The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 280

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Episode 280

280. God Grade Combination

[You used an infinite bag of ingredients.]

[congratulations! 5 material items have been released!]

[Items will be provided to your inventory!]

When you use the material bag you received as a reward for round 17, five materials come out.

‘Bubbling desire, moonlight that cannot be hidden, wings that are covered in darkness… … .’

These were ingredients that most people did not know.

Except one thing.

‘Oh, did the condensed ether come out?’

It’s an item that isn’t easy to come by through a lottery, but it came out.

It was because the luck stat was over 1 million.

‘Anyway, were there so many ingredients I didn’t know about?’

Ryumin clicked his tongue as he looked at the ingredients.

I knew that the draw was affected by the luck stat, but I didn’t know that there would be ingredients I didn’t know at all.

‘Well, this is the first time the stats have exceeded 1 million units.’

In the 99th episode, Ryumin’s basic stats were in the thousands.

Fortunately, after receiving the buff, it exceeded 10,000 units.

‘But now the basic amount is hundreds of thousands. If you get the buff, you will become millions.’

In other words, it has become over 100 times stronger than the previous episode.

Since I’ve never played a lottery in that situation, it’s not strange if I come across ingredients I don’t know.

‘All of this is thanks to the stats given by the Archangel.’

The reason Ryumin became stronger was because of the reward for killing the archangel.

If I had known this would happen, I would have tried to kill the archangels a long time ago.

Since it was my first time killing an archangel, there were a lot of new things to learn.

This is true starting from the Eternal level.

‘Now that we have condensed ether, shall we try combining it?’

Just like he did in the other world, Ryu Min placed various ingredients in the combination window and pressed the combination button.

Since I don’t know how to combine Eternal, I have no choice but to find it through this kind of hard work.

[This is a combination that cannot be combined.]

[This is a combination that cannot be combined.]

[This is a combination that cannot be combined.]

… … … … … …

… … … …

As expected, I was told that I couldn’t do it, but I didn’t give up.

‘There may be a possibility if purified ether and condensed ether are added to the auxiliary materials.’

After trying out the combination several times, I got a feel for it.

[Main ingredients]

-Dragon’s Horn

[Supplementary ingredients]

-Purified ether

-Condensed Ether

– Essence of Negation

-Bubbling Desire

-Peering gaze

It was not something to be dismissed as mere intuition.

Because the moment I pressed the button, a completely different result was obtained.

[Combining Eternal grade items.]

[The item is of high quality and takes time to make. Please be patient.]

[Combining ingredients… … .]

[Analyzing user’s soul… … .]

[Synchro tuning… … .]

[Combination successful!]

[We created ‘Eyes of Insight.’]

‘That’s it. ‘It’s a combination!’

A smile of remorse appeared on Ryumin’s face.

[Eye of Insight]

-Category: Helmet

-Grade: Eternal

-Defense: 5,000

-Effect: All stats +200, see through the essence of the opponent and identify their weaknesses.

-Durability: Infinite

-Restrictions on use: Black Scythe (soul bound)

-Description: A soul-binding item that exerts influence by overlaying the user’s soul, not the body. It cannot be transferred to another person. Can be applied in conjunction with other equipment items.

When looking at items, the important thing is options.

‘But this… … ‘It’s bigger than you think, right?’

Can you see through the essence of others?

I guess it doesn’t matter.


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The important thing is to be able to identify weaknesses.

Of course, it’s a weakness and it would be enough to just destroy it all while sleeping… … .

‘There may be situations that cannot be resolved through force.’

It was a useful option in such cases.

Especially at times like now when we have gone against the wishes of the gods.

Because I might end up fighting God.

‘The best thing is to prevent such a situation from happening.’

Ryumin, who was satisfied with wearing the item, stopped combining at this point.

There was one condensed ether to use as a secondary material, but there was no purified ether that could be considered the core.

‘It is impossible to create Eternal without purified ether.’

I can guess where to get it.

‘Maybe I’ll have to kill Michael to come out.’

Even though the heavens let him go, there is no need to worry.

Anyway, it will appear on its own by round 18.

Whether for good or bad purposes.

‘I might have to kill you then.’

You have to kill him not only for the refined ether but also for the Soul Binding quest.

A fate that has already been decided.

‘I just have to use it as much as I can and then kill it.’

The same goes for demons.

Because I have something to ask the demons who will appear in round 18.

That’s why I chose the faction change option.

‘I need to prepare for the upcoming 18th round.’

Ryumin immediately picked up his cell phone.

There is a need to strengthen power.

“Uh, leader Heo. Summon the followers of the Four Gods Church right now. All.”

* * *

Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Roaring Roaring-

The Four Gods Church building was unseasonably filled with people.

“284, 285, 286… … .”

Although he checked when entering, Heo Tae-seok counted the number of people one more time just in case.

286 people including myself and Black Scythe.

Everyone entered the chapel.

“Everyone gathered together? Fortunately, the. It wouldn’t be unfair if you went to the bathroom for no reason and were left alone to receive benefits. haha.”

“Everyone’s here. That’s a relief. It would be… … .”

After Heo Tae-seok finished speaking, Eom Jun-seok’s interpretation continued.

Half of them were Korean, but there were also a significant number of foreigners, so it was natural.

“A lot of people were surprised when they suddenly called for a convocation, right? It is said that none other than Black Scythe has prepared a special benefit for you. Are you curious about what the benefits are? You will be truly amazed when you hear it. From now on, the words that will come out of Black Scythe’s mouth are as valuable as the information on the next round.”

