Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 217

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What the camp has unfolded now is dangerous, even if you don’t know what it is.

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That’s what the instinct was saying. So, for the first time, Joshua’s eyes were filled with flesh, and the ore wrapped around the silver sword sran was blazing.



Orea condensed by the blade of the Silver Sword Thran struck the gin. The number of swords formed in that short moment, and the spirit spread out in the air, were almost covered.

But it’s too late.

“I must have told you. You should have killed me then. That meant, there wouldn’t be any more chances.”


Just as a rock rolled down a thousand-gil cliff, Joshua’s sword was submerged into the spirit without cutting anything.

The result was the same even if a new sword was blown straight away. In just over two seconds, dozens of nine-star knights were sucked into eternity.

Joshua was unable to approach recklessly. Although Poot recognized what “gum” was, he had never heard of anything like this.

Joshua shook his head as he sang the handle of Sran in despair.

“You’ve had a blow, baby. Yeah, I guess I was too complacent…….”

The spirit that engulfed Joshua’s sword, spread out in the place where he wielded the bradamante of Qin.

It was a door.

Another name for Laparosa, the door to open the blackened door.

Jin has not been one-on-one with Joshua because he has not been able to control his anger. I just wanted to know the gap between him and himself, so I put my sword together.

‘As I guessed before, he was preparing to steal my contract. And your skills are better than expected.’

I never thought Joshua’s force would be weak. However, I thought it would be too much to hear the sound of “next week,” but it wasn’t.

‘If it weren’t for Luna’s sister, there wouldn’t have been as much gossip as now.’


The spirits were dissipating.

The door to Laparosa is open.

‘The Ban brothers cannot be summoned, so please one of the Tuwang brothers should come out.’

In fact, it was not time to relax yet.

It was because Jin could not know in advance who would be summoned by Laparosa in the special black call of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office.

If a general warrior, not King Tu, appears, killing Joshua should have been postponed to another occasion.

“Long time no see, Brother Chin!”

a familiar voice

A smile came to Jean’s lips. There is no need to lose face.

“Sorry to call you, Brother Garmund.”

Paltuwang Garmund.

King Tu, who first taught Qin in Laparosa. Luckily it was him who got out of the door.

‘Summon…… God damn it, how can you expect this to happen.

As soon as Garmund appeared, Joshua had no choice but to be shocked.

Aside from the fact that “he summoned with a sword,” the power of that Garmunde is unknown.

Even before facing the sword, I could feel it clearly.

‘Strong enough to have to go all out. The youngest should have finished the summoning…….’

It was no use regretting belatedly. He was completely fooled by Jean.

“If you’re sorry, just tell me about today in detail later, Brother Chin. What shall we do?”


“Boahani, I think it’s the guy who put a curse on his brother. Will that be enough? I’m sure you have a lot of questions to ask.”

“It’s all right, ’cause all he’s got is the grim, dirty jealousy of confessing something.”

After a fistfight with Jean.

Garmund pressed Joshua down with his deep, heavy eyes.

“This body is Garmund, the eighth king of the Great Ming dynasty. I came here at the call of my brother, so my job is to exterminate the brother’s enemy. If you have anything to say, say it now.”

As if reading the ruling, there was a strong voice and the dignity that dominated the world.

It’s just a voice, but the waves it caused, gently pushing the soil off the island.

Joshua was for a moment overwhelmed by the energy and held only Thran.

“Isn’t there?”

“Was it the specter of a failed and extinct species half a million years ago? I don’t know what the hell my brother was doing, but get rid of all the gossip and pull out the sword. I’ll have to cut you and punish my brother.”

Then Garmund burst into laughter.

“You pretend to be a warrior when you’re not a warrior.”

“You’re not the youngest’s blood, but you’re pretending to be blood.”

A flash of blue glare rose from Garmund’s grasp.

Jean was a search at an unrecognizable speed, and at the same time, a bolt of lightning was brought down by Joshua’s head.

It was a shimmer and sharper thunderbolt than Julian was in a frenzy. Without a moment of preparation or gathering strength, he was struck by lightning as soon after the search.


Surprisingly, Joshua hit the thunderbolt exactly.

The raised silver sword cut down the middle of the thunderclap, and showed the charm of finishing the counterattack with the sword.

Garmund did not avoid Joshua’s coming in.

He just stood still, as if a great tree were facing the wind. Nevertheless, the sword could not cut through Garmund’s body, and Joshua had to shudder at the sensation of goose bumps on the neck.

It wasn’t just the fact that his sword was so simply blocked. From Garmund, strangely Joshua was looking at Luna.

From childhood until now, there has been countless mixed swords, but the monster has not been able to even sneeze.

