Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 352

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Gilly didn’t understand himself.

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‘It’s true they were disgusted. But it wasn’t to the point where I couldn’t control my emotions that much…….’

It was definitely something I could just bear with. But his anger was strangely high, and he almost broke the Ibliano brothers and sisters without realizing it.

“Maybe there was no big problem if you attacked them.”

Jean shrugged as if nothing had happened to Gilly, who explained the whole story in the hallway.

“I have no face. I almost embarrassed you.”

“No, it could have been a little tiring. There wouldn’t have been a fatal blow to me.”

No words meant to console Gilly, but Jean really thought so.

The first was due to Vishkel.

He couldn’t have failed to respond to Gilly’s attack.

Even if Mu had just passed by without seeing the sight and attacked Gilly, Vishkel would not have been difficult to stop Gilly’s blow.

Gilly’s current martial arts is seven stars.

Of course, it’s a remarkable level, and it still has great potential, but Vishkel was a few ahead of him.

Second, it was because this was the Sword Garden.

Assuming Vishkel didn’t stop Gilly’s blow, if only his opponent had the pretext of “calling the rider of Looncandel.” It was a matter that could somehow be passed on.

In the first place, they were even more so because they were uninvited guests without even more so.

“But it’s a bit strange that Gilly said that she suddenly had an uncontrollable rage. Did you react sensitively because it was about me? I don’t know if I’m stressed out these days.’

If he had, he would have been more careful. When someone does something harmful to Jean, Gilly is always furious. He was always cool about what he would do to Jin.

Or is it because of the energy of Chaos that Margiela is supposed to have…….’

in any case

Jean thought it was a problem that Gilly didn’t have to be discouraged. It’s true that a woman named Margiela has some strange power.

“If I had been there, I would have done the same. So don’t mind.”

“Yes, Strawberry Pie, anyway, human beings used to talk about that shit all the time. I just want to be true to my desires. I can be honest with you. A better world. That’s why they give you that cause.”

“It’s amazing to me sometimes that using such words to gain power is something that happens all the time, Murakan.”

“Because man is a very weak race. So some crazy dragons used to insist on killing only useful human beings. Did he say let’s kill 80 percent of the population?”

“It’s just as crazy as it is.”

“So I exterminated. Well, it wasn’t for the sake of humans, it was just funny and annoying what they were doing.”

“You’re you, too. More, Gilly. Mary’s sister asked you to set a date for the duel?”

“Yes, Master.”

I promised to duel every three months, but I have a headache. Fighting and fighting with Mary’s sister is quite a burden on my body.”

At the time of saving the little watermen, Mary remembered the shape of the final volcano.

‘If anybody gets excited and uses it in the middle of a fight…The mere thought of… makes me dizzy.’

A cold sweat broke out on the back of my back.

“You asked me to decide on an event, so why don’t you look for something other than a sparrow?”

“I’d rather do that. Murakan, did you hear anything special in the drawing room?”

“I only saw a guy named Veract deceiving your mother a little. He only told your mother that Jipple was looking for Themeer’s grave. Since then, we’ve been chatting.”

Veract gave Rosa no information about the “Vision imperial family.”

“Your mother doesn’t seem to be much suspicious of the information. Veractra seems to have had a very strong fight with him in the past. Should I say I felt a little homogeneity as an adversary?”

“The family will begin a full-fledged investigation into the tomb anyway, and eventually she will find out that Beacon is involved. But for the time being, I’ll be able to gain the upper hand in information about tombs.”

Rosa did not call the camp even after Kinselo left. Even though I heard that the “muddum” that Veract mentioned was the theme.

Then there was only one reason.

‘My mother already knew that Temer’s tomb existed. Maybe even the fact that Jipple is looking for the tomb.”

It was not that I never expected it to happen.

‘My mother would have been waiting for the time to find Themeer’s grave, even if she violated her vows to Gipple. Or, I didn’t think I needed to find it.’

Either way, it is now highly likely that the pattern will change. Even Kinselo mentioned the existence of the tomb, and it was known that Jin was looking for it, so it was natural for Rosa to do something.

“Temar, he’s dead and he’s not comfortable at all. Why do those Beams want to find his body? I can’t believe the big powers are doing the same thing as the thieves.”

said Murakan with a bitter look. The reason why Beacon found Themeer’s body continued to be on my mind.

“I need to see Missha first. I have to tell you a story about Aria Hester.”

“Oh, do I have to see it again?”

