Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 416

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Episode 416 Sejun is the kid who can’t fight!

Episode 416 Sejun is the kid who can’t fight!

Inside Sejun’s mental world.

“What are you?! Why are you imitating me? “Why don’t you change it right now?!”

“You really need to change your appearance quickly!”

There, two Sejuns were claiming to each other that they were the real Sejun.

As befits his job as a cloning artist, the copy changed into Sejun’s appearance.

Who is Sejun?

The giant wolf Black, who was watching the two, was worried about who to attack.

In the mental world, the size of the black man was so large that it was difficult for Sejun’s eyes to capture it, so the two were not conscious of the black man.

You only get one chance. You have to be very careful.

If you accidentally attack the real Sejun, Sejun’s soul will disappear and of course Sejun will die.

Who is our Sejun?

When Kkamangi was so worried,

boom! boom!

The two Sejuns who were arguing started fighting with each other.



Sejun on one side was hit unilaterally.

My stats are low and I don’t have much combat skills or combat experience, so I have no choice but to get hit.

Yes. The one who was hit unilaterally was the real Sejun.

‘What is this kid? Why did you tell me to pass the test and then suddenly turn into me and hit me?!’

And if you’re going to turn into me, your stats and skills should be the same as mine!

When Sejun was feeling so wronged,

‘I found it!’

Kamangi found the real Sejun.

Sejun is the kid who can’t fight!

I am 100% sure about this.


Kamang carefully moved his front paw and stepped on the fake Sejun.


The fake Sejun, who was crushed by a suddenly appearing giant pillar, barely managed to utter a single word before turning into gray smoke and being absorbed by Sejun, saying,

“You are more shameful…”

Sejun, who was answering, lost consciousness.



[I have absorbed the thoughts of Copy the Replicator.]

[I have learned how to use the Skill Steal Stone.]

[I am now able to use the Skill Steal Stone more efficiently.]

[Spiritual power increases by 50.]

Sejun opens his eyes and receives a message. While reading,

“Chairman Park woke up?!”


[Dad, are you okay?!]

Theo and Kueng, who were massaging the face and body of Sejun, who had passed out, asked in happy voices.

“huh. Fine···.”

When Sejun responded and tried to get up,

“Chairman Park, lie down more!”

Kueng! Kueng!

[That’s right! Dad, rest more!]

Theo and Kueng held down Sejun’s body as he tried to get up, preventing him from doing so. The two thought Sejun passed out because he was tired.

So let it rest.

It’s okay…

Sejun wanted to get up, but

he couldn’t because the two of them were pushing him down



Sejun was forced to take a break while listening to the sound of Black Man snoring.

Is this how you write it?

I looked at the skill robbery stone and took it to Theo’s body.

Then, the message

[Do you want to steal the target’s skill?]



When Sejun answered,

[Randomly steals one of the target’s skills.]

The skill stealer stole one of Theo’s skills. Perhaps because he had no aversion to Sejun, he didn’t need permission.

[Skill: Robbed Nyangbo (Master).]


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When Sejun looked at the skill robbery stone, he saw

[Skill Steal Stone]

Currently stolen skill (1/2): Skill: Nyangbo (Master)

The skill he had just stolen was visible.

And ‘(1/2)’ displayed next to it.

Originally, I could only steal one skill,

but haha. It’s thanks to the thoughts of copyist Kapi.

Skill Steal Stones can now be used more efficiently, allowing up to two skills to be stolen.

When Sejun looked at the stolen skill Nyangbo, a description of the skill appeared.

[Skill: Nyambo (Master)]

This is a creative skill created by Theo Park, a subordinate of the great black dragon and target of the deadly dragon claw golden cat, for fast movement.

I really like Chairman Park!

This is a skill that allows you to move at high speed with the effect of agility stat x 5 by consuming magic power for 100 seconds.

I respect Chairman Park!

When moving on all fours, you can move at super speed with the effect of agility stat x 10.

Chairman Park is the best!


Sejun was impressed when he saw the skill description.

It’s huge. You can move at 5 times your agility stat for 100 seconds…

If you walk on all fours, you can move at 10 times your speed, but I didn’t want to move that fast.

But maybe it’s because it’s a creative skill…

A title like Theo Park, a subordinate of the great black dragon that is not recognized by the Black Tower’s system and the target of the fatal dragon claw golden cat, or something like

Chairman Park, I really like it! I respect Chairman Park!

President Park is the best! Theo’s thoughts were included in the skill description.

In short, it means a lot of useless words.

Hehehe. Vice President Te mentioned me in his skills.

Of course, Sejun was very satisfied.

While Sejun was reading the skill description,

“Isn’t Chairman Park hot?”

Theo fanned Sejun with his front paw and

said, Kueng?

[Daddy, aren’t you thirsty?]

Kueng treated Sejun very kindly, handing him a cup filled with water.

After a while,

“Let’s pack it up quickly and go home.”

When Sejun got up,

“Chairman Park, there’s actually one more thing that appeals to me!”

Theo led Sejun to another pile of jewels.


“This is it!”

When Theo put his paw in the pile of jewels and pulled it, he cried

out loud.

A golden cart buried in a pile of jewels made a heavy sound and slowly moved and revealed itself.

Why is the cart here…?

[Automatic cart wandering between the Black Tower and the Golden Tower]

Contrary to its grandiose name, the cart was a very simple structure consisting of a square box with four wheels connected to it.


Wandering the Black Tower and the Golden Tower? Automobile? Are you saying it moves automatically?

Sejun hurriedly put his hand on the cart and looked at the options.

[Automatic cart wandering between the Black Tower and the Golden Tower]

This is a cart born from the promotion test that is the subject of the Black Tower.

