Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 319

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“If it’s Joshua’s villa…… You mean that secret villa that Lord Luna told you last time?”

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“That’s right, Lord Kashmir. It’s where I thought I’d attack once in a while.”

Joshua had dozens of private villas.

Among them, five are classified as secret villas or safe houses.

Your sister’s trip to the Black Sea is also a boon to me. What on earth were his father and his predecessors doing there, and why his father’s Looncandel is so obsessed with the Black Sea? Please be sure to find out at this opportunity.

I see. It’s the first time my father has taken a non-war comrade to the Black Sea, so I’ll bring you some satisfactory news. Instead, I have to talk about what I’ve been through all night drinking with you.

Before leaving for the Black Sea, Luna informed Jin of two of the five secret villas.

The information was obtained after Jin was asked to “learn about Joshua” during the Sungguk incident.

“You’re not saying we should hit it right now, are you?”

“I’d love to, but Kuzan and Julian haven’t returned from southeast Mitel yet.”

Dragons could not join Joshua in setting up a secret villa. It was because the moment the dragon entered, there could be problems when the survivors were left among the enemies.

Black Dragon, the guardian spirit of the family, and Eunryong, who is wanted by Beemont, attacked Looncandel.

“And we need to give him some confusion. Let me show you how hard I am trying to get money. While we’re suing him, I’m looking forward to seeing what he’ll look like once the secret villa is robbed.”

“But Confucius, it’s not that you’re struggling, it’s true that you’re actually going to be struggling. First of all, the heads of the Seven Colors are meeting Beams.Only…… to be honest, I don’t want to spend the imperial money.”

“I understand, Lord Kashmir.”

“Of course, if things don’t keep getting better, I’m thinking of bowing my head to the imperial family. The Emperor… …if I ask for it, he’ll pay you a huge sum of money.”

There could never have been another case of self-esteem being hurt rather than bowing to the imperial family that had expelled him.

Kashmir is ready to throw away his pride, as he has many qualifications as a good leader. I didn’t want to use the last resort.

Jean also hoped that Kashmir would not suffer such insults because of her.

“If it’s money, I’ll get it, so don’t worry too much. Strawberry team, no. As Gilly said, it’s still impossible to beat Joshua with money, but we’ll try to stop the city from going bankrupt.”

Kashmir put his hand on Jean’s shoulder, smiling movedly and apologetic.

“I’m ashamed, Confucius. You seem to put too much burden on Confucius every time.”

“What do you mean, Lord Kashmir. The problem was caused by me in the first place. Don’t think like that. I’m rather the one who apologizes.”

“No, Prince Jean is at fault…….”

“They’re having a lot of fun. Just a little boy, a little thing. Let’s say both of them are wrong. So, how are you going to get the money?”

“You’re a dragon. Don’t you have any hidden assets?”

“No. The Storm Castle, which was my home in the first place, is being used by Looncandel, would that be left?”

“Then I’ll have to sell some of your vomit and some scales. It’ll sell like hot cakes with perfume and armor.”


Then Gilly smiled.

“I’m kidding, what if you’re so embarrassed? First of all, I’ll borrow the money I need right away. We start the business that we’ve put off.”

“What kind of business?”

“Business prepared by friends of the Golden Snow family. I’ll have to get busy, you shouldn’t empty the Sword’s Garden too long, as it hasn’t been long since you’ve been on vacation.”

* * *

The next day Jean visited Beams.

This time, he entered the country in disguise and made a fake identity. He dyed his hair white and decorated it like an artist of a rich aristocrat using gold-snow cosmetics.

‘It seems like you’ve got a lot to hide after you’ve become a jockey.’

He had a ceramic wrapper wrapped in top-of-the-line silk in his arms.

Do you really have to take it? It’s a very dear item.

There’s a place to use.

Anything else? It’s more than 1,500 years old, a work of art that can’t be converted…….

Hey! You’re a guardian, too, huh? What’s the role of the guardian dragon? You need a thousand-year contractor, and I want you to give it to him. Come on, hahaha. Kid, what do you want to use this for? Why don’t you break up in front of her?

No, let’s get hit. Younger brother.

Not long ago, when I found a tavern run by Missha.

Jean noticed at a glance that the luxurious pub’s interior decoration was unusual.

A high-end pub run on a strictly membership basis, the owner has lived for more than 3,000 years, a dragon with an excellent aesthetic sense.

Some of the objects decorated inside were ancient art objects that even brilliant archaeologists had never seen before.

Jean asked for the pottery, which was placed in Missha’s most prized position (her bedroom).

I wanted to use it in a better time, but I can’t help it. This isn’t bad either. Thank you, Missha.’

Just in case you find this place.

“We’ve arrived, sir.”

“No change.”

When I finished the prize and got off the carriage, I saw a mountain of fortress immediately.

Dozens of gatekeepers, dressed in shiny armor, were guarding the east, west, south, and south, and this was the home of the Haeran.

