Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 492

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Episode 492: The Hound Runs (3)

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If you close your eyes, you can hear the sound of the waves.

The sky and the sea are all dark and invisible, but you can clearly feel the touch of the grains of sand between your toes.

My slender wrists stagger as the waves crash against the sandbar.

Even the little sand I was holding in my hand was washed away by the waves.

I cry and hold on, but I get nothing back.

waves too. sand too. even tears.

I ask with a stitched mouth.

– My God. Can’t we hold them tighter?

-Can’t we save even a handful from those cruel waves?

-I’m holding it right now, or maybe I’m holding it.

– Is all this simply a dream within a dream?

My beloved looks down on my wailing on the sandbar.

I speak with a stitched mouth.

-My dear, don’t sing sad songs when I’m gone.

-Do not plant the red Sanghwa (相思花) nor the blue Hianhwa (彼岸花) by my bedside.

-Just put a knife in front of the grave to cut through the wind and rain.

– And if you have some free time, please remember me.

– But even if you forget, you can’t do it.

-Because I won’t be able to hold your congested heart and listen to your bruised uvula.

– Just following the cry of an owl wailing in grief.

-At dawn, buried in the twilight, dreaming and getting wet.

-At some point, by chance, I might remember the face of the one I loved.

– Or maybe I’ll forget it.

* * *

“… … !”

Bikir corrected his mind that had become distant.

In an instant, my legs gave out and I almost fell over.

Did they say that the heaviest thing in this world is the eyelids?

Bikir felt the mana draining from his body like the ebb tide.

I get chills. Her toes and fingertips felt as if they would fall off.

Never before had the demonic sword Baalzebub protruding from my wrist felt so heavy and prickly.

… thud!

Vibration transmitted to the floor, this heavy feeling.

It was not made by Bikir’s body.

That would be the case, because Vikir never knelt on the floor even in this situation.

What fell to the floor was the devil’s head.


One poem (一番尸). Marquis of Discord. final enemy. last demon.

It had the head of an owl and fell to the floor spraying thick blood.

Vikir’s Ninth Sense was so powerful that the amputated neck showed no signs of regenerating.



If you look at the cut surface that is petrified and crumbled, the regeneration is completely wrong.

Andras was really dying.

Neither the soul nor the body, it is eternal death that cannot go anywhere.

“… … Did you get rid of it?”

Bikir murmured involuntarily.


[human! Don’t say such ominous things! Live again!]

Dekarabia hurriedly covers Vikir’s mouth.

Bikir laughed dryly.

It is also a story that sells well, an obvious cliché, that the moment you foresee the end, it follows.

But this time, such an obvious incident did not happen.

Andras poured out all his strength, and as a result, he self-destructed from the inside out.

Furthermore, since he was subjected to Type 9, which is called the ultimate of the Baskerville family, even his soul must have been torn to shreds.

… … Of course, that didn’t mean that Andras was instantly annihilated.

[Hahahaha- How does it end up like this?]

Andras was emitting darkness from his dead black eyes.

Even though only the severed head remains, the tongue is still moving.

Although it was very stiff.

[You won. I’m a demon hunter The gates of destruction will soon close, so you and other humans won’t have to meet the rest of the demons.]

“… … .”

[But that is. Would that ever be a good thing? did it happen right? For all of humanity.]

Andras smiled and continued.

[In a way, you’ve blown away the opportunity to indemnify mankind’s original sin… … ]

However, Andras’ words did not carry on to the end.

Because Bikir raised his foot and trampled the severed head.


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… thump!

The body and head of Andras turned into fine ashes and fluttered.

Before long, the prophecy Andras left behind in Vikir’s ears hovered around Asrai and disappeared.

[A life in which you have to run away and run away from pursuit until the end of your life. Words that dwell on loneliness and solitude.]

[But those who pursue you will find you. And in the end, I will reach where you are.]

[You cannot run away from them. forever. forever.]

[see. The angry expressions of those pursuing you. Your miserable future, which will be bound and bound by them forever.]

Trauma lasts a long time.

Bikir, who was accused of being a traitor or intrigue in the past and had to suffer from a long chase, gritted his teeth and endured the prophecies left by Andras, no, curses.

[Five pieces will come in the end!]

that was the last

Andras was completely broken and disappeared.

