Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 550

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Episode 550

I’m not an old man…

“Now. “Let’s go now.”

After the incident caused by Papa Rabbit’s lie was over, Sejun cleaned up the surroundings and said.


“Okay. “Now let’s go find the treasure!”

We all went to find the last sacred item of Miss Fortune, the god of misfortune.




Baby rabbits shouting along with Sejun’s cry.

Sejun heard that the father rabbit and the baby rabbits were climbing the tower to meet him, and

it would be a shame to just go.

I felt like I had to do something with him, so I joined him in the treasure hunt.

It was originally a dangerous job, but since the members were members, the difficulty level dropped to the level of a picnic.


“Nyan!” “Baby rabbits, stand in line!”


[Can I touch your uncle’s tail?]

“Then Black Torch, grab my tail and follow me!”


[Uncle, I’m hungry.]

“Dungie, eat this churro! “Look ahead when eating!”

Theo, who returned as an uncle after a long time, skillfully took care of the baby rabbits.

At first, the baby rabbits couldn’t approach the scary Uncle Theo, but now they started talking to him and whining.



[Following Uncle Kueng!]


[Hehe. Follow the great uncle Kamangi!]

Kuengi and Kamangi also tried to act as uncles, but for some reason they were not very popular.

“Uhehe. “This way.”

So, on the way to find the magic of Miss Fortune along with Yuren.


Sejun stared at the back of the head of Papa Rabbit, who was walking in front of him with a serious expression.

The reason is… Because

he’s the rabbit’s dad, is he Toppa?

Are you black because you’re the black rabbit’s father?

To name Papa Rabbit.

I’m so used to being called Daddy Rabbit on a regular basis that I’m not conscious of the fact that Daddy Rabbit doesn’t have a name


[Butler! [Why don’t you give him a name?]

In response to Blacky’s question, Sejun realized that Papa Rabbit doesn’t have a name.

Pandora’s box was opened with Kamangi’s question.

It should be a name that commemorates our first meeting.

Sejun recalled his first meeting with Papa Rabbit.

Daddy Rabbit, you appeared from the ground drooling, stepped on my shoulder and asked for green onions.

In fact, the father rabbit seen through the round hole at that time looked like a moon rabbit, said to live on the moon.

And I brought the mother rabbit and salted it for me.

“Hmm. Okay, I decided. “Weolgang”

came down from the moon. Wolgang (月降).

Sejun, who was thinking about it, said one name.

“You can tell the mother rabbit to go to Wolha.”

Naturally, I named the mother rabbit.

When the name is given like that,

[Talent: The naming effect is activated.]

[The name Wolgang (月降) has a special effect.]

[All stats increase by 12.]

[Talent: The essence of the moon blooms.]

[The names Wolha (月下) have a special effect.]

[All stats increase by 12.]

[Talent: Blooms the warmth of moonlight.]

The names Wolgang and Wolha have a special effect.


[Sejun gave me my name?!]

Thanks to this, Wolgang was thrilled and


[Butler! This isn’t it!]


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“That’s right. “Something is wrong!”



“This is not it!”



The Kamangi family expressed dissatisfaction with Sejun’s naming.



In particular, complaints about Mubalchil and Mukppupal were the biggest.

“Im here.”

While Sejun was naming names, Yuren pointed to an ominous building and announced that they had arrived at the place where Miss Fortune’s magic was located.


“Okay. So, shall we begin the treasure hunt? “Guys, follow me carefully.”

[Hehe! Yes!]




Sejun stood at the front with his trusty bodyguard Theo hanging on his knee, followed by Piyot, Yuren Greig Wolgang, and baby rabbits.


At the very back, Kuengi was placed in case of an emergency.

Sejun and his group entered the building with some tension and anticipation at the thought of going on a treasure hunt, but


Why don’t you hide it?

A fist-sized shrine was placed neatly on the central altar of the building.

[Star that blesses misfortune]

A golden star that is brilliant but has an ominous feel.

[uh?! Have you already found it?]




Fireworks and the baby rabbits were greatly disappointed when they had already found the treasure.

