Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 286

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Because of the brain condensed to the photocardium, a small sun seemed to be emitting light in the middle of Qin’s breast. The white glow, which cannot be covered by clothes, brightened the surroundings.

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It wasn’t just around him.

After a while, the brain met again in the photocardium, brightening the dark interior of the subspace.

The guardian could not immediately understand this phenomenon, but he was able to recognize that something great had happened to Jin.

[Brain, as I heard from Themeer, that’s a funny power.]

The attack was going on.

Now, the Guardian’s Great Sword has been bombarded with massive swords that seem likely to cut off even the most sailing ships. Jean barely survives her life, buried almost in the black.

Even he seemed unable to last long.

It was because Jin’s movements had noticeably deteriorated since shortly after the brain began to vibrate in the photocardium.

His concentration is decreasing because he is collecting his brain to spread the dialysis machine.

[Do you think it’s okay to show such a gap in front of this shilder-ray?]]

Oh, my God!

The dagger, which was struck in a straight line, caused a terrible blast.

Ten-star knights were able to capture the power of even ordinary bell-beeds to call the season, and of course, the slow-moving Qin could not completely stop them.

The best thing is to avoid.

So Jean clenched her teeth and stepped on the prosthetic.

The posture was not distorted, and Shilderay’s great sword certainly hit the floor.

However, avoiding a blow from a 10-star article was far beyond the general standard.

Simply avoiding the trajectory of the sword was not enough.

Even the tangible and intangible shock waves caused by the sword scratching the air are about eight star power.

Squirt, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh One more finger deep, a fatal wound, the other shock wave that flew almost at the same time, swept through the chest and shoulders.

Red blood painted lines.

When the coat and shirt were torn to shreds and oxidized to the heat of Oler, the photocardium with brain energy was revealed.

It was bright. Suddenly, the eyes of Silderay, facing the light of the optical heart, flinched.

The moment was Jin’s first chance since the battle began.

Instead of launching an attack, Jean widened the distance. As the side that dominated the distance between the two throughout was the shilderay, the limit was only one step further.

That one step of leisure came so dearly.

It’s not just a step away from the right to attack, but it’s been able to take a breather away from the extreme aneurysm emitted by Silderay.

For a moment, you can say that you’re away from the active volcano, Silderei.

‘Just being close together made my whole body feel weighed down.

At least, Looncandel’s blessed body kept him alive.

Now that you’ve got one breath, it’s time to complete the throw-in machine you prepared. At any moment, there was a brainstorm that was hard to fathom in the glowing heart.

It was the total amount of gin’s brain.

[What you’ve prepared seems to be complete, Jean Looncandel.]

The guardian smiled lightly as if he had waited.

He adjusted the pace so that Jean could complete the thrower.

Therefore, the guardian’s smile contained various impressions. The expectation that Jin’s potential will be at what level will Jin’s potential be?

And this is not Soldier’s arrangement, but a reprimand that if it had been for the actual battle, he would have died.

“You’re hurting my self-esteem.”

Boom, kuang!

Jini, who read the meaning of Shilderay’s smile, scattered the blackness. The sword of Silderay was breaking with a roar.

[What have I been waiting for you?]

“If it had been real, I wouldn’t have fought Mr. Sidderay so unresponsibly.”

The guardian’s mouth was twitching.

In what Jean has just shown him, he peeped at the youth of one who he admired and followed most. Temer Looncandel, he always did, too.

No matter what opponent he encountered, he was not defiant but arrogant, and he was reckless and cool-headed. So everyone who knew Themere had regarded him as a mystery.

[You look like him.]

“I don’t like that assessment.”


In the photocardium, there was a sound that sounded like something was crushed.

The compressed brain organs exposed on the surface of the photocardium were tangled like thick strings, making it look as if the heart had broken at first glance.

What Qin is about to unfold is the Ming and Ming dagger, 10 daggers.

The last chapter of the projection, and the strongest five-point-four-point-of the whole.

King’s Imperial Sword Reformed Sword

The story Ban told Jin, passing on the ten swords of the jet, was that it was not just a murder technique to wipe out the enemy.

Mingwanggunnimgum was a proclamation and roar, indicating that a man was at the apex among the kings of light.

Big, big, big…!

The ground on which the two men were on was cracked.

The ground was twisted, and the gap made the brain vomit out as if it were a lava. It was for a moment that the sharpness of the brain covered all sides with breathlessness.

It wasn’t just the expression. Those who are incapable of protecting themselves from the flood of brainstorms will not last a few seconds and become ashes.

Even those who could barely cover the shield would suffocate soon, and that had nothing to do with Jean’s intention. Just as fire doesn’t catch on to people.

In the brainchild of the Ming Dynasty, only those who deserve it can survive. It was a privilege given only to those who could stand shoulder to shoulder with the least powerful species on the ground.

