Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 538

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Episode 538

Howl! Brother-in-law!

Black Tower administrator area.

“Heeheehee. “I can’t believe I had a younger brother.”

Eileen smiled brightly after hearing the news that her younger sister would soon hatch from the egg.

A little while ago, Anton shared the news that Elizabeth’s health was improving thanks to Sejun and that she had a younger brother.

We are so happy thanks to Sejun!

After Sejun came to the tower, things were full of good things.

“Heeheehee. “I have to work.”

Woooow as Eileen starts managing the tower with a happy smile.

The crystal ball vibrated.


[Former manager Elizabeth Fritani has been detected.]

[Activates a return protocol that failed to execute in the past.]

[After 3 seconds, Elizabeth Fritani returns here.]

“Huh?! Mom is coming?! no!”

Mom hasn’t recovered enough to meet us yet!

“Is there another place I can send Mom?!”

Eileen hurriedly found another place to return Elizabeth

[You can return to the 99th floor of the Black Tower.]

“Then I’ll do it there!”

[Return protocol is implemented.]

The great black dragon Elizabeth Frittani has returned after 150 years. To the 99th floor.


99th floor of the Black Tower.


Elizabeth appears in the sky with a huge presence.



Embarrassed by the sudden appearance of the great black dragon, Demon King and Pink Fur quickly bowed to the sky and exclaimed!


The mushroom ants and poison bees also hastily bowed their heads at the appearance of the great being.


– oh! Isn’t that Elizabeth?!

-It’s been a while.

-Good job.

Kelion Ramter Tear welcomed Elizabeth’s return.


Omid, hold, hold, hold.

“But your brother-in-law can talk as soon as he is born? “I guess dragons get their education from the egg?”

Sejun asked Anton while receiving Theo’s massage.

When I thought about it, it was amazing that he started talking as soon as he was born.

-It is training rather than education. Basic knowledge is transmitted using knowledge transfer magic.


I’m really jealous. If I had the knowledge transfer magic when I was young, I would definitely get 100 points on the memorization test.

“Tsk. “Then, shall we come up with a name for my brother-in-law?”

When Sejun can’t hold the scared baby black dragon in his arms,

help him, Dad!

The baby black dragon stirred and gave Anton a look of help.


heh heh. Our Sejun handles children well. Sometimes I have to leave the child with Sejun.

Anton could not see the rescue request sent by his child and just looked at Sejun happily.

this! My father is also being deceived by his brother-in-law’s appearance. I saw it a little while ago! The evil devil hiding behind that smiling face of my brother-in-law!

‘The country needs to come to its senses too!’

I will unmask my brother-in-law!

A baby black dragon who firmly vows that he will never be fooled by his brother-in-law.



“yes. “Brother-in-law.”

“Do you want to get a good name?”


The baby black dragon, who had not yet been given a name, quickly forgot his previous decision and nodded eagerly.

“okay? “Isn’t this the voice you want to get a good name for?”

“no! Brother-in-law! “I really want to get a good name!!!”

The baby black dragon raised his voice eagerly to show that he desperately wanted to receive a good name.

“Hehehe. okay. “I’ll think about it.”

Pat, pat.

When Sejun patted the baby black dragon’s butt, it


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felt warm…

Puhuhu – Puhuhu –

The baby black dragon quickly fell asleep.

Let’s see if my brother-in-law’s heart is okay.

Although Anton had already checked his health, Sejun decided to check again as well.

Because my brother-in-law is precious.

When Sejun placed his ear on the baby black dragon’s chest, it

bean-dad-dap, bean-dad-dap.

My heart was beating very fast.


Does a dragon’s heart normally beat this fast?

When Sejun has doubts, in

the baby black dragon’s dream.

“How dare you call the butler an idiot?!”

“crying! sorry!”

The baby black dragon was running away from the black family, including a huge wolf, a stone giant, a spider, and a butterfly.

After a while.

“Ahh! sorry!”

A baby black dragon wakes up screaming.

“My brother-in-law is weak. “I need to feed you some health food.”

Hehehe. Cheonamdo sunfish.

With a happy smile, Sejun put the baby black dragon on his back and started making rice to eat as baby food.



“Oh wow! “My brother-in-law, it’s really delicious!”

A baby black dragon proudly scoops up Sejun’s rice with a spoon instead of eating it.

How dare you eat your brother-in-law’s food?!

Sejun looked at his misbehaving brother-in-law and thought about whether to correct his behavior, but gave up.

When I looked closely, I saw that the black dragon’s mouth was already full of teeth strong enough to eat meat.

It was his own mistake.

“Isn’t my brother-in-law’s cooking delicious?”

“yes! “My brother-in-law’s cooking is the best!”

A baby black dragon who ate his first meal with Sejun’s cooking. Thanks to this, my tolerance for tasteless dishes has been greatly reduced.

“Hehehe. “My brother-in-law eats a lot.”


The baby black dragon eagerly eats Sejun’s cooking.


Even though I only ate one meal, I became twice as strong.

The great dragons had slightly different powers and talents, but they were basically beings that were several times more efficient no matter what they ate.

After a few days like this, my brother-in-law will become stronger than me, right?

Sejun felt threatened by the baby black dragon’s rapid growth.

I will be stronger in one month!

Sejun, thinking that he would never be able to defeat his brother-in-law if not now, ate hard and worked hard.

“OMG. full.”

When Sejun pats his stomach,


Sejun felt his back becoming wet.


The baby black dragon sleeping on Sejun’s back got wet from the saliva.

Sejun thought about putting the baby black dragon down on the floor, but

decided to carry it a little longer as he heard the sound of his brother-in-law laughing, holding on to the hem of his clothes tightly


And I thought. He said he now has a special skill that will help him win a fight with his brother-in-law.

