Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 275

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“I was too indifferent to say hello after the others made a mistake.”

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said Rosa, putting down the teacup.

She had visited Jean’s room shortly after receiving a report from her guardian knights.

“Yes, I was indifferent. If this body had awakened and found the Sword’s Garden, wouldn’t it be right for you and your husband to greet me? “But I’m not so sad because the housekeeper leaves without saying hello, and the servants are rude.”

“As of this time, we will make sure that all members of the Sword’s Garden are on par with those of the House.”

Murakan’s eyebrows flinched at the expression “equal to Daewon-ro.”

It is annoying to be treated like Daewon-ro.

But Murakan decided not to be drunk in the ‘old days’ anymore. Not only has the power of its heyday yet, it has been more than a thousand years since Temer left the ground.

When Themeer first raised Looncandel, Murakhan was closer to Looncandel than anyone else.

It was more like a foreigner now. It’s even an apparent hostile relationship with Rosa, who holds real power.

‘The landscape and the people are all different than they were a thousand years ago. Temer, I miss you after a long time.’

Smiling, Murakan burst into laughter.

“Luncandel is different.”

“It’s better to develop over time.”

“Development. If Looncandel had achieved such a thing, the Zipple would not have existed in this world. After the loss of magic, you’ve only been weak for the last thousand years.”

“I’m just a mortal, so the greatness of the old Looncandel can only be seen in records. I can’t dare guess how strong Looncandel was in those days, but I just follow traditions and laws.”

“Don’t you know that tradition and the law also stem from the humiliating oaths made with the Jipple?”

“I know.”

“But how come most of your family, the only one who can break the oath, is trying to reject your youngest son?”

Rosa made eye contact with Murakhan for a while.

“I’ve heard that the elders have no intention of passing on the duel, and that you’re about to give him an unaffordable task as soon as you get here. I’d like you to give me a convincing explanation.”

“Murakan, first of all, it’s a false story that the youngest is the only one who can break the poison. If you have the power to bring down the Zipple, you can make sure anyone doesn’t have an oath.”

“It is a curse that is engraved in the blood of Looncandel. It is the curse of which the mana is sealed, and except for the power of the solderlet, it cannot be destroyed by any magic and power.”

“If you’re that omnipotent, why have you left us alone in the last thousand years? Even Solderlet was the guardian of the Jipple.”

Murakan had nothing to say in that passage.

Why God is God. They are gods because they protect the human beings who serve them, or because they realize what they cannot do.

In that sense, Solderlet had never been the god of Looncandel after Themeer’s death.

“So didn’t you sign a contract with your youngest son?”

“Simple contracts will help the youngest individual’s armed forces, but unless you release the curse yourself, it won’t mean much to the whole family. Rather, it’s likely to cause chaos in the family because it’s a violation of the covenant, or because it’s a breach of legitimacy.”

“It’s funny to judge legitimacy in front of me.”

Rosa smoothed the teacup.

“That’s why the elders of the family don’t want to pass on the duel. Also, I think there’s a misunderstanding……I’ve never given the youngest a task beyond his control.”

“Continue talking.”

“It’s not the youngest’s sole duty to kill a black knight spy. As it is a very important issue, other outstanding riders will also be involved. I don’t want the youngest to be wrong either because it was the will of the housekeeper. I also know that the youngest’s ability is outstanding.”

“It sounds like you want to take full advantage of that power.”

“In any case, the youngest is in a position to continue making extraordinary changes. Otherwise, you can’t be recognized in this Looncandel. Even if he was a rider. Is that enough to explain?”

Murakhan kept eye contact with Rosa for a while.

“Yes, then I’ll ask you one last question.”


“Where is Temar’s grave?”

“Unknown. May I go now?”

Rosa raised herself first before Murakan answered.

“I will punish the knights for disrespecting you.”

When Rosa left the room, Murakan kicked his tongue.

“Not as much as the opinion, but certainly. That’s not normal either.”

Then Gilly shook his head, exhaling his blocked breath.

“Murakan, I didn’t expect you to page her yourself…. I don’t think you should do this next time. You’re now acting as Looncandel’s housekeeper.”

“I know, strawberry pie. I just wanted to talk to you in person at least once. What kind of person is the kid’s biggest enemy?”

“I have no idea how anxious she was to show off her unpleasant looks.”

“I thought you wouldn’t be so demure.”

“Anyway, you should stop being embarrassed in front of everyone. Even Mr. Murakhan will be brought to court by the court….Uh!”

Suddenly, Gilly flinched and stopped talking.

Outside the window, Rosa, who had just left the building, saw her cutting off her guardian knights.


“Oh my…”!

In the midst of the intense sunlight in the Sword Garden, the red blood of the guardian knights was rising.

All of them were guardian knights who were disrespectful to Murakan while chasing Mary.

There was no expression on Rosa’s face that cut them. Her sword cut off the arms or legs of the guardian knights quickly and accurately.

