Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 301

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“Really? That’s a good idea. I just happened to get 10 days off from my mother.”

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“Oh, really?”

Unlike Murakan, whose face was almost crushed with disappointment, Gilly smiled broadly and glistened his eyes. She was really feeling great happiness in going on vacation together.

“I’m so excited! I need to buy some clothes and trim my hair.”

“You like it a lot, Gilly.”

“I’m a little excited to think that it’s been a long time since all my colleagues have gathered. Haha, when shall we leave?”

“Gilly loves it so much, we should go. Let’s leave tomorrow.”

“Uh, right away tomorrow? Then I’ll have to get out of here! Before the mall closes.”


Gilly leaves the room in a hurry with her purse.

Jean smiled at the back, and Murakan sighed.

“I’ll tell you in advance, I just told Gilly to go on vacation. I never asked you to come with me.”

“Hung, who said what?”

“No, it’s just, for some reason, that you want to put the blame on me…….”

“Who got dumped!”

“Or not.”

Somehow I felt savory.

“……well, it’s not too bad to see you like it that much. If the strawberry pie is happy, that’s it.”

“That makes me embarrassed because I was accused.”

“What? You were suing me? You damn little kid.”

When Murakhan opened his eyes, Jean pointed outside.

“If you really want a date, go after Gilly now. I think it’s a date to pick out clothes and see how you trim your hair. We go around and buy juice.”

“Oh, that’s the way! f*cking little cancel.”


Jean and Murakhan naturally raised their hands and met the palms of their palms.

“Here we go!”

Hustle! Running Murakan.

Jin watched meracan for a while outside the closed window, catching up with Gilly and leaving the Sword Garden. Gilly looked very happy looking back at Murakan and smiling.

‘Cute, two people. I’ll take a nap or a nap after a long time.’

After returning to the Sword Garden, Jean was actually extremely tired.

Upon arrival, he endured the first blow of Siron, dueled Mary, fought Shilderay, and killed the Black Knight.

He simply overworked his body without a break.

I fell asleep as soon as I put my head on the pillow.

It was night when I woke up. A cool breeze came in from the open window, and the moonlight was shining beautifully.

Gilly and Murakhan have not yet returned. The two men were enjoying the night view of downtown Kalon, eating beer and fruit on a hill.

As soon as he was about to enjoy the gentle night breeze without leaving the bed, Jean jumped up.

I’ve never opened a window. There’s no way Petro would have left it open.’

It wasn’t even opened by the wind itself. I checked the lock and slept.

There is only one person who can come through the window like a thief.


‘……I slept quite well, but I didn’t let my guard down to the point where I had no idea the assassin was coming.’

I didn’t think any of the brothers would have a assassin directly into the Sword’s Garden, but I always kept more than a certain amount of tension just in case.

But I can’t believe you don’t feel anything until the door opens. How strong are you?

Jin, who was looking around with a keen sense of humor, suddenly burst into laughter.

It was because I saw a flower that was woven like a ring on the table.

It was green rose.

‘Yona’s sister’s been there. Well, I can’t feel your sister’s presence enough to keep her on the edge.’

There was a letter next to it.

Dear youngest member! Congratulations on becoming a jockey.

She’s just around the corner, and she sleeps like she doesn’t know anything.

I thought I’d just kill him when I thought he had an accident and disappeared without a word to me at the end of the year.

If I had pulled out the memorization, I would have felt it and woke up.

I came here because I missed you. You missed me, too? Sure, I know well without telling you.

I’m proud that I think I’ve become stronger than ever stronger. I didn’t wake you up because you seemed to sleep too hard.

I’m so busy with requests these days. Of all the people I’m killing, I’m hoping you’ll have to kill or you’ll be mixed up with people who hurt you.

Anyway, let’s go play again when it’s cleared up. Well, then, bye!

Perseum… …

Amazingly, as soon as I finished reading the letter, it became powdery and scattered somewhere. It was not magic, but paper made in Samil’s unique way.

“You’re such a……to say cute or cruel.’

When I recalled Jonah, who secretly visited me and left the letter, I smiled.

He was a grateful man. All in the midst of brothers trying to kill themselves, only Jonah and Luna remind us of the meaning of the word family.

I picked up the green roses and glanced at the moonlight.

I remembered seeing the green rose field with Jonah in Samil, and I couldn’t take my eyes off it for a while.

‘Oh, I almost forgot.’

Have a drink at night. I remembered saying that to the Tonya brothers in front of the conference room earlier. And they said they’d keep a good drink.

‘Tona and Emma are waiting for you. Especially Emma’s going to be nervous.

He stepped lightly toward the Tonya brothers’ room.

And the moment she opened the door and leaned back, Jin had no choice but to burst out another laugh.