“You think you should, too.”

Murakan with the forehead. The information I got from Kinselo this time definitely needed to be shared with Missha.

“And put up with it. It would have been enough to get angry with my mother.”

“I didn’t put up with it.”


“I said a word to your mother. Did you know where his grave was? Maybe he didn’t want to fight, but he did. I don’t trust you at all to say you didn’t know.”

There were a few nasty words mixed in the process, but Rosa dealt with Murakhan in moderation and sent him back.

“In the old days, I just wouldn’t have finished with words. I was trying to overthrow the whole family, and I, uh? I held it in because I saw your face.”

“Yes, yes. Good job. Gilly, you haven’t heard from Tikan, have you?”

Tikan’s contact. It meant news of the Myonin and the House of Rontelgius.

About two months have passed since the last meeting, but Valeria has yet to find the whereabouts of the Myoin people. Quicantel also didn’t know anything about Rontelgius.

It is not easy to find the Myoin people even if there is a record magic, and Quikantel is still a private wanted man of the Empire, so it took time because there was a limit to finding information directly.

For Jin, he only hoped that the Myoin people would survive without getting hurt.

“Yes, master. Seven-colored birds don’t seem to be easy to move these days.”

“I can’t help it because my eyes have increased. It’s frustrating. You can’t run yourself.”

a squeaking sound

The butler Petro found Jean’s room.

“A letter from the Lord of the Volta family, my lord.”

Lord Jean Looncandel, who I admire, these days Volta’s estate is thanks to you…….



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The letter of Lord Volta, which began like that, was extremely full of everyday stories and flattery.

But the letter, which had no content, contained a very important meaning.

Bradamante strengthening.

The Picon Minche ordered Bin Branche to send a letter to him to tell the story.

“Just in case, I’ll wait until tomorrow for my mother’s call, and if not, I’ll go right away.”

* * *

Until the next afternoon, Rosa did not encamp.

As usual, some of the usual missions were handed down, but Jin disguised Belov and sent him out instead, then found the “camp” of the Mila Kingdom.

“Your Majesty is away.”

But I couldn’t meet Missha.

She had been away for over a month without telling her employees when she would return.

“It happens often. I’ll send you a letter as soon as you get back.”

As Solderlet is managing everything she has been doing as a substitute, it was natural for Missha to spend her busy days every day.

“You said dog poop is not available for medicine. You’ve made a fool of yourself.”

That’s what he said, but Murakhan seemed rather pleased that he didn’t have to look at Missha.

The two went straight to Volta and headed for Bin Branche’s house.

“Gin Looncandel, fifty…… that’s a million.”

Unfortunately, even before finishing greeting, Bin had cramping his eyes whitely, suffering from the fire of Picone.

[Are you here?]

“How are you, Mr. Picone?”

“That’s enough of a useless greeting, Picon. I told you to come over here, so you must have prepared something like that. Are you done strengthening Bradamante?”

[I didn’t ask you to come? Murakan.]

“Oh, really?”

Jin burst into a giggle as he watched the two for a moment.

[Wow, wow, wow. You’re so ignorant. You’re so strong. Hey, stop! Surrender, I lost!]

Peacon picked up a sword from the blacksmith’s basement.

It was Bradamante.

At first glance, nothing changed, but Jean could recognize at a glance.

The fact that his aegum has become harder and more sharp.

When Jean smacked Bradamante and smiled contentedly, Picon sounded triumphant.

[Killing me?]

“I’d like to swing it right away.”

[But it’s not finished yet.]

“You mean you can get better here?”

[Because there’s one feature I haven’t added yet.]

[… …but the only drawback of Bradamante is that it does not protect users.]

Protection? It’s not even armor.

“In my life I have made countless armor, but have not seen anything better than those formed by spirit.” That’s why when we made barissada, we set it up so that if we inject the spirit, the armor would form.]

When I first met Picon, I remembered the conversation we had.

“You mean the function of forming a permanent armor.”

[Yes, thanks to you getting the materials from the ancient 10,000-year-old and the Temer’s tombs, the work is now nearing its end. But I need one more thing.]

“What is it?”

“The inner end of the devil.”

Then Murakan screamed.

“What? The inner end of the devil? Why do you need that to make a sword?”

“It’s necessary. You need a thousand-year-old mana’s inner end to activate its function. Or we need several hearts of dragons. Can’t we use them?”

“Where can I get it?”

As soon as Murakan was about to argue further, Jean asked.

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