Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 525

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Episode 525

Hehehe. I think it might be worth a try here.

The sky turned red and gray, the land and river died.


“ha. “It’s over now.”

“No matter what we do, we’re going to die.”

Meanwhile, the residents of sigh and foresee the end.

In the distance, they could see terrible disasters approaching their city, but no one wanted to fight.

They have been fighting against the First Calamity Locust and the Second Calamity Giant Vampire Leech for a long time.

Recently, using the crops given to us by the great blue dragon, we achieved a series of great victories against the two plagues, raising the hope of ‘peace’.

In addition, as the disasters withdrew and their numbers greatly decreased, the residents of became almost in a festive mood.

It seemed like if I just tried a little harder, peace would come. a little bit…

However, their hopes were shattered by the five disasters that suddenly struck a few days ago, from the first disaster, Locaster, to the fifth disaster, Slime.

The five plagues flock together, and the strong blade, which is Locaster’s weak point, is burned by fire moths.

The petrifying spider turned the fragrant grapes full of life, which was the weakness of the giant vampire leech, into stone and disabled Sejun’s crops.

The disaster, which marched at such a rapid pace, quickly occupied 80 Blue Towers, and currently only 5 Blue Towers remain in .

A fall from the peak I thought I had almost reached.

The residents, who plummeted from hope to despair in an instant, were unable to recover from the shock and tried to quietly accept the end.

“Take up your weapons! Are you going to die like this?! Get up!”

Of course, there were people with unbreakable hearts like Garoro, the king of Frog City.

However, the residents had nothing left to burn, like candles left to plant. Residents needed the fuel of new hope.

However, Gaeroro could not provide such hope to the residents. Because he was having a hard time just not putting out his fire right now.

So Gaeroro’s cry was empty.


Before I knew it, the flapping wings of the Locust, which had the fastest movement speed among the disasters, began to be heard faintly and clearly.

“In the end, you are alone.”

It didn’t matter.

The king is originally a lonely person. From the moment he became king, he was never lonely.

Gaeroro stood alone at the entrance to Frog City to face the enemy.


Gaeroro drew his sword as he watched the Locust staining the sky black.

Unlike Gaeroro’s heart burning the last flame, the sword’s anticipation was bitterly cold.


[Arrived at .]


It is a world where there is no one stronger than Sejun, but as a sunfish that values safety the most, Sejun first hid himself.

And he looked around.

what? What’s wrong here?

It was my first time seeing a city so lifeless.

The frogs, the inhabitants of the city, were alive and breathing, but their eyes were all dead.

at that time


Weeing weeing!

When the mushroom ants and poisonous bees that moved with Sejun could not see Sejun, they panicked and desperately searched for him.

“Kids, I’m here.”

Sejun hurriedly took off his camouflage and appeared.



Mushroom ants and poisonous bees surround Sejun with joy.

“okay. “You were very surprised, right?”

Sejun calmed them down and opened the subspace warehouse.


[Black Tower Park Se-jun’s subspace warehouse is being synchronized with .

[There is 1 hour left until synchronization.]

An unexpected problem called synchronization occurred.


How am I supposed to survive for an hour alone without the kids?!

Sejun is embarrassed.

at that time


A loud bang was heard nearby.


Sejun quickly and carefully approaches the place where the sound came from.


A frog slightly larger than the other frogs was seen swinging a sword, surrounded by a huge number of Locusters.

Is it strong?

The frog was strong.



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“Hehe. He’s weaker than me.”

He was much weaker than Sejun.

Openings and disasters.

It was a sunfish that was ignored only on the 99th floor of the Black Tower, and there was almost no threat anywhere else.

Hehehe, I guess it’s worth a try here.

“Guys, it’s dangerous, so stay back.”

Realizing that he is being eaten here, Sejun bites back the mushroom ants and poisonous bees that followed him.


Sejun picked up a sword rolling on the floor.


I swung lightly towards the sky where the Locust was flying.



The sword wind attacked the Locusts, making a loud noise compared to its power.

Although it was a powerful, tactless attack,

[The first Calamity Locust has been defeated.]

It was enough to tear the Locusts apart.

Huh! Huh!

Just like that, Sejun swung his sword like he was swatting away a fly and caught the Locust.


The sword broke in the middle, but there were a lot of swords rolling around, so I picked them up every time and caught the Locust again.

In the meantime, giant vampire leeches, fire moths, and petrifying spiders joined the Locust and began to block Sejun’s sword wind attack.


Sejun threw his sword with all his might like a throwing star and killed the disasters.

[The second plague giant vampire spider has been defeated.]

[The third plague fire moth has been defeated.]

[The fourth plague petrification spider has been defeated.]

Every time the sword was thrown, the disasters in the direction of the sword died.



The mushroom ants and poisonous bees, who had good sense, picked up swords nearby, as if they had made a promise to Sejun, so Sejun was able to throw the sword without stopping.

There was

The number of disasters decreased rapidly.

at that time

Slurp slurp.

The fifth disaster slime slowly but inexorably approaches Sejun’s direction.

The slime approached, devouring all the corpses of the disaster that Sejun had defeated.

“Don’t touch my meat! “Make a dark cloud!”

I haven’t tasted the fire moth or petrified spider yet!

Sejun gets angry at the slime for stealing his meat and creates dark clouds in the sky.

“Throw Throw!”


The slimes were struck by lightning, and the delicious smell of pork began to spread around them.

