Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 526

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Episode 526. Fuhehehe. A lot has happened!

Kueng! Kueng?!

[Dad, are you okay?! You’re not hurt anywhere?!]

Whip?! Whip! Whip!

[Butler! Are you okay?! Don’t worry anymore! The great Black Man will protect you!]

Kueng and the Kamangi family followed Theo out of the subspace warehouse and hugged Sejun, who had been alone for an hour.



As soon as there was no problem with Sejun’s body, the Kkuengi and Kamangi families began to show affectionate affection by rubbing their bodies against Sejun’s body.

“Puh-hu-huh. Since you attempted to take the life of the great Hybrid Chairman Park, you are a full-time employee!”

Meanwhile, Theo took out a stamp to stamp the back of the ogre’s head.

“But how did Theo come out?”

Sejun asked Theo. As usual, there were about 20 more minutes left until the subspace warehouse synchronization.

“And who is this hamster?”

Chewie Chewie!Chewie!

[hello! Great Hybrid Chairman Park! We will serve you faithfully while you are here!]

Lick lick.

About the burdensome brown hamster sticking out its tongue to lick his shoes.

“don’t do it.”

Sejun avoids his feet.


The brown hamster quickly ran to Sejun’s shoes as if he didn’t want to miss them.


Suk. Suk.

The brown hamster’s agility wasn’t that high, so no matter how much it ran, it couldn’t catch Sejun’s shoes.

Still, Sejun couldn’t keep playing tag like this, so he grabbed the brown hamster by the scruff of its neck.


Chewie Chewie!

[Don’t do this! Please give me the honor of licking the shoes of the great Hybrid Chairman Park!]

A brown hamster waving its four short legs and making a fuss.

I took a quick look just in case, and it turned out to be a male.

Phew. Thank goodness.

It didn’t seem like there would be any bloodshed.

When Sejun is so relieved

“Fuhuhu. A lot has happened!”

Theo began his story with a wistful expression.


30 minutes ago, Sejun’s subspace warehouse.


I want to see the great hybrid Chairman Park…

Theo was waiting for the subspace warehouse to open with a blank expression.


Battler says he picked it up and tells him to enjoy it.]

[of battle

The battler puts down a brown hamster.]

A brown hamster appeared in front of Theo with a message from Battler.

Chu… This?! Chewy!!!!

[go… cat?! Heeeek!!!]

The brown hamster that was sacrificed to God was startled when he saw Theo and sensed his own demise.

A mouse in front of a cat.

What a rat can do


All I could do was tremble in fear of the terrible future that was about to come.


“Haha! Haha! How dare you give me, Vice President Hybrid Te, to eat people of the same species as Iona?! “Battler, if I meet you, I won’t leave you alone!”

The cat does not eat itself, but is angry at the god who sent it.

“Her, can you hear me?! Please send this guy back!”

Instead of Battler, who had no answer, he found another god and started talking about ways to send the brown hamster back.

A cat that talks to God?! Great!

When the brown hamster was looking at Theo with awe.

Kihihi. Whip?! Whip!

[Hehe. Are you new? Then you should have said hello to the great Black Man!]

The black hamster barked at the brown hamster.

Chewie Chewie!

[sorry! Greetings to our new hamster cutlassfish!]

The cutlassfish hurriedly bowed its head and said hello.

Kihihihi. whing?

[Hehe. Is your name cutlassfish?]


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Chewie Chewie!

[yes! The color of the teeth is brown, so it is a cutlassfish!]

said the cutlassfish, showing his brown teeth.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. I really like the newbie’s name! It’s like the name our butler gave us!]

After the rank order with the cutlassfish was finished, Kamangi went to play again.


“Nyan?! Are you syncing here?!”

Theo learns from Her that Sejun has already arrived in .

at that time


The great hybrid Chairman Park is dangerous!

Sejun’s knee detector notified Sejun of danger.

“Her, synchronize quickly! “If you refuse, you will be impeached!”

So Theo hurriedly threatened Her, and thanks to this, synchronization was completed 20 minutes earlier than scheduled.

I’ll have to do something for Her later.

I thought of Sejun’s hardships and thought about compensation.

“But your name is cutlassfish?”



The cutlassfish in Sejun’s hand smiled and showed off its neat brown teeth.

“That’s a sensible name.”


[thank you!]

The name my dad gave me was recognized!

When Cutlassfish is thrilled to be recognized by Sejun, the greatest here.


After finishing the story, Theo stamped the back of the unconscious ogre’s head.



[It is a being contaminated with the energy of destruction.]

[You cannot create employees with the Nine Dragons’ Employee Contract Seal.]

The red energy opposed the seal and prevented it from being stamped.

Squeeze. Squeeze.

Become a full-time employee of Sejun Company!

Theo didn’t lose and kept stamping, but the stamp wasn’t stamped and Theo’s face became more and more annoyed.

“Vice President Te, what’s wrong?”

Sejun asked Theo.

“Chairman Park, there’s no stamp!”

“No stamp?”

“That’s right! “It says I can’t make you an employee because it’s contaminated with the energy of destruction!”

“okay? “Predators, come out for a moment.”

Sejun calls out to the Devourers of Destruction who were absorbing the energy of destruction emitted by Alice’s body from the sky of subspace.

“Absorb some energy.”

It absorbed the energy of destruction from the ogre’s body.

Sum, sum.

Predators who eagerly absorb the energy of destruction from the ogre’s body.

