Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 559

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Episode 559

Hehehe. If you have a dragon bone, you can call it a dragon.

[Arrived at the 53rd floor of the Blue Tower.]

Sejun arrived at the Blue Tower.

“Jelga I have arrived. “Bring me to the 53rd floor.”

First, I contacted Zelga.

This is because Zelga has land documents for the 99th floor and the 1st floor of the Blue Tower.

When Sejun ended contacting Zelga,

he was shocked.

“I wanted to see the great Hybrid Chairman Park!”

Theo ran out of the subspace warehouse and clung to Sejun’s face


[I missed you, Dad!]

Kuengi also clung to Sejun’s side.


[It’s a butler!]

Jump up and down.

Black Mang also threw his body towards the sling bag that Sejun was carrying,

but what?!

The jump was short, so he couldn’t reach Sejun and fell to the ground.





Fortunately, Kabir Shari Mubalchil caught the falling kamangi and flapped its wings vigorously, moving it to Sejun’s sling bag.


When even the black man took his place in Sejun’s slingback

[He was recognized as the rightful owner of the land document of the papaya farm on the 53rd floor of the Blue Tower.]

[Land document’s skill: Farm Information Lv. Max is activated.]

A message appeared saying that you were recognized as the owner of the land document.

“Hehehe. good.”


[Papaya was harvested.]



Sejun smiled and picked a ripe orange papaya


“Try it, kids.”

I shared it with my Kuengi Kamangi family.


[It’s delicious!]


[Hehe. Butler! Give me more!]

Hehehe. It’s a good thing you came here.

Sejun was satisfied with Kuengi and Kamangi’s reactions.

Sejun and his companions ate 10 more papayas and said,

“Guys, help me harvest the papaya.”

I quickly harvested papaya with my companions.

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”


Theo used his speed and telekinesis to harvest large quantities.



[Komi makes a net with a big rope, and the rest shake the branches!]

For some reason, the Black family helped with the harvest without causing any accidents.

Thanks to this, Sejun quickly harvested the papaya and completed the waypoint registration before Zelga arrived.

There was no need to swim to the waypoint as much of the water in the Blue Tower had disappeared.

After a while.

“Gasp. Sejun!”

From a distance, Zelga ran towards Sejun.


“Sejun, here is the land document.”

“huh. thank you.”

Sejun used the land document prepared by Zelga to move to the 99th floor of the tower and immediately registered the waypoint.

Because Zelga had told him in advance, the boss on the 99th floor of the tower did not stop Sejun and the group.

Sejun registered the waypoint on the 99th floor of the tower and obtained .

I used the land document again to go down to the first floor of the tower and find the dedicated passage.


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When Sejun places his hand on the blue hole in the floor

[There are currently two places you can go.]

[Please select a place to go.]

The message that appears.


[Currently, the number of people trying to use the exclusive passage is thirteen.]

[Only temporary middle managers have permission to pass through the exclusive passage.]

[The party moves to through the temporary middle manager’s subspace warehouse. .]

Phew. thank god.

Sejun, who thought he was going alone, sighed in relief.

[Would you like to pay thirteen lodging fees and move to ?]


[Calculate the cost of staying considering Theo Park’s stats and level.]

[The cost of staying for 1 hour is 170,000 Top Coins.]



Since it was a level 10 world, the cost of staying was 1/1000 of that of Hamk, a level 7 world. It was really cheap.

[Move to .]

Sejun disappeared into the blue hole with a message.


The atmosphere at the temple, the sacred place for dragons with its towering blue tower, was currently at its worst.




The painful moans and screams of the injured dragons. A voice chanting the names of the dead dragons.

“We will die in the end…”

“Escape to the tower now…” The temple

was filled with the despair of the dragons, who were overcome with fear and overwhelmed by the overwhelming strength of the planet-destroying turtle.

At that time,

“Everyone, come to your senses! “Now is not the time!”

Dragon Lord Evan Draken struggled to lead those dragons.

To save the remaining dragons, to save the other world that was carrying, even the time spent in despair like this was a luxury.


“Why do you have the shame to kill all the dragons?”

There were some dragons who were dissatisfied with Evan’s orders, although they did not show it openly.


“That’s right. And why do you take care of those lumps?!”

“therefore. Why do we have to protect things like that?!”

Their anger was directed at the four black, brown, purple and green dragons, who were the same dragons but were so weak that they could hardly be called dragons.

There are nine types of dragons in .

However, strangely enough, the black, brown, purple and green dragon could not fire its breath and was weak, so it was not treated as a dragon by other dragons.

“What you looking at?!”

When an angry silver dragon rolled his eyes, the black dragon Ash, who caught the glare, lowered his head without even making a sound.

Who wants to do this?!

I felt angry and wronged on the inside, but I couldn’t respond.

Because that’s right.

They were weaker than them and therefore could not take equal responsibility.


“It’s coming!”

A blue dragon scouting the surroundings from the sky shouted.


At the same time, a red ray passed through the dragons.

Once again, everything in the path of the red ray was destroyed. Dragon too. Even the tower.

A ray of absolute destruction that no one can stop.

“Spread out!”

All the dragons can do is spread out and reduce damage.



The red ray targeted the place where the most dragons were gathered, aiming for maximum efficiency.

As the dragons dispersed, the five plagues, including the Locust, the Giant Vampire Leech, the Fire Moth, and the Petrifying Spider Slime, attacked the dragons who were alone.

No matter how strong the dragon was, when surrounded by disaster, there was no answer and


Eventually, the dragons that fell to the disaster began to collapse one by one.

Even if we gather, we die, and even if we disperse, we die.

I’m scared…

Ash’s body froze in fear and his mind went blank.