“Chairman Park, let’s take a look at Shingi first!”


Hearing Theo’s words, Sejun picked up his new device and examined it.

[Star that blesses misfortune]

This is a sacred device created by Miss Fortune, the god of misfortune, by infusing her power into a star that fell to the ground.

It grants a blessing that uses the wearer’s misfortune to increase abilities. (The ability is maintained while worn.)

Restrictions on use: Those recognized as unlucky by Misfortune, the god of misfortune.

Creator: Misfortune, the god of misfortune

. Rating: ★★★

“It’s amazing that they bless you just as much as you are unhappy.”

When Sejun was amazed to see Shingi’s options

[Misfortune, the god of misfortune, said she would let him experience her Shingi.]

Miss Fortune showed favor.

While talking with Yu-ren, I heard that Yu-ren, who possesses his miraculous spirit, needs to be seen well by Se-jun in order to live well.

So, when Miss Fortune allows the experience of Shingi,

[The star that blesses misfortune measures your unhappiness that can be used.]

[Using the measured misfortune, gives a blessing that increases all stats by 150.]

Shingi Sejun As unfortunate as it was, it increased my abilities.

“oh. that’s interesting. “Try to become vice president of Te as well.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”

When Theo catches the sacred device,

[there is no misfortune at all.]

[Instead of unhappiness, luck is used to give a blessing that increases all stats by -2.]

A sacred device that lowers Theo’s abilities. The words were a blessing and a curse. Another name for the miracle was clearly the star that curses good luck.

“Nyan?! “This feels bad!”

Theo quickly took his front foot off his shoes.

Sejun experienced something magical like that.

“ruler. receive.”

“Uhehe. thank you.”

I handed the sacred flag to Yuren.



A strong shock wave was generated centered on Yuren, who caught the divine energy.

[The star that blesses misfortune measures your unhappiness that can be used.]

[The measured misfortune is so large that it cannot be used in its entirety.]

[The star that blesses misfortune grants a blessing that increases all stats to the maximum.]

Because the star that blesses misfortune blessed Yuren’s misfortune.

The aftereffect of the blessing was tremendous and

a “Come here, kids!”

Sejun hurriedly hugged Flame and Black and protected them from the shockwave.


A huge shock wave hit Sejun, but

he blocked it with the effect of the talent

[Talent: Master of Throwing away 99% of the power of the first attack.]

Fortunately, the rabbits were disappointed with the treasure hunt and went outside, and Kueng went out with them to lead the baby rabbits, so they wouldn’t have been swept away by the shock wave.


When Yuren hurriedly bowed his head and apologized,


Shock waves occurring again.

Yuren’s stats grew stronger, and even the slightest movement caused tremendous energy to fluctuate.



This time, Theo, who was already hanging on Sejun’s lap, and Kuengi, who flew in quickly, blocked the shock wave and





Meanwhile, Pyogi sighed and hit Yuren on the back of the head, knocking him out.


piyot. piyot.

[Sejun, I will go up to the 99th floor of the tower when Yuren wakes up. I think I need special training from King Uma.]

I told Sejun that I would go to the 99th floor of the tower with Yuren.

Yuren, who cannot control his strength, is like a bomb right now, so the best way for everyone is to visit King Uma and receive special training until he gets used to controlling his strength.


Sejun left the two and came out of the building.


“We are now going down to the first floor of the tower. Do you want to come with us?”

I asked Wolgang if he would like to go to the first floor of the tower with me.

It was to give Gyeong-cheol the persistent hunter’s bow, the sacred weapon of Hunt, the god of hunting.

Beep… Beep!

[Yes… Niyo!]


In response to Sejun’s question, Wolgang unconsciously nodded and then quickly shook his head.

My neck hurt because of this, but I had to do it.

While I was coming here,

I was like, ‘Huh?!’

Because I suddenly realized that there were a few more lies that hadn’t been caught yet.

I decided to avoid it before I got caught.

After a while.

“Goodbye, guys!”




