Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 494

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Episode 494: The day after the end (1)

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… Pod!

A star twinkled in the sky and then quickly disappeared.

It was a starlight that flickered for a very brief moment, so most people didn’t see it.

However, only one defeated soldier could see the star, whether it was by chance or because of his good eyesight, or if it was because he was staring at the night sky with sad eyes tired of the miserable reality.

Major Janet of the 1st Battalion of the 207th Regiment of the Human Alliance.

She pursed her lips stained with burns and cuts.

“Today, the guide star is strange.”

Sergeant Mir Yamu, who was grilling insects and lizards next to him, asked.

“Captain. What did you just say?”

“Ah, no. A little guide star… … .”

“yes? Why is the guide star? It’s the same as usual.”

Then some soldiers raised their heads to the night sky.

The constellation of seven guide stars can be seen shining brightly.

But only Major Janet tilted her head.

“weird. There must have been eight just before.”

“Hahaha- aren’t there seven guiding stars? Even a seven-year-old knows. … … Well, now finding a seven-year-old child is picking stars in the sky.”

At Sergeant Miryamu’s words, Major Janet opened her eyes to the night sky with a bitter smile.

era of destruction.

As the river of blood dried up, the decades-long war between the human world and the demon world seemed to be over.

However, the day when the surviving humans celebrated their victory and engraved their glory on the rock.

The true end has begun.

Frightful things appeared one after another, enough to turn the disasters so far into childish whining.

There are as many as 62 demons with power and wickedness that far transcends ten times.

They turned the human world, which had been devastated by the long-lasting monsoon season and the great flood that swept the world for 150 days after that, into hell once again.

‘… … I was rather happy when I was a soldier.’

When Major Janet is reminiscent of the past.

“Captain! It’s an air raid! Demons are coming!”

I heard Captain Saladin hurriedly running and shouting.

The orders shouted by superiors in the distance also echo loudly.

Vice Admiral Kirke, Brigadier General Hayal, Colonel Kuberin, etc… … Countless veterans who crossed the line of death gathered the survivors of the last remaining human union and were preparing for the final fight.

“Captain! hurry!”

“If this line of defense is breached, it will be the end! The last remnant of humanity… … little children… … .”

Captain Saladin and Sergeant Mir Yamu scrambled to get to work.

“OK. know. To each position!”

Major Janet also wore a helmet and carried a sword and shield.

Sergeant Miryamu stood behind him holding a spear.

She opened her mouth with a trembling voice.

“This will really be my last battle.”

“… … Probably everyone here.”

The two soldiers chatted while watching the swarm of monsters coloring the horizon dark red.

It was like real sisters talking before going to bed.

Suddenly, Sergeant Miryamu asked.

“Captain. But how can the battalion commander be so calm all the time?”


“Aren’t you always calm and not panicked? As if you are receiving some protection.”

Now that most of the priests have disappeared, the divine protection has become an epic in a dream.

But Major Janet just grinned.

“Gahora. Gaho is there. Shouldn’t you have at least one corner to believe in in order to live courageously in this harsh world?”

“Eh!? Did you have a corner to believe in? What is that!?”

Major Janet laughed at Sergeant Mir Yamu, who stayed until the end and became friendly with him.

And now, he opened his mouth while keeping an eye on the swarm of monsters that had come right in front of him.


“… … yes?”

“It is a letter. I got it from my old boss.”

Major Janet.

Using the contents of a letter in her heart as a talisman, she was able to endure.

It was a memory of a young junior officer whom she had met a long time ago, when she had just enlisted in the army, unable to overcome the hardships of life.

“His last name was probably Baskerville, right?”

“yes? Baskerville? Are you talking about those crazy dogs on the front lines?”

“okay. Unlike the other Baskervilles, he was a wonderful person. He was an excellent and reliable hunter. Although he was framed and executed in the middle of the war… … .”

Major Janet recalled an old memory that made her face look pale now.

Sergeant Mir Yamu opened his mouth as he faced the hordes of monsters rushing in front of him.

“You seem to be a very romantic person. Leave all the letters.”

“No, he wasn’t the type to write letters… … When you think about it, that’s really strange.”

“Which one?”

“It’s a letter. He arrived after he died.”

“That’s it, maybe the postman was lazy or something?”


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“hmm. The past years have been too long for that? The letter came a long time after he was executed… … .”

However, the conversation between the two soldiers could not continue.

… Kwak!

It was because of the gigantic body that appeared on the front line.

It was different from the other monsters around it in the momentum itself.

Two arms, two legs, four wings and a long tail.

Curved horns, eyes burning like the sun, and dense muscles all over the body.

