The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 253

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Episode 253

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253. Integration

Ryu Min received a call from foreign players he saved who wanted to join.

It seems like saving his life had a positive effect, but Ryumin thought differently.

‘I guess I realized it too late. You have a high chance of survival if you stick to me.’

Since he showed support for the Shinigami Church in round 15, he is probably hoping to join even more.

Some people may want to join because they think it might teach them strategies for the next round.

‘Anyway, it’s a good thing. It couldn’t be better than this if all the players were integrated into the Church of the Four Gods.’

In the future, there will be many cooperative quests, so it is important to unite players.

The Four Gods Religion will be the perfect means for that.

‘Let’s see how far we’ve come.’

When Ryumin entered the front yard of the Four Gods Church, people’s eyes focused on him.

That’s because in real life, it wasn’t common for people to wear white masks.

“Hey, it’s Black Scythe!”

“Black Scythe!”

Because it was widely exposed in the mass media, people recognized it just by looking at the mask.

“Heo, leader.”

“Are you here? “Black Scythe.”

“Why are there so many people? “When you spoke on the phone, didn’t you say there were ten people?”

“Why did it increase again? haha… … .”

The number of people in the yard is twenty at best.

They were all players of different nationalities.

“good. “Let’s proceed with the interview.”

“All right.”

Because Heo Tae-seok turned around so quickly, Ryu Min had no time to read his thoughts.

All you have to do is sit in a seat provided in the yard and conduct the interview.

“If you would like to sign up, please stand in one line.”

People moved in unison at Eom Jun-seok’s words.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Cardinal Eom Jun-seok. I will give you the registration documents here, so please read them one by one and check the consent form. “I would appreciate it if you could write down your brief personal information.”

People who diligently filled out documents lined up and approached the masked man.

Ryumin speaks with fluent English pronunciation.

“You want to join the Four Gods Church?”

“That’s right!”

“The reason is?”

“I was impressed by the sacrifice Black Scythe showed in the last round. I feel like I can trust and follow this person, so I decided to support him without delay… … .”

The man gave a long list of reasons, but the real reason was different.

-You have to be parasitic on the black scythe to survive.

Even though he knew that his feelings were different, Ryu Min did not reject him.

Clinging to the strong for survival is a very human reaction.

“You are allowed to join.”

“Thank you!”

Since he didn’t seem to have a bad personality, I coolly allowed him to do so.


Even as interviews were being conducted one by one, new players arrived.

As soon as I open my eyes, a line of sausages appears, as if they were on a plane to Korea.

‘It seems like he felt quite a sense of crisis after going through 15 rounds.’

It was a good thing that the number of subscribers was increasing, so the interview was conducted without complaint.

Two days passed like that.

Ryu Min told his younger brother that he was going to stay out all day and ended up living in the Four Gods Church.

After a short rest, a subscriber appeared, so I stayed overnight and continued the interview.

As a result, on the third day, there were over 150 new subscribers.

‘If only 25 more people came like this.’

If only 25 more people come, players from all over the world will join.

Among them, among others, are Archmage Alex and Shrine Dorothy.

‘I want to take at least two people with me… … .’

I thought that maybe he wouldn’t come, but I quickly put it off.

‘No, you will have no choice but to come. If you want to survive the next round.’

Ryumin waited leisurely.

The players only appeared after the sun rose in the sky.

“Is this the Four Gods Church?”

“you’re right. Are you here to join?”

“yes. I wonder if I can meet Black Scythe… … .”

“of course. “You can fill out the registration form here and have a one-on-one interview with Black Scythe.”

The man who wrote the membership form handed the document to Ryu Min.

Ryu Min’s pupils shook slightly as he read the personal information.

[Name: Alex Pearson]

[Nickname: Alex]

[Nationality: Germany]


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[Level: 69]

[Occupation in this world: Great Mage]

[Age: 25 years old]

[Birth date: September 24, 1997]

[Intention to join: For survival.]

‘This person is Grand Mage Alex?’

He has a fat body and wears glasses.

I was surprised at how different it looked from the other world, which looked sleek.

“Your nickname is Alex?”

“That’s right.”

“Why do you want to join the Church of the Four Gods?”

“I will be honest. “I think there will be a higher chance of survival if I join Black Scythe.”

They say you shouldn’t judge people based on their appearance.

Although his appearance and appearance seemed extremely lazy, the will shown in his eyes was clear.

There was no doubt about Alex’s talent.

“I get it. “I passed.”

“… … .”

Alex looks at me with a blank expression for a while, probably surprised that I passed the exam faster than expected.

“What are you doing. “Without leaving space for the person behind you.”

“Oh, well, before that, can I ask you a question?”

Judging by the earnest look in his eyes, it seems like this is a question he’s been curious about all along.

“Try it.”

“I want to know why you called me in the 15th round.”

‘That’s because you are a talent who can survive until the 18th round.’

I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth as they were.

Because he was not a prophet now, but a black scythe.



“It just stood out. “That’s it.”

“ah… … .”

He looked surprised, but when I read his inner thoughts, he wasn’t disappointed.

-I’m a little disappointed. I wondered if there was a reason, but it wasn’t a big deal, right?

Calmly accept that you were mistaken and think positively.

Alex was a person with no problems, both then and now.

“Thank you for your response. Well then, good luck. See you next time.”


After Alex left, I interviewed a few more people.

