The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 270

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Episode 270

270. Round 17 begins

“Hey, Black Scythe!”

Heo Tae-seok and Alex lowered their weapons with devastated faces.

They can’t believe they’re attacking the black scythe.

Although it was not intentional, it is impossible.

“Are you okay!?”

“As you can see.”

“S-sorry. “Black Scythe.”

“Anyway, how is this place…” … .”

In response to Heo Tae-seok’s question, Ryu Min only smiled invisible.

Because I couldn’t say that I was following Alex.

‘I received a call from Eom Jun-seok. ‘Alex is plotting a faction.’

I ended up here after tracking down Alex, saying it was impossible.

I didn’t know I would be fighting with Heo Tae-seok.

“It doesn’t matter how I got here. “The important thing is why you guys on the same side were fighting.”

“Black Scythe. “I can explain it all!”

As if everything went well, Heo Tae-seok looked at Alex and informed Ryu Min.

“For the past week, that guy has been meeting believers for some reason. Dorothy, Victor, Sophia, Russell, Cho Yong-ho, etc. I witnessed with my own eyes people of different nationalities meeting in secret. It is clear that there is an evil plotter who is trying to create a faction among the believers in order to destroy our Church of the Four Gods!”

It was similar to what I heard from Eom Jun-seok.

However, the details are more detailed as I have personally researched it.

“Once you’ve heard one side, you can’t help but listen to the other side.”

Ryumin’s head turned to Alex.


“Yes, Black Scythe.”

“Do you have anything to say to me?”

When I asked him in fluent English, he frowned and spoke passionately.

Pointing at Heo Tae-seok with his cane.

“Black Scythe! Beware of Lord Heo! “He called me here with a false text message, then suddenly used his skills to bind me and threatened to kill me!”

“You don’t know what the reason is?”

“I do not know. “They keep telling me to confess, saying they know I have a plan, but I never do that!”

“Hmm… … .”

Alex looked like he was being treated unfairly by the world.

Are his words true?

The Rune of Inner Heart is good for this.

You don’t have to worry about whether the other person’s words are true or not.

‘It’s the truth.’

Even if he had an unfair expression on his face, once he doubted something, he could doubt it forever, but Alex was telling the truth.

“Contrary to your claim, I believe that Clan Heo is plotting an evil plan behind the scenes… … .”

“Am I plotting? “This is ridiculous!”

“Because I have seen you interact with other believers from all over the world. “I thought they were secretly creating a faction.”

“ah… … .”

“Is it true?”

“Not true! It’s true that I was trying to create a team, but… … .”

“You were trying to make a team?”

Alex obediently confessed the reason why he was gathering team members.

“I felt it when I saw everyone fighting the monster together in the 16th round. When we come together, we are this strong. This is what teamwork is like. But after seeing my comrades slaughtered by angels, this thought occurred to me. Teamwork can’t last forever. We can’t save all 576 people. At some point, it decreases and decreases… … “Only an elite few will survive.”

Alex’s voice was as subdued as wet cotton.

“So I decided. We decided to form a team for more efficient operation. “If we select talented members and work together as a team, wouldn’t it be easier to survive?”

“It’s impossible for all 288 people to work together as a team, right?”

“That’s it. “If we select people in advance who will be helpful in the future and form a team of elites to work together, wouldn’t we be able to respond much more flexibly when a crisis arises?”

Ryumin nodded in agreement.

Alex’s argument was as follows.

The idea is to select superior talent who can survive until the 20th round and establish teamwork early on.

In some ways, it may seem like a cold treatment, but in its own way it was a reasonable method.

It was similar in some sense to what Ryu Min had done so far.

“So, I was planning to gather people who could be used as elites and work on teamwork in advance.”

“That’s right. “It was never my intention to be greedy for leadership or to use it for bad things.”

“But Master Heo didn’t think so. “I believe you are trying to betray the Shinigami Church by creating a faction.”

