Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 480

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Episode 480: Urban Sea Battle (2)

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The invincible armada of the Don Quixote family.

When it comes to naval warfare, it is the most powerful force in the Empire.

There was a thick darkness in front of the numerous ships cutting through the blue water of the Blue Sea.

Bikir, the bow of the ship running at the forefront, was lost in thought while facing the fierce sea wind.

‘Infinite darkness that covered the world. This was definitely one of the abilities of City No. 1.’

In the always clear sky of the ecliptic, neither moonlight nor starlight is visible now.


… Kwak! slam-

There is only a tsunami of tremendous height that is constantly driving.

“Does this make the boat capsize?”

Bianca said worriedly.

But Tudor, standing next to her, just snorted.

“Don Quixote’s ship was only capsized by this tidal wave? It doesn’t even matter!”

It was literally.

True to its name, the Invincible Armada advanced through the tidal wave without a single ship stranded.

The huge ships were connected to each other with thick chains, so the whole was no different from one and the whole.

Linkage system. A tactic that connects ships to ships with chains.

Thanks to this strategy presented by Bikir, the breakthrough power of the invincible armada was being greatly doubled.

Seeing this, Camus nodded in admiration.

“It’s a good method if you just watch out for fire attacks.”

“It’s raining like this, so there’s no need to worry about being hit by fire.”

“that’s right. It’s the best method available at this point. After all, he’s my boyfriend!”

At Bikir’s answer, Kamyu grinned and tapped Bikir’s arm.

Right then.

“… … !”

Bikir’s expression changed as soon as Camus approached.


“… … ?”

Camu was greatly taken aback by Bikir’s sudden remark.

She hurriedly sniffed at the smell of her own body.

“What, what? what? do i smell Do you wash every day? Hey, I just brushed my teeth and I’m on my way! I’m meeting a boyfriend, but I don’t know… … Uh, or should I have put on some perfume? I was worried about going to the battlefield with perfume because I didn’t think it was a bit much… … Ho, maybe it was because I sweated during gymnastics earlier in the morning… … ?”

“Don’t smell that.”

Bikir dismissed Kamu’s words, his face burning red.

“The devil’s smell.”

“… … !”

“A faint smell peculiar to half.”

Then Camu’s expression hardened.

“It is strange. Seeere’s proportion in my body is very small right now, so I wouldn’t smell that much, right?”

“It doesn’t come from you.”

Bikir answered in a low voice.

In the past, when she was active as the ‘corpse queen’, she shared half of her body with Seere, the 8th person.

At that time, Bikir had already smelled the smell of half a demon from Kamu and had it imprinted in his nose.

And right now. A smell similar to that time was carried in the sea breeze.

Right in front, in the direction of the imperial palace, which is considered a key area even in the ecliptic, the center of the empire.

“… … !”

Kamuy too soon could smell Bikir talking.

Indeed, the smell, which could be clearly felt even from a distance, was thick and intense.

“It’s a strange smell. It’s not a common devil’s thing.”

Ayen, who was on top of the watchtower, jumped down and said.

Having spent a fierce time in Naraksu, she came to be able to smell this kind of smell in the process of killing countless demons, monsters, and fairies.

“surely… … It feels a little different than before. It’s even more sinister, but it’s just as unsettling. Unlike the layer of strength.”

Dolores, who came out of the cabin below deck, also had a serious expression on her face.

“It feels similar to Camu unnie’s time, but it’s also a little different. If it was a mixture of half human and half devil during Camus unnie’s time… … This feeling is just like having only half a demon left.”

Sinclair, who was tidying up the anchor line, agreed with everyone.

After being covered with the dragon’s blood in Naraksu, she also seemed to have a sense of her own.


Bikir heard the cries of Baalzebub sleeping on the inside of his wrist.

And exactly the same cries were coming from behind the deck.


From her waist, which was silently staring at Bikir, the demonic sword Asmodeus was emitting a cry like that of Baalzebub.

Bikir asked Dekarabia, who was hanging from his chest.

“Do you know anything about First City?”

[…] … Am I a knowledge vending machine? Don’t treat me like the saint over there.]

Dolores, who was next to Dekarabia’s words, became angry, but was stopped by Camus and Iyen’s dissuade.

“calm down. You’re not wrong.”

“Haha- In the battle of Tochika, it was actually a holy water vending machine.”

“You are too much! You put a protective shield behind you! This is why healers are at a loss! If you do well, it won’t show, if you don’t, it will show… … .”


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“calm down. If it wasn’t for senpai, Tochika would have fallen long ago.”

“right. Divine power was a mysterious power. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen it.”

Dolores, Sinclair, and Kirko also spoke one word each.

But in the meantime, Vikir was only focusing on Dekaravia’s answer.