Geomhwangseong Fortress

A name that is arrogant and convincing, as the most swordsmith of all.

Jin, who had been looking up at Geomhwangseong Fortress for a while, approached the gate.

Unlike the imposing fortress, the gatekeepers greeted the camp with great kindness unexpectedly.

As Dante’s character suggests, Hyran was as good a family as Jipple.

“What brings you here?”

“Oh, I’m a craftsman named Paul Gray Mick. The pottery you ordered the other day has been completed, and I’m here to deliver it myself.”

The gatekeepers glanced at the pottery that Jean was holding. Then he nodded as if he knew it, because it was often the case for Dante to get pottery.

“I’ll show you around, so please go into the drawing room and wait.”

“It must be given to Lord Dante himself.”

“I can’t tell you for sure that the soju will come out myself. But that’s all that the Soh-Ga-Ju can’t help because of the busy construction, so don’t take it against him.”

The gatekeeper almost smiled at Dante, who called him a cowhide.

I know that Dante was on a solid footing before returning, but the feeling of going through it in person was completely different.

“How can I think like that? It was completed faster than expected, so I came here without telling you in advance. I’m just grateful for your hospitality.”



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“Among all the artists I’ve ever met, he speaks in the most common sense.”

Followed the gatekeeper into the drawing-room of the castle.

Today, there was a wind blowing in the spacious drawing room, perhaps the only one who visited the Highlands.

Coming in was a success.

However, it was questionable whether Dante would ever notice the name “Paul Gray Mick.” If you don’t understand it, you have to approach it in a different way, which could be troublesome.

I stood still and waited for a long time, chatting with the doorknob.

About half an hour has passed.


I could hear someone running from the hallway that led out of the drawing room.

“Gee, no. Where is Paul Gray Mick?!”

Dante, who was trying to call Jean reflexively, hurriedly changed his name. As soon as he appeared, the gatekeeper saluted with moderation, and Jean bowed her head as if she had seen her master.

“Oh, hmm. Hmm! Oh, my God, I’ve been waiting so long for this work, so it’s a disgrace. You should go back now.”

“Yes, my lord!”

Dante hugged Jean as soon as he saw the gatekeeper disappear.

“Jin, you! You come here without a call? More than that, I don’t know how long it’s been! How have you been? You’ve become stronger in the meantime!”

The unique, husky voice I’ve heard in the first time in a long time.

“Speak slowly, Dante. I think you’ve grown a bit.”

“I’ve grown a finger. You recognize that.”

It is said to have grown, but Dante was still much smaller than Jean. The innately innate musculoskeletal bone is inevitable.

But Jean was immediately able to find out how much training he had been doing over the past time he had not been able to contact.

“At nineteen, I became a cow’s owner, and swordsmanship would have reached a point where even the expression genius would not have been enough. You still seem to be working ten times harder than others.’

I was proud of you.

I’d like to open the table and solve the problem, but I didn’t come here today to do that.

“Dante, I have a favor to ask.”

“Oh, say anything.”

“Please lend me some money.”

A friend who meets after a year and a few months and asks for money is definitely a bad friend.

But Dante thought Jean could do it. I can do it even if I ask for something greater, not money.

“How much do you need? Oh, at this point, I’ll have to pay you back the money I borrowed from you during my escape from the Holy Land. I’ll pay you an awful lot of interest.”

“About 300 million gold coins.”

“Okay… …now, hold on. Please say it again.”

I need 300 million.”

Dante felt a cold sweat running down his back in a long time. Even for the cattle owner of the Hainan, 300 million gold coins were a huge sum of money.

“Did you ask Looncandel to bring you 300 million, which was a bounty, instead of appointing you as a jockey?”

“That’s not it. Can you save it?”

“I can only use that much money with my grandfather’s permission. But your grandfather lacks justification.”

Jean rolled out the silk wrapped around the porcelain.

“Why don’t you tell him it’s for this porcelain?”

Dante was not well versed in art, but recognized that Qin’s pottery was by no means unusual.

Thanks to his grandfather, Ron Heiran’s study and workshop, who is a porcelain maniac, he has been watching the finest ceramics every day.

But no matter how good the pottery is, is 300 million gold coins worth? at a moment of doubt

“A few years ago, I was wondering who the hell shook our grandson’s heart.”

A new voice came from the other side of the drawing room.

Ron Heilan.

The longest competing knight of all ages against Changsheng Knights Xiron Looncandel, the Ga-ju of Hai-lan. It was his voice.

“I didn’t know you were such a crook. Three hundred million gold coins? You’ve been listening to that crap? That’s disappointing, Dante.”

“Joe, grandpa. This guy’s not a crook, I’ll explain…….”


Ron pulled a sword from his waist.

Then there was a slight earthquake in the drawing room, and the air was distorted.

“In addition, he has a peculiar foul smell of Looncandel.”


“I won’t kill you. Instead, I will take one arm, so consider it a lesson and never come near Dante again.”

Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 318Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 320
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