Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 227

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“You’re making a funny joke.”

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“Come on in, get in this way!”

Laney pointed her finger at a crack in the alley. It was the path she and other s*x knights used to follow the group.

The party passed her and headed there first. As soon as Kuzan’s toes disappeared into the crevice, as many as twenty or so s*x knights hit the alley.

“What do you mean Salome? Where are they!”

The chief monk looked at the fallen genitals next to Rani and flamed his eyes.

Laney still hadn’t pulled the sword, and the captain seemed very displeased with it. Other s*x knights are sighing or kicking their tongues while looking at her.

All non-heidans know Rani’s iron rules that never attack.

And in Rani’s standards, heresy was limited to those who were clearly heresy-declared in the final trial organized by King Michaelan, and those who claimed to be heresy themselves and used black magic.

“Sorry, I missed it. We’ve confirmed it’s heading towards Zone One. We need to chase…….”

“Hung! They’re just rats in the dock anyway. You’ll be caught soon. But Rani Salome, you didn’t pull the sword again after seeing your colleagues fall. And yet, I think it’s the penis of the Gyory-Safe Dawn.”

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His eyes fell, but Laney gnawed his teeth so that he could hear the captain.

“If it’s a punishment, I’ll take it later. You’d better go after the invaders first.”

“Every time I see a disappointment. How long do you think he’ll be able to cover you up? With the heresy in front of him, 쯧!”

“Just follow me! And how do you know they’re heresy? Are you still just an intruder?”

Lark, screaming.

The captain shook his head after staring at her for a while.

Group three send Lani’s group of men to the saints, and join them again from District One side. And second-degree s*x knight Rani Salome is on his guard as of now, so return to the barracks and return his weapons and armor and stand by. If you break this, I don’t know the future. Do you understand?”

The s*x knights passed Rani and left the alley. The s*x knights, who took care of her fallen crew instead of Laney, continued to gossip about her.

“I wish I had a good father like you, and I can’t believe I’m only self-centered when I disobey orders and talk to the boss like that.”

“You know what? You’re more heresy than heresy. When I get back, please apply for a transfer of positions and get lost somewhere, stop being a little smitten with the Dawn.”

When they left, Rani remained alone in the alley.

And Jin’s party was listening to the conversation all the way through the side crevice.

Rani Salome……I thought it was familiar somewhere, but I remember it. The foster daughter of Michaelan the Holy King.”

I had read an anecdote about her once or twice in my previous life in a newsletter.

The article said that even the people of the Holy Land point fingers at her because she was a daughter of King Seong but lived a dissipated life under the influence of alcohol every day. Although it was very small in the corner of the ground, it was remembered because of her status as the daughter of King Seong.

Soon Laney looked around and came in between the company.

“For now, the crisis is over. Moving across to a safe place, we’ll come to a couple of conversations. “

“Before that, wait. Laney Salome. I think you’re trying to help us, but why the hell? And how did you know we had something to do with the Black Dragon?”

When Jean asked, eye-to-eye, Laney was unanswered for a few seconds.

But inside her, countless thoughts seemed to pass.

“……I’m a s*x engineer from the Gyuri Guardian Dawn Society.”

“I said that before.”

“But before she was a saint, she was a believer in the Holy Land, a human being, and a daughter who preaches the word of our benevolent Juayula.”

He suddenly gave out a self-introduction that didn’t suit the situation.

There was some strong spirit and determination somewhere, so I couldn’t ignore what nonsense it was.

“What I have to do is not to hide people’s eyes, preach lies, disguise evil as good, and be cruel to power. The Dragon Cardoon, he’s the evil we need to track down. The Black Dragon tried to stop him from burning the city.”

Burr, the clenched Rani’s fists were shaking.

“Is this enough to explain why I’m helping you?”

“You tried to stop him from burning the city? Tell me more about it, Knight. Where is he?”

said Quikantel, holding Lani by the shoulder.

“……follow me first, I don’t have much time.”

The place that followed Laney was downtown.

However, more than half of the buildings are filled with “melted” buildings, and the remaining fires of Kadun still remain, causing toxic smoke to rise ceaselessly, making it be rebuilt.

The saints and wizards also gave up extinguishing the fire here, and were so toxic that they did not even designate it as a controlled area.

“Wait a minute, I’m going to enclose the sanctum…….”

“Me and this guy are fine, just this one.”

“It’s highly toxic.”

“It doesn’t matter, so do it quickly and let’s go.”


Rani put a shield on Quicantel and his body.

“If you’re here, you won’t come to visit your colleagues for at least half an hour.”

“Where is the Black Dragon?”

“It’s here.”

“He can’t stand this much poison right now.”

“I have protected it with my divine power, so don’t worry. But let me ask you a question before I see him. Are you Jean Looncandel?”

When Jin’s name suddenly popped out, Kuzan and Quikantel’s eyes grew bigger.