Major Janet had no choice but to swallow her saliva.

“… … Dragon Demon.”

A cursed hybrid born between a dragon and a demon.

Eternal Diaspora.

It is a nasty, evil creature that takes out its resentment on all other living things for not being treated properly by dragons and demons.


It roared like a demon and ran toward the human camp.

Even the last humans were nervous in front of overwhelming combat power that could tear thousands of humans apart even with a single body.

“Damn it. What’s the guy who usually lurks in the Naraksu doing here? Did you crawl out because it was the final battle?”

Major Janet gritted her teeth.

can’t get out of here Humanity is already driven to a corner.

If I was pushed back even one step, then it was truly the end.

“Stop! If the barrage is breached, the refugees behind will be annihilated!”

Major Janet radiated an aura and confronted the dragon.

As an absurdly strong opponent, there is only one chance.

A blow that disregarded life!

Major Janet’s sword, which she swung with all her might, aimed for an opening after the dragon demon’s fist had been swung.


… Daang!

The once-only opportunity was lost in vain.

Major Janet’s sword broke in half as soon as it touched the scales on the dragon’s body.

“… … .”

A shadow of despair fell on Major Janet’s face.

When I looked up, I could see the face of the Yongmain, who was smiling with the corners of his mouth torn.

yet. The big fist of the dragon demon falls like a meteorite.

If you get hit by that, you’ll die instantly, no, at least dozens of meters behind you will be devastated.

And again many will die.

‘… … Is it this far?’

The moment Major Janet is about to give up on life.

“The battalion commander!”

There was a hand grabbing her waist.

Sergeant Miryamu. She jumped in for her life and pushed her Major Janet over.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

Major Janet flew over there.

She couldn’t help but jump up and scream.

“M-Mir Yamu!?”

But no answer can be heard in the thick dust.

It was natural.

“Ahhh… … .”

Tears flowed from Major Janet’s eyes.

He was surprised even to himself that his eyes, which he thought had dried up and turned into completely hard solids, still contained so much moisture.

Mir Yamu. He is a guy who has followed himself exceptionally well since he was a private soldier.

We walked the battlefield together to make him become a sergeant.

It was easy to get promoted because many of his seniors died so quickly, but the guy who barely got a sergeant while all those years passed.

It was because I was so scared that I always ran away.

“… … That coward saved me.”

Major Janet gritted her teeth.

You must avenge your subordinates.

He bit his chapped lips once again.

I raised the depleted mana to the maximum.

I grabbed the broken knife once more.

“Even if I die, I will take at least one of you.”

Major Janet squeezed out all her strength at the end of her life and stared straight ahead.

Before long, the thick dust settled and a huge shadow was revealed.

The Dragon Demon was looking this way.

For some reason, without any defense, just standing still.

‘It’s an opportunity!’

Major Janet intuited that this moment was the last chance given like a miracle.

And before I even realized it, my body reacted first.


She charged with all her might, imbuing her sword with mana.

The heart is the target. Insert it with a single knife!

Until the moment Major Janet jumped with all her might, the dust cleared and the shadow of the dragon horse, which slowly began to emerge, stood still.

As if showing generosity to an insignificant insect.

“That arrogance is your signature!”

Eventually, Major Janet put all her strength into driving the broken blade into the dragon’s heart.

and that moment. She had to intuit failure once again.

… Pop! Paksak-

The broken sword broke once again.

In the first place, there were too many cracks, so all the power was not received.

There was a fairly large wound on the chest of the yongmain, but it did not hit the heart at all.

“… … ah.”

Major Janet really, really felt the end.

Now he had no mana or strength.

Even if you were to be caught in the hands of that dragon demon right now and your head crushed, you would not be able to offer any excuses or resistance.


He was unable to avenge Sergeant Miryamu.

As well as the revenge of other comrades who died miserably.

Major Janet closed her eyes tightly.

And waited for death to come.

If possible, hoping for a pain-free shot.

… … .

… … but.

No matter how long I wait, the death I thought never comes.

‘what? Could it be that it’s over already?’

Originally, death comes without any feeling like this?

Or did he die instantly, before he even felt shock or pain?

“… … ?”

Major Janet slightly, very slightly opened her eyes, which had been closed in wonder.

Then, an amazing landscape appeared in front of me.

“… … !”

Beyond the completely cleared dust, the Dragon Demon was still standing tall in front of Major Janet.

She stretched out her chest as if she were showing off her body, which was so strong and strong that even a knife could not be stabbed in her chest.

… … The problem was that the dragon’s shoulder was empty.

Push! Push shook!

Dark red blood gushed from the severed surface of the severed neck.

Currently, Yongmain was being held captive by someone with his head missing.