The reason Joshua’s subsequent shooting seemed to have become dull was because of the rapidly revived inferiority complex.

Garmund had never met Luna.

But as if he were looking through everything, arsenic stood around Joshua’s mouth.

“I told you, you’re not a warrior. It’s great for a human being, but I can’t hide the fact that I’ve achieved it safely.”



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“Keep talking, ghost. After all, you won’t be able to keep the camp.”


Garmund’s sword burned with his brain. Then, the photovoltaic heart shook and covered the area with a brain.

In line with that, Joshua was also pulling up Orr. The appearance of an oracle spreading out of a tran, responding to the brain and forming something like a chasm.

Due to the nature of the limited space of the island, if the nine-star knight and King Tu put all their efforts into it, the result was bound to be self-destruct.

Therefore, they used their anoras and their brains to create a “strict” space where they could travel freely.

In other words, it was like an artificial duel.

A method not thought of by Jin, who is still lacking in Orser. The battle between the two began from the beginning on a level one level above the sight of the camp.

Normally, Jin would have analyzed the fight between the two and replaced it with his own study.

Today, I was going to enjoy myself, not analyze it. Like a lifetime enemy facing a miserable defeat before his eyes.

‘But… ..but I can’t quite figure it’ Why did he come to the island by himself without escort? You must have come to realize that there was a big battle on the island.’

I couldn’t understand it no matter how much.

It wouldn’t have been difficult to bring in some of the executioners, if not a black knight.

From the moment we first met, Jin had been feeling a strange sense of incompatibility over the fact that Joshua was “alone.”

‘Anyway, he’s dead today. If he’s prepared for his own death, he can find one and break it down again. After today, the name Looncandel will be quickly erased from the Sword Garden.’

The fight, though not to the level of total overwhelmingness, was flowing from the start to Garmund’s dominance.

At first glance, it seemed like an equal battle, but Joshua could lose his voice whenever he made a single mistake.

Garmund was pressing Joshua as if a siege weapon were strangling him. The sheer pressure, even the watching was suffocating.

Qazizik! Kizzik! KARDDUK!

Sran, swept away by the oppression of the plain food, screeched her ears. Although not as good as the black sword kainer, the silver sword sran was also a sword called the Great Sword.


But even before the three hundredth sum had passed, the sword of Sran had cracked.

There would not have been much difference when dealing with Qin, but the importance of weapons in fighting the equal or the stronger will not need to be explained.

Garmund’s weapon was not known to the world, but it was one of the masterpieces of Boras, King Otu and master of the Ming Dynasty. Like all other Tuwangs’ weapons.

Being lagging behind in ability and weapons, Joshua’s defeat was no different from what was already set at the moment Garmund appeared.

“For Joshua, it would be a pity if he wasn’t armed.’

Of course, it’s not over yet.


Joshua’s eyes were shaking as he hurriedly pulled up the sword and opened the street.

Garmund, who was trying to drive a wedge further, suddenly stopped and took a breath.

Garmund stopped the offensive for the first time because he was surrounded by a “dangerous” instinct. I was thinking the same thing as Jindo Garmund.

‘Luncandel showdown.’

The reason why the two were nervous, the Looncandel showdown.

Joshua’s last card was bound to be that.

The opponent is strong and the weapon is on the verge of being broken. Joshua can’t help but win.

‘But it’s late. If I were you, I’d have brought out a showdown as soon as I realized I was behind.’

Jean was a backup rider, so she had not yet learned the Looncandel duel, but she knew its transcendent of its transcendent power.

‘If you had used a duel before the sword broke, at least it could have been a variable. No way Joshua didn’t know that….why? Was it because there was too little back when you failed?’

While Jean was thinking, Joshua’s backers, who were blocking his brain from all sides, began to flock to Sran.

“Something’s a big deal, and it’s a waste for you.”

Garmund said casually.

Looking at the rapidly expanding Swaran’s sword, Qin had his eyes wide open.

‘Why, of all people, no way. Did you decide you were going to die anyway?’

Joshua’s last choice is the Looncandel Seventh-Emergency Volcano.

“Brother Garmunds, you must leave! That’s Looncandel’s……!”

“If I’m out, who’s going to protect the brothers? I’m fine. Go, as far as you can go.”

And the volcano was Looncandel’s only ‘suicide’

Jin was more shocked than the power of the volcano that Joshua chose to detonate. Joshua, whom he has seen so far, was never a person who would choose to commit suicide.

Just before the expanded Sran’s sword exploded.

Garmund raised his brain to the limit and unfolded the shield, and Shri bit Julian in her mouth. And Jean jumped on Shri’s back with Murakan on her back.

He must have something……!

The thought flashed through Jean’s mind. But first, I had to follow Garmund’s words.

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