Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 196

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The pirates ran without dreaming that Jean and her colleagues were secretly following them.

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It was the well where they stopped walking.

A well that has long dried up and lost its function, as most of these abandoned islands do. It seemed to be used as a secret passage somewhere.

The pirates threw themselves into the well.


Colleagues shrugged at each other.

“Is there something secret in there, and is it intended to be hidden?”

“You spoke as if you could beat the Beacon’s regular fleet, so you wouldn’t.”

“But I didn’t think they were very smart friends. You could really just hide. They don’t even know why the fleet surrounded the island.”

“That’s true.”

When Kashmir and Alisa spoke, the rest of their colleagues nodded.

“I’ll follow you in, and if I don’t, I’ll be ready to swim. Let’s hope they have a trick.”

Jean and her colleagues approached the well. There were no traces of pirates under the well. It disappeared into another space connected inside.

Soon after, the eyes of his colleagues, who jumped into the well one by one, showed a metal lid covering the floor.

It was a kind of door. With no handle and tightly closed, it would be difficult to open the door unless it was opened from the inside.

Of course, that’s true for the average person.

Throbbing! Bang!

gin for tearing off a steel cap with bare hands

“Hey, you got stronger? Kid. You’re tearing the iron like a sheet of paper.”

Murakan spoke as if nothing, but Siris had no choice but to panic inside, touching the crumpled lid.

As soon as I’m going down the aisle again.


A dagger flew in. There was a three-star error, but when Jean waved like a fly, the dagger bounced and rolled on the floor.

Who is the pirate who threw the dagger, without a break?

Jean narrowed the street, glistening with her eyes. The pirates couldn’t even scream as they looked at the camp, which was just around the corner.

Bug! Jean grabbed the pirate by the collar. It was one of the pirates that the Qin party followed.

“I’m sorry to surprise you, but I won’t hurt you, so let’s go together. You guys seem to have a way.”


As soon as Jean finished talking, the dark passage was lit up by lanterns.

At first, another pirate who opened the iron lid for the pirates to enter turned on the lanterns. Facing them, Jin’s party had no choice but to be surprised.

How many people are there?’

It was not one or two people. Dozens or more at first glance. It was only amazing that so many pirates gathered in the passageway under this well, and there was nothing to be burdened with.

Whether pirates were white or cloth, it was difficult to pose a threat to the losing party.

The pirates who lit the lanterns were all staring at Qin and his colleagues, with their weapons out.

“Damn, who’s the last one to come on. He must have stepped on his tail.”

“It’s Chicole and Velvet. Shameless bastards.”

“Fortunately, few have followed. Captain, what shall we do? I think we should kill them all first.”

Chicol and Velvet were the names of the pirates the Qin party followed. Jin and his party smiled wryly, while the pirates were each throwing up their voices.


Someone who shouted so out of the pirate group stepped forward.

He was a familiar figure to Jean, the head of this pirate ring. Pirate King Cosmos, the author of this secret passage.

“I think you’re the captain.”

What a shame!

As soon as Jean opened her mouth, Cosmos’ eyes widened.

“Gin Grey…”!?”


“That’s you, Jean Grey!”

“Who’s that? What are you talking about all of a sudden, pirate?”

Jean pretended not to know, but Cosmos spoke in a confident voice.

“You think I’ll forget that voice, but I’m still in debt thanks to you, I’ve met you well. You bastard!”

“Huh, Captain. What are you talking about, that’s Jean Grey?”

“Gin Grey? Last year’s winner? The man who made our captain’s debtors?”

Jean shrugged her shoulders as if she couldn’ His blond hair and make-up made him completely different from usual, but he was recognizable to remember Jin’s original face.

“Well, good. You know who I am, so you don’t have to say much. Cosmos, you know what’s going on out there, right? Belado’s fleet is all over the place. How are you going to run away? I don’t think they’re all here to hide in this aisle.”

When Jean asked shamelessly, Cosmos trembled.

“Whatever, do you think I’m gonna help you?”

“We’re not exactly on bad terms, are we? Why are you coming out so sharp?”

“Shut up! Because of you, our pirate team is still offering gold to your best friend……!”

“My friend?”

“Beradine Zipple, to that demonic man!”


I remembered.

Jean Grey! Let’s go!

The image of Veradin shouting and betting 100,000 gold coins on himself against Paul Mick (Dante Heiran). At that time, Jin’s dividend for victory was three times higher.

After Jean’s victory that day, Cosmos was spending the days paying Veradin, a tribe of money-making people.

Debts are like snowballs, and Veradin was unexpectedly a knife-edge figure about money. Cosmos had already paid off the principal, but was still paying higher interest.

I don’t think anyone else would know that eating away the money of Veradin’s “Jipple” is something that even a pirate king can’t imagine.