“under… … never! Absolutely not. What would I betray for what I have to gain? “Black Scythe is here, so what are you doing?”

Alex shouted as if he was being unfairly treated, and his scream was sincere.

Rather, it was Alex who even had a wish to form a team and help Black Scythe.

“Did all the people you met agree with your opinions?”

“That’s right. “Everyone seemed to appreciate my intentions and promised that they would gladly join any team with such intentions.”

Dorothy and Sophia are not close, so Victor, Russell, and Cho Yong-ho willingly accepted?

From that alone, Ryumin recognized that Alex was a trustworthy man.

However, I can’t let you form your own team.

“I understand your intention. However, it doesn’t look good, so leave the team. “Have you already been misunderstood as a traitor?”


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“Umm… … That’s true, but from an efficient perspective, building a team is… … .”

“No, there’s no problem even if you don’t have teamwork. I will coordinate everything anyway, and as long as you follow what I say, teamwork is established. “The Four Gods Church itself is like a team.”

“Well, I see. If Black Scythe says so… … All right. “I’m sorry for acting on my own.”

Alex’s apology was sincere.

But is it because the languages ​​are different?

Heo Tae-seok, perhaps unable to sense his sincerity, asked with a displeased look on his face.

“Black Scythe. “What excuse did that bastard give?”

“They say there is no plan. “He said he was innocent.”

“That can’t be possible. Even if it means torturing them to make them reveal it… … .”

“There is no need for that. “Because it was a misunderstanding in the first place.”

“Are you mistaken?”

“Let me explain.”

Ryumin summarized and explained what he heard from Alex.

It was an understandable reason, but Heo Tae-seok did not lower his expression.

“It’s a lie! That guy is lying. Otherwise, why would you attack me first?”

At those words, Ryumin turned his head and looked at Alex.

“Did you attack Heo Tae-seok first?”



“I did it to survive. “How can you not attack me when my limbs are tied up and I’m staring at you like I’m going to kill you?”

Alex was merely reacting defensively.

Even though he interpreted the facts as they were, Heo Tae-seok still did not believe it.

“Obviously telling a lie… … .”

“It’s not a lie. I can tell. “I think there has been a misunderstanding between us all this time.”

“… … .”

After making that decision, Heo Tae-seok could no longer respond.

“I know it was a misunderstanding, so let’s reconcile.”

They spoke in English so that both could hear, but there was silence between them.

“Can you at least say you’re sorry?”

“I’m sorry.”

“I was sorry.”

The two expressed their apologies only after showing signs of slight discomfort.

Ryumin clicked his tongue beneath his mask as he looked at the two who were still face-faced.

‘What kind of fuss is this?’

Because of a minor misunderstanding, people on the same side pull out swords to kill each other.

‘Things like this happen because we don’t understand the language.’

Although it was Alex’s fault for acting suspiciously on his own, it was also Heo Tae-seok’s fault for being suspicious without knowing the details of the situation.

‘From what I heard, it looks like the plan was to tie the limbs and make them confess… … .’

Ryu Min couldn’t believe that he acted like that out of curiosity.

Because I didn’t think Heo Tae-seok’s personality was that twisted.


Ryu Min turned his eyes and looked inside Heo Tae-seok.


Another misunderstanding took root in his mind as he looked to see if there was something there.

I need to correct this now.

“Heo Tae-seok.”

“Yes, Black Scythe.”

“I’m telling you out of fear that you may misunderstand the old woman’s sentiments, but don’t be obsessed with the ranking you’ve been given. “I didn’t call it just for people I like.”

Heo Tae-seok’s eyes widened.

Because it was a remark that seemed to penetrate his heart.

“Oh, wasn’t it? Calling names in order of importance… … .”

“no. Since rewards are given up to third place, it is correct to call the Priest and Buffer who contributed the most, but after that, I just called whatever came to mind. “I didn’t sing it with a specific standard in mind.”

“ah… … .”

“So, if you think I don’t consider you important, I hope I clear up your misunderstanding. “I am not a fool, but would I be able to treat the founder of the Four Gods Religion poorly?”

