Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 233

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December 14, 1797.

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Qin and Murakhan visited the Holy Land to meet Rani Salome.

The Seongguk Bankela was in full swing with the “Kanglimje,” a festival dedicated to the day when Ayula first came to the Holy Land. It was the biggest festival in the country that lasted for a week.

The streets were filled with colorful flags with “heuhwasan Mountain” symbolizing Ayula.

“It’s a dormant volcano, and I feel it every time I see it, but humans have chosen the right symbols.”

Ahula, the god of peace, and Bankela, the holy kingdom, worshiped as the Lord.

Murakan remembers that he was usually compassionate, but he was a fiery person when he was angry.

“If any god causes excessive chaos in royalty, Ayula made threats under the pretext of meeting him. I destroyed it once before I was born. Was your opponent the God of Blessing?”


“There was a time when there was talk among dragons that it might have been Ayula who destroyed Numerus, the god of hope. You’re a tough guy anyway.”

The streets were filled with pleasant melodies, people’s laughter, and cheers. Visitors to the Holy Land and tourists who came to enjoy the festival as well as reporters were able to find them.

And the place where the largest crowd gathered.

In the middle of the capital’s grand square, an old man with a fine presence stood on the platform, waving at the people.

It was Michaelan, the old man who was impressed with the golden cane and the dormant volcano crown, the yellowish sacred mana that gently wrapped his whole body, and the neat teeth that shone brightly in a human-looking smile.

“Your Majesty the Holy Father!”

“Your Majesty the Holy Father!”

The people’s love for Miklan was absolute. King Seong, who divided the privileges of the privileged class and distributed them to the people, had no choice but to do so because it was hard to find him even if he searched through the history of the Holy Land.

In general, he gave special favors to the Daegwans who made him the king of the castle.

The two also watched him in the square for a while.

‘Is that the father of Michaelan, King of St. Laney’s.’

I’ve never seen Miklan so close in my previous life.

“You mean he’s King Seong now?”

“Lower your voice, Murakan. A story that would be a disaster if anyone heard it.”

“Well, it feels more normal than I thought.”

“Really? Ordinary?”

I felt something similar to Jindo.

“Well, the Holy Kings I’ve seen have a lot of energy in the human world. Rather than being strong, there was a sacred feeling that was hard to deal with. But he’s……I don’t know. There seems to be an aura, and there seems to be no aura.”

Lani’s trial had been postponed because of King Seong.

However, King Seong did not use his power to prevent punishment, but because of the climbing system.

While it is the tradition of the Holy Land not to judge sinners during the Kanglim Festival, she has played an important role in the festival every year.

a sacred ceremony

As the name suggests, King Seong himself builds a ritual for the people. It could be said that it was the flower of the Ganglimje Festival, and Rani read the blessing on behalf of King Seong from 15.

Therefore, it would not look good if Lani Salome suddenly fell out, so it seems that the Dawn Society executive temporarily released Lani. I think I’ll be able to see Laney before the trial is over.

The information Kashmir gave us just before the two came to the Holy Land.

It was fortunate for Jean and Murakhan. If the outcome of the trial was not good, it could have been difficult in itself to meet her.

“Well, I don’t get it no matter how much I think about it.”

an old piece of work

Jean looked at the Holy King, biting off the dormant volcano-shaped candy she had just bought on the stand. The two were posing as tourists with their hair dyed red with golden-snow dye.


“Lani just recently committed a crime in the temple where King Seong held a blessing ceremony. But it doesn’t make sense to use Rani for important events like the Holy Father’s celebration.”

“Isn’t it about face-saving? Every year she read the blessing instead.”

“I mean, it’s strangely uncomfortable to think that way. If Rani does something during the ceremony, it’s a big deal. It’s not as much an accident as it was in the last one.”

Rani’s practice at the temple was not covered at all by the outside media because it was only his own people. It was a case that would be hard to know unless it was planted with high-level informants like Kashmir.

This time, however, there are many tourists watching. It was obvious that if Rani had an accident, the prestige of the Holy Father and the Holy Land would fall to the ground.

“That’s true. Didn’t you do something about it? Or maybe Laney was a little crazy back then, and still has a good relationship with King Seong.”

“You’ll find the answer when you meet.”

Rani’s house was a small house just near the “Ayula Daeshinjeon” in the Sungkuk capital. But the house was so visited every day by so many followers of Miklan and Lani that it was rarely used.

Laney’s real residence is the “Ayula East Temple” in the eastern part of the capital, which had been banned from entering the building except for those involved because of the ongoing renovation work.

Of course, the party had no intention of paying attention to such things.

“Let’s go to the Eastern Temple.”

Two men climbed the gate to the east.


