Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 462

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Episode 462: Water Source Zone Infiltration Operation (9)

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[Oh-the demon hunter back then. Is this the first time since the trial in Nakazanye?]

“… … .”

Vikir did not answer Flauros’ question.

Conversation with the devil was an act that consumed energy in itself, and it was because he did not feel much worth answering.

So Bikir decided to just give her a short tidbit.


The demonic sword, Baalzebub, emitted a dark red aura.

… Flash!

Since there is no guarantee that he can kill in one hit anyway, Vikir chose the most confident type 4.

A herbivore drawing four teeth.

It was the strongest attack in the previous life and the most comfortable attack in the current life.

Not only does it consume almost no mana, but it is more proficient than breathing.

Bikir’s sword strike perfectly gripped the four directions and bit into the space of Flauros.

However, Flauros’ skill with the spear was also quite high.

‘Original Ouroboros’. A deadly weapon and a terrifying artifact that creates the Red Death.

Flauros said with a smirk.

[Demon Sword Chilgwita… … Is Baalzebub among them? You use good weapons. However, there are many other weapons made from the remains of ancient demon constellations. At that time, there were not just one or two Devil Constellations. My window is also such a case.]

Are they the remains of demons who lived in some distant past?

Two weapons possessing poisonous spirits collided fiercely, creating countless sparks.


The red evil spirit and the black sun collide.

Before anyone knew it, Vikir was dealing with Flauros with the highest power.


Bikir backed away, spitting red from the blight.

Madame’s poison was rapidly circulating in her body.

Madam’s poison, bubbling along the veins, eats up all the pestilence poisons coming from outside the body and stirs the whole body.

It’s been a long time since this reacted so violently. Perhaps, it seemed that the Red Death was recognized as the appearance of an unusual rival.

… Pacan!

Ouroboros, the solo spear, pressed the demonic sword Baalzebub with the two blade tips.

At the same time, the hilt made from Naraksu’s hilt hit Vikir’s head.

“… … !”

Bikir, who ducked his head back to avoid it, had a scar on his forehead.

It was a wound so severe that it could not be easily regenerated even with the basilisk’s regenerative power.

[It is a bag made by carving a fragment of Naraksu. When Amdusias was annihilated, I also got some fragments.]

There was still plenty of composure in the eyes of Flauros, who smiled hatefully.

at that time.




red, white and gold. Three twinkling lights emanated from the sides and behind Bikir.

Camus, Dolores, and Sinclair were supporting Bikir.

Eventually, the flames created by Camus, the divine power created by Dolores, and the totality of Sinclair’s magical power and financial power headed for Flauros in front.

Wahgigigigg – Ujijik!

The sound of powerful intangible forces colliding and distorting each other.

As the axis of the earth is broken and attached repeatedly, the surrounding landscape naturally changes.

Even in the middle of a power struggle, Flauros looked at Vikir and his colleagues and opened his mouth as if he was amazed.

[You fight really hard for others. Confronting me will not do you any good as individuals… … ]

to fight together It is a spectacle that certainly does not make sense to the devil.

A demon is basically a being who engages in a “war of all against all”.

In the first place, demons are a concept established by humans, so they are not tied to a single species.

For example, the third and fourth cimmeries, Andrealphus and the fourth, are as far apart as goldfish and locusts, if only by biological characteristics.

Because Bikir knew that, he could somewhat understand why Flauros was puzzled.

“I might not be able to sympathize with beings who don’t know how to do anything other than fight and steal.”

[Isn’t that the same for you guys? In the first place, humans are the degraded version of the devil. The part you occupy in this worldview could be better served by demons.]

Flauros smiled and continued to thrust his spear.

Apart from the fluctuating spear, the demon’s tongue continued to wriggle like a snake.

[By now, my poison soldiers should have started a siege. I can’t wait to see how long your comrades in Tochka will hold out.]

“… … !”

Bikir gritted his teeth.

It seemed that the Leviathan family’s poison ligaments had finally begun the battle to annihilate Tochika.

It is unknown how much those who have endured without water can defend against the legion of powerful mutants.

It was fortunate that there was Major General Orca and Marquis Sade, but in the end it was unavoidable in the face of an overwhelming difference in troops.

[There is no hope for you guys. I couldn’t find water and couldn’t protect my comrades. Seeing all the humans in Tochika become poisonous, I can’t wait to see what you guys will look like.]