The bone powder of the giant Paulownia tree sacred bone that was struck by lightning, the Holy Stone, the highest grade magic stone, and the Thunder Spirit Stone were used as materials.

It is made of paulownia tree struck by lightning and the bone powder of the sacred bone and thunder spirit stone, so it has strong resistance to brain properties.

If you put items to sell on a cart and set the price you want, the cart will travel around the Black Tower and Golden Tower for 30 days and automatically sell the items. (The cart moves to different floors every 10 days.) It will

return immediately when the items are sold out. The cart can roam again only after 30 days from the initial departure date. (You can send the cart immediately by paying 1 million coins per day for the remaining days.) When you set the

item you want to purchase on the cart , The cart returns with up to 5 types of items purchased. (If you do not set all 5 items, the cart automatically purchases the remaining items.)

It belongs to the target, Theo Park.

Restrictions on use: Target: 10,000 or more horsepower.

Creator: God of ???? ??


“Ah. this···.”

A cart born from the grand prize promotion test. I think this was stolen… It seemed like Theo had just caught it and it had become part of Theo.

“uh?! “That’s my cart!”

As expected, Sejun’s prediction was correct as Yuren looked at the cart and shouted.

“I’m sorry Yuren.”

Sejun held Yuren’s shoulder and said in an apologetic voice.

“yes? why?”

“Well… the cart belongs to Theo.”


Theo was taken aback by Sejun’s words, probably not knowing that the cart belonged to him.

“Uhehe. are you okay. “I was originally going to give it to Theo.”


“Fuhuhuhu. “I’ll use it well!”

Thanks to this, Sejun and Theo’s faces brightened up.

As soon as Yuren saw the automatic cart wandering between the Black Tower and the Golden Tower, he thought it would be a good idea for Theo to use it.

Because of your own misfortune. I didn’t know if the cart would end up in a harsh place if I used it.

The world might be destroyed…

In fact, Yuren briefly used the cart on the day he became a target person.

To make it return quickly, they sent it to an empty cart, but when it returned in less than 10 minutes, the cart was full of the bodies of strange little monsters.

Died while moving between dimensions.

Yuren was sure. That is not a creature of this world. The cart that was supposed to go to the Black Tower or the Golden Tower went to a strange and dangerous place and returned.

Afterwards, Yuren was thinking about how to use the cart, and felt fortunate when the faceless great thief Rune stole it.

It was a shame that they took other assets as well.

“Thank you Yuren. “I’ll make you a lot of delicious food instead.”

“Uhehe. thank you.”

Yuren smiled broadly at Sejun’s words.

After legally receiving the cart from Yuren, he said,

“Let’s send Vice President Te’s cart.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”

Theo started loading the items for sale into the cart. It contained cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes, green onions, carrots, potatoes, etc. and set the price.

“For the items to be purchased, please set a land document for the 35th floor of the Golden Tower.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”

At Sejun’s words, Theo decided on the items to purchase in the cart and said,

“Then go and make a lot of money!”

Theo pushes the cart slightly and


A black hole appeared in front of the cart, and the cart moved into the hole.

After sending the cart like that,

“So this is the hideout of Rune, the faceless great thief.”

It was clear to see that Yuren’s cart was there. Somehow, there seemed to be a lot of treasure.

After storing the jewels for several more hours, the party was able to completely rob the treasure trove.

Everyone’s pockets were so full of jewels that they couldn’t hold any more.

“Kueng, now let’s go catch the thief!”

Kueng! Kueng!

[I understand! I only trust Kuengi!]

When the time finally came for him to act, Kuengi sniffed hard and chased after Rune, the faceless great thief.

As I moved, I came across a staircase, and when I went up the stairs, a huge laboratory appeared.

The walls were filled with countless books and reagents, and a huge amount of documents were piled up on the desk and floor. Kueng



Kueng tilts his head.

“Kueng, what’s wrong?”


[The smell stopped here!]

“Can’t you smell anything else?”

Kueng! Kueng!

[It flies! But it smells too much!]

Kueng answered, shaking his head.

“Fuhuhuhu. Gourd···.”

Sejun hurriedly covered Theo’s mouth as he was about to step forward. If Theo plays again here, Kueng will be disappointed again.

“If you stay still, your knee exclusivity will be extended for a week. If you like it, nod your head.”

Nod, nod.

Theo nods his head vigorously at Sejun’s words.

good. End of inclusion.

Sejun removed his hand from covering Theo’s mouth.


, um…

I fell into trouble.

How can I catch a thief? no. Can I call the owner?

Sejun thought for a moment.

“ah! “Kueng ah kueng hu, blow it softly!”

Kueng! Kueng!

[I understand! Kuenghu!]

At Sejun’s words, Kuenghu used Kuenghu at 10% output without any doubt.

Cheer up.

Cheer up.

Reagents that shatter in Kuenghue. All the reagents on one side of the wall were broken.

Hehehe. Even if you mess around like this, you won’t come out?

Sejun’s strategy is a scam.

Just looking at it, this is a space where important research has been conducted for a long time. The owner has no choice but to appear. certainly.

However, it seemed like he was weak to this extent and had no intention of showing up.

In that case…

“Kueng, are you going to leave for the first time in a while?”


[I understand!]

Shoo shoo shoo shoo.

At Sejun’s words, Kueng started rubbing his two front paws.


crackling, crackling.

A dazzlingly bright white spark was created.

If I put this on the document, it will burn right away, so what should I do?

A signal from Sejun to the owner of the lab.

At that time,

“Stop!” “That’s really not possible! Please!”

A faceless great thief rune appeared from a hidden location on the laboratory ceiling.

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