The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 279

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Episode 279

279. End of round 17

★ 17th round results tally ★

[Integrated Area CA-EA001]

└1st place. Black Scythe (Lv98 Reaper) Uses Gold 100,000,000

└2nd place. Democracy (Lv73 Buffer) Gold 50,000,000 used

└3rd place. Chrissy (Lv73 Priest) uses 40,000,000 gold

No player was surprised by the results.

It was an extremely expected result.

I knew from Black Scythe that the ranking would be measured according to the gold used.

[The ranking method for this round is based on the order of most gold usage!]

Therefore, no one nodded to the angel’s further explanation.

Because I already knew.

If the war is won, everyone will survive.

It is also said that enormous compensation is given.

However, I didn’t know what the reward was.

Until I saw the message that popped up.

[Experience points and gold are awarded to everyone as a reward for clearing round 17.]

[With the victory of the Kingdom Alliance side, the experience points and gold earned are increased tenfold.]

[Experience +47.68%]


[As an additional reward for winning the Kingdom Union, you will receive the God grade material item ‘Condensed Ether’.]

[Condensed ether has been added to your inventory.]

The players’ eyes widened at the reward, which was larger than expected.

“You’re giving me 3 million gold?”

“Is it natural because I spent a lot of gold?”

“Experience points are no joke.”

“My level went up by 10 all at once!”

The level of players in their 70s jumped to the 80s.

Even though my stats only increased by 20, it was true that I felt stronger as the front of the level changed.

‘It’s still too early to be surprised. If you survive the next 18 rounds, you will get twice as much experience as you do now.’

Some people may be happy about rapid growth, but some people are not.

Ryumin was like that.

‘I guess I have no choice but to reach max level in the next round?’

To reach level 98 or 99, you need 10 times more experience than before.

So, fortunately, we were able to avoid the disaster of reaching full level, but there is no way to avoid the experience you will receive in the next 18 rounds.

‘I wanted to delay reaching max level as much as possible, but I can’t help it.’

People were excited, perhaps because they had leveled up, but the reward they should pay attention to was not experience points.

Because god-grade ingredients that are so difficult to obtain have been released.

“Condensed ether?”

“This is God grade material?”

“But what is the God grade?”

People still do not know the value of the items they received.

‘Well, you would have to have made a god-level item before to know that.’

A while ago, I used a material bundle as a reward for round 11, and a god-grade glove design came out.

I remember putting it up on the Apple Market and selling it, so someone may have made it.

‘No, maybe you couldn’t make it because there was no condensed ether?’

Other god-grade materials are easy to obtain, but condensed ether is not.

Precious items rolled in, one per person.

Still, people didn’t look very happy.

Was that annoying?

The angel will automatically explain the value of the item.

[Perhaps because we won the difficult kingdom alliance, we received a huge reward. It’s amazing how god-grade ingredients come out. ah? You don’t know what God grade is? Even if you work hard for 20 rounds, you may only get one, and the highest grade item is god grade.]

‘It’s not the highest grade. Because there is Eternal.’

But the angel didn’t mention it.

Are you intentionally not saying this, or do you really not know?

In any case, as the angel said, being ranked God is no different from winning stars in the sky.

Even though he had six god grades like that.

[congratulations! You have completed the quest as first place in the area!]

[Currently, ‘Black Scythe’ is ranked 1st in the area.]

[An ‘Infinite Material Pouch’ will be given as a reward for ranking first in the area!]

[A ‘Special Reward Selection Box’ will be given as a reward for ranking first in the area!]

‘This reward is also an infinite bag of materials.’

3 consecutive material bags.

It seems that these items are given to you to collect materials and create a god grade.

Even though I have already graduated and achieved a higher level.

[You can choose one of the following special rewards.]

[Please touch the reward you want.]


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└ 1. Temporary skill – Sweep (limited to 18 rounds)

└ 2. Temporary skill – Faction change ticket (18 rounds only)

└ 3. Information about round 18

When I use the special reward selection box, I see a reward that stands out.

‘It’s the right to change camp… … . I can’t wait to use this.’

Originally, Ryumin chose to sweep and slaughter the demons in the 18th round, but the situation has changed.

Because killing angels was now quite profitable.

◀ ROUND 17 ends ▶

[Integrated Area CA-EA001]

└Survivors: 286

[After a while, the soul is transferred to the body in the existing dimension.]

[Round 18 begins at midnight on June 1, 2023. Well then, see you in the next round. Congratulations on your survival.]

* * *

Michael sat in front of the table with a nervous face.

Soon the face of the Demon Archduke will appear before your eyes.

‘What makes me so nervous… … .’

This isn’t my first time talking to the demon archduke.

Since they have already competed against each other six times, they often chat through the screen when there is a need to resolve differences.

Still, Michael couldn’t help but feel nervous.

‘Because a lot depends on these negotiations.’

According to Black Scythe’s plan, he deceived God and saved his life.

But that wasn’t the end.

‘Winning or losing the war depends on how the negotiations end.’

The 7th Heavenly Demon War will take place after 20 rounds.

Only by winning the war can one not only satisfy the gods who support the Elyos but also survive.

