Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 498

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Episode 3

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Two Camus were passing through an empty void.

Behind him is Bikir with an expressionless face.

Abyss of magic.

Gas, dust, and clusters of stars drifting in the empty void recede into the distance.

said Camus over there.

“Here, the mana wheel seems to play the same role as the steering wheel of a ship.”

“Right. Does mana play the same role as fuel? I can spray it through the mana wheel.”

This Camus answered.

The two genius master mages were as if they were one body, and their limbs fit together.

In fact, it was natural as they were no different from one body.

Bikir asked.

“… … Can you naturally gain insights while traveling in this space? I don’t know anything.”

However, no answer came from the two Camus.

“is it. Right. All the mysteries of magic that I’ve been curious about for a long time are gathered here. The formula, the answer, and the solution process are explained in detail. This is, this is amazing!”

“okay! It was! Time passed differently depending on the motion of the object! Since spatial mana and temporal mana coexist in all beings, the mana of these two factors must be analyzed at the same time to reduce the error in the spell!”

“The magic circle was also subject to the application of space and time at the same time. The moment these two powers are out of balance, a slight error occurs even between the same magic circles, and this is why the magic of complete resuscitation has always failed. You overlooked the relativity of space and time.”

“This is paradise! A sea of ​​information! Every single speck of dust that drifts is the truth that all wizards have longed for throughout their lives!”

They were busy analyzing and feeling the countless particles floating around the abyss.

Acquisition of truth.

It was only possible for the exceptional geeks among the geeks who lived madly in the abyss of magic, so it was understandable to Vikir.

“… … I don’t know what it is.”

When you don’t know anything, it’s good to quietly follow the help of someone you know well.

Then I’ll go at least half way.

Bikir just silently decided to follow Du Camus.

The two Kamus, who were advancing in their spiritual bodies, were still having a conversation at this moment.

“’The Abyss of Magic’ is also similar to the ‘Ring of Reincarnation’. In the end, they are all just abstract names that refer to ultimate representations.”

“If you combine the pieces you have acquired while traveling here, then completing the ‘sake of complete resuscitation’ will no longer be a dream.”

“yes. Then you will have a new face to see Master.”

“You keep saying Master, Master, why do you follow the Snake delegates like that? He must have been the one who made a contract with Seere, the eighth city, and became the king of corpses?”

“It wasn’t like that in the world I lived in. He is a benefactor who even gave his life for me. It is all thanks to the research results he left behind that we can be here now.”

“… … is it? Snake did that? I can’t believe it.”

“Then who do you think signed a contract with Eighth City in the world I came from? By the way, I belong to the Morgue family.”

“joy. Is there anyone else in House Morgue worthy of such a stupid pact? I can’t believe it.”

The two Camus were getting to understand each other through conversation.

Occasionally, when an argument or quarrel intensified, Bikir, who was in the back, intervened, so there was no fuss.

Before long, they began to pass through the depths of the abyss of magic.

A journey of endless paradoxes.

They reached the halfway point between the starting point and the ending point.

After that they reach a new midpoint of midpoint and endpoint.

After that, they again reach a new midpoint of midpoint and endpoint.

After that, they again and again reach a new halfway point between midpoint and end point.

After that they do it again and again and again… … .

An infinite hell full of futility and emptiness.

The beings who are trapped between the countless moments that exist between the dots.

But nonetheless, they were still hopeful.

“I’ve already thought a lot about what kind of infinity you get when you add a finite number an infinite number of times.”

“Didn’t you say that you divide the observable area from the non-observable area?”

“huh. There is a hierarchy even in infinity. I don’t know if I’ll be able to tell them apart.”

Bikir nodded at Camu’s words.

at that time.

While on their way, they discovered something strange.

It was the body of a demon broken into pieces.

The demon’s head floating in the cold void opened its eyes.

[…] … There must be another guy coming here. Are they descendants of ‘him’?]

“Are you Baal?”

Camus over there asked.

Camu and Bikir on this side instinctively prepared for battle the moment they saw Baal.

The being called Baal opened his mouth in a lonely voice.

[Do you know my name?]

“Everyone knows. I suffered to death because of the war your men started.”

[All I left there is a shell, an illusion. Really, I’m stuck here and lost in thought for a long time.]

Baal thought. Something so long ago that I can’t even remember exactly when.

