Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 466

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Episode 466: The Beginning of the Counterattack (2)

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Powerful venom mutants rose through the ground.

Monsters each with a huge and hideous body.

And a man at the forefront of the reinforcements took out a dark red knife and cut the poisonous mutants into pieces like rotten radishes.

… Pupper puck!

Osiris, the iron-blooded swordsman, stood tall over the corpses of the poisoners who were crumbling down with a thick fountain of blood.

“Eat a lot, nephew.”

Osiris swept away even the red spirits of death and turned his head to the side.

There stood a girl with black hair and red eyes.

“Your uncle!”

“… … Samchun, not Uncle.”


“It’s sad. Why don’t you call me Samchun… … .”

But before Osiris could finish his words, the Pomerian stretched out his hands in front of him.

Tsutsutsutsutsu… …

The wraith tree has grown.

Dark red ghosts rise above the corpses of the dead and fallen as if they were being pulled out.

Skull-shaped fruits were growing in clusters on the bare branches.

Battlegrounds are the best place for Wraith Trees to grow.

at that time.


One of the surviving venoms from behind the Pomerian came running with a battered body.

He was so cunning that he held his breath and lay on the floor like a corpse.

The moment he stretched out his long arms to grab the Pomerian.

Puffer Puck!

Three slashes cut off the poison man’s arm.

flutter –

Three black hems of blood were blocking the Pomerian’s path.

Hive, Middle, Low.

They muttered as they looked up at the peaks visible beyond the corpses of the poisoners.

“let’s go. Your lord awaits.”

“My lord is waiting for you.”


The trident of the Baskervilles, no, the trident of Vikir.

They escorted the Pomerian and at the same time led the knights and charged towards the summit.

Of course, the road to the mountain peak was long and difficult.

Countless poisonous variants are rushing in and rampaging like demons, so even a few knights can’t easily break through the wall of the siege.

… … That was until the Seven Earls of the Baskervilles stepped forward.

Six shadows stretched across the entire battlefield covered in dark red aurora.

Except for the vacant seat of Cane Corso, which had been left vacant for a long time, six counts appeared over a mountain of corpses.

Les Baskerville, the Boston Terrier, leader of the Pit Bull Knights.

The leader of the Mastiff Knights, ‘Greatdan’ Les Baskervilles.

La Baskerville, Isabella, leader of the Doberman Knights.

“German” Les Baskerville, leader of the Shepherd Knights.

Les Baskerville, ‘Metzgerhund’, leader of the Rottweiler Knights.

‘Cu-Chulainn’ Les Baskervilles, leader of the Wolfhound Knights.

Having spent their entire lives on the battlefield, they quickly adapted to the war against the poisonous mutants.

Puff pup pup pup puck!

The Boston Terrier cut a long slash and beheaded a huge number of poisonous soldiers.

Waves of blood raged on the ground and showers of blood fell from the sky.

“Huh-huh- I probably caught the most on this battlefield.”


… bang!

With a deafening explosion, one of the venomous mutants with a huge body collapsed.

The Great Dane, who had pierced the demon’s massive head, walked out, wiping the blood from the knife with the hem of his garment.

“What do you do if you catch a lot? gotta catch the big one Perhaps my catch is the biggest on this battlefield?”

“gibberish! Catching a lot is the best!”

“Did the anglers compete with what they caught? Even if you catch one, it’s best to catch the big one.”

Right then.


A black slash was drawn between the Boston Terrier and the Great Dane fighting each other.

One of the poison mutants was cut in half and sat down, and Isabella stepped out in front of it.

The road she had walked was all stained with blood.

At first glance, it seems to have killed far more poisons than the Boston Terrier.

Among the piles of corpses were often larger individuals than the Great Danes had killed.

“If you have time to fool around, can you cut one more?”

“… … .”


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“… … .”

The Boston Terrier and Great Dane grunted and averted their gaze.

It was always a loss to fight with that young, brawny woman with swords or words.

Besides that, other counts were also pushing the Germans almost to the point of crushing them.

German fiercely breaks through the barriers as if he couldn’t lose to Isabella, Metzgerhunt scatters six teeth to prove that he is the best of 6 meals, and Cuckallin, a master of 4 meals, who, unusually, insists only on 4 meals.

Showing off their individuality and violence, they tear apart the siege of the Germans without hesitation.

The following knights were also running through the middle of the battlefield, following their leaders.

Soon after, the Senators of the Baskervilles also appeared on the front lines.

Elderly men with white eyebrows and long beards clad in black iron armor and cut poison people to death.

“Heh heh- I heard Sad and Orca came out on the battlefield, but shouldn’t we be in the back room?”

“They must be very old too. Shall we see your face for the first time in a while?”

“Holholhol—I think of the old days. These are the guys who once encountered fictional me on the battlefield.”

“By the way, if the family lord dragged us out, I guess the situation is a bit serious?”

“I was tired of being treated as a waste of the previous generation, but now let’s loosen the reins and go wild.”

“okay. The family head will take care of the aftermath~”

The full power of the Baskervilles is in motion.

