Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 335

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Nehru closed his eyes agonizingly.

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It wasn’t that he didn’t want to save the little Sioux. Rather, he wanted to save more than Jin. That’s why Nehru and the Myojins are ready to die.

Soon as he made up his mind, Neru made eye contact with Jin.

[……. All right, but keep what you said. If you feel like you’re going to die, you must run away.]

Jean nodded her head and pulled out the enemy prison.


Summoned Shuri rubbed her face against Jean’s cheek with a cheerful cry. Then Nehru’s eyes grew bigger.

[Oh, my God, this is the witch Heluram’s cat!]

“You know.”

[I’ve heard that the newsletter of the human world says that you’re riding in the red graveyard, and I never thought it was Shuri…]…!]

[Ma, Mami, Mia? Mya!]

I don’t know what it meant, but Shuri also seemed to recognize Nehru. They even snorted at each other as if they were quite close.

Nyang nyang, mya, mya, nyang…….

The two seemed to communicate in their own language that Jean could not understand. Il-soon’s cute appearance overshadowed the fact that the situation was not good.

Nehru’s expression changed incessantly while talking to Shuri.

When I heard that Shuri was cursed by Heluram and was cursed with immortality, it became dark, and when I heard that she was left alone in the forests of the Black Sea for a thousand years, I was moved to tears.

He smiled at the scene where he met Jean and left the forest.

It wasn’t just Nehru’s face. Shri also made a pleasant sound as her big eyes glistened with water.

After the conversation, Nehru looked back at Jean with a lighter face.

[Shree had a terrible thousand years too…]… Jean Looncandel, I think maybe it’s Soldier’s arrangement that this guy met you. Just for these moments.]


Nehru’s expression was no different.

In his opinion, if Shri was present, Jean could run away against the specter.

[You didn’t have to worry about helping small numbers. I’d like to talk to Shree more after a long time, but I’d better go see them first.]

Jean climbed on Shri’s back.

“Will Neru be here?”

[I can’t leave this post because I have to keep my tie. As I said earlier, run to the beach over there to find Lulu, and ask him to send it to the cave, not to a safe place.]


As soon as Jin was about to start with Shiri, Neru held Shiri’s heels dainty. Jin and Shri, looking back at Nehru at the same time.

[Thank you, Jean Looncandel.]

I was going to say thank you.

“Never mind.”

It was quick to meet Lulu because of running in Shuri.

Lulu looked just like Nehru, but it was not easy to distinguish them even if you look closely. Nehru, Lulu, Miru, and the triplets were the main pillars of the tomb’s unity.

[What, Shree!] How long has it been, no, how can you live…….]

Lulu looked very happy to see Shuri like Nehru.

But when Qin explained the situation and said he would go to the cave, he thought he could not talk for long. After a very short greeting with Shri, he sent Jean back to the cave of the Myo people.

[By the time you get to the cave, we’ll have at least ten minutes to keep our ties together. We have time to move. Be careful, they’ll come straight into the cave if the chasm is broken.]

* * *

During the two days following the attack by the ghost squad, there was not a single place left in the cave.

Whenever a series of faults were hit, there was an earthquake or an internal mudslide in the cave.

The pure gold-plated rocks were all broken, and the tools of the water-tailed people were all broken.

Little Sioux were seen shivering together in a huddle on the ceiling.

So the little Sioux had no choice but to look at the returned Qin like a savior.

“Gin Looncandel!”

“The earthquake is here!”

“Wow, it’s here. It’s all. Jean.”

Fang, Soon-i and Dark Flame shouted at the same time. The eyes of the small Sioux reached Jin in unison.

Fortunately, none of the small numbers were seriously injured. Thanks to the nets installed by the water-tailed gentry, the rockfall was not damaged.

“Is everybody all right?”

“What the hell happened? It’s been only a few hours since you followed the Myoin people……. The cave is blocked!”

The cave was blocked not because of the attack, but because of the connection.

“Jipple’s attacking the tomboy’s chain. In 10 minutes, we’ll have a breach. Everyone has to run away. As soon as possible, just get what you really need!”

Jean briefly explained the whole story.

Why the wizards of Jipple were attacking this place, and how the Mythos were stopping them.

Naturally, he also conveyed that the cause of the attack was on him, but small numbers of people did not resent him at all.

“It’s all right, Da, Jean. We, hit it, we can do it. Run…….”

“Oh! Stuffy, man, don’t open your mouth until you’re safe and just get ready to run away! See, everyone. You said there must be someone who realized our cosmetics business was going to explode, right? Sooner or later, I thought Jipple, Beams, and Kinselo would touch us!”

said Fang, clenched his fist.

“Da, I got it.”