‘And I…’ … You can become a god as planned.’

It was known that the system would grant a wish if you completed 20 rounds, but in fact, this was not limited to humans.

‘You can become a god by using that wish that grants the wishes of creatures.’

To that end, Michael tried to keep the black scythe alive until the 20th round.

Judging from his actions, the only candidate to take over the wish flag was Black Scythe.

‘But that’s only after victory in the war.’

If you are defeated in the 7th Heavenly Demon War, your hope of becoming a god will disappear like foam.

‘Even if you don’t get the wish flag, you can’t lose the war.’

In the end, even if you throw away the black scythe, the war must always lead to victory.

That was why this negotiation with the demon archduke was important.

At that time, the face of the Demon Archduke appeared on the screen.

[Why do you keep calling busy people? You must be bothering me.]

Plunictos complained as soon as he saw him, but Michael smiled gently.

No matter what anyone says, the leader in this negotiation was the Demon Archduke.

[Thank you for making time for me despite your busy schedule, Your Excellency.]

[Sir Michael. What did you call me to talk about? I hope it ends quickly.]

‘You look like a snub-headed bastard. ‘You know everything but you pretend not to know.’

Part of me wanted to shoot him like he did during the last war, but Michael just smiled.

[All right. Since you are a busy person, let me get to the point. You asked me to bring you the black scythe some time ago… … Well, I wish you could extend the appointment time a little longer… … .]

[If that’s the case, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you don’t bring him in before the 18th round, we’ll declare war right away.]

[I’m not asking you to increase it much. Just a little… … .]

[I don’t like it.]

Plunictos was stubborn.

He even crossed his arms and turned his head.

It’s as if you shouldn’t even dream of negotiating.

‘If we start a war now, we can win unconditionally, so that’s why we’re so stubborn.’

It was as expected, but it was bittersweet.

The reality is that we have no choice but to make excuses and beg the enemy to postpone the war.

‘But it’s still better than losing.’

We lost in the last 6th Heavenly Demon War, but what if we lose this time too?

Nemesis, of course, has no face to see the gods who are looking forward to the Elyos.

Even Archangel Artaros.

‘We have to buy time somehow. If a war breaks out now, it is a foregone conclusion that we will be defeated.’

Michael, who used to have a determined expression on his face, turned into a pleading face as if he had never done that before.

[Please don’t do that, Your Excellency. I’m not saying I won’t give you the black scythe. Please wait just one round. To be exact, 18 rounds. On the day of the friendly war, I will hand over the black scythe as scheduled. Please be kind.]

I tried e****lating, but Plunictos only snorted.

[Hmph, whatever it is, we can’t put it off. A promise is a promise. If there is no Black Scythe in the Demon King’s Castle when the 18th round begins, war will start as agreed. In the meantime, it is natural for me to manifest with my original strength and participate in the war.]

[…] … .]

Originally, Plunictos was unable to participate in the Heavenly Demon Battle.

Because its power is so great.

‘According to rumors, it is said to be comparable to Master Artaros.’

Such Plunictos participates in the Heavenly Demon Battle with his own strength?

The result is as expected.

The 7th Heavenly Demon War will end with the defeat of the Heavenly Demons.

[You are the ones who broke the rules first. I can rightfully claim this, and in return I can start an early war. You can also directly participate in war. So don’t feel unfair. Of course, this is established as a rule, and the gods on both sides agree to it. So don’t even think about negotiating with me.]

[…] … .]

As expected, negotiation does not work.

‘I’m just asking you to wait for one round… … .’

Michael chewed his lower lip and sighed as if he had no choice.

[Whoa. There is no way to do this. great. I will give it to you.]

[What are you giving me?]

[Permission to access the Akashic Records.]

Plunictos’ expression, which had been consistent throughout the conversation, changed.

A surprising reaction.

But even for a moment.

The corners of his mouth twitched as if that was what he wanted.

[Are you really willing to give up access to the Akashic Records?]

[Until now, only Elyos could use it according to the regulations of both sides… … If you delay the war, I will allow you to use the demons as well.]

[No, no. You should only allow demons to use it, not demons.]

[Don’t say nonsense. We obtained this authority somehow, but we can’t afford to hand it over. Even if we lose the war, it will be difficult.]

[Is that really the case? Then please allow us to share it together.]

[All right. I will… … .]

[However, the war cannot be delayed. We will extend the promised deadline to within 18 rounds.]

[…] … .]

As expected, he is skilled as he is the highest authority of the demon race.

Don’t take the bait right away.

[So, if you hand over the black scythe in round 18, you’re saying we won’t start a war right away?]

[exactly. If we also share the authority of the Akashic Records.]

Michael had to work hard to control his expression.

‘There is no such thing as a complete blade robber.’

The cost of slightly extending the deadline was too high.

‘Can not help it. The only way to delay the war is to negotiate like this.’

Although it was a shame to hand over the black scythe, it is not more important than war.

[I will do so.]

[good. So are the negotiations over?]


[Don’t talk nonsense later. All conversations are recorded.]

[Would it be possible?]

Plunictos seemed to be very satisfied with the answer and smiled, showing his teeth.

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