And besides that, Morgue, Quo Vadis, and Bourgeois were also galloping across the battlefield with numerous troops.

Lespane, the head of Morgue, and Adolph, the deputy, participated in the battle.

Pope Nabokov I of Quo Vadis, Cardinal Luther, and Archbishop Mozgus also went to the battlefield.

Bourgeois also poured all of his family’s wealth into this battlefield, and even Damian himself, the head of the household, was at the forefront of the war.

“Advance to the Suwon Zone!”

“Let’s pierce even Tochika!”

“Don’t stop! Keep running!”

The reinforcements were on their way to Tochika, according to what had been decided at the previous allied family meeting.

It was the result of the persuasion of Kirko, who led the elites of the New Wave in the past and stormed into the conference hall.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwam!

All the red demons of death were burned and perished by the flame-based magic spewed out by Sorceress Adolf.

Next to him, three sisters, Highsis, Middlesis, and Lowsis, were wandering around looking for Camu.

“Camus! Where are you!”

“We are working really hard!”

“Nothing to say after the war!?”

Of course, other forces besides the allied forces of the four families were also included in the reinforcements.

The Varangian Training Center, the Magic Tower, Themiscyra Women’s College Hall, and even the Colosseo Academy.

Faculty led by Banshee Principal also showed up on the battlefield.

“Hahahaha! The old grudge is finally settled!”

“Hmph, like dirty poisons.”

“Bikir! I’m coming- oh!”

Young talents such as Bakira, Hohenheim, and Lovegood were also advancing with their student soldiers.


“Pussssss! what’s this? If I made a mistake, I would have been late! To this fun feast!”

Even Tochka’s counterattack force led by THAAD arrived at the peak.

The guards of Orca and Newvag, and a large army of convicts and refugee vigilantes, ruthlessly trampled the Germans.

“young master! We are here too!”

“president! Where are you in now!”

“… … No, why even me!?”

It can be seen that Chihuahua, Minpin, and Sindi Wendy are also included in the reinforcements.

“Did you come to see me?”

“Ahh! What are you doing, everyone else is watching!”

The sight of Osiris flying like a grotesque bird and embracing Sindy Wendy with a happy smile was a sight that surprised everyone.

… … And there was a gaze looking down on all this from the top of the mountain peak.

“… … .”

[…] … .]

Bikir. and Floros.

The demon hunter and this poem stood in sharp confrontation with each other.

And behind Bikir, Camu, Iyen, Dolores, Sinclair, and Kirko stood together.

… Flash!

Baskerville Eighth, the black sun rises high in the sky.

Around it were raging flames, iron skewers, powerful arrows, divine protection, golden giants, and blood-sucking snakes.

“It is over.”

Bikir continued with conviction.

“The devil kills.”

However, facing Bikir’s declaration, Flauros still did not lose his composure.

[well. Is that so?]

“… … ?”

Bikir narrowed her eyes.

Flauros jumped back and then landed on the crater’s rim.

It was the place where Bikir had slashed his way through the water before the battle began.

Looking into the deep furrow, Flauros grinned.

[I’ve come all the way here, but there’s no water, so what? Aren’t you very disappointed, friends?]

“Does not matter. If only I could kill you here.”

[Um- no. You still need water, right? Thinking of the refugees in Tochka.]

Flauros, who continued to grin, waved his hand toward the dark air.

Then, he held out his clenched fist in front of Vikir.

[Do you know what’s inside?]

Bikir didn’t enjoy talking to the devil, nor did he care what was in those fists.

However, before hearing Vikir’s answer, Flauros knew it and opened his fist first.

What was inside was a nymph.

“… … !”

When Vikir opened her eyes wide, Flauros chewed the trembling nymph in one bite and swallowed it.

And he smiled and opened his mouth.

[Actually, there is water. whopping.]

Flauros raised the spear in his hand high.

And one last word.

[You should have dug a little deeper.]

Moment. There were feelings that passed through Bikir’s brain.

It was just a sense of disappointment.

‘Lying Leopard’.

That is the nickname of Flauros this time.

It is the habit and ability of Flauros to spread plausible lies in everything.

Bikir hesitated. It was because he could not predict what Flauros was aiming for.

And, as Bikir expected, Flauros revealed something he had been hiding.

… Kwak!

The devil’s poison spear hit the bottom of the pit dug into the crater.

Then, an amazing thing happened.

gurgling gurgling gurgling-

It was because a huge amount of water spewed out from the point where the spear of Flauros was inserted.

Minpin’s information was not wrong. The crater really had a water source.

However, Camus, Iyen, Dolores, Sinclair, and Kirko all couldn’t help but look puzzled when they saw the water flow.

“what? Why are you suddenly looking for Suwon?”

“… … Suspicious.”

“What’s the plan behind giving them drinking water?”

“You voluntarily give out water in this situation?”

“I have a bad feeling about something.”

It was because I couldn’t guess why the devil was obediently opening the waterway.

And in this situation.

“… … !”

Bikir was the only one whose expression suddenly changed.

Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 465Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 467
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