I raised you on my back.

Hehehe. good. I think I can win for about a year with this.

When Sejun is so happy that he got a special skill to beat his brother-in-law, I can’t

believe he can smile like that even when my son’s back is wet with spit.

‘As expected, Sejun is kind.’

Anton also smiled happily while looking at Sejun.


– I think we can leave now. Go back.

I said let’s go back.

Normally, once a dragon emerges from an egg, it does not migrate for several years to ensure stability, but here there was no mother to take care of it.

Fortunately, the baby black dragon had become strong thanks to Sejun’s cooking, so it seemed like it could withstand the short trip.


At Anton’s words, Sejun packed up his luggage and moved to the portal created by Batbat and his companions.


The capital of the Toomham Empire, which rules Hamk.

“You made known your sin!”

A huge hamster with a belly so thick that it was difficult to move shouted and said,

“I don’t know! I don’t know! Why are you doing this to me?!”

The cutlassfish screamed loudly.

Cutlassfish was undergoing inquisition.

The crime is…

“Didn’t you spread the rumor that there was a cat that was being rude to the great gods?! How dare you praise a cat in the great hamster empire?! Are you worshiping cat idols and claiming to be innocent?!”

Cat idolatry.

The story about Theo that Cutlassfish told the hamsters in his village quickly spread throughout the empire and even reached the ears of the church.

“Idolatry?! I just know the facts…”

“It’s loud! Heresy! It’s clear that you’re possessed by a cat demon! Hello! Put that heretic in jail! “After 10 days, I will burn that heretic in front of everyone and drive out the devil!”

“No! no!”

After 5 days had passed since Cutlassfish was taken to prison,

I was full of food.

Several locusts began to fly around Hamk, and

after a day, six plagues appeared.


With the roar of an ogre, disaster invaded the Toonham Empire.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

I’m back.

As Sejun came out of the dimension door

(Batbat… Sejun, can I close the door now?)

Batbat, who was sitting on Sejun’s palm, asked in a slightly tired voice.

He was exhausted from maintaining the portal for over a day.

“huh. “Hurry and close it.”

(Batbat. Yes.)

When Batbat closed the dimension door,

“Batbat, you did a good job.”

Sejun placed the bat in his palm and stroked it gently.



BatBaet laughed happily and fell asleep.

He used stealth to hide his appearance.


Sejun carefully moved the invisible bat to his shoulder.

And when I was about to do something I couldn’t finish before,

“Welcome, Park Seo-bang.”

A woman with an elegant air came out of the kitchen and greeted Sejun.

Eileen was a mature woman who seemed like she would look like that when she grew about 10 years in human terms.

“mother in law?!”

“okay. Thank you for your hard work in bringing my baby home. Are you hungry? “I cooked some food, so come in and eat.”

“yes. Even my father-in-law…? uh?!”

Suddenly, the black dragon statue controlled by Anton was no longer visible.

what? Where have you been?

Sejun looked puzzled and followed Elizabeth into the kitchen.



The table was full of food that looked delicious.

Ugh. As expected, the love of a son-in-law is from the mother-in-law!

Sejun was moved by Elizabeth’s food.

It smelled good too.

Her cooking skills are completely different from Eileen’s.

Eileen would have been good at cooking even if she hadn’t been away from her mother-in-law.

Then I didn’t have any trouble either.

Sejun recalled the food Eileen ate with the power of love and

said, “Thank you, mother-in-law. “I will eat well.”

I thanked Elizabeth and took a big bite of the dish.




Why did Anton suddenly disappear?

Although the food’s appearance and aroma were different, the taste was consistent with Eileen’s cooking.

no. Eileen’s cooking seemed to taste a little better now.

“What’s wrong with Seo-bak Park? “Doesn’t it taste good?”

“…no. Delicious. ha ha ha. it is delicious.”

To Elizabeth’s question, Sejun gave a mechanical answer while desperately chewing his food.


guys, help!

I hurriedly asked my companions for help, but they said,

“Nyan… I have to do the work that has been overdue!”


[Kkueng also wanted to dig up herbs…]


[Brothers, take me too! Help me!]

Everyone ran outside after seeing Sejun’s expression.


Sejun was abandoned by his companions.

At that time,

“Huh?! “It’s mom!”

The baby black dragon sleeping on Sejun’s back woke up.

“oh. Did your baby sleep well? Are you hungry? “Try some of mom’s cooking.”


Elizabeth offers her cooking to the baby black dragon.

It’s your chance!

“My brother-in-law and brother-in-law will feed you.”

“huh! ah-!”

The baby black dragon opens its mouth wide at Sejun’s words.

sorry. Brother-in-law, I have to live too.

Sejun apologized profusely in his heart and put a lot of Elizabeth’s food on a spoon and put it in his mouth.



A baby black dragon who briefly lost consciousness due to the shocking taste.

It was natural. This was not food for the baby black dragon, whose first baseline had become too high after eating Sejun’s cooking.

Howl! Brother-in-law!

“crying-! You’re not eating this! “It’s trash!”

The baby black dragon cried out loud for Sejun, expressing his true feelings.


Black Tower Administrator Area.

“Heeheehee. I take after my mom.”

The reason my cooking skills were bad was because of my mom.

Eileen laughed as she observed the situation in the kitchen through the crystal ball.

At that time, wow, wow.

A crystal ball that vibrates rapidly.

[The Black Tower has detected Hamk, a world being invaded by destruction.]

[The Black Tower begins the protection of Hamk.]

[120 Black Towers are installed in Hamk.]

The Black Tower is connected to Hamk.


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