“Who is it?”

Gaeroro stopped the fight and looked at Sejun with eyes filled with awe.

The power to kill thousands of disasters with a single wave of your hand.

Plus a sacred thunderbolt.

Is it God?

When Gaeroro thinks of the long-gone god of frogs


Thump, thump.

Malice coming from afar, pouring out evil energy.

The Sixth Calamity Ogre, who had not been seen until now due to his command, began running towards Frog City.

God. Please save us.

Gaeroro prayed while looking at Sejun.



Sejun quickly hid himself. When it comes to sunfish, you need to know when to strike and when to run away.


Battle Store Headquarters.

“Battler, what is that book? “Do you want to have a cat?”

Bev, who came into the house with Thunder, asked

“There is such a thing. “Don’t ask.”

Battler calmly answered, trying to control his overflowing emotions. Because he can’t say he’s a slave.


That’s harsh.

When trying to move on to another topic in response to Battler’s answer

[Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun is confronting the unstoppable enemy, the Sixth Calamity Ogre.]

A message appears in front of Bev.

“Hahaha. Of course, our Park Sejun! “You are a brave warrior!”

I believed it!

Bev laughed heartily.

“This is not the time to award a feat of bravery! And if you win in a 1-on-1 fight, I will give you 5 achievements of bravery!”

Bev hurriedly proposed to Sejun, but

“uh?! block?! why?!”

As expected, I was blocked this time.


“Park Se-jun? Are you talking about the farmer from the Black Tower?

When a familiar name came up, Battler asked Bev.

“Hahaha. Yes. Battler, you were already keeping an eye on our Park Se-jun. Well, Park Se-jun is a great and brave warrior, so you, the god of battle, can surpass him….”

“What are you talking about?! How could I possibly overcome such a weak farmer?”


“Weak?! No… That’s true. But our Park Se-jun is a brave warrior who even fought the Apostle of Destruction!”

“Hmph. Rather than him, keep an eye on the cat next to you. Theo Park is a really great guy.”

When Bev says Theo is amazing

“What are you talking about?! Kuengi Park next to Sejun Park is the best, right?! “That guy is a born warrior!”

Thunder began to speak passionately about the warrior he had captured.

“What are you talking about?! Park Se-jun is the bravest!”


“I heard Theo Park is a really scary guy!”

“No one can match Kkueng’s talent!”

Somehow, the three of them, Sejun, Theo, and Kueng, are fighting to see who is the greater warrior.

But it was a meaningless conversation.

Because Sejun, Theo, and Kueng had no intention of becoming warriors.

That meaningless conversation continued for a long time.

“You guys stop going back.”

Battler kicked out Bev and Thunder.

I had to do something important from now on.

“Okay. Now it’s practice.”

Finally, the battler who mastered [1000 ways to perfectly attack a cat’s heart] entered the field.

“Let’s get to know each other over food first, right?”

Cat food…

“Of course it’s a live rat.”

Battler sent a live rat to Theo. And of course, hamsters.

“I said you shouldn’t act friendly immediately after giving food… Hahaam. Should I get some sleep?”

Battler, who had not been able to sleep due to mastering the book, yawned and fell asleep as soon as he lay down on the bed.


“Ugh! help me! “You did it wrong!”

Battler had a nightmare that day.


“Fuhuhu. Battler! Stand right there!”

It was a dream where a huge Theo came to catch me with a white hamster that made strange noises on its tail.


[Bev, the God of Valor, offers to give you 5 Achievements of Valor if you fight the Sixth Plague Ogre one-on-one.]

‘How can I fight with him alone?! block!’

Sejun blocked Bev as he faced the ogre in front of him, who was giving him a menacing look.


The ogre was sniffing intently with its nose near Sejun, who had used the Camouflage skill. Because I felt a familiar energy.

The tough spider web camouflage suit made by Komi perfectly prevented Sejun’s energy from leaking out.

Ogre, who is very sensitive to speculation, reacted to Sejun’s specious speculation.

‘Please go!’

Thanks to this, Sejun couldn’t breathe properly and felt like he was dying.

Fortunately, the ogre’s full attention was focused on Sejun, and the mushroom ants, poisonous bees, and the residents of Frog City who hid under Sejun’s instructions were safe.


While the ogre eagerly sniffed Sejun’s scent,

Because, as a master of shedding, I can endure it once.

Sejun prepared for battle.

Plan A.

Take out the Orb of Morale and use the Harvest of Death skill to kill the ogre.

What if the first attack fails?

Plan B.

Eat black bean set.

At that time, the incoming attack is withstood with the talent of blocking 99% of the first attack: a master of throwing.

And with the increased power, he summons the sacred Earth Blade and uses .

‘good. Perfect.’

When Sejun, who had made a plan in his head, was about to attack the ogre.


“Chairman Park, I missed you!”

The subspace warehouse opens and Theo launches himself towards Sejun.



While flying, I made eye contact with the ogre next to Sejun.

Don’t scare Chairman Park!


He hurriedly stepped in the air, changed direction, and hit the back of the ogre’s head, stunning it.


Chewie Chewie!Chewie!

[As expected, Sechun Company’s unrivaled second person! Great Hybrid Te Vice President! You are very great!]

Clap! Clap! Clap!

At the entrance to the subspace warehouse, a brown hamster that I had never seen before was clapping hard and praising Theo for saving his life.

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