Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 230

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When Missha and Quikantel went into the room, the friends whose jaws had turned, Kuzan and Veris, returned to the drawing room. They had a bewildered, blank look on their faces.

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“Are you all right? Two.”

“……I’m sorry. I was excited for a moment to hear that you hit Berry’s. I keep seeing Confucius as a third-rate figure.”

Kuzan bowed his head, and Jean waved.

“Well, it’s humane and nice. It’s all right, I would’ve turned if Gilly was right.”

“I was just asking if you were a thief.It was a good situation, and……after, doggy.”

Veris smacked her chin with a full frown. Even though the healers used their hands, their gums were still tingling.

As Veris, I couldn’t get rid of the unfairness.

A month after entering Tikan after the Blue Bird Islands.

For the first week, the fact that he was obeying Joshua, his real enemy, and that he could not bear to lose his mana, so he lived like a maniac. At that time, the aftereffects of the last backflow phenomenon were so great that there was nothing else to do.

From the second week, however, Veris decided to follow Kuzan and try to stay here.

The mana hasn’t returned yet, but he did everything he could, from cleaning to laundry. Even if others didn’t have to, she couldn’t resist her stubbornness.

If he didn’t do so, he seemed to end up being useless.

That’s why I was in trouble yesterday while preparing refreshments for Latri. Just because I asked a strange woman who appeared out of nowhere if she was a thief.

“Teacher, can I get you some ice?”

Enya stood before Veris and said,

“The sound of his teacher again. Are you crazy? Who’s your teacher?”

“You taught me the theories and principles of wind-based magic. You taught me five-star magic, and you’re my teacher.”

“That way, all the teachers at the Beemance Academy were your teachers. Stop talking nonsense and turn it off…….”

Of course, the loss of mana did not mean the loss of one’s unique dirty temper.

“I’ve never learned.”

“You think I don’t even know how the Academy’s lectures are organized? You know, even beginners do the theory. Where are you lying?”

“But I’ve never really learned. I’ve been discriminated against. Anyway, I’ll get you some ice, so please give me some other magic.”

Enya was unexpectedly looking at herself from Veris.

There was not a single resemblance between the two, both outward and personal, but this was the point where Enya felt the same way.

Maybe I’m just a pack to the people here.

Ever since her visit to the cave of the Dark Magician Society, Enya has been desperately clinging to training and learning whenever she has a chance.

That’s why Enya is learning magic one by one, holding on to her tenaciously to help Veris adjust to this place.

with a rush

As Enya ran to get the ice, Veris shook her head.

“I’ve lost my magic, and everything seems to me easy.”

That’s what the horse said, but Verris jerked away at the ice Enya had brought him and steamed his chin.

“Come on, you promised me that you got this. I’ll teach you a new magic.”

“When am I?”

“I’ll wait at the basement training camp in the evening! Then Confucius Jin, I’m going first!”

En is rushing out of the drawing room again before Veris starts screaming.

“Oh, I have a headache. Kuzan, what’s all that about? I’m already upset.”

Jean smiled and looked at Verris.

“Berris, let me give you a piece of advice. In front of Quikantel, you’d better hide your words from Enya. Whatever you mean, they’ll beat you up regardless of that. I can’t stop you, and if you get hit, Kuzan will turn again, right? Then Kuzan will be hit again. It’s a vicious circle.”

Veris wasn’t just a homicidal disposition either. She was very, very poor at expression, but she was grateful to Jean and the other Tikans.

That’s why Enya teaches magic even though she talks about it whenever she makes an excuse. Jean felt the fact and was wondering if Veris might be a little rough.


As Veris jerked around and went away somewhere, Kuzan bowed to Jean instead.

“Sorry, Confucius. I’ll make it clear.”

“Leave him alone, he’s doing well with Enya. Gilly often praises Berry for being more helpful than I thought.”

For Kuzan and Veris, in fact, this Tikan was an unfamiliarly bright land.

From childhood when even memory was hazy, raised as a hunting dog at the expense of the moon, used, lost Tai Yun, and went under Joshua.

The world they have been through has been indescribably dark and damp. But now they slowly realized what it was to live like a human being.

The same was true of Julian.

“Is everything all right these days, Julian?”


“I see.”

I didn’t say anything more. He was still unable to get out of the fear of Joshua, and the fact that Su Suho-ryong was captured.

Originally, he was extremely introverted and reserved. I was almost wondering how you were doing with those tough knights under Joshua.

‘The power of Gram, the God of the Storm. If there’s a way to put it in the sign, then I’ll take him back to the Bluebird Islands.’

