysm that would have a huge impact on the sea as well as all living things on the ground.

* * *

Minutes before the Great Crater of the New Wave erupted.

Bikir witnessed the gate of good and evil, which was the symbol of New Wave, blow away.

The power of the explosion is evident when you see that massive chunk of alloy fly away like a bottle cap.

‘… … But that won’t be the end.’

Soon, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, no, hundreds of shockwaves will hit this place one after another.

When that happens, everything is over.

‘I think Iyen went well.’

Bikir glanced back.

The balloon eel is no longer visible.

The strong ocean current created by the orca pushed her back, so she must have flowed to a safe place.

I had no choice but to believe that.

After thinking, Bikir turned his head again.

… Rumble! Kwak!

Lightning was raging at the bottom of the deep sea.

Tsunami waves on a scale that can easily destroy a country run wild.

In front of this huge whirlpool of chaos, humans were nothing more than a single grain of sand.

at that time.

Talk tok-

There was a hand hitting Bikir’s shoulder.

Marquis of Sade. He was staring at Bikir as if asking what he was going to do.

Even in this extreme situation, Bikir rolled his head and looked for a way to survive.

A huge explosion soon occurs.

After that, a huge upwelling current will erupt, sweeping away everything here.

at that time.

“… … !”

Suddenly, something caught Bikir’s eyes.

door of evil.

A huge disc that was like the symbol of the New Wave.

It had not been broken even though it had received a direct hit from Poseidon’s power.

There is a dent in the middle, but no cracks.

It just bounced off because all the chains around it were broken.

Vikir recalled the bourgeois safe in his mind.

The safe that Belial had made was also cast from an alloy of Mithril and Orhalkon.

Despite its size, it withstood attacks from the entire Pit Bull Knights for two hours.

Then, what about that door of good and evil?

The strongest door that no one has ever been able to break through.

Even with Poseidon’s first explosion, it was at best to make it slightly hollow.

Bikir moved instinctively.

‘Uh, let’s go together!’

Marquis de Sade hurriedly stirred his limbs and followed Bikir.

Eventually, Bikir, who arrived on the ground shaking like crazy, landed on top of the Gate of Good and Evil that spanned the walls of New Wave.

A pillar of fire is gradually turning blue.

That thing will soon rise in power and attack this place, sweeping everything up and pushing it up.

Bikir then intended to stay close to this gate of good and evil.

I planned to stick to it like a cork on a gushing stem of champagne and go to the ground.

‘Are you crazy?’

Even the Marquis of Sade opens his mouth in amazement.

But there was no other way.

Oxygen will run out soon, and above all, there is no way to travel 10,000 meters under the sea and go up to the ground without this method.

‘I have to find a way to live somehow.’

Of course, the chance of saving one’s life is less than 1%, no less than 0.001%.

But it’s better than zero. If it’s something you can do, shouldn’t you try something?

Bikir went to the hollow in the center of the Gate of Good and Evil and settled down.

And he blew mana into Dekaravia.

[…] … human.]

Dekarabia caught on to Vikir’s plans.

It is said that he will hold the door of good and evil at the top of the explosion as if riding a surfboard.

‘You must block the pressure from above.’

Bikir’s strategy was simple.

Like a sandwich, the door of good and evil is spread at the bottom and the protective film of Decarabira is spread on top to minimize the pressure.


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If it was a shield of Decaravia bent into a dome shape, it would be able to withstand the terrifying pressure coming from above.

The problem is that Vikir’s mana is not enough to maintain that level of defense.

‘If that’s the problem, I’ll help.’

The Marquis of Sade, who was next to him, hurriedly said.

He looked terrified that Bikir would leave him behind.

‘I wonder how much fun the earth would have become. Please take me with you!’

Marquis de Sade held Bikir’s hand and begged him earnestly.

Vikir nodded as she felt high-quality mana flowing through her clasped hands.

But even so, the chances of survival were low.

Dekaravia’s defense was reliable, but it was unknown how long it could sustain even with the combined mana of Vikir and Marquis Sade.

… … Right then.


There was a palm rising above the corner of the door of good and evil.

Black webbed feet can be seen between the thick fingers that contain strong power.

‘… … Take me.’

An old man, covered in blood, draped his upper body over a disc.

Orca. He was looking at Bikir with one eye that had just been blown out by the shock.

The Marquis of Sade asked as if he was absurd.

‘Are you crazy? Did you forget the fight just before?’

‘He’s sane. I remember it clearly.’

After that, Orca stopped looking at Marquis Sade.

His gaze was fixed only on Bikir.

‘I cannot die here.’

‘… … .’

Vikir felt a strong and firm will coming from Orca’s gaze.

‘no! It would be impossible to do anything if I burned that old man!’

‘My side will be much more reliable than the heinous criminals.’

Marquis de Sade and Major General Orca were engaged in a sharp war of nerves even with their bodies covered in blood.

