Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 341

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Rosa’s judgment left the elders’ faces blank as if they were about to kill them.

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All seemed discontented, but no one dared oppose Rosa’s opinion. Even the elder Jorden could not resist.

The family name in Looncandel is just as absolute.

The same was true of the household’s acting president. Since ancient times, the family has not kept those who oppose the judgment of the housekeeper alive. In minor or large matters.

“Yes, Mother. I’ll keep that in mind.”

Jean looked up at Rosa quietly.

Her calm face, sitting like a king at the top of the conference room, could hardly read any emotion.

‘It’s always something I feel, but it’s more difficult for my mother to deal with than my father.….’

After the regression, it was strangely not so difficult for Jean to deal with the theory. It was strange to think of a monster-like father who dared not make eye contact in his previous life and could not mix words.

On the other hand, facing Rosa has always been difficult.

As with Siron, Rosa did not have many memories before her return.

Rosa, Sirondo. At some point, he treated Jin as a person who did not exist at all.

Words and eyes full of affection, as well as reproach, scolding, scornful eyes, abusive language and violence under the guise of discipline.….

I’ve never even experienced such a thing. At least from the age when “clear memories” were created.

A cold look when you see a passerby who has no relationship with you.

That was all Jean received from her parents in her previous life.

Rosa said before her return that she showed her emotions by cutting off the grain for two days on the day when “trash Jean Looncandel” was deported.

Was it fake?

Or was it an act to relieve one’s guilt?

Either way, it doesn’t matter, but I can’t imagine seeing my mother now.’

What does your mother want?

‘Information about the teacher? Some ownership of the business? I don’t think you want me to step down from the race for a housekeeper like this.’

When Rosa had already brought out the cards of East Five, Jean had not backed down, so they were destined to fight until either side was ruined.

In the midst of a moment’s agony, Rosa appeared to leave the conference room without further ado. I’ve given you a big frame, so I think you should decide the rest on your own.


Gorden sighed.

“You’re always lucky, twelve horsemen.”

“I look forward to your kind cooperation, sir. I’m afraid the Black Sword will have a lot to do for my business.”

“Let’s wait and see when the good fortune will protect you.”

“Of course, I’m going to take care of you as much as you can. Please don’t think it’s too far.”

He bowed politely, but no one felt that the figure was really polite.

Gorden left the conference room without further scolding Jean. It’s not that I don’t know that I’m the only one who laughs.

Most of the brothers who watched the scene were once again fed up with the youngest man.

What the hell is in your head? How could you do this to the senate?’

‘I don’t see it once or twice, but now I wonder if it’s just a different species from us.’

The Tonya brothers looked at Jean with a look of fear and longing at the same time as ever.

What the hell is she thinking? I’m sure you thought you were trying to keep Jean in check, but it looks like you’re trying to protect him.’

‘I’m sure you have a meaning. Something must have been a story with Joshua and his brother.”

Mu and Ann had to indulge in anger and defeat once again. When the youngest was a cadet, he couldn’t kill her.

Jean could see the heart clearly. The hearts of sisters who feel sorry for not being able to kill themselves when they can.

‘Now that Joshua’s coveted my contract anyway, my sisters wouldn’t have been able to kill me no matter what they did. It will continue to be the same.’

Jean smiled at Mu and Ann.

They left the meeting soon as they seemed to have nothing to add to the meeting.

Luntia yawned in silence again this time, and Lan and Vigo seemed upset. The two were hoping that the youngest would no longer cause much trouble in the family.

“I’ll be going now, then.”

As if determined, Jin opened his mouth as he looked around them in the conference room.

While going out and walking in the courtyard of the sword’s garden, Jean was able to encounter Rosa, who was the first to leave the conference room a while ago.

She was being briefed by the butler Heinz, who looked grave as if something was an important matter.


He is a man of the hour. Jin, who recalled the fact, had a hunch that the report he was now posting to Rosa might have something to do with the “black sea.”

‘It’s about my father, my eldest sister, and my black knights.’

Rosa’s dark complexion, which rarely reveals her feelings, caught my mind. It was Rosa, who had just helped Jean in the conference room but was completely expressionless.

When Jin approached him naturally (the direction of Jin’s room), Heinz closed his mouth.

“What’s going on? Is the meeting over already?”

“I’m on my way. I didn’t have anything to say when the elder Zorden left. My mother ordered me to help anyway, so I’ll have to do it, but it doesn’t look very good.”


“Is this news about the Black Sea?”

“You don’t have to know.

“I’m a rider, too.”