Jean nodded, not embarrassed.

“You must have told me.”

“Yes, Mr. Murakhan asked for it. Jean Looncandel will be here soon to find her, so please protect yourself until then. Please show me one mark to prove that you are Jean Luncandel. From my point of view, you could be another sewer to Kadoon?”

At the moment, there was nothing to prove one’s. Although the Bradamante was Looncandel’s sword, it was something that only the people of his family, or the fighters of Hufester, would recognize.


“Hey, I’ll stop testing Confucius. If we were the servants of the Dragon, why would we have made a complicated invasion?”

Kuzan said in a low voice, pointing a dagger at her neck.

“You think I’m afraid of threats? If I had, I wouldn’t have brought you here. And if you hurt me, you will surely die.”

“Get rid of the sword, Kuzan.”

Kuzan, who immediately bowed his head and backed away.



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Laney had a stubborn look on her eyes. If Jean fails to prove her identity, she will never show Murakhan.

“There is nothing. Instead… …I’ll let you know that Murakhan is my guardian dragon.”


Jean looked at Laney, clumping her spirit over her palm.

“Yeongi, the power of solderlet. Whether I’m Jean Looncandel or not. I’m the only contractor of the shadow. Do I have to show you any other evidence?”

This was no time to conceal the fact that he was a contractor.

“No, it’s enough.”

“Is he all right?”

“Honestly, I’m not okay. You’re hurt a lot. And…”

“Let’s see for now. Come on!”

Jean said, barely suppressing her frantic thumping chest.

The iron was boiling in my heart. All sorts of emotions mingled together to the point where one’s eyes were flushed.

‘Hwasong Kadun, I’ll make sure your ass goes through a terrible horse.’….’


Laney tore off the board beneath her feet.

The ash covering the board flew in a bundle, and amber light was seen flowing through it.

The same color as the light that covers Laney’s body. It was divine.

The divine power was wrapped around a black cat, curled up in a circle, like a protective shield.


Su Suho-ryong, the sole descendant of Qin, the deputy of Soldert and his own friend, the last descendant of the first being created in the shadows.

It was him.

Laney had kept the cat behind him in this poisonous building until now. If it wasn’t for her outstanding sanctity and beliefs, it would never have been done.

When Jean carefully held Murakhan in her arms, water formed in Quikantel’s eyes. Kuzan also let out a sigh of relief and swept his chest down.

“Let me explain what happened.”

Laney began to explain the situation at the time of saving Murakhan.

She and the s*x knights were sent to Santel by orders from the surrogate officers.

It was an order to “purify” Santel as he was on the verge of becoming a city of heretics by helping Hwayong Kadun.

But it was neither the devil nor the heretics that Laney saw here.

The people who are dying by the merciless breath of the brazier, and the black dragon that somehow keeps the city from collapsing.

Lani was the only one among the dispatched s*x knights who felt a difference in their appearance.

Even in the name of ‘purification,’ the saints instigated the people and the s*x knights shut the city down.

“It’s Kadun who’s actually killing the innocent people, but it doesn’t take two hours for all the killings to be Murakan’s fault.”

The time when Rani arrived was when the battle between Kadun and Murakan was nearing its end.

It was only to make Murakhan unable to escape that Kadun burned the whole city. Murakan, on the other hand, is in a situation where he is in a tight spot because he is trying to stop the damage of the people.

Murakhan finally managed to escape. No, it seemed to be a success. It flew into the air through the bonds of fire that Kadun spread.

“But he didn’t have the strength to go far. Kadun immediately began to chase, and Mr. Murakhan……I think I gambled. As soon as Kadun got out of his shell and started flying, Murakhan went back to the city.”

Much water runs by the mill that the miller knows not of. Once again, Murakan, who was placed over Santel, fell to the ground, turning into a human being.

Kadun couldn’t confirm it because he was chasing his “shadow” that Murakhan had made with spirit in the sky.

It was a miracle to watch it alone.

Laney was immediately able to patch him up, but the problem was other s*x knights who were sent to Santel.

“It was a dangerous situation if we didn’t happen. But I couldn’t send them to the saints as if they were urban disasters. There were black scales all over the body because of the unstable transformation.”

Laney desperately tried to save the Black Dragon, but it was not enough.

And Murakhan managed to leave a message to Laney, a human trying to cure him, while his consciousness was getting blurred. Jean Looncandel will visit him.

“As soon as he finished saying that, he turned into this figure and passed out. I used my divine power to hide you here.”

“Jin, this isn’t a transformation. He was forced to change. Let’s go and talk about the details, and let’s get out of here for now.”

“I’ll give you the best route to escape, so go that way.”

“……what do you mean Salome. On the honor of Soldert and Loon Kandel, I will surely repay this debt. I’ll visit the Holy Land as soon as your disciplinary action is over.”

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