There was a sense of anticipation in people’s eyes.

I was curious about what information the black scythe would give me.

People’s eyes were focused on Heo Tae-seok, as if telling him to speak quickly.

“That’s it… … Black Scythe will tell you directly!”

“ah… … .”

It was a moment of disappointment.

Ryu Min went up to the podium, grabbed the microphone, and spoke in a calm tone.

“I’m going to teach you guys how to combine god grades.”

“Go, god level?”

People’s eyes widened.

Since they heard about it from an angel, no one now knows how good God’s grade is.

Also, the condensed ether received as a round reward is a god-grade material.

“There is probably no one who does not have ether condensed in their hands. However, most people do not know what to combine with what to create a god grade. But don’t worry. “I know everything about combination food.”

No one asked how I knew that.

Just as you would not ask a blacksmith where he learned blacksmithing skills.

I just hope that a black scythe who knows how to combine it will create his own item.

Still, Ryu Min had said this with that intention.

“I will make a god-level item right here and now, so take out all the materials you have and submit them to the front. “Let’s check if we have the materials to make the item.”

People willingly took out the materials they had on hand and brought them to the front.

These ingredients are useless anyway if you don’t know how to combine them.

Even if it is used for someone else, I have no regrets.

Numerous materials were piled up on the platform.

Starting from really useless ingredients to ingredients needed for god level.

It was very diverse.

When the submission was finished, Ryumin, who was sorting the ingredients, slowly shook his head.

“I don’t think it’s enough to make 285 god grades.”

When I heard that it wasn’t enough, a sad exclamation came out.

Because someone was saying that it was impossible to make a God grade.

But Ryumin smiled as if there was no need to worry.

“It’s not enough, but there’s nothing to worry about. “You can buy ingredients by giving points at the special store.”

Ryumin bought ingredients at the special store.

Even so, I only used 1 million points.

There was still a large sum of 16 million points remaining.

Nevertheless, people were looking at me with respect, as if they were looking at a philanthropist from some century.

Ryumin, who was smiling behind his mask, lined up the people once all preparations were completed.

“Please line up and come up here.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a long line formed in an instant.

‘Black Scythe personally produces God grade!’

People faced the black scythe one on one with their hearts pounding.

“Do you have condensed ether?”


“Add the ingredients here and the auxiliary ingredients and combine them. “The main material is any master-level gloves.”

“Are you talking about gloves?”

“okay. “The ingredients are different for each part, so don’t be disappointed if it’s not the part you want.”

When I shouted to the people behind me to listen, they nodded.

It’s a shame that it’s not the part I wanted, but I decided to be satisfied with being able to make a god-level item.

“Oooh, god-grade gloves have been made! “You really have amazing abilities, right?”

“The person behind you is waiting, so go over there and combine. next.”

Ryumin handed out the ingredients to be combined one by one.

Although I said no, I read the other person’s thoughts and adjusted them to the desired area as much as possible.

Perhaps that’s why most people seemed satisfied with the items.

“democracy. The part you need to combine is the helmet. Take it.”

“Jo Yong-ho. “This is God grade armor material.”

“Seo A-rin. “Make shoes out of this.”

“Thank you, Black Scythe.”

I received thanks from people and handed out ingredients for the combination.

There was a lot of noise and exclamations from everywhere, but no one made weapons.

To combine a god-level weapon, you need at least two condensed ethers.

When we distributed it to all 285 people, we ran out of ingredients.

‘With this, we can survive the war to some extent.’

It was harder work than expected, but there was still something left to give.

“Everyone will be happy to have god-level items, but please put the items away for a while and listen to what I say.”

Ryu Min, who got people’s attention, opened his mouth.

In some ways, it was the most important information.

“From now on, I’ll tell you about the 18th round.”

At those words, people swallowed their saliva and concentrated.

“The 18th round quest is a group mission [to win the war]. In the war between angels and demons, we players must stand on the side of the angels and fight against the demons. “In a way, from the angels’ perspective, it’s like hiring our players as mercenaries.”

“Like an angel… … .”

“We have to fight… … ?”

People’s eyes widened and were instantly filled with anger.

It’s not that they aren’t, but angels are like enemies to players.

In fact, the demons with whom I had no contact felt more like allies.

“You’re fighting with a team of angels!”

“That’s ridiculous!”

Although the backlash was strong, Ryumin’s voice behind the mask was calm.

“It’s a quest that’s set up that way, regardless of whether it makes sense or not. “Whether I like it or not, I have no choice but to form a party with the angel and fight.”

“But angels can’t do good things!”

“What if I can’t? Lose the war and disappear together?”

“… … .”

The audience was completely dumbfounded by Ryu Min’s seemingly sarcastic remarks.

“If you hadn’t heard this from me in advance, I would have shown you a bad situation in front of an angel.”

“Do I really have to be on the side of the angels?”

“okay. Even if I don’t like it, I can’t help it. Face reality. “The only way to survive is to follow the quest.”

“Well, is there another way to kill an angel?” … .”

“does not exist. As I said, it’s a party, so team kills are impossible.”

“ah… … .”

It’s a mission where you have to be on the same side as your opponent.

It was nothing short of a call to form a temporary alliance with North Korea and attack the United States.

But Ryumin’s words weren’t over yet.

“It’s not like there’s no way.”

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