“Not only you, but any other rider. A rider doesn’t have the right to know everything about the family.”

I didn’t expect Rosa to answer. Anyways, we could hear as much about the Black Sea as we wanted through Luna.

Jean and Rosa looked at each other for a few seconds and remained silent.


“Yes, Mother.”

“Do you have anything to say to me?”

nodding gin

“What do you want from me?”




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“My mother just removed my disciplinary action and ordered me to protect my business.”

“What does that mean?”

“I think you gave me that order because I want something.”

In Jin’s opinion.

Rosa must be, enough. In other ways, we could use a method to exclude Jin’s gains while protecting the cosmetics business. But she didn’t.

a round-eyed Rosa

Ha ha!

Rosa then shook her head with a burst of laughter. Jean was momentarily speechless at the sight.

“If what I want exists, can you listen?”

“I’ve never let it go with my debt.”

“Debt… …that’s only allowed when the relationship is equal. I don’t think that’s the story for you and me.”

“You’re right.”

“I didn’t make that judgment because I wanted something from you. So don’t mind and go your way.”


Rosa looked back at Jin as he passed by with a bow.

“The youngest.”


“What I want is the survival and prosperity of Looncandel.”

a calm and honest voice

“So is what I want.”

Then Rosa smiled a faint smile.

“No, it would be a little different.”

Jean bowed again and moved her steps.

Before going to the room, Mary and Dipus went to the hospital where they were staying. They were slightly injured, as the butler Petro said.….

‘No, this is a minor injury?’

Perhaps Petro misheard or the two bluffed.

The two had bandages and splints wrapped all over their bodies.

“That’s when my brother was there! Huh? If I had dug in and made a break, I would’ve ripped some of them out of the back. Then it would have been over soon, wouldn’t it be?

“I’ve earned enough time.”

“Hey, you should have done better. I was no better than your brother, wasn’t I? I made twice as much. Do you think sometimes you’re just strong and not good at fighting? What’s the fight? It’s with the head, with the head.”

“Yes, you’re handsome. Your shit’s thick. I tried my best to hold out in front of me.”

“So if it were me, I would have endured twice as much……oh, is the youngest here?”

He was chatting cheerfully in his sickbed.

Seeing the two of them somehow made me feel sorry for coming empty-handed. I thought I should have brought at least one fruit.

“Are you all right?”

“As you can see, it’s very lively.”

Mary grinned and said.

“It looks like you’re hurt a lot.”

“It’s a mistake.”

“Was the Ghosts that strong? Enough to hurt you two this much?”

I didn’t understand.

If there were only two of them, there were about 50 guardian knights at the level of executive knights. Even though the specter is great, it would have been right if two of them were killed overwhelmingly.

“Well, I was afraid that catching them would kill the guards. My body goes crazy when I use my own duel.”

deformation of a hydroelectric volcano

Jean, who recalled Mary opening it up, nodded assentingly. As it was originally a self-destructor and the technique of exploding anoras, it seemed to be a serious burden on the body.

“Kke, do you happen to know? Our youngest, beat me one day and tell me your wish. If you speak well, this sister can teach you.”

“It’s all right, just get well soon.”

“Come on, that’s not funny. Don’t worry about your sister and brother’s bodies, and think about how you’ll manage your friends in the future.”

Friends meant small numbers.

“First of all, they have been sent to my safe house by the guards. Perhaps the meeting concluded that we should protect your business, but it would be better to manage it yourself.”

said Dipus.

“I was thinking about it anyway.”

It’s good to get family support, but you shouldn’t leave everything to yourself.

It was a natural story. In the end, the subject still had to be himself. What the black swordsmen and guardian knights had to do was to prevent businesses from being attacked, not the owners of the businesses.

“Do you have anything in mind?”

“There is.”

“I’ll tell you the location of my safe house. Take them in your own hands.”

Dipus did not ask what Jean thought was the measure. He also judged that he could appear to be interfering.

‘……I think I’ll end up beholden to you again.’

Jean was thinking of sending small Siouxes to the palace. Now that the ties of the Myo people had disappeared, there was no place in the world that was safer for small numbers of people than there.

You should also look for the cemeteries.’

For now, I just had to pray that not all of them died at the hands of the ghosts.

Before leaving the medical center, Jin looked around the brothers.


“Just, thank you.”

Mary and Dipus gazed at each other as Jean went out.

“Huh, that’s a big deal……and he said hello. Right, brother?”

The Dipus shrugged. The two just looked at the place where the youngest had left for a while, then began to discuss the battle with the specter again to find out who was wrong.

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