“We signed with you at such a ridiculous rate just in case. Seeing that you didn’t run away alone like this, I think it was a good contract.”

Fang was deliberately saying ‘as if it wasn’t a big deal.’

Not to make other small numbers more anxious. Fang had a hunch that the situation was worse than any of the prisoners.

“If the decision breaks down, the wizards of the Jipple will either enter the cave straight away, or come near. In the meantime, I’ll buy you time, so you guys run away.”

Currently, there are about 150 people in the cave.

I wanted to save all of them.

There was no point in worrying about how such a thing would be possible. It was because everything was still unknown, including the reason and purpose of the attack.

I knew what the enemy wanted so that I could respond correctly.



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Rather than smelling Temar’s grave, it is much more likely that the goal is to ruin my business. Besides, I was a 100 millionaire of the Rutero Magic Union until last year, so the G-Fllowers wouldn’t want me to put a cosmetic ad on their land.’

It was not to the point of disapproval. Since the advertisement began, most of the elders of the Jipple have been up all night in anger.

It was behind the dispatch of the elite secret sorcerer’s unit, called the Ghost Squad.

In particular, the elders of the Jipple have been feeling bad about Looncandel lately.

It was not enough to turn Jean, the wanted man of the Rutero Federation, into a jockey, but also to advertise cosmetics on the land of the Jipple.

Therefore, the attack on the cave was justifiable enough.

‘Well, we could take advantage of this situation. As long as we get the water out of here……I may be able to use the family as a shield for my business in the future.’

Kizzik! Kizzik!

While the little watermen were busily packing up, there was a sudden noise of something cracking and bursting.

It was the sound of the unseen chasm of the Myoin tribe.

After the sound of the rupture began, there was a sudden crack in the air. From the crack, I could feel a strong flow of mana.

It was the magic of the specter.

“Hey, Jean. Our partner! After you save us, you must get out too!”


Jean picked out the sign.

“Who are you worried about? If the fault breaks, run straight to the entrance. Judging from the flow of mana, it looks like they’re falling right into the cave after breaking the bonds. Go, come on. Run to the entrance. When you get out of the cave, ask for the protection of the Looncandel through the Kingdom of Cheng. They say it’s a 12-time name.”

If the chasm is broken, the blocked cave entrance will be opened.

“Okay. You promise to come back alive, too, okay? And by the way, don’t think you’re hurting us. It’s not so wrong, but we decided to take this risk in the first place for what we’re doing with you.”

“Jin, get hurt, don’t, Da, thank you!”

“Thank you, not thank you! Hey, stop saying hi and let’s go, you water-tailed bastards. We’re just gonna get in the way of our partner anyway.”


“I’m sorry, not Anmi……okay, let’s go, let’s go!”

The Golden Snowmen pushed the backs of the water tails.

Smiling, smiling Jin.

This thought came to my mind when I saw small numbers of people who could blame themselves enough.

I’m glad I came to save them.

The little Sioux looked back several times while fleeing behind the camp.

Even those who are completely ignorant of magic felt it.

How huge is the mana that breaks into the cave?

“This is the magic that I can feel beyond the threshold….I expected it, but it won’t be a head-to-head match.’

Three ghosts.

The enemy would never be short compared to the three black knights of Looncandel. It is not easy for Luna to deal with three black knights at once.

Of course, it was too much for Jin now.

Nevertheless, Jin judged that there might be one chance.

Beyond just taking time, causing enormous damage to the sorceresses of the specter. There may be a chance to kill them.

‘They don’t know I’m here.’

No matter how great the specter was, it could not be expected that there was a camp inside the cave.

Of course, the specter would be able to show a perfect response to unexpected variables.

If the opponent is a strong ‘general way’ type, as much as you like.


The spirit stretched out from Jean’s body. In an instant, the spirit stretched out to fill the cave and encased the camp like a tent.

It was the spirit that was laid out to remove the spirit. The camp covered in spirit looked like a mass of shadows spreading all over the cave walls.

When I was in the intermediate class, I remembered the day when I attacked a moonlight well in Mamit.

The attack that Jean was about to attempt now was the same way it was then. To completely conceal one’s spirit and spirit with spirit, and to explode at an unexpected moment.

At that time, I sat in the inn and gathered my spirits for hours, but now this was enough.

Especially in such a confined space.

It’s big. It’s big.…!

The nodule began to fall completely.


And a small embers spread in the tents of Young-ki.

The embers were the very reason why Jean had erased her presence.

Even the specter could not read the mana of the small embers beyond the tents of Gyeolgye and Yeonggi.

That’s the spark of the Runkandel Magumbigi business.

‘As soon as they arrive, they finish at once. “If you are directly attacked by a surprise attack, you will not be safe even if you are a specter.”

Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 334Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 336
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