The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 267

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Episode 267

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267. Why didn’t you tell me?

[Refined Ether]

-Category: Belongings

-Description: Ether boasts the highest purity among ethers. You can create items that are God grade or higher. Depending on the viewing angle, it emits a rainbow-colored glow.

What surprised Ryumin was no different.

‘You can make items that are God grade or higher?’

Ryumin had always thought that God grade was the highest grade.

But what more?

‘Are you saying the God grade wasn’t the best?’

It’s so absurd that I almost burst out laughing.

I was confident that I knew the strategy and information for every round while going through 99 regressions, but… … .

‘I never thought an item I didn’t know about would come out.’

I didn’t know what to do and how to put it together.

I don’t know if I can come up with something if I combine it, but I don’t have time for that.

‘It would have been nice if there was at least a pattern… … .’

It’s unfortunate, but anyway, a gain is a gain.

I learned about the existence of an item I didn’t know existed.

This is all because I caught an archangel of rank 3 or higher.

‘What will happen if you take first place?’

I was curious, but what was important right now was protecting my younger brother.

I think I’ll have to meet Heo Tae-seok later.

In order to build up the hero’s rune stack like before, you need Heo Tae-seok’s demon summoning skill.

As I go out to the living room, Ryu Won motions for me to come quickly.

“Hyung, is this really delicious? “Try it.”



‘It’s delicious.’

While watching TV and eating, Ryu Won, who finished first, pats his stomach.

“Ha, it was a good meal.”

Then he looks at Ryumin and smiles.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Haha, no. No matter how much I think about it, I can’t believe it. My brother is the famous black scythe… … .”

“If you don’t believe me, should I at least show you the sickle?”

“No, I believe it, I believe it.”

Even if he doesn’t take out the scary scythe just by looking at it, Ryu Won believes it.

I have no choice but to believe it.

How could you not believe it when they showed you the inaction of slaughtering archangels right in front of your eyes?

“I thought my brother was extremely weak because he was a prophet.”

“That’s a prejudice.”

“that’s right. “I had a prejudice.”

The sight of my younger brother obediently acknowledging me seems a bit unfamiliar.

After learning that it was a black scythe, did I gain some respect for it that wasn’t there before?

‘Now that I think about it, my posture is also quite gentle.’

On the outside, he was pretending like nothing was wrong, but on the inside, he was nervous like a new recruit who had just joined the unit.

“Wonah, relax.”

“huh? “Did you notice it?”

“We’re not strangers, we’re family, so why are you nervous? “Whether I’m a black scythe or a prophet, I’m your unchanging older brother.”

When I smiled and spoke as if telling me to relax, my younger brother finally relaxed his tight body.

“sorry. “I was nervous without even realizing it.”

“Anyway, we decided to talk about something we couldn’t finish, right? “If you have any questions, please ask.”

As if he had been waiting for me to say that, Ryu Won suddenly asked a question.

“The last time you went abroad, did you go out to scold bad guys, not your girlfriend?”

“of course. Where is my girlfriend? Japanese? “She’s never been anywhere near Japan.”

“So you’re saying you just made an excuse because you were too lazy to explain?”


“omg… … .”

Black Scythe’s actions are well known to the general public.

From defeating IS in Nigeria, to establishing the CPF unit, to improving domestic security, and to providing relief to other countries in need.

It was shocking to Ryu Won that he used his Japanese girlfriend as an excuse for the whole process.

“You misunderstood it first. “I have a lot of work to do abroad, so I thought it would be a good time to take advantage of this.”

“Then what is the Prophet class? Is that an excuse too? “You are the only Shinigami class.”

“How did you know my class was unique?”

“That’s it. If you search for it on the platform, it will all come up. “Is there an article that summarizes the missions that have been carried out so far?”

Ryumin widened his eyes in surprise.

‘The exchange of information is more active than I thought.’

It’s not like ordinary people don’t know anything about players.

“As far as I know, I’ve never heard of the Prophet class except from my brother. “Was that a lie too?”


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After thinking for a moment, Ryumin nodded obediently.

“huh. “There is no such thing as a Prophet class.”

“omg. Was seeing the future all a lie?”

“yes. “I needed another job to replace the Shinigami.”

“Then how did you guess the lottery numbers?”

“Well, that’s… … .”

Ryu Min, who was speechless in an unexpected section, was troubled.

Whether or not to reveal the most important information to your younger sibling.

‘sun? Roll it up?’

I hesitated, but my worries didn’t last long.

As long as it’s like this, there won’t be any problem if I say it.

“Do you want to know the truth?”


“You might be a little shocked, are you okay?”

“There is no more shock to receive.”

Ryu Won smiled and answered confidently, but his expression soon hardened.

“I am a regressor.”


Because I heard an unexpected bombshell.

“Well, what did you say? “Regressor?”

“In some ways, you can see it as coming from the future. No, should I say it’s the past?”

“What are you talking about? Regression? There’s no way something like that exists… … .”

“There is something called a time reversal rune. “It’s a rune that allows you to regress 100 times.”

“… … .”

“With this, I’ve done countless rounds over and over again. There was a lot of trial and error. “Because I had no talent or anything.”