Sejun moved to the first floor of the tower, waving at the rabbits who were eagerly waving their paws at him.


Battle Store Headquarters.

“Master Battler.”

Hunt, who returned, visited Battler.

“uh?! “What happened?”

Battler, who was waiting for Hunt’s return, hurriedly asked.

“Theo, please live quickly.”


“I was stamped too. “Theo said he would give me 3 days and told me to come back quickly.”


Battler’s mind turned white at Hunt’s words.

“Theo said he would impeach you if you are late, so go quickly.”

Hunt said everything he wanted to say to Battler and went home. This is because I decided to make a bow and give it to Theo in the future.

“This can’t be right….”

It’s all because of Park Se-jun! Even if Park Se-jun hadn’t just used my god…

When Battler, who was left alone like that, blames Se-jun,

“Hahahaha!” “I did it!”

Miss Fortune, the god of misfortune, passes in front of Battler with a bright smile.

Miss Fortune, who gained tremendous divine power after Yuren found all of her three divine powers, was no longer wearing rags.

In addition, Curserina, the god of curses, and Fover, the god of poverty, who were living on the streets with Miss Fortune, also looked gorgeous wearing new clothes that Miss Fortune had bought them.

This is all thanks to Park Se-jun.

If Sejun had not given his sacred energy to Yuren and helped him find his sacred energy, he would not have been able to regain his divine power like this.

Unlike Battler, who resents Sejun, Miss Fortune is grateful to Sejun.

“Guys, this is all thanks to Park Se-jun, so if you ever talk to Park Se-jun, be unconditionally kind. Understand?”

“huh! sister!”

“yes! sister!”

He warned his companions on what to do when dealing with Sejun.

Even within the battle store headquarters, the number of battle gods favoring Sejun was increasing.


[Arrived at the first floor of the Black Tower.]



Sejun arrived at the first floor of the tower.

“Do you know where Kyung-cheol is?”

I went to Kueng Ipa and asked the black bears about Gyeong-cheol’s location.

“wait a minute. “Let’s find out right away!”

The black bears dispersed to find Gyeong-cheol and said,

“Mom, Dad, I’m fine.”

Sejun filmed himself and his companions with his hunter phone, then went to the Earth Defense Force Guild headquarters and had them deliver the video to their families.

Although the threat to Earth disappeared, the Earth Defense Corps was not disbanded and maintained its existence as a guild.

Sejun returned to his original position and quietly looked around.

At that



Sejun saw Hamk’s hamsters wandering around the first floor of the tower.

Although it escaped the threat of destruction, the Black Tower and Hamk were still connected, and hamsters who wanted to adventure into the tower came in.

At that time,

“I found Sejun. “They say they are on the second floor now.”

A black bear told Sejun about Gyeongcheol’s whereabouts.

“Second floor?”

Why are you there?

When Sejun goes up to the waypoint and moves to the second floor of the tower,

he shouts!

“I was overtaken by hamsters two times! Plant faster!”

The farm was full of hamsters and people planting green onions.

18-year-old Cheval, who received instructions to plant green onions here, paid money and hired hamsters and people to complete the farm quickly. Thanks to

the farm reconstruction rate (80%),

the farm reconstruction rate had increased significantly.

There it is!

Sejun found Gyeongcheol planting green onions among the people.


When Sejun called Gyeongcheol,


Gyeongcheol also found Sejun and came running.

“ah! right! Flame, this is Gyeongcheol. “Kyungcheol gave you the apple you were born with.”

When Sejun introduces Gyeongcheol to Flame

[Hehe. hello. Mr. Gyeong-cheol. Thank you for sending me to Sejun.]

Fireworks bowed their heads to Gyeongcheol at a 90-degree angle and expressed their sincere gratitude. If it weren’t for Kyung-cheol, he wouldn’t have met Se-jun.

“Huh?! Huh.”

Gyeong-cheol is taken aback by Flame’s greeting.

I’m not an uncle… I’m 27 years old…

Kyung-cheol, who has never been in a relationship yet, felt so unfair to be called an uncle.


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