Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 281

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There is an area called Baolai on the Great Plains of Anz. the heartland of the Anzh Plains Put your spirit into this key there. Then his first grave will be revealed.]

Do you have any precautions?

[He says don’t panic no matter what happens. That’s what Soldier told you to deliver.]

Anything else?

[No. I wish you good luck, Jean Luncandel.]

The key that Picon handed over, saying so, was a black stick the size of a finger.

It looked nothing special, so it would look like a part of something if I didn’t know the purpose of the key.

“I told you to inject spirit into this thing? Give it to me.”

Murakan, who took the key, immediately injected the spirit.

Nothing happened. At least on the surface.

“I can see what it is. It is a type that doesn’t work unless you inject as much vigor as you need. Soldier used to make these things like toys and often.”


“When are you going to Anzh Grand Plains?”

“I’d love to go right away, but I have to meet Uncle Jed and I have to be scheduled to kill a black knight spy. My mother said she’d give it to me on my first mission.”

“He said he’d put you on that mission and a different brilliant rider. I think it’s Joshua. Since it’s an important mission, I think I’m going to go with the shape of using you and pushing the ball to Joshua.”

“Well, I don’t think my mother’s gonna have such shallow water. What do you think, Gilly?”

“I agree, Master. I think Joshua’s mean…I’m sorry, not… Lady Luntia or Master Dipus, I think you’re going to put it on.”

Luntia and Dipus.

Except for Luna, who is ‘outside’ the two men who must appear when discussing the strongest of the Looncandel riders.

“Second sister and elder brother, indeed. You’ll need someone as certain as you have to deal with the black knight.”

“No, but if you’re sure the black knight is a spy, you can just kill him. What’s the point of planning a mission? It wouldn’t be a problem if we killed him in the Sword Garden in the name of purging.”

“When a black knight dies, you need that justification and background. We can’t reveal to everyone in the family that the knight is a spy, so simple purges can ruin the discipline of the family. Revealing the truth and judging the spy makes you laugh. “Because a spy has to be a knight.”

“You’ve been a human being for a hundred years, and you seem to value honor more than dragons. Anyway, so we can’t go to Temer’s grave until the Black Knight murder mission is scheduled?”


“Time won’t fly, Chet.”

“The date of the mission won’t be very fast. Killing a black knight spy is not just an assassination, and the family has a lot to prepare for. Once the date is set, let’s first go to Temer’s tomb.”

* * *

The next day Jean went straight to Jed.

He was now teaching senior cadres, not intermediate cadres.

“We sent all the senior cadets out on an outside mission to pass on your fighter.”

Standing in the middle of an empty training camp, his voice sounded heavy.

Zedd is still staying late in the eight provinces, but that was just a figure of Orr’s level and not a figure representing his actual fighting power.

Not many of them were able to defeat Zedd.

“Thank you, uncle.”

“There are three duel machines that I can pass on to you alone. But one is only suitable for the chain sword, and the other is suitable for the great sword. So I’ll just let you know the duel for long sword users.”


After the regression, so far there have been two duel periods that Jean has seen or experienced in person.

Meteor shower of the third and volcano of the seventh. Both were techniques with formidable power.

In particular, the beautiful sight of the meteor shower Luna used to kill Andrey was still often stimulating Jean’s mind.

‘So I wanted to learn how to make a meteor shower first, but I’d have to hold it in until the elders are done.’


Jed plucked the sword with flying colors.

“Falling flowers in the fourth duel. First, I’ll show you in a slow motion, so read the flow of swords and oars.”

Jed’s sword, stained with an auror, began to shine. So far, it was no different than a common sword.

But after a while, the Orser wrapped around the sword was seen splitting. There was a crack in the dense ore body like a thread.

That meant that the Orser around the sword was sloppy.

The Orr, which was not firmly united, was bound to fall like a shrapnel in the slightest impact, so the knight always had to pay attention to Orr’s cohesion during the battle.

It was followed by the continuous flow of Orr surrounding Jed’s sword. Feels like it’s going to fall off just by touching it.

“You know, if there’s a crack in the oracle like this, you can’t get the proper power. If the clumsy guys swing their swords in this state, they’ll run out of it.”

Then Jed took a light step forward.

Naturally the sword faced the sky, and Jed struck the sword very gently and quickly.

Like a normal bell-baby.

The sword that Jed struck still bore pieces of Orr, which were barely attached.

Even the moment the edge of the knife passed through the air, Jed’s oracle did not collapse. In comparison, the sand castle was moved without being destroyed.

“First of all, you must be able to swing a sword so that the poorly connected oracle to this point will not collapse.”


The dangerously entrenched oracle has been released. As the name “Falling Flower,” it looked like the petals were being released.

But the petals made of oracle, each and every one of them, had a deadly power. Not only steel, but also the bones and flesh of a warrior with eight or more stars can be simply torn apart.