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‘Is today a day full of laughs?’

(A dinner to celebrate the friendship of the Runkandel 12, 10 and 11 riders and the completion of the first mission of the 12 riders.) It’s an honor!)

As soon as I opened the door, I saw such a big writing first.

I could feel the obvious intention of placing the 12th rider at the front.

And then, I don’t know where I got it….I could see the Tonya brothers wearing a fancy cone hat, and a candle was shining between the spread of refreshments and fruits.

“Uh. Is the youngest here?”

“Go sit anywhere. Haha.”

“Brothers, what is all this?”

“Oh, well. Emma said you’re coming…….”


I heard the sound of grilling meat from inside. She shows how she bakes meat the moment Jean arrives.

I’ve been waiting for you all evening.

Then, he poked his head out and made eye contact with Jin, hurriedly untied his apron, and even bowed politely.

“You’re here, Master Chin. I’ve done a lot of discourtesy, and I’ve been preparing simple drinks and dishes with an apologetic heart.”

At this point, I had to go past the burden and just laugh beyond the absurdity.

“It doesn’t look that simple. Looks like it’s in full swing. These snacks, you can’t believe they’really?

“It’s nothing compared to your consideration of me and Tonya on your first day back.”

“It looks like it’s got poison in it.”

“Haha, no way. If you stay here, I’ll be right back with the food.”

Emma’s face glowed as Jean sat down.

Tonya’s brothers, who were worried about what to do if Emma’s burdensome treatment failed, were also more relaxed.

To simulate.

Jean was feeling that way. It wasn’t considered bad enough to show that you wanted to be on the same side so virtually. I was in a good mood thanks to Jonah.

‘I’m flattering you like this, so let’s try to keep up with the rhythm.’


When Heitona picked the bottle, it gave off a good scent.

“Congratulations, youngest!”


For the first time, I had a casual conversation with the Tonya brothers. Just as the relatives gathered and chatted, the conversations between the Jin and the Tonya brothers were full of wild topics.

Usually the Tonya brothers chatter, and Jean listens.

Emma also said, “Be close,” but the Tonya brothers were purely eager to get closer to Jean.

At first, Qin was strong and special, but now it was just affection. Jung who spent stormy and cadet days together.

Of course, the Tona brothers made numerous mistakes to Jin in the process, but on the contrary, they always cared about him.

Empty bottles piled up.

Emma first intervened in the conversation around dawn, telling Jean how the family and the Hufester were doing recently.

This was the part that Jean paid attention to Jean.

“Dear Master Chin, we are originally free of charge, but we produce judges every year. I have quite a few active judges among my relatives. Well, I just heard a strange story from my brother, the Supreme Court justice in Fonta province.”

“What is it?”

“Senior Joshua gave orders to judges all over Hufester. Broaden the standard of criminal death.”

“Is it to lower the crime rate? It’s good to kill those who have done anything wrong.”

Emma nodded at Daytona’s words.

“Maybe that’s why. However, since the death penalty was expanded, most of the prisoners are somehow sent to Ricaldon, not to the city.”

“If it’s a Lycalton, isn’t it a city in the south?”

“That’s right, Master Chin. There’s another strange thing.”

“Stay talking.”

“The prisoners who were taken to Lycalton are said to be executed only in groups. When hundreds of people gather, they execute it at once, but no one has seen it.More. Only the images of the bodies being burned will be revealed.”

Suddenly, a conversation in the past flashed through Jin’s mind.

Do you know how she replicates Joshua?

I only know that we need so many people.


Looks like he’s using Hufester’s death row. When you send them to the Prophet, a new body is made…Lord… used his body mainly in dealing with people like me. fortify one’s reserve contractors for direct overpowering in the event of a runaway

a conversation in Tikan with Julian’s conciliation

According to Emma, it was highly likely that ‘Localton’ was a city Joshua uses to procure capital punishment to create clones.

‘Emma couldn’t have brought this up with the prophet and Joshua’s physical cloning in mind. I just knew Joshua and I were at odds, so we’d have talked about anything related to him, but we found a clue in an unexpected place.’

In fact, Emma did not know about the prophet and physical cloning.

But looking at Jean as she listened to the story and thought for a moment, she could have guessed that there would be something in Lycalton.

“I guess I’m just a nanny, and I’m just talking about you. In the future, I will be careful of what I say wherever I go.”

This means that he will never tell this story to anyone other than Jin.

Emma had her own way of life.

“You’d better.”

Jean smiled, toast to Emma and the Tonya brothers.

Early the next morning.

A group of fighters in lobes crossed the garden lake of the sword.

They all had a solemn look on their faces, apparently moving on some serious matter.

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