Ryu Won just listened to his brother’s confession with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

“If you die, you go back 10 minutes before you entered the game. I did that over and over again. Catch the same monsters, beat the same rounds, eat the same people and teams, etc… … .”

Ryu Won held his breath as he saw Ryu Min reminiscing about the past days.

Just a moment ago, I thought it was a joke, but it wasn’t.

I could tell by looking at their eyes.

That his brother was not lying but was just talking about memories.

“Those were difficult days. For someone without talent like me. In a way, 100 lives was also an opportunity. “A chance to make it to round 20 and get out of this damn game of survival.”

“… … .”

“Everything I’ve done so far has been to win the round. A life strategy achieved after going through all kinds of trial and error to find a more certain and more efficient route. The result is the current black scythe.”

“ah… … .”

Ryumin, who was grinning, placed his hand on his frozen younger brother’s shoulder.

“Do you believe me?”

“Uh, to a certain extent… … .”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. But there was a reason I hid it.”


“There was an incident in the past where you were kidnapped because you were a family member of a returnee. “I couldn’t be honest with you because I was afraid it would happen again.”

“ah… … .”

Ryu Won understood.

He hid the fact that his older brother was a regressor to protect himself.

“Of course, I am saying this based on the judgment that it is safe now. No, actually, there is nothing more dangerous. “The angels are starting to target you.”

Those words reminded Ryu Won of the angel who attacked him.

“Why is the angel targeting me?”

“Because you are my only family. “You can’t deal with me by force, so you’re trying to hold me hostage in a petty way.”

“… … .”

“Don’t worry too much. Even if angels appear, I will protect you.”

“I’m relieved to hear that the black scythe will protect me.”

Ryu Won smiled as he said that, but inside he was trembling with anxiety.

It had to be that way.

Because he was just an ordinary person.

‘I understand, Won. But you really don’t have to worry. Because I will protect you at all costs. Even if it means sacrificing your life.’

The reason he had struggled so far to attack wasn’t just because of his own survival.

It was all about living happily with my younger brother.

‘If I could live a life like before, I would have nothing more to wish for.’

To do so, securing the safety of my younger brother comes first.

‘I need to meet Heo Tae-seok as soon as possible.’

While I was thinking that, my younger brother muttered.

“Your brother is a regressor that you only see in novels… … Did you know the future? … .”

“Don’t be too shocked. “If you can resurrect people, what’s the big deal about regressors?”

“But this is different. Not just once, but 100 chances? If you average one year at a time, it lasts 100 years… … “Huh!”

Is it because I realized my age?

My younger brother suddenly looks at me as if he were an old man.

“Tell me honestly, bro. How old are you?”

“How old are you? “I’m 21.”

“no! “How old are you if you add up all the years you’ve lived so far?”

“It’s been over 100 years. “That’s all I know.”

Ryu Won’s mouth dropped open.

“Ji, what episode is it now?”

“100 times. “It’s the last episode.”

“… … .”

“If I die this time, it’s over for me too. “It means there are no more opportunities to change the future.”

“ah… … .”

It was then.

Suddenly, Ryu Min’s cell phone rings.

I looked at the sender and saw that it was Seo A-rin.

“Yes, actor.”

-Prophet. Are you okay? The house was a complete mess… … .

“I’m fine.”

-What about your younger brother?

“My younger brother is also safe. Do not worry.”

-I’m glad you’re safe. What on earth is going on?

Seo A-rin’s voice on the phone was full of worry.

I think I called purely out of concern as a neighbor, not to get information.

“I don’t know either. “When I came back, it was like this.”

-So where are you going to stay now?

“I think I’ll stay at a hotel while I take care of the repairs.”

-I was really surprised. I was so surprised to see what happened while I was trying to stop by the Prophet’s house… … .

“Haha, thank you for your concern.”

– Will you come back after the repairs are finished? Neighbor?

“No matter what, it should be like that. “How much is that house?”

-I’m so glad you weren’t hurt. Then, when I get the chance, I’ll call you again.


As soon as I hang up the phone, my younger brother asks.

“who is this?”

“Actress Seo Ah-rin.”

“Seeing as you’re worried about your brother, I guess you don’t know his identity?”

“Of course I don’t know. Where can I go to talk about this? “No one knows but you.”

In fact, Christine knew, but did not reveal it.

There is no need for my younger brother to know.

“Why didn’t you tell Seo A-rin? “My brother is the black scythe.”

“Because you will be shocked.”

“You can’t be shocked like me.”

“Didn’t you get it?”

“haha… … .”

Did he remember himself being so shocked a moment ago that he couldn’t keep his mouth shut?

My younger brother scratches the back of his head with a shy look on his face.

“But he accepted it quickly. “You explained the reason why.”

“Because you are family. “No one else will understand?”

“How about we at least say something? “You never know.”

Ryumin shook his head.

No matter how much I thought about it, I was skeptical.

Would it be beneficial to reveal one’s identity in this situation?

Rather, it is fortunate if it does not become a handshake that destroys the relationship.

‘But I can’t hide it forever… … .’

It was a question I had to think about at least once.

At that time, Ryumin’s cell phone vibrated again.

Ryu Min, seeing the sender, widened his eyes in surprise.

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