Such petals were being scattered at random, in an unreadable trajectory. If a man is standing in the middle of it, he will soon become a meatball whose shape is unrecognizable.

“Do you feel it?”

Jean nodded when Jed asked.

“Falling is a difficult sword to ripen, unlike it looks. Not only do you need to control the oracle delicately, but you also need to realize your will, your words, and your spirit. Above all, it is impossible to hold on to the moment that is necessary, without Looncandel’s blessed body.”

If he is forced to hold Orr, who is about to collapse without a blessed body, the 10-star knight will fall back into the current.

“There will be no explanation for the opening of the Oreo, so practice keeping the Ore apart at first. After that, each of the Orser fragments was completed with condensed swords…….”

Jean, who has been listening to Jed’s explanation for a long time.

He was, in fact, feeling a sense of deja vu from the moment Jed cracked the Orser.

“Of course, the fourth duel is based on the Myeongwanggeomentertainly, the fall of the fourth duel is based on the waterfall of the solar term.’

There were many similarities between the Ming-gum Jeolgi Falls and the duel Nakhwa.



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In the sense that they intentionally split the oracle, forcibly hold it, and ignite it at the necessary moment to form the sword.

Naturally, the original version was the Myeongwanggeom Jeolgi Falls.

Two similar swords, a waterfall and a fall, could also clearly mask superiority in Jin’s view.

‘The waterfall is superior. Except that ordinary human beings without photovoltaic hearts cannot be used by any means.’

Suddenly I felt uneasy.

If, for the most part, the duel I’ve been looking forward to is just a sub-reproduction of the Ming sword……?

‘At least the meteor shower and the volcano are the original Looncandel, so it can’t be.’

Jed’s explanation lasted more than 20 minutes.

“… ..is more than… If you have any questions, ask them.”


“What is it?”

“You know I’m a contractor for Soldier, and I’m using a brain.”

“Yes, when you used the name of Bamel, it was also said that you were a contractor for Feytel.”

Jean untied her shirt. When the photocardium was revealed in the middle of his chest, the eyes of Zedd stood up.

“When I was a backup jockey, I got a start. So I got this photovoltaic field, and I could use a brain device.”


“I want to tell you the story in detail. If you swear to keep my secret.”

“How great a performance is it?”

“I’m sure my story will help you, too.”

“It’s interesting to hear you say that. Well, I get it. I swear on the honor of this Jed Looncandel. I won’t let it out to anybody.”

It was Jin’s turn to explain to Jed.

What kind of training have you been trained by the Ming royal family in Laparosa?

Jed was surprisingly intrigued like a child listening to old stories. Jin told everything except that the 77 Ming dynasty were the bedbugs of the Temer and the Solitaire for Qin.

“… …that there was an exchange between the known dead and the Sijo. Looks like a visa not recorded in any of the family’s documents. So, do you mean that the waterfall among the swords you have learned from them is similar to a fall flower?”

“I’ll open it up.”


When Jean’s brain was burning, Jed did not hide his surprise.

The brain energy gathered at the sign, and flowed in the same form as the fall. In the form of intentionally scattered, forcibly held together.


It was the moment that Seymund touched the floor that Jed clenched his fists and struck with admiration.

The thunder was cascading along the trajectory of Sigmund. It looked similar to a fall painting.

“I only used a very small brain, as my uncle did.”

“Of course you should. The training center would have been broken for no reason if the flowers were properly placed and unfolded. Anyway, that black waterfall you opened up…… Certainly, there’s something more mysterious. Huh, I don’t have anything to tell you if this happens.”

It wasn’t just him.

Rather, through Jin’s demonstration, Jed saw through the limits of the duel called the fall.

And “correctly” grasping the limits was the same meaning as having the potential to take a step further.

But Jed’s case went one step further than that.

“I can’t get my photocardium, so even if I do a new polishing of the fall with the inspiration I received today, I won’t reach the waterfall. One, I think we can advance the power of the fall.”

“What? Improvement, uncle?”

Jed was confident that he could make progress beyond honing the falling painting after seeing Jin’s demonstration just once.

“You like it, the youngest. I’ll pretend I got a good present. As soon as the renovation is over, we’ll have to make sure that the senate verifies, and that the fallout is also designated as a duel that cannot be passed down without the senate’s consent!”

Jean was stunned for a moment by the excited appearance of Jed. Jed is like the Siron, and like all the other swordsmen in Looncandel.

Never told a lie about the sword.

“The youngest.”

Jed, who was smiling, suddenly stopped laughing.

“Yes, uncle.”

“When the Nak-hwa that I have completed the renovation is recognized by the old folks, the senate no longer has the cause to reject you.”

“If so, it’s not my credit, it’s your uncle’s credit. As a great achievement, there may be elders who respect your uncle’s opinion on me, but there is no justification for rejecting it.”

Then Jed raised the corners of his mouth.

“No, the senate won’t be able to resist you. This uncle will name you after the renovation.”

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