As Joshua did, strengthening Julian’s power was no harm either. If Julian becomes a complete Jin man.

In Qin’s head at present, Julian was more of a eater than a subordinate, and Kuzan and Verris were more of a subordinate than a colleague.

“Sir Kashmir.”

“Yes, Confucius.”

“Did anything come up about the Holy Land while I was away?”

“After Confucius left, I met the new officers with Brand, and he seemed reluctant to speak. Of course, I was just saying that Tikan’s trade might be disrupted so that there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding. Fortunately, there were a few trade ships passing through Santel.”

“Well done. You smell something, don’t you?”

“Yes, I don’t think the Holy Land, Van Kela, is a neutral country anymore. This was obviously a help to Gipple. We haven’t had a single good article yet.”

“It was the heretical s*x knights of the Gyuri Guardian Dawn Society that sealed off Santel. In addition, inside the city, people are brainwashing their own people through diarrhea.”

“I guess I had to hide what happened that day until I broke the orders of King Michaelan. Or maybe Michael Miklan was on the side of the Zipple in the first place…….”

It was the worst case.

If the Holy Land had already been completely taken over by the Zipple, there would have been problems when Jin fought a full-fledged succession war in his family.

Many guardian knights will surely die or get hurt, but they will not be supported by the superior healing powers of the Holy Land. Or they have to pay an unparalleled price even if they are supported.



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It was not a matter of silk gin, but of the whole of Looncandel, and by extension, of all Hufester’s free prices. The healing power of the Holy Land and various drugs are outstanding.

“It’s not impossible, but I hope not. And there I met Lani Salome, the foster daughter of King Seong.”

“Michlan is a person who cares about my daughter enough to be called the daughter-in-law king in the Holy Land. I’ve heard about it a few times. But he sent his daughter to help Zipple, which means that Sung-….”

“No, Laney was a little different from the other genitals and saints there. If it wasn’t for her in the first place, Murakhan wouldn’t have been caught by the Zipple or survived.”

Jean explained the situation at the time in detail. It was an explanation of how the fight between Kadun and Murakan was, meeting Rani and rescuing Murakan.

“Lani used to say that the Holy Land was corrupt, that it was a combination of power and obscurity of the truth. That’s why he decided to help us. It wasn’t Murakan who massacred the people, but rather Kadun.”

“That sort of thing… … You’ve been greatly helped, Confucius.”

“Yes, I’ve been thinking about it, and maybe King Seong assigned Rani to the Gyuri Guardian Dawn for surveillance?”

“You’re saying that the whole kingdom may not have been attached to the Zipple, but that some forces, including Dawn, might have held the hands of the Zipple, right?

“That’s right.”

“I think you’re more likely. Recalling the recent policies of the Holy Land, most of them were disliked by vested interests inside. And that’s part of the ban.”

It was 20 years ago that Miklan abolished the preaching. He was not old enough to feel the violent backlash that occurred in the Holy Land at the time of his previous life and the progress of his present life.

On the other hand, Kashmir was a royal family, so he did not forget that there were a series of meetings and related articles.

The most powerful and easy method of evangelism, which was banned, deserved it.

“However, it is a little less convincing that the establishment of the Holy Land has joined the Jeeple because of the backlash. Especially if you’re a big power like Jipple, you’re at a high risk of misusing it and being a sewer.”

“That’s right, Confucius. It would have been better to stop and bring down King Seong. Well, we need to find out. Somehow, I’m expecting a more complicated relationship than I thought.”

“First of all, please find out about Laney Salome. I’ve heard the fifth captain of the Dawn Society calling for disciplinary action, so if Miklan didn’t stop him, he’d be disciplined.”

“Okay, I’m your big benefactor, so I’ll come up with a plan to compensate you without any inconvenience.”

* * *

The next morning, Murakhan was noticeably better.

The fire-like heat completely disappeared, and loitering the Tikan corridor with its tail erect no less than any cheerful cat.

The fever naturally subsided without the care of the healers.

[Miya, Miya.]


Shri was often seen playing with Murakan on the floor, rolling it like a ball.

“I don’t think we should just put that back. You look happy in your own way. Why don’t you just let her live her life, Jean? To save some air.”

“Mr. Miss Misha.”

“I’m kidding. I wish I had at least half the cuteness in that state of mind when I was stuck together. Um… …from now on, just wait for a little bit of noise, including a scream. Do you understand?”

A shadow of Missha hung over the overturned Murakan.

She was looking down at Murakan, smiling sizzly, wickedly.

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