Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 449

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Episode 449: The Fall of the Usher Family (9)

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… Kwak!

I thought I felt a strong shock in the back of my head, but my left vision went blank.


Andrealphus hurriedly turned his head.

I see a man standing tall on the roof of the pointed spire of the half-collapsed Usher mansion.

Skinny and tall, with a pale complexion like a corpse, large but gloomy eyes, bloodless lips, and long hair as thin as a spider’s web.

Usher for Roderick. A man called the Archangel.

He raised his dying body, crushed by the red death, and took up his bow and arrows.

And now, he is staring at the sky with his usual eyes.

[Rodrick? How sane… … ? Oops!]

Andrealphus’ expression crumpled terribly.

The rushing waters of the Lake Dog River rushed into the swamp where the Usher family’s mansion site was located, temporarily washing away all the red energy of death.

Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa… …

The red demons are swept away by the blue foam and melted away.

The energy of death and disease that enveloped the mansion had temporarily disappeared and fresh air was flowing in.


Roderick draws the bowstring once more.

That extremely cold and dry gaze was aimed at only one, Andrealphus floating in the sky.


Intestines cut piece by piece, a voice flowing from a crumbling body.

At the same time, an arrow from Roderick pierced Andrealphus’ chest once more.

… Puff!

Beyond the penetration, a large hole was pierced through the body.

Andrealphus let out a shrill scream at the blood and flesh scattered in all directions.

[Kyaaaaaagh! brother! What is this! How could you do this to me!]

When cornered, it is a devil’s habit to raise the voice of a human host.

But that only made the bloodshot eyes in Rodrick’s eyes even redder and sharper.


Roderick drew his bow once more.


Once again Andrealphus’ head exploded.

Even the remaining right side of his face has been completely blown away, and now only the lower jaw and tongue remain on his head.

[brother! it’s me! This is Madeline, whom her brother buried alive when she was a child! Are you going to kill me again!?]

The monster, with only its lower jaw and tongue, continues to emit Madeline’s voice through its throat.

My sister who had a fever and closed her eyes when she was a child.

The sister who was buried finely in the grave by Roderick, who cried out loud.

But one rainy night, the sister digs up the grave and climbs up.

She thought she was dead, but she was actually alive.

A sister who overcame the fear of being buried alive and escaped the tomb on her own.

After that, my sister regained her health and grew up strong.

… … But in fact, it would be true that the sister had died of a fever at the time.

All this time, it was that terrible and ugly devil who had been covering up his sister’s empty shell.

A gray flame blazed in Rodrick’s eyes as he confirmed it.


Roderick no longer spoke the name Madeline.

Now that he has finally let go of his sister, who should have been sent away a long time ago, it seems that he will repay the debt he has suffered for deception with interest.

Deed Deuk-

Roderick. He squeezed his body, which had been engulfed in red death, to its limit.

Veins bulge out of the dried body like a corpse.

The sound of bones breaking was heard everywhere.

Bianca exclaims as she sees Roderick like that.

“dad! Do not work too hard! You’re not feeling well… … !?”

For an instant, she saw her father’s eyes looking at her.

Those are the eyes of those who are ready to die. At the same time, the spleen characteristic of those who want to hand over everything they have.

Bianca and Rodrick. Unspoken messages pass between the two.

“… … dad.”

Bianca staggered as if her legs were giving out.

Tudor, who was beside her, supported her.

“Why Roderick?”

“… … Dad.”

Bianca answered Tudor’s question with a bewildered look.

“He intends to lay down his life here.”

“… … !”

At that, everyone was startled and turned their heads again.

There, Roderick the Archangel was preparing for the final blow.

Parts Tsutsutsutsu-

An aura gathered at the tip of the arrow Rodrick was aiming at.


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A final blow that disregarded even life.

It was the result of Roderick’s whole body mana exploding.


… Kwak!

A roar exploded, unbelievable that it was the sound of an arrow being fired.

A huge whirlwind erupted, and countless thunderbolts filled it.

The wind that swept away the dark clouds in the sky at once, and the snipe that cut through the center created a pillar of light that looked like a falling comet.

The blow of Buncheon (翻天).

It was a stronger force than when Hugo slaughtered Andromalius in the past.

The arrow that Roderic had shot sent a terrifying afterstorm and flew towards Andrealphus.


Kwa-jik! Whoops!