[Come on! That’s one poem. The structure of the body is heteromorphic. Ordinary lifeforms divide objects based on their bodies, but that concept doesn’t work for them.]

“… … What do you mean?”

[therefore. Wouldn’t you divide and decide the human individual based on yourself? You are one human being. And if there are humans who satisfy the same criteria, two. three more four. five… … . But not once. Two can soon become one, and one can soon become two. Since the standard for dividing self and non-self is outside the human concept, a foundation is impossible according to the general idea.]

“I have no idea what you mean. So, it must mean that I have a unique body structure like yours, right?”

Decaravia is an object demon belonging to a very special category among demons.

If so, it could be difficult to deal with.

[anyway. I also don’t know much. The one-time guy has a lot of secrets. but… … .]

Decarabia’s voice was flat, as if she were revealing a very important secret.

[I only heard that the roles of ‘the person who closes the door’ and ‘the person who opens the door’ are separate. That’s all I know.]

The more he listened, the more cryptic the Seon dialogue was, Bikire frowned.

Having lived an upright and honest life all his life, he doesn’t like this type of round-the-clock conversation.

When Bikir is about to ask a dead-end question.

“emergency! A tsunami ahead!”

I heard Sindy Wendy shouting from the watchtower of the ship over there.

Everyone hurriedly grabbed the railing and fixed their eyes straight ahead.


A group of water that rises with tremendous momentum.

I thought that a dark hill rose up, and soon waves rose up that made me wonder if they were reaching the sky.

It felt like watching the whole skin of the sea surface come off.

“… … Mmm!”

Tudor was also quite nervous.

Even the strongest fleet could be dangerous in front of such a huge tsunami.


“Pusssss- idiots, what are you so worried about?”

The Marquis of Sade, who was sitting in front of the bow and casting a fishing rod, looked carefree.

He tilted his head and asked the knights of Don Quixote, including Tudor.

“Have you forgotten who you guys are with?”

… … ?

Everyone tilted their heads.

right at that moment.


I thought there was a tremendous roar coming from the front, and the tidal wave in front of me was torn apart in an instant.

A tsunami sitting helplessly with a hole open.

And everyone on the ship saw.

The moment the tsunami raised itself to attack the fleet, a hand grabbed the back of the tsunami with tremendous strength and pulled it down.

… Puff!

Before long, the hand holding the line of the fishing rod that the Marquis de Sade was hanging from came out of the water.

The one who landed on the deck of the ship was a killer whale with white spots on black skin.

“Sometimes, even in this form, you have to loosen up.”

Orca, who had transformed into a killer whale-type beastman, said while putting a damp cigarette into the light lit by Lieutenant Colonel Bastille.

Puff puff puff!

The fragments of the tsunami that Orca broke in the water were taken care of by the heads of each family.

Even if it was fragments, each one of them was a considerable size of water splashing in all directions.

… chin!

Osiris, the grotesque bird, perches on the railing in front of Bikir, fluttering the hem of the black blood wind.

He just came back from a huge tsunami and suddenly felt Vikir’s gaze and turned his head.

If it’s a brother, is it because he’s a brother? Osiris read the emotion in Vikir’s eyes at once.

“Are you worried about your father?”

Vikir didn’t bother to answer.

And Osiris didn’t even bother asking.

However, Osiris turned around and added.

“Even I couldn’t understand my father’s actions.”

“… … .”

“But I was sympathetic.”

“… … !”

I can’t understand, but I can empathize. Although there are instances of the opposite, such cases are extremely rare.

Osiris turned his head.

His gaze was on Sindi Wendy, atop the watchtower of the ship next to him.

“Maybe one day you will understand.”

Osiris disappeared as suddenly as he had appeared, leaving a muttering, ‘I don’t need to understand’.

“… … .”

Vikir was lost in thought.

The women who follow him, the father who has oxidized to white, the door of destruction that has cooled down, and the final negotiations with the last decade.

My stomach shakes wildly and my heart throbs.

Bikir took a deep breath.

The boat may be shaken, but the heart must not be shaken.

Even more so at critical moments like now.

Bikir shook his head to clear his thoughts.

There is nothing far to think about the future.

only one.

“The devil kills.”

All you have to do is to go all-in in a head-to-head match against City No. 1, which is right in front of you.


At the center of the world, which at first glance seemed to be a huge chaos, something was visible.

I saw a spiky building rising through the horizon.

Kirko shouted while standing on the railing.

“Is that the central clock tower! I’ve seen it in books!”

The symbol of the zodiac, which overshadows the passing years, was seen standing tall, boasting unchanging majesty.

The center of a big city where everything including the Colosseo Academy is submerged in water.

A fleet advancing over a city that was once a symbol of prosperity and fashion.

It was a full-scale yet somewhat bittersweet entry into the imperial capital.

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