Then the red ogre’s body began to turn white. no. It was turning transparent and disappearing.

Disaster is a being made up of the energy of destruction. Losing the energy of destruction to disaster meant death.

Death was the only way to be free from destruction. Unless you have a special ability like the Black Family.

“uh?! Kids, stop!”

Sejun’s shout, which belatedly realized that the ogre was disappearing, caused the predators to stop in an uncomfortable position with their mouths open.

“no. It’s okay to move. “Don’t eat the energy of destruction.”



At Sejun’s words, the predators nodded and kept their mouths shut.

“If this goes on, my plan is…” .”

Sejun, who was trying to get his people back from Ogre King Les, the boss on the 99th floor of the White Tower, fell into trouble when he saw the ogre.

If you purify the energy of destruction, it will disappear…

A situation where you can’t do this or that.

Meanwhile, the ogre’s body was gradually becoming transparent. Once extinction was underway, the energy of destruction was dissipating.

Sejun thought for a while while looking at the ogre.

Should I just destroy it?

In the end, when my thoughts were mostly focused on killing the ogre,


A certain energy was felt within the ogre’s body. Hot, dynamic, powerful black energy.

It was speculation.


-do… Come…

Ogre’s speculation asked Sejun for help through Sejun’s speculation.

-Let’s fight… Do it…

I want to fight destruction.

-Our king… Dear Les… I said I would take my time…

I want to keep my promise.

A request too earnest to refuse.


So Sejun decided to comply with the request. I didn’t know how to help the ogre.

However, the ogre’s earnestness moved his heart, and he had a vague confidence that his weak speculation would teach him his method.


As Sejun places his hand on the disappearing body of the ogre,


Ogre’s speculation and Sejun’s speculation responded.




The spirit that came out of the ogre’s body landed in Sejun’s body. I wasn’t absorbed by Sejun’s speculation.

-Thank you.

Because the ogre’s speculation existed solely because of the ogre’s speculation. All I had to do was take care of him until a new body was created.

He said there is a way if you go to Les, the king of ogres.

As the ogre’s speculation moved to Sejun’s body,


The ogre’s body disappeared

[The sixth plague ogre has been defeated.]

[Acquired 500 billion experience points.]

[You have leveled up.]

[Bonus stat 1 has been obtained.]

[Strength increases by 30.]

[Strength potential increases by 1%.]

[Quest occurs.]

Sejun achieved level 130 and received a job quest.

The job quest was to secure 20 new varieties, but since Sejun already had 27 new varieties, he completed it easily.

So, let Sejun destroy the ogre.

“Wow! The frog god who protects us has defeated all disasters!”

“Long live the frog god!”


Before I knew it, the residents of Garoro and Frog City, who were kneeling near Sejun, were bowing and worshiping him.

The appearance of the Frog God injected the fuel of hope back into the hearts of Frog City residents, and their eyes were burning hotly.


“No! “The great Chairman Park is not the god of frogs!”

Theo poured cold water on them and hit them with candles.

It had to be that way.

“Chairman Park is a greater god than the frog god! Because Frog God Introduction is a subordinate of Chairman Park’s right-hand man, Vice Chairman Na Te! “Overview of my subordinates, come out!”

Because there was a separate god of frogs. To be exact, he is the god of jewel frogs, but since he is the same frog, it will be okay.

-Theo, did you call me? Introduction to the Frog God, he appeared in response to Theo’s call.

Gae-ron, who had been begging Theo to summon him just a moment ago, emerged from the water with a dignified voice, leading a huge body.

Because he was in front of frogs, he showed off his charm to the fullest.


“oh! He is truly the god of frogs!”

“Long live the frog god Gaeron!”

The majestic appearance of the frog god Gaeron, who had the appearance of a frog like himself, was enough to make the frogs’ hearts feel grand.


[Your subordinate Theo Park’s slave, the Gem Frog God, is praised by the residents of .]

[Currently, there is no guardian deity in .]

[Would you like to appoint Gaeron, the jewel frog god, as the substitute guardian deity of ?]

A message appears in front of Sejun.


Sejun gave permission right away.

I’ve been through a lot under Theo so far, so it’s time for me to find some freedom.

When Sejun appointed Gaeron as the substitute guardian of

-Sejun, long live! Long live Theo!

thank you!

Gaeron shouted in excitement.

“Sejun, long live! Long live Theo!”

The frog residents also shouted along with the general’s words.

at that time


The cutlassfish’s body began to glow.

Measures to return Herga cutlassfish have been completed.

Chewie Chewie!

[ah! I guess it’s time to go back! Hello everyone!]

“Okay. Take care.”

Chewie Chewie!

[yes! If you come to where I live, please visit me later!]

The cutlassfish vigorously waved both front paws and returned to its original place.

“Now then, let’s go catch other disasters.”

-yes! I will take care of you!

Gae-ron, who became the proxy guardian and was given the authority to look into the situation of in detail, picked up Se-jun and his group.

Jump, jump, jump.

We set off to kill the disaster that was attacking the remaining Blue Tower.


“We too are following Gaeron!”


Gaeroro followed him with all his troops.


Hotori, a small hamster village in .





[The cutlassfish is back!]

The hamsters cheer when the cutlassfish that was offered as a treasure to Battler, the god of battle, reappears along with the light.

Chewie Chewie!

[Listen carefully! From now on, we will tell you the story of how he survived after meeting a great cat who treated God like hell!]

The cutlassfish started talking excitedly about its adventures to the hamsters.

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