“Isn’t it time to get used to it?”

Murakan who vomits as soon as the teleport is over. He was still vulnerable to mobile gates.

“Bad, I’ve regained 40 percent of my strength, but I can’t even fly at will.”

“Just hang in there. I’ll be able to fly comfortably over Hufester at least after I become a jockey.”

The Eastern Temple of Ayula didn’t even have to wander in search of its location. As soon as I got out of the gate, the tallest building I could see was the Eastern Shrine.

The east was quiet compared to the center, which was filled with the heat of the festival. During the Kanglim Festival, even merchants left to build a signboard in the central area, so it was natural.

We climbed the hill and reached the Eastern Temple. Unlike the s*x knights who were blocking the city in mid-gap clothes at Santel, it was ordinary soldiers yawning in the eastern temple.

The workers repairing the temple were not seen at all. They also left for the center to enjoy the festival.

No one dared to enter the temple without permission in the Holy Land, nothing to see in the eastern temple for tourists, and all the important properties were moved to the central temple, so security was not necessary.

Jean took a small glass bottle out of her arms and opened the lid. It contained sleep poison manufactured by Kuzan.

‘I’m sorry, but it’s not a dangerous poison.’

Jean looked at Murakhan.

Murakan, who looks like he should do this, sighed and turned into a cat.


Murakan approached the guards with a glass bottle in his mouth.

Naturally, the guard’s eyes turned to the glass bottle that Murakan was holding. Murakan dropped the sleeping poison in front of them before they could even take a closer look at the glass bottles.



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“What is this? Uh, Mo, the body…….?”

Thud, thud.


After stabbing several gold coins, the two men leisurely passed the gate and entered the temple. Laney’s room was located at the end of the hall on the third floor of the temple.

As I got closer, I smelled strong liquor.

Fortunately, there were no other soldiers inside, so the party could meet Rani without any trouble.

“Rani Salome. I didn’t know you liked alcohol so much.”

When Jean quietly closed the door and made her voice, Laney looked at him only then. He did not even care until then, even though he approached him without erasing his appearance.

As if you’ve given up everything.

“……Jin Looncandel?”

The eyes full of strong faith and pride in Santel were everywhere, and the eyes were wet with grief.

Laney stared blankly at Jean for a while as if she could not believe it. He didn’t seem to have expected to come to him so soon.

“How can I…? “

“Didn’t you promise, I’ve come to pay off my debts.”


Murakan turned into a human and stood in front of Rani. When he saw him in good shape, Laney opened his eyes wide, putting down the bottle.

“Long time no see, religious man. Thanks to you, I came to visit you alive like this. It looks like there’s something wrong with you, but this great black dragon, Murakan, will solve everything for you, so why don’t you give me a drink?”

Murakan smiled and naturally took the glass away so she wouldn’t drink any more.

Until then, Laney’s eyes were blinking, and soon burst into tears. With your teeth clenched so that the crying doesn’t leak out.

The two waited for a moment for her to stop crying.

“No, stop crying and tell me what’s going on.”

“Father, you…….”

“Your father? King of St. Michaelan?”

“My father has been captured.”

Jean and Murakhan looked alternately at each other and Laney.

“What does that mean? Religious people. We just saw King Seong at the main square. I’ll just stand there and…….”

“I don’t know what the hell they’ve done, but it’s fake. I mean, the face is the same band. My real father was kidnapped.”


“Sungwang… …was kidnapped?”


As soon as I heard that, of course, there was a figure that came to mind.

A sculptor of Kinselo, Bubar Gaston.

At that moment, Jin could understand why Laney came to take on the role of reading the blessing text as usual in the “Sungwang celebration.”

‘You’re under threat.

The forces that took King Sung Miklan hostage were threatening Rani. If you don’t want to see the real Miklan die, do what you normally do.

In the meantime, he could not contain his anger, so he committed a crime in a temple where a fake performed a blessing ritual, and was put on trial.

“Rani Salome, do you know who kidnapped King Seong?”


Of course I thought the name would come out. He’s using Bubar’s metamorphosis.

But the name Rani took out wasn’t Kinselo.

“Gipple. They’re…… I kidnapped my father.”

“Jipple? Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. Other forces may be involved, but…… Ha, I don’t know. There was so little I could do.”

Laney shook her head.

“It’s all right, Laney. Drink some water first. Calm down and talk properly so that we can think.”

The alliance between Jipple and Kinselo is over.

Did you put your hands together again? As soon as such questions came to mind.

Boom boom boom boom!

Suddenly a heavy footsteps began to come from outside the door. I’m sure someone who is aware of the invasion of Jin and Murakan is coming, and somehow this sound.

It was never the sound of human footsteps.

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