The arrow blew away not only the heart of this huge monster bird, but its entire chest.


Andrealphus did not die right away despite being hit by this terrifying sniping.

However, it was unavoidable that the flight trajectory became unstable and the staying altitude was lowered as much as he suffered an unexpected fatal injury.

And where Andrealphus was gradually falling, Marquis Sade and Major General Orca were waiting.

“Pussss- The Usher kid gave me a nice present.”

“This is a reward for the hailstones that fell earlier.”

The two old men, who had been ridiculed by the baptism of hail so far, were in a state of anger.

A whip that wriggles like a poisonous snake, a club that drives like a tsunami.

The aura of the two, who were young with a terrible life, flew through the sky.

Per-billion! Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

The whip and club tore off Andrealphus’ wings one by one.

And the rest of the wings also began to receive a barrage of arrows from the new snipers.

Pupper pupper puck!

Andrealphus, who had become like a hedgehog with arrows stuck in his body, shook his blown head and screamed.


It was a terrible agony, hard to tell whether it was a human or a bird.


The last bowstring is drawn.

“… … .”

The final aim was Bianca’s share.

… Perong!

The last arrow flew, and the last strength of Andrealphus was surely broken.


Bianca’s arrow blew away the last tattered wing of Andrealphus.

A falling demon has no wings.

It seemed that Andrealphus had no strength left to scream, let alone fly away.

The body of the monstrous bird, which was gradually falling toward the ground, was facing the Usher mansion.

And below that, Rodrick is standing.

Roderick asked, looking at Andrealphus falling towards him.

“… … Cervantes. What happened to that friend?”

It was not Bianca who answered his question, but Tudor next to him.

Tudor shook his head with his eyes closed.

Seeing the spear Gungnir in Tudor’s right hand and the empty left sleeve blowing in the wind, Rodrick nodded his head.

“… … is it. Did that happen?”

Tudor’s appearance and demeanor were a sufficient answer in themselves.

Guessing everything that had happened, Rodrick immediately closed his eyes.

And he opened his mouth in a dry voice.

“Please take care of the Usher family.”

That was his last voice.

… Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwam!

The half-destroyed body of Andrealphus landed on the Usher mansion.

The mansion and the island, which had stopped erosion for a while, began to collapse again due to the fall of Andrealphus.


With the sound of a thunderstorm, the Usher mansion began to sink into the swamp along with the grounds.

[ah… Ah ah ah ah ah… … Big business… … Big business… … ]

The extinguishing demon’s flame. The third poem collapses into the foam.

The end of the Ice Duke Andrealphus was miserable and lonely.

* * *

Before long, the hailstones, storms, and thunder all subsided.

Only wide-spreading ripples and foam remained in the middle of the quiet swamp.

The fall of the House of Usher.

Tears of blood flowed from Bianca’s eyes as she watched the mansion disappear under the bottomless swamp.

Bianca said to Tudor who put her on her shoulder.

“… … devil guys. I will kill them all.”

“I agree.”

Tudor also answered, looking down at the relic Gungnir inherited from his father.

Two young heroes sharpen their hatred for demons.

at that time.


I heard footsteps approaching behind me.

Bikir. night hound.

A hunter who secretly fought the devil alone even before the world changed like this.

Tudor and Bianca turn their heads to look at Bikir.

With a gaze filled with unparalleled faith and trust.

And the old, seasoned hunter said to the newly opened hunters.

“Now there are two left.”

Most of the teenage demon lords who caused the era of destruction have been captured, and now there are only two left.

one o’clock. and this time. If you catch these two, you will be able to prevent the age of destruction.

It won’t be easy, no, maybe more difficult than all the courses we’ve been through so far combined, but we have to do it anyway.

And Bikir was no longer alone.

The night walkers follow the night hounds.

Camus, Dolores, Sinclair, Tudor, Bianca, Sancho, Piggy and other academy colleagues, as well as the Marquis de Sade and Major General Orca who joined from Nouvelle Vague.

In addition, numerous personnel from the Tochka Fortress were supporting Bikir both physically and mentally.

“Now is the final phase.”

The demons who lost so many comrades couldn’t just stand by.

There is a high possibility that he will mobilize all the time he has spent so far and the strength he has cultivated.

The Night Hound turned away from the Usher family.

So did those who followed him.

Now, on the brink of destruction. Now, the prelude to an all-out war was rising.

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