Bikir looked at the two and thought of the original history.

‘… … The causal rate has been twisted.’

The Marquis of Bondi Sade ventures out of prison after a long time, when the war of annihilation enters the second half.

Sadie, who has gathered forces from the outside, uses the Sejaks that he had infiltrated inside the New Wave to open the door of good and evil and rescue his grandfather, Marquis Saad.

Interested in hearing that the land has turned into a sea of ​​fire and the era of war has arrived, the Marquis of Sade kills Vidism and incites all the prisoners to cause a huge riot.

Orca and the guards, who were distracted by the demonic army that was attacking from outside at the right time, miss Marquis Sade’s escape.

Nouvelle Bagh, who is in a situation to be taken over by demons, and the worst prisoner who escaped just in time.

Orca, who is in danger of being defeated by the devil army and allowing THAAD to break out of prison at the same time, makes an extreme choice.

It was the operation of ‘Poseidon’ that he had been studying since he discovered it during the construction of Rebel Ten.

In the process, Orca, who induced the great eruption of New Wave, annihilated numerous demons and the Marquis of Sade at once, and then came up to the ground and joined the human union.

And now, covered in blood, Orca was begging for mercy from Vikir.

‘Believe me. Now the earth has turned into hell. Even if you go out, you will hardly see what you used to be. I came to see it.’

Orca begged Bikir as she banged her head over the Gate of Good and Evil.

‘Save me. and take me It will definitely be helpful in dealing with monsters.’

Bikir stared blankly at Orca for a while.

and soon.

‘… … Get on.’

He nodded his head in response.

As soon as the words were finished, Orca climbed onto the Gate of Good and Evil.

‘Eh, it’s very narrow. A big, distracted old man… … ‘

Marquis Sade grumbled, disapprovingly, but Orca ignored it and stood next to Vikir.

Bikir, the Hound of the Night.

The Marquis de Sade of the 47-man unrest.

Orca, the warden of the New Wave.

As the three stand in one place, a red inverted star is drawn above them.

Dekarabia manifested itself in a hemispherical shape and brought the tips of its five legs to the Gate of Good and Evil.

‘If the gate of good and evil cannot hold, we all die. Even if the mana that blows into Decarabia runs out, we all die.’

Both Marquis Sade and Warden Orca, who had blown mana into his shoulders at Bikir’s words, nodded with firm expressions.

The Gate of Good and Evil, a symbol of New Wave.

The only substance that will not be destroyed in this great chaos.

Bikir used it as the floor and the Wailing Dome made of Decaravia as the ceiling and walls.

And now, the time for judgment has come.

oh-oh oh oh… …

The entire space around him began to distort and scream.

The heavy energy felt from the ground, it is running with spur.

Right below, towards the soles of your feet!


The sound of the first explosion, which seemed to rip through the eardrums, could be heard by all.

… … ! … … ! … … !

And the 2nd and 3rd explosions that followed were far out of the range of human hearing, so they felt just static.

Marquis de Sade and Major General Orca were taken aback.

Even those who have lived a life stained with gambling and war feel anxiety, crisis, tension, nervousness, and climax for the first time.

Indeed, it was an unreasonable number to throw out after a long time.


The gates of good and evil floated upward.

Insincerely, casually, like an insignificant coin being carried away by a gale.

However, the three people on top of it were truly acutely aware of hell.

“… … !”

“… … !”

“… … !”

The pressure as if my whole body was being crushed, the feeling of being turned into meat dough alive.

Bikir poured all the mana that Marquis Sade and Major General Orca poured into Dekaravia’s defenses.

At the same time, Baalzebub pushed the Basilisk’s super-regeneration ability to its limit.

Woods, woods, woods Woods, woods, woods Woods, woods, woods Woods, woods, woods Deuk Deuk Dede Deuk Dede Deuk Dede Deuk Dede Deuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk Dedeuk … !

The terrifying pressure that even S-rank monsters screamed at was pressing down on the bones, flesh, muscles and blood of the whole body to the limit.

[…] … human!]

[…] … consolation!]

[…] … Goes!]

Between the deafening roar, which could not be heard but was clearly occurring, the sound of Dekarabia’s utterances faintly echoed in my ears.

Suddenly, a voice passed through Bikir’s mind.

I don’t know why, but I suddenly remembered what he had said when he was promoted to major.

‘I will risk my all to change New Wave.’

A plan I had from the moment I walked into Nouvelle Vague.

It has been perfectly realized. It really made a huge difference.

“… … .”

Bikir drew a faint arc on the corner of his mouth.

It is called Jinsa Daecheonmyeong (盡人事待天命).

Now I have done all that I have to do as a human being.

I did my best and finished it perfectly.

All that remains is for Heaven to decide.

And Bikir now goes to meet the sky.

It is launched to ask the sky, which has not been seen even once for nearly four years, about the future and its achievements.

… … Toward the ground at a whopping 10,000 meters!

Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 420Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 422
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