And at someone’s feet, Sergeant Mir Yamu is seen sitting with a dazed expression.

Major Janet did not realize for a moment what had happened.

1 sec. 2 seconds. 3 seconds. 4 seconds. 5 seconds. 6 seconds. 7 seconds. and 8 seconds.

The second hand moved as much as the number of guide stars he was confused about.

Only after that did Major Janet dare to look at the face of ‘someone’ who had killed the dragon demon and saved Sergeant Mir Yamu.

he is… … . he is… … .

“Everyone was alive, yes.”

A voice that speaks in a very feminine tone.

An attitude as if he had gone for a walk somewhere far away, or even for a tour.

Like a soldier returning from a long vacation, ‘he’ looked around the battlefield, which was no different from his quarters.

“Captain Kirke, Lieutenant Hayal, Sergeant Kuberin, Sergeant Janet, Corporal Saladin, Private Mir Yamu… … everyone was alive 207th Regiment 4th Company 1st Platoon, still in good health.”

‘He’ was definitely the face in Major Janet’s memory. But at the same time, it was a completely different face from Major Janet’s memory.

It’s a contradictory explanation, but it was so anyway.

The burns and knife marks covering his face were nowhere to be seen, and he looked dozens of years younger.


“Great job. You did a good job.”

As much as the momentum it exudes, it was still overwhelming, no, it was much more reliable and trustworthy than before.


“This, this person. fell from the sky He is from the guiding star.”

Sergeant Mir Yamu, who was lying face down on the floor, pointed at ‘him’ and ‘you who came from the stars’ with a bewildered expression.

Then, he smiled faintly.

“is it. Private Mir Yamu. I was too lazy at the time to remember my face.”

“What, what? Chamjji? me? That sergeant… … .”

Sergeant Miryamu puts on a bewildered expression.

But Major Janet’s expression was completely different.

She cried out in a tone full of tears.

“Squadron commander! You are alive!”

“… … Will you recognize me?”

“of course! I thought you were still alive! Where have you been so far! Why are you changing your appearance so much? … ?”

“Were you still alive? Didn’t you see my throat being cut?”

“yes? Oh, I did see… … Didn’t you send me a letter after that?”

Major Janet, with a bewildered expression, soon took out the protection she had kept in her arms.

It was a letter written on parchment that had yellowed after so many years.

– I miss you, comrade. Are you comfortable there?

‘He’ who saw it put on a blank expression for a while and muttered to himself.

“… … is it. Was the letter real then? I don’t know what it is.”

At that time, some soldiers from the Human Union side, who saw the dragon horse dead, rushed here.

After looking at Major Janet’s face and ‘his’ face, they shouted in amazement.

“Squadron commander? Are you the company commander?”

“Are you alive?”

“Where have you been! Everyone has been waiting for the company commander!”

“I thought you were still alive! Everyone on the front line agreed that the company commander could not have died… … !”

but. The joy of reunion was short-lived. No, it had to be short.

Kwak Kwa Kwak! Woojijijik!

It was because there was a huge leg that appeared while crushing the corpse of the dragon horse like tofu.

A beast-type demon with huge hooves and a long mane appeared, crushing the corpse of the Dragon Demon.

[Puhhahahaha- I’m ‘Orobas’, the horseman of the polar hell! He is the 55th ranked nobleman! Who is this who continues to resist ephemeral!?]

The expression of all humans is colored with despair at the appearance of a huge demon.

“f*ck, it’s over! Rank 55 appeared!”

“Why is this guy here!”

“Wrong. As long as the Demon King-level demon descends, everything is over… … .”

however. There was no time for humans to despair.

… Flash! Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa!

Five pillars of light fell from the sky.

The flaming iron skewer, powerful sniper, holy pillar of light, golden fist, and sharp slash struck the ground with a terrifying explosion.


The demon that had just appeared was shattered and scattered in an instant.

“Oh, it’s the waist. I get motion sickness too, yuck-”

“It’s been noisy since debut.”

“This is the first declaration ceremony in another world.”

“I thought I was going to die of noise because of the ticking of the clock.”

“The day after the end is also nothing special.”

Five women walk out of the pit created by the demon crushing them to death.

All the demons and humans who had been fighting fiercely on the battlefield just before had stopped fighting.

Then, with their mouths wide open, they all turned around in unison.



The aura storm raged black and swept away dozens of meters around.

A huge nine-toothed black dog looms in the middle of the battlefield.

… … .

Everyone, demons and humans, gathered on the battlefield froze in a standing position and swallowed dry saliva.


Ahead of all these gazes, ‘he’ said.

“The devil kills.”

Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 493Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 495
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