Even in the world beyond the threshold of death, it disappeared, literally complete annihilation (永滅).

at the same time.


The floor started shaking violently.

The imperial palace was collapsing.

The starting point of the collapse is probably a fierce naval battle taking place outside.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

The roof and pillars behind it crumbled and a huge tentacle fell.

The fragments of the Kraken’s legs, which were torn and burnt all over, had come flying.

“… … The outside seems to be getting organized, too.”

Bikir turned his head.

The other side of the collapsing debris. There was one dimensional door that was still open.

And the one standing in front of the portal is Piggy. A comrade who has been with you through two lives.

“great job. really.”

Piggy gave Bikir a sad smile.

Bikir asked.

“… … What will happen now?”

“Simple. All I have to do is close this last portal.”

The gates of destruction are closed.

There is now only one door leading to the eternal world where the door to destruction is open.

“I can only close the door, but not open it. So just close this door and all the doors will disappear. forever.”

“… … .”

Bikir nodded quietly.

The end of an arduous journey, a tired hound. Can I lay my body covered with blood scabs now?

… … no.

There was still one thing left to do.

No, in a way, the biggest thing. There is definitely a task that needs to be done.


Bikir grabbed his knees with his hands and rose from his seat.

And he looked at Piggy with an unwavering gaze.

Eventually, Piggy asked Bikir.

“Before I clear the last door, I will give you a choice.”

“… … .”

“Are you going back? To the world you originally lived in.”


The world beyond the dimensional gate is the world where Bikir is dead.

The hound that got a new body in this world is preparing to go over to the other world again.

But Piggy, deep down, didn’t seem to want Vikir to cross over to the other side.

“Once you go back, you can never come back here. The string of ties is also broken. It’s goodbye forever.”

This side of the world has already almost regained peace.

The monsoon season ended as soon as it began, and the great flood will also disappear soon.

The demons were annihilated.

Many people survived, and demons and monsters will all perish.

“Now all you have to do is spend the rest of your happy life with the people who follow you. You don’t have to go back to the barren world you used to live in, do you?”

Piggy is right.

The other side of the world is teeming with 62 mighty demons that far surpass the tens of thousands of times.

A world overflowing with destruction and apocalypse far worse than the worst times Bikir has ever lived through.

Indeed, the hell of the Outer Demonic World would spread out.

Piggy urged.

“Some of them haven’t let go of their attachment to this world yet. I can feel it coming towards this one remaining portal.”

The last portal that Andras made before he died.

A deep malice was rushing through this passageway.

If you don’t close this door quickly, a truly terrifying demon might come through.

Something much stronger and more sinister than ten times put together.

Bikir was conflicted.

Right then.

-annihilation! Annihilation!

-I can’t stand it anymore!

-retreat! retreat!

-Damn it! There is nowhere to retreat now!

-God, save the child in danger… …



Desperate screams were heard from beyond the door.

It was a desperate cry from the comrades left behind in the era of destruction, the last remaining handful of humanity.

And there were some familiar voices mixed in.

– All of Morgue! Shut up here!

-Don’t lose faith until the end, everyone!

-haha… … Now money and gold are of no use to anyone.

Bikir made a decision of yes or no.

“As long as we have heard the voices of our comrades who are still alive, we cannot end it like this.”

goes over to the original world. back again

You will have to walk the thorny road you have walked so far.

No, it was clear that it would be a much longer and harsher pilgrimage than then.

But still the hounds go. Even though he was covered in blood and limping.

Hearing Vikir’s words, Piggy closed his eyes as if he knew that.

“okay. I knew you would do the same.”

Vickir didn’t say anything at Piggy’s answer, just nodded.


Bikir climbs the stairs.

The half-destroyed throne and the stairs on the verge of collapsing are endangered.

Before long, the last remaining dimensional gate in this world appears before my eyes.

What you can see through it is a world with a severed head.

A timeline of disgrace strewn with blood and stains.

Vikir turned her head to meet Piggy’s gaze.

Piggy nods with a sad smile.

night hound. Vikir Van Baskerville returns to his original world.

It was really time to move on.

Right then.

“Where are you going!”

There was a voice that grabbed Bikir by the back as he was about to cross the threshold.

Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 491Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 493
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