“Black Scythe… … .”

The eyes that were burning with anger just a moment ago changed into eyes filled with emotion.

It was Heo Tae-seok who easily crumbles even with a little bit of candy.

‘I wonder if someone is a follower.’

With this, the incident caused by mutual misunderstanding came to an end.

“let’s go. To the Four Gods Church.”

* * *

Building a hero’s rune stack is not that difficult.

All you have to do is eliminate the demon summoned with the black seed while the members of the Shinigami Church are gathered together.

[Hero’s Rune Stack: 100/100]

[All stats increase by 100 due to the hero’s rune effect.]

[You can use ‘Hero’s Protection’ by consuming 100 stacks.]

‘Good.’ ‘With this, I can protect her sister.’

Satisfied, Ryu Min passed by Heo Tae-seok and patted his shoulder.

“Well done, Master Heo. “It was a great help.”

“ah… … .”

I don’t know if it helped, but it didn’t matter to Heo Tae-seok.

I was filled with an overwhelming sense of elation just knowing that I had helped God.

‘I guess I should praise you like this sometimes.’

Ryu Min, who belatedly learned how to deal with Heo Tae-seok, stood on the podium smiling with satisfaction.

To teach you the strategy for round 17.

* * *

Midnight on May 1st.

Unlike the last round, people woke up with avatar bodies.

“We’re back as Avatars after a few months, right?”

“Two months?”

“Is that all there is to it? “I thought several months had passed.”

“I’m secretly glad to start with the avatar.”

Satisfaction was evident on people’s faces, as if they were wearing clothes that fit their bodies perfectly.

Now, when entering the other world, it feels awkward if you don’t open your eyes as an avatar.

“Anyway, it’s convenient because I don’t have to use a translator anymore.”

“Sure, Max.”

“Hi, Fernando.”

“I’m here? Mr. Wang?”

Is it because the number of people has decreased?

Or is it because we all passed the threshold of death together in the last round?

Even though they are from different countries, the followers of the Four Gods Church expressed their friendliness by greeting each other.

Among them, Min-ri Min and Christine, who played prominent roles in the party, were the most popular.

“Hello, Buffer?”

“Yes, hello.”

“Chrissy. “Thank you for treating me last time.”

“you’re welcome.”

In the meantime, Alex and Heo Tae-seok’s eyes met, but they quickly turned their heads and did not pretend to notice.

Ryumin didn’t particularly pay attention to that appearance.

‘It will gradually get better.’

There was no anxiety about the future.

Perhaps because I gave my younger brother the protection of a hero, I feel at peace.

‘Even if the Archangel appears, my younger brother is safe now.’

The only variable is that the Archangel targets his younger brother while he is in the other world, but that is unlikely to happen.

‘It is said that if a being from the heavenly world moves to the human world, 90% of its power will be lost.’

This was information obtained from reading the inner thoughts of the archangels.

‘Maybe a guy named Michael will show up this round.’

I was scared, but I was also excited about how strong he would be.

Because the opponents so far have fallen far short of Ryu Min’s expectations.

Moreover, if you catch him, you can complete the soul binding quest.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of reward I will receive.

‘I hope it doesn’t suddenly appear and get in the way of catching the dragon.’

Ryumin planned to catch the dragon in this round.

The 18th round is a war, so the only opportunity is this round, or the 19th round.

At that time, a sonorous voice was heard from the colorless sky.

[Hello, 288 humans. Welcome to round 17.]

The horse said it was welcome, but the angel had a dissatisfied look on his face.

[You survived quite a bit, right? There shouldn’t be this much left in this round… … .]

The angel who was wrinkled between his eyebrows said with a wide smile.

[Well, a lot will fall out this time. Unlike before, this is a round where you have to use your brain, not your strength.]

The players were not curious about the angel’s words.

Because I already heard about it from Black Scythe.

[Then shall we reveal the 17th round quest?]

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