Then I met the person I was looking forward to.

[Name: Dorothy Clayton]

[Nickname: Dorothy]

[Nationality: Netherlands]

[Level: 69]

[Occupation in the Other World: Archer]

[Age: 22 years old]

[Date of Birth: December 24, 2000]

[Intention to join: Out of respect for Black Scythe.]

‘You came here as expected. ‘Dorothy, the archer who survives until the 18th round.’

The archer class is a common profession, unlike the archmage.

Not only is it not the only class, but it is proportionally one of the many classes like warriors and assassins.

‘But that’s why I think it’s even more amazing. ‘He showed great talent in a common job.’

For an ordinary person, a weapon called a bow is difficult to handle.

You’ve probably never encountered it in your entire life.

However, if you change your job to an archer, there is nothing to worry about.

The first thing I received as a commemoration of my job change was [Shooter’s Rune].

‘The sharpshooter’s rune is a rune that increases accuracy exponentially when using a bow. Anyone who becomes an archer class becomes a sharpshooter.’

However, the hit rate only increases to a certain extent and is not 100%.

This means that, like an archery player, your skills improve instantly, but accuracy is up to each individual.

Therefore, the archer class was popular yet difficult.

Survived until round 18 with that job?

It’s not an ordinary talent.

Was it called Shingung for no reason?


“yes? Oh, you didn’t ask anything?”


You can know without asking.

Because you can examine a person’s personality through the runes of their inner heart.

“First impressions are acceptable, Dorothy. “It’s okay to be happy.”

“Okay, thank you.”

It was just a dazed Dorothy.

Afterwards, the interview proceeded smoothly.

In three days, all 175 people that Ryu Min had saved joined the Four Gods Church.

In other words, all players from all over the world have become members of the Church of the Four Gods.

‘Good. ‘It went very well.’

It’s important from now on.

I have to attack the round while saving my people as much as possible.

As soon as the last person to join left the Four Gods Church, Heo Tae-seok and Eom Jun-seok approached.

“Thank you for your effort. “Black Scythe.”

“okay. Teacher Heo also worked hard. Cardinal Eom Jun-seok, too.”

“Thank you, Black Scythe.”

At that moment, Heo Tae-seok’s eyes changed strangely, but Ryu Min had already turned his head.

“I’m going back now. “You should also rest for a while before we contact you.”

“All right. Please take a look.”


It spread its wings behind its back and flew high into the sky.

Ryu Min, who was returning home, suddenly landed on the roof of a nearby building when a thought occurred to him.

‘I need to meet Minjoo-ri. ‘I can’t stay awkward forever.’

You need to improve your relationship as quickly as possible.

We need to go back to being friends without the awkwardness we had before.

That way, there will be no setbacks in the attack.


I quickly sent a text message with my finger and got a reply back.

[Minjoo-ri: Yes, let’s meet.]

When I see the short reply, I feel a little uneasy.

‘Should we make an item to relieve the awkwardness?’

I looked through the inventory.

I already had to use infinite material bags.

‘God level is difficult because there is no ether, so I would like it if you made a legendary item.’

The luck stat is excessively high, so good ingredients will definitely come out.

[You used an infinite bag of ingredients.]

[congratulations! 5 material items have been released!]

[Items will be provided to your inventory!]

Ryumin soon checked the ingredients and tilted his head.

‘Let alone the legendary level, there are a lot of ingredients you don’t know, right?’

Even God-grade materials were not produced.

If this happens, you won’t be able to create a legendary item right away.

‘I can’t help it.’

Putting his regrets behind him, Ryu Min flew to the meeting place.

* * *


The door to hyperdimensional information aggregation has been opened.

[Welcome, Michael.]


Michael’s expression was not good after visiting the Akashic Records for the first time in a long time.

[A problem has arisen.]

[Is it because of the Devil’s Resurrection Book?]

[You know me well.]

[It seems you are concerned that you have incurred the wrath of the gods.]


Michael shook his head firmly.

It’s enough to relieve the gods’ wrath again.

[That kind of thing is probably good. The problem is that the gods want to bring the black scythe before round 18.]

[It is a natural reaction since the Demon Archduke Plunictos gave us a reason to intervene. From the gods’ point of view, there would be nothing more interesting than him stepping forward.]

[Isn’t there a way?]

[…] … .]

[To find a way, I skipped round 15. There are no more excuses. If we keep putting it off, Gabriel and Raphael will get suspicious.]

[I can’t help it. There is no choice but to attack the black scythe in round 16.]

[Including me?]

[What are you going to do when Michael comes forward? Are you going to come back pretending to have been hit by a black scythe?]

[…] … .]

[If even Michael fails, the gods will be suspicious. For now, send Gabriel and Raphael away.]

[Send not one, but two people?]

[Raphael is not a battle angel, so wouldn’t the two of you have no choice but to step forward?]

[Still, those two would be an almost invincible combination, right?]

[Don’t worry. With the skills of the Black Scythe, even two people will be able to stop it.]

Michael looked a little surprised.

[Is it that strong? The current black scythe?]

[yes. We’ve killed so many angels, but isn’t it time to start believing?]

[That’s true, but Gabriel and Raphael are men of a different caliber from other archangels. If you’re not careful, the black scythe may die… … .]

Rubuahi laughed quietly.

[Trust the Black Scythe. What Michael is worried about will never happen.]

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