Upon hearing Flauros’ words, the faces of all members of the death squad distorted.

But the truth is that there is nothing to refute.

So Camus, Dolores, Sinclair, Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca all had their teeth clenched and their eyes wide open.

… … Except for Bikir.


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“You underestimate human potential too much.”

At Bikir’s words, Flauros narrowed his eyes in surprise.

[Is the current situation of a nature that can be resolved by one’s own strength?]

“That’s something you don’t know.”

[I understand? Hahaha- Out of these, you seemed to have the most realistic personality, didn’t you?]

“That’s what I’m saying.”

[…] … ?]

After speaking, Bikir drew Baalzebub even longer.

8 meals. The black sun rotates more ferociously and oppresses Flauros.

Eventually, the distance between Bikir and Flauros narrowed to the point where their noses touched.

Woodeuk – Woodeuk!

At the forefront, where qi collided with qi, Bikir whispered into Flauros’ ear.

“The future is not something to predict. It changes again when you predict it.”

[…] … .]

“Like right now.”

[…] … ?]

The moment when Flauros just tilted his head.

… f*ck!

The vision flickers black for a moment.

Flauros shook his head with a shock as if his throat had been pulled out.

An iron ball about the thickness of a child’s forearm had been lodged in his temple, and he was trembling.

An arrow much stronger than the one Bianca shoots.

How tough must the bowstring be to send such a large and bold sniper?

And how strong must your arm be to pull that string?

Even Flauros had never experienced such a powerful arrow before.

The memory of when everything almost went to waste with just one carelessness.

That night when my life was seriously in danger.

[…] … no way!?]

The moment Flauros turned his head in amazement.


An arrow that flew in again landed right in the middle of Flauros’s forehead.


Flauros retreats while spraying black blood.

And a thin shadow swayed over the cliff behind it.

“Long time no see, West.”

A female warrior who gives a short greeting to Bikir.

Seeing her face, Bikir couldn’t help but sigh in relief in many ways.

Iyen. Balak’s female warrior. A colleague who had been imprisoned in Rebel Ten in New Wave was reappearing.

Ayen grinned at Bikir and greeted the nightwalkers behind him.

“There are those who have seen it and those who have not. Anyway, I wish you well.”

“That! Where are you pretending to be friends!?”

As Kamyu gritted his teeth and shouted, Ayen’s eyes narrowed.

“why? Do you want to get naked again?”

“Kyaahhhh! You’re behind!”

Camus was showing even stronger hostility than when he was fighting the devil.

However, their confrontation was stopped by another person.

[Hohohoho- Does Ouroboros have the same name as me? Isn’t that stealing?]

A thick whip flew in and lashed Flauros’ torso.

Sadie. A female professor who went all the way to New Wave to rescue her grandfather, the Marquis de Sade.

She activated Belial’s eyeballs and appeared in a demonic state, blocking the way of Flauros.

… slam!

The whip swung like a snake, cutting all the poisonous people around.

Ayen, too, was blowing arrows and piercing the body of Flauros.

“I caught almost all of them before, but I missed them. I won’t miss it this time.”

A native of Balak’s hunting grounds, Iyan once tried to infiltrate the Leviathan house alone and assassinate Hobbs, the owner, but failed.

Chasing the same prey twice is considered a disgrace to Balak’s hunters.

Therefore, it was natural for Iyan to fight for revenge right here and now.

… pop!

Flauros dodged the arrow by spurring the ground with an annoyed expression.

Forcibly pulling out two arrows lodged in his head, Flauros growled, exposing fangs like those of a leopard.

[Fate does not change even if two trivial things increase.]

Right then.


There was one more voice in Flauros’ ears.

[…] … !?]

When did you get caught?

Even though he didn’t even notice the presence, the opponent was right behind Flauros.

Squeezing through the gaps created by Iyen and Sadie.

… slam!

A large leech clung to Flauros’ back.

Demon Sword Asmodeus.

A terrifying weapon that sucks the blood of the opponent it stabs.

It was taking away the life spirit from Flauros’ body in chunks.


The first bloody scream escaped Flauros’ mouth.

“… … .”

Bikir narrowed his eyes as he saw every aspect of the figure holding Flauros firmly behind him.

A body connected to the demonic sword Asmodeus, black veins covering the whole body, and an aura of black light pulsing ferociously over the shoulder.

black tongue.

The old relationship in New Wave, which I thought I would never see again, was glaring at me.

Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 461Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 463
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