[So my brothers no longer tell me I look like the Temer, Lord Silderay.]

Jean’s voice changed. A queer voice, as if dozens of people were speaking at the same time, was naturally imbued with deep dignity.

Eyes and hair were also dyed with brains, giving off a shriveling glow. If there was a brain that was admired by all, it would be like this.

The guardian thought so, too.

However, they have insight that will not be misled apart from their thoughts.

Just because you look like a transcendent, it doesn’t really transcend. That’s interesting.]



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Ten stars, an area that is infinitely close to the strongest even to feel for itself.

Having reached the realm, the guardian knew what the real transcendence was. It was a title that was only allowed to those who reached Changsheng.

The Ming and Wang Rim Sword was proclaimed. In the eyes of the guardian, the potential of the camp was just an explosion.

Of course, it wasn’t surprising.

[Surely the gap has decreased. Let’s start over.]


Once again, the sword poured from the guardian’s great sword.

The swords went through the brain as if they were stirring in the water, and by the time they reached Jin, their power was clearly reduced.

It’s because power is halved because it’s against the brain.

Similarly, the movement of the shilderay was also slightly restricted.

On the other hand, the brain energy was a more familiar force than the air for Jin, who was in the state of the Ming Dynasty.

Unlike the guardian, who is unable to exert his full power to resist the brain, Jin’s sword has become sharper.

Myeongwanggunnimgum is a kind of awakening, not a one-off attack.

The ability to make even ordinary bellbeeds into a season.

It was now a story not only for the guardian but also for the Qin.

I’d have told you this before, Brother Chin. You are a brother of the Ming dynasty, a descendant and my successor. So you don’t have to be afraid of anyone.

Before leaving Laparosa, Ban told me this story after learning the Ming and Wangrimgum.

She also added that this leaves Jin with nothing left to lose.

From now on, there are only areas left for Jin to go on his own.

Prune, profit!

The thunderstorm that covered the battlefield was shaking along the trajectory of Sigmund.

Sigmund and the Great Sword.

The camp went up, the guardian went down. Both of them were hit by two swords, which were enough to leave a shadow, and a completely different situation continued.

a close shave

Who would think of these two men’s battles as a battle between 10 and 8?

The two black sacks, who struggled to push each other away, looked simply hard to distinguish superiority.

That’s great!

The guardian did not utter such banal praise. He showed no signs of satisfaction, expressing admiration.

It was essentially an attitude that would be shown to those who stayed in a lower area.

The guardian no longer needed to evaluate the distant and young “Descendants of His Owns” as such.

As the guardian of this tomb, you can only admit that you are not lacking in the last fight.

That meant there was no need to be any more equivocal. Just as Jean was going all out, she had to give up everything she had.

Boom, Quagang! Boom!

The shock wave caused the subspace to collapse and the spirit was flying like a sandstorm.

This chaotic scene, created by a mixture of brain, sword and spirit, was something that could be called the battlefield of great fighters.

Just as Shilderay wasn’t conceited, Jean wasn’t drunk on the fact that she was fighting him equal.

‘I can’t stand this condition for a long time, we have to win as soon as possible.’

in the brain of a madly concentrated brain along the sigmund

For the first time, the guardian stepped backward. Qin pressed him again with another throw-in, a three-time sword.

In the presence of the Ming and Wang Rim Sword, the punishment was, of course, well above the power of the usual camp.

Three of them at a time flooded the guardian.

Myeongwanggunnimgum was originally completed only when the dog, jeon, and gyeol could be spread out. Still Jean is at the stage of barely spreading the dog.

It was obviously too much to put another thrower together at that stage.

Nevertheless, the reason for bringing out the punishment was clear.

It was because he thought that the guardian had no blessed body.

In order to get the punishment of Mingwanggunnimgum, you have to use Oreu too hard. Even with the same loss, it’s highly likely that my side will benefit.’

Jean’s judgment was correct.

Shilderay Looncandel, the guardian who had been reacting senselessly all the time, also looked burdened this time.

Of course, it wasn’t a look of fear.

I was determined.

[Let me show you the legacy of the Looncandel ancestors, Hou Yeh.]

Cards up!

The vents of Dan sin struck the shield of Shilderay.

There was a crack right away, and it’ll break when you blink your eyes once.

But that gap was enough.

A thousand years ago, to take out one of the essence of the Looncandel swordsmanship achieved by Temer and a teenage knight.

Looncandel Biggie Silderay

“King of the Sword.”


Jean, who had been pumping power into the awning, swallowed his breath.

The great sword of the great protector, it’s really scary….because I saw him grow huge.

I’ve watched numerous times to increase the number of tests.

I never thought of such a formidable sword.

The shadow of the Great Sword, rising with a rush to pierce the sky in an instant, was floating dizzy between the brain organs.

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