And the guardian knight, who was like a captain, was decapitated. Rosa’s eyes are not on his neck.

Gilly covered his mouth reflexively, and Murakan watched the scene belatedly.

Naturally, it was a warning to Murakan.

If you just call yourself one more time, you will be warned not to expect treatment as a guardian dragon of the family.

When Rosa left, as if nothing had happened, the servants hurried to take care of the dead and move the wounded.

* * *

“Did that happen?”

After treatment, Gilly handed over the bloody day to Jean.

“I’ve never seen you punish your guardian knights like that. I’m afraid all the power of the family will shrink for a while.”

“They’re all Joshua’s knights anyway, and I’m sure I’ll be dead or hurt one day…… that’s too much of a mother. But they’re devoted to their families, and they’ve given them too much punishment for nothing.”



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“Just because he was angry at Murakan’s treatment?”

“That’s not it. Mother’s intentions are clear. He sent a message to the authorities not to get involved with me. If it’s about me, it’s about getting angry at the slightest thing.”

“I’ve been thinking about it before. What kind of mother is that? Little. Themeer’s Looncandel also had a pretty nasty atmosphere, but at least he was affectionate about blood and power. There was a tight bond.”

“I still have that bond. It’s not the whole thing, it’s just a minor thing. And there’s nothing new to be surprised about. Gilly, offer condolences and compensation to the family of the guardian who died today. Secretly, except my name.”

The dead knight was Joshua’s man, clearly an enemy of Jean.

Nevertheless, ‘in a broad sense’ he is also a person of Looncandel.

Become an enemy, power. His death was the death of the enemy and the death of authority.

Therefore, I thought we should have a minimum of examples of death.

When Joshua’s knights were killed in Samil, he did not have to, because he was a backup rider, but now he was a rider.

Even if no one recognizes it or does not intend to make it known, they should take care of the death of power. Unless he betrayed his family or hurt Jean’s own.

“Yes, master. I’ll make sure it’s not too loud. And congratulations, you’ve got your sword back.”

“I rolled around in a field of mana bombs to get this from Mary’s sister. I seriously thought about killing my sister.”

“In my opinion, Lady Mary will be your strong ally. And Master Zedd sent a man earlier. He told me to come right after the celebration mission visit for you.”


Since then, Jin has not been doing any special activities for a while and has only focused on personal training.

As soon as he returned, he caused a series of big incidents, so he needed to stay quiet.

In the meantime, rumors spread quickly in the Sword Garden that Jin had “win Mary,” and the fact that Jin was appointed as a jockey spread around the world.

It was natural that the Sword’s Garden and the outside world were noisy.

Dino faithfully wrote the article at Jin’s command, while Kuzan and Julian were driving the story to the Sulsan district in southeastern Mitel, taking charge of “Gwanggyon Jack Glow” and “Dispatch Knight Whiroek” one by one.

Like the core of the storm, only the time of the Qin flowed silently.

Soon, February 15, 1799.

Missionaries to celebrate Jean began to visit the Sword Garden one by one. The riders, who encouraged the lower forces, were not yet coming back.

Although he sent envoys to Hufester’s shamans, all kinds of neutral forces and beats, Jean rarely met those who came to see him. He even received gifts and just sent them away.

“Do you mind if I just let you go?”

Jean nodded at Petro’s question.

“Those who judge me by this trivial act need not be rushed, and those who are bold in my rudeness will recognize my worth. Above all, there’s nothing I can give them right now. If you get too close, you’ll only end up in debt.”

When there’s nothing you can give someone, the debt you owe someone is guaranteed a large interest.

“Only the envoys of the Kingdom of Delkie, MacLoran, and Bilgah of the Kingdom of Zun, will be greeted in person. Send the rest back after receiving the gift.”

“Okay, I’ll keep a separate record of those who have expressed their special favor.”

“Ah! And if you send an envoy from the Volta family, report it to me. I’ll have to see them in person.”

“You mean the Volta family?”

Volta was one of the poorest aristocratic families in Hufester.

And being poor in Hufester meant that there was not a single outstanding warrior in the family.

It was hard for Petro to understand why he would let all the powerful and powerful ministers go and receive such a fallen nobleman’s envoy.

‘Oh, you brought up Volta too incoherently.’

At the moment Petro tilted his head, Jean looked stealthily around.

Fortunately, Gilly and Murakan did not hear this and were chatting among themselves.

‘If there’s something I need to tell them why I got the ball-ta, then I’ll make an excuse.’

The reason why Jin tried to take care of Voltaga was because of the memories of his previous life.

Unlike Murakan and Gilly, however, Petro was not a “friend” but a power and a respectable rider.

When issuing an order, there is no need to convince or explain in detail.

In Akin, Zet was needed to use his memories of his past life, and after that, Sir Kashmir’s help was a big part. But now it doesn’t have to be.’

Jin, who realized the fact again, smiled inwardly.

“Okay, Master. I’ll report to you as soon as Voltaga’s envoy arrives.”

Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 274Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 276
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