‘And when the last moment of life comes, come to this place.’

And the moment the voice of ‘him’ came to mind, Baal intuition.

[…] … Right. Is it a milestone? Was this my role?]

Baal laughed as if he was exhausted.

And as if resigned, he spoke to Bikir and Kamyu in front of him.


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[You will get what you want just by traveling here.]

“… … .”

[But even after you get what you want, you guys will have no choice but to come back here.]

“… … .”

[Because that’s what ‘he’ wants.]

Those were Baal’s last words.

“The devil kills.”

Before long, Bikir drew nine teeth in the air.

This side’s Camus also rolls nine mana wheels to weave hot flames.

… Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

Baal is extinct.

A demon who could not become a demon in the end, he eventually became red dust and floated in a space full of futility.

“But what does a milestone mean?”

“… … I destroyed it, so it doesn’t matter anymore. let’s go.”

Bikir and Camus continued to move forward.

Right then.

For the first time, a crisis struck them.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

The size of the mana wheel gradually decreased, and the amount of mana ejected began to decrease.

“Ugh. At the current level, it is difficult to increase the number of mana wheels. I was lacking in practice.”

Camus on the other side clenched his fists tightly as if indignant.

at that time.


There was a hand on her shoulder.

The Camus on this side raised its head and sent a complicated and delicate look.

Eventually, she opened her mouth.

“Since the end of mankind, I have lived my life without trusting anyone.”

The sincerity conveyed by this side of Camu touches the skin desperately.

“But right now. I can’t help but trust others How did you come to be in such a position of relying on others? … .”

At that time, the Camus on the other side touched the shoulder of the Camus on the other side.

“No one else.”

“… … .”

“I am you, and you are me.”

“… … .”

“And we are us.”

Camus looked at himself and smiled broadly.

“We can do it.”

Then Camus also laughed at him.

“Who said what? There is no disagreement.”

“cancer. There’s no way I can think differently.”

“But on this point, the judgment seems to be a little different. Is it a difference in the environment in which you live?”

“… … ?”

The moment when Camus on the other side shows a questionable reaction.


The Camus on this side stretched out both hands.

Camu and Bikir on the other side are pushed forward in an awkward way.

at the same time.


Camus on this side began to draw all her mana.

Camus on the other side knew right away what she was about to do.

“What!? Gee, what are you doing now… … !”

“If you were really me, you would know what I am about to do.”

“… … .”

“If you know, don’t hesitate and accept it. I hate wasting energy.”

Camus on this side put all her strength on Camu and Bikir on the other side and pushed them forward.

And, like an accessory propellant that falls off after completing its role, it recedes backward.

Camu and Bikir on the other side, receiving a stronger thrust once more, were shot forward in the blink of an eye.

Leaving behind me, said Camus on this side.

“A drink of complete resuscitation. If you don’t find out, don’t think about coming back.”

“… … .”

The eyes of Camus over there are red.

But the tears didn’t flow.

because of her next words.

“and. Did you say Bikir?”

“… … .”

“You can come back whenever you feel like you are in danger. to me.”

Camu from this side winking at Bikir.

Seeing this, Camus on the other side was furious.

“Who dares to tail her husband!?”

“I am you~ You are me~ We say we are us~ So, isn’t it like being my husband too?

It’s been years, no, decades since I’ve laughed like this.

Camus on this side left behind words mixed with deep laughter that I couldn’t tell whether it was a joke or serious until the end, and was buried beyond the darkness of the abyss.

Eventually, only Bikir and Kamu were left alone in this vast void.

How much time had passed like that?

“… … Shall we go then?”

“… … huh.”

The two men and women continued to move forward beyond the distant horizon of time and awareness.

Something comes into the two’s field of vision, which was filled only with darkness.

“indeed. Is this the scenery that can be seen in the abyss of magic?”

“Wow – that’s amazing.”

The place the two men and women reached was the ‘Reservoir of the Dark City Abyss’.

It was a cloud that contained 140 trillion times more water than all the water on Earth combined.


A fish large enough to swallow a star jumps over the ripples on the surface of the cloud.

It had countless tiny chicks at the tips of its fins.

Bikir and Kamu continued to move forward through the clouds.

In time, they encountered a black hole thousands of times larger than the Sun.

It was the pole of gravity greedily sucking in everything around it.