“……I’m sorry about that. No, I’m not sorry. Don’t you have to take that risk to earn money from such an underground martial arts competition? If Paul Mick had won, he’d be rolling in money.”



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“Look at him talking!”

“Captain, what are you waiting for? You just have to kill him! We don’t have time, let’s deal with it quickly and leave.”

The pirates roared with their eyes.

However, Cosmos himself was doing all kinds of calculations in his head.

“It’s obvious that he’s just as much of a family as Paul Mick, Jean Luncandell or Veradine Zipple. If you’re alone, it’s not unusual for you to look like you’re a colleague.’

Cosmos still believed Paul Mick was Jean Looncandel.

Murakan and Quikantel had similar positions with pirates.

“I did something again, kid. Let’s just start by taking some George and the captain hostage. What are you trying to talk to me about?

“I agree. We don’t have much time, so let’s ask while trampling. I’m sure there’s a way out of this island.”

As Murakan strode forward, the pirates were ready to rush.

“Hey, Cosmos. If that guy starts stretching out his fist, you could all really die. So let me make you a suggestion.”


“Listen up. You and us gathered in this basement to get out of the island in a mess, right? I don’t know what you’ve prepared, but if you let us escape, we’ll get rid of all your debts.”


” Literally. I’ll get rid of your debts and give you a generous reward.”


As soon as Cosmos pulled out the sword, Jin showed his energy. More than a hundred pirates stumbled back in the energy.

At the same time Murakan, who ran like a shot, overpowered Cosmos, and broke his sword.

Jean looked down at him quietly and whispered like this. In a voice so small that no other pirates would hear.

‘I’m telling you in advance, just in case you try to refuse or bargain, my name is Jean Luncandel, not Jean Grey. Paul Mick was Dante Heiran and I won the final.’

As Veradin showed when he saved Dante in the angular final.

Cosmos was a very good judge of the situation.

‘……큭, not Paul Mick, but you were Jean Looncandel?’

‘Yes, it can’t be a coincidence that I and Dante Heiran met in your own arena. And Veradine Zipple was watching it.’

Cosmos could finally understand.

Why Veradine Zipple saved Paul Mick, known as the Runkandel’s backup rider, in the final. Until now, we had been convinced only by the whims of those living in heaven, or by transactions.

Other pirates seemed to be stamping their feet when they saw Cosmos, who was overpowered in a second.

“Now that I see it, it’s not because of us, it’s because of you. There is one more condition, Jean Luncandel.”

‘Tell me.’

‘After you have escaped from the island, swear that you will ensure the safety of our pirates.’

‘Do you mean to stop the pursuit of the Empire, too?’

‘No! It means that you and your colleagues, and that the Looncandel Guardians, after you become a jockey, will not have to remove us. Belado doesn’t have a problem with the Empire.’

Cosmos doesn’t know, but not only the Empire of Beload but also the Beams, the Jipples and the Kinselos will chase after them.

I was wondering if I should let Cosmos know about that. I thought it would be better to say it after escaping with help.

‘I swear, on the honor of me and my family.’

For Cosmos, there was no choice anyway. It was only an empty request to ask for an oath, and when the Jin group found the well, their fate was already set.

“Chit, I’ll take the offer. Follow me!”

As Cosmos stood up and shouted like that, his men tilted their heads as if they had no idea of the word.

“Captain! I think you’ve been blackmailed, don’t put yourself. What if you hit them for nothing? Apparently we’re not the ones to handle.”

“Gin Grey, I thought he was a big shot like Paul Mick and Veradine Zipple. Well, there’s plenty of room.”

“Will he really get rid of the debt?”

Until just now, he was nowhere to be seen. Now that the leader is bent, his subordinates will have to worry themselves.

“By the way, Cosmos. What the hell’s the way? Are you sure?”

When Jean asked, following the pirates, Cosmos smiled meaningfully. Even if you were Looncandel, you would be surprised to see it.

A moment later, as we reached the end of the aisle, the cliff revealed itself.

There was a cavity beneath the cliff, and a huge sailboat was sitting in the middle.

There’s a boat, so to speak, deep underground. More pirates were busily moving and preparing for something than even the pirates who came there together.

“It’s Order No. 7. We’re going to get on this and run.”

“That’s a grand name once. How the hell?”

“Try it for now—it’s not far off.”

There is not a single drop of water underground to float Order No. 7. Besides, how do you escape by boat from a blocked cavity?

Unconvinced, the pirates began to board the ship at Cosmos’ instruction. Jean and her colleagues also jumped on the boat in a daze.

“Blow it up!”

The moment Cosmos shouted, the hollow cliffs began to fall. The pirates detonated a magic bomb that they had already set up.


At the same time, the literally “massive” streams of water began to pour out from the destroyed cliffs.

Surprisingly, when the cliff collapsed, I could see the sea straight away.

“Fly, Order No.7!”

The washed-up Order No. 7 was flying toward the sea.

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