A blue hole appeared in the air in front of Ash.


low, low, low.

Dragons! Come and see my big(?) majestic(?) dragon bone!

Sejun came out of the hole with a majestic expression.

That moment.


A red ray of light struck Sejun.


the ray disappeared in vain without achieving its purpose for the first time.

This is because, by obtaining , an effect has been added to regard all worlds managed by the tower as level 0.

Thanks to this, the retrograde was activated and Sejun was invincible for 3 seconds.

“oh! “It’s hot!”

Although I experienced terrible pain.

“Bring out your shield.”

Even while he was in pain, Sejun hurriedly used to summon the protective dragon-shaped shield in the subspace warehouse.

thud. Jiing

when a sturdy 10m high shield was erected in front of Sejun


A red ray of light was shot towards Sejun again.

Of course, the planet-destroying turtle’s red ray could not destroy the shield made from the horn of the great white dragon’s leader, Kelion Mamev, and



All the red rays began to head towards Sejun’s shield. The shield was comfortable, although it got a little hot.

“Hehe. After all, it’s a dragon horn.”

When Sejun smiled happily as he looked at the shield that successfully blocked the planet-destroying turtle’s attack, it clicked


“I wanted to see the great Hybrid Chairman Park!”

Theo came out of the subspace warehouse and happily flew into Sejun’s face.



dare! You attacked our Chairman Park!

When he saw the beam of the planet-destroying turtle attacking Sejun, he changed his course midway and ran towards the planet-destroying turtle with a light beam.

Kueng?! Kueng!!!

[Dad, you bullied me?! I’m going to scold you!!!]

Kkueng follows behind Theo, but when he senses the hostility towards Sejun, he gets angry and

yells ‘Kwa-ang!’

It flew at supersonic speed towards the planet-destroying turtle.

(Batbat! I’ll protect you, Sejun! Batdol!)

Batbat came out next and dealt with the disasters coming towards Sejun, and

whine! whine?! whine?!

[Butler! I will protect you! Guys, come out!]

Kamangi commanded the destruction predators and destruction pioneers and made them absorb the energy of destruction.


[What are you?! Do you want to get scolded?!]

He barked scaryly at Ash, who was behind Sejun.



Even if you get hit by that, it won’t disappear?!

He must be a legend!

Black Dragon Ash’s eyes twinkled as he looked at Sejun, without even paying attention to the insignificant black man.

A wonderful(?) body that suffered no damage even after being attacked by a planet-destroying turtle, and powerful power radiating from its entire body.

In addition, there is an energy similar to his own, but of a much higher rank.

A savior who will one day descend when is in danger and save the world and perfect the dragons that lack power.

It was clearly a great dragon.

A great black dragon of the same color as me!

“Great hybrid black dragon. Ash, the lowly black dragon, sends greetings!”


Ash, the black dragon who was thrilled to see Sejun’s black hair and said that green is the same color, bowed his massive head to Sejun and took a bow.


Thanks to this, Black Mang lost his balance and almost fell, but he said,


Sejun quickly caught the black dragon and put it in the sling bag.

Black dragon?!

Sejun had every intention of showing off his dragon bones to the dragons, but was slightly stung when Ash called him a black dragon.

If other dragons saw this, they would foam at the mouth.

However, there were no other dragons here and

“Hmm…yeah. I am Park Se-jun, the great hybrid black dragon. Nice to meet you.”

Hehehe. If you have a dragon bone, you can call it a dragon.

Sejun impersonated a dragon with a shameless expression and treated Ash poorly. It wasn’t a lie since I put the hybrid in the middle.

Meanwhile, the battle against disaster was almost over.

Sum. Sum.

The five plagues lose their energy of destruction to over 1 million destruction predators, and are killed by badgers or boo


Slap! Slap!

He was killed by Inkppupal’s eight ink clones and said,

“Fuhuhu. This is not me hitting, this is the super giant Chairman Park hitting! “Chairman Park’s super-giant right hand punch!”

Kueng! Kueng!

[Kueng is angry! I’m receiving Kkueng’s wrath!]

Boom! Kwagwagwang!

The ten planet-destroying turtles had been beaten by Theo and Kuengi and were left upside down and struggling.

“Fuhuhuhu. “I, the great Hybrid Chairman Park, Vice Chairman Hybrid Te, scolded those who attacked Chairman Park!”


[Kueng also scolded the guys who bullied his dad!]

(Batbat. Sejun, are you okay?)

After the battle, Theo Kuengi Batbat clings to Sejun’s body and shows cuteness to him.

Who is it?!

Is he the leader of the beings who subdued the planet-destroying turtles?

It must be something great.

The dragons’ attention, which had been focused on Theo and Kuengi beating up the planet-destroying turtles, naturally turned to Sejun.

“Rod, what are you doing?! Quickly say hello to the great black dragon!”

Ash shouted at Dragon Lord Evan Draken, who was looking at Sejun blankly without notice.

Great black dragon?!

A great dragon doesn’t have that kind of energy…

Evan, who had only seen a great dragon once in his life, looked at Sejun closely.

There was definitely a dragon’s energy, but I also felt a divine spirit, a divine beast’s energy, and a rough energy.

If anything, the shield next to it had a purer dragon energy.

what? What about this hybrid?

Evan frowned and looked at Sejun and asked,

“What?” Don’t you say hello?

Sejun also looked at Evan and frowned.

When two people have a snowball fight like that, it


-Who is opposing the power of destruction?!

Suddenly, the sky shattered and the angry voice of Leviathan was heard.




Mubalchil and Mukppupal cheered at the appearance of a new successor. With very hopeful voices.


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