“… … Is this the main body of the Sorcery Abyss?”

“Looks like it. First of all, it’s incredibly big.”

But they decided to doubt it once.

“Ugh. There’s no way the body of Sorcery Abyss could be this small.”

“It could be. It’s big, but smaller than I thought. Maybe it’s a trap.”

They decided to just walk through the huge hole in front of them.

An immeasurable amount of time has passed just by going back and forth.

Bikir and Kamyu passed wandering stars immersed in darkness in the void.

Some of them were moaning with eyes, noses and mouths attached.

“They may have once traveled here like us.”

“If we hesitate, we could end up like that too. Let’s go quickly.”

Bikir and Camus continued to roll the mana wheel and moved forward.


In no time, the eyes are brightly lit.

No, it can’t get brighter, it gets hotter.

A huge trail of fire was approaching this way.

But it wasn’t that big, so Bikir and Camus could easily move around it.

“That must have once been a very long snake.”

“It must have shortened as you get older and get older.”

The two men and women continued to move forward.


A disk-shaped planet in which black darkness was condensed appeared in front of them.

Blocks of cold lead float around.

Patter- Patter- Patter-

The hardened lumps of lead approach Bikir and Kamyu as if they are being pulled by gravity.

Bikir took out his knife and began to slash the flying lead.

Camus also took out fire and skewers and was blocking the lead balls.

And at the same time as clearing the shower of lead, Bikir and Kamu faced each other.

Huge pillars rising like the five fingers of the Creator.

-Everything is born in the abyss of magic and returns to the abyss of magic.

-One day, when the fateful day when the stars move, the door to a new layer will open and everything will come to an inevitable end.

And the moment they saw the words written on it, Bikir and Kamu felt a shock like being struck by lightning.

Chara la la rock-

Countless letters are combined in my head.

Black letters gathered on white drawing paper to form a huge library.

“… … okay! I get it now! A drink of complete rejuvenation! I found the parts that Master and I lacked! Now I can bring everyone back to life!”

Camus frantically moved his hands and started drawing a magic circle in the air.

All the while, Bikir was doing everything in his power to remove the lead balls around him.



Light emanates from the bodies of Bikir and Kamyu.

I got all the mind gains I wanted to get from the abyss of magic.

It could be said that the intended purpose was achieved.

* * *

“… … .”

Bikir opened his eyes.

What I saw as soon as I opened my eyes.

“What, are you back right away?”

It was this Camus.

Bikir asked her.

“How much time has passed?”

“I don’t know, I just woke up too. Didn’t we wake up at the same time?”

Bikir shut his mouth.

It must have been a long time since I broke up with Camus.

However, if even that grandiose time was just an instant that could hardly be felt in reality… … .

at that time.

“It’s only been about 11 minutes since we went to the Abyss. 666 seconds to be exact.”

Camu from the other side opened his mouth.

She was looking at the pocket watch she had set before deploying the technique of complete resuscitation.

“I never thought the relativity of time would be felt to this extreme. It is also the abyss of magic.”

“But I couldn’t make it a second time.”

“okay? Do you think I can go again?”

Bikir and Kamyu looked at each other and smiled.

Right then.

“what? Ambu here? why am i here… … ?”

A familiar voice came from behind that stone pillar.

In an instant, Bikir and Kamyu raised their heads.

Tears began to form in the eyes of the other Camus.

“iced coffee… … .”

The person who is raising Booth’s body there is Morgue Snake, Camus’ teacher.

“I must have rejected the devil’s temptation and then went into a runaway mana… … But why are you still alive… … omg!?”

Snake was standing there with a dumbfounded expression and was startled by Camu, who suddenly hugged him behind his back.

“Cow, Sogaju? How is this… … .”

“Now is not the time for that!”

Camus decided to postpone the thrilling reunion with Snake.

she shouted, quickly turning to Vikir.

“husband! Let’s go outside!”

It was possible to guess that the magic of complete resuscitation was successful by the fact that Morgue Snake was revived.

“… … .”

Vikir also nodded.

Rarely, with an expression of excitement.


… bang!

The door to the dark room was wide open.

Bikir and Kamu came out to the surface where the sun was shining brightly.

and. Gaebyeok (opening).

The scenery reflected in the eyes of the two men and women was truly new.

Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 497Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 499
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