The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 281

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Episode 281

281. Dissolution

People’s eyes widened when they heard that there was a way.

“Is there a way to team kill?”

“However, only I can do this. “No one else can.”

“ah… … .”

Disappointment flashes across the faces of the believers.

It looks like he really doesn’t want to help the angel.

‘I’m sorry, but team kill is impossible. ‘Don’t underestimate the system.’

You might have expected a method of team killing by exploiting loopholes in the system, but shortcuts do not work.

In this world, the rules of the system are absolute.

If you are set up as an ally, you cannot cancel it no matter what you do.

‘Unless you use the right to change faction.’

By using this temporary skill received as a first place reward, you are the only player who can change factions.

You can fight on the side of the Demons, not the Elyos.

‘If the demons win this time, I can survive too.’

If the same team wins, it is considered to have passed, so there is no need to stick to the Elyos.

Like a bat, the key to skill is to move to the team that is likely to win depending on the situation.

In short, it was a skill designed to betray one’s comrades.

‘But I know. Even if you abandon your colleagues and survive alone, you will eventually be blocked in round 20.’

To enter the boss room, which requires 5 or more people, you must take as many people as possible to round 20.

It is better to just be destroyed than to join the demon team and survive alone.

‘But the reason I chose this skill was to team kill the Elyos. No other reason.’

Therefore, it was necessary to say this in advance.

It would be quite surprising if he suddenly slaughtered angels all by himself.

“The only one who can betray the Elyos is me, who was first in the last round. So don’t be surprised if I suddenly murder angels.”

“Are you trying to kill the angels?”

“why? “I hope you don’t kill me?”

“That’s not it… … .”

It is safe to say that angels are the main enemies of humans.

Since they are the ones involved in the game of survival, they are responsible for killing billions of people.

So, of course, everyone’s wish was to hit the angel… … .

‘Ironically, the 18th round mission is to lead the war to victory with the Elyos.’

That was the reason why there was confusion in people’s minds.

Killing an Elyos on the same side was a waste of my own flesh without benefit.

Of course, Ryumin, who has the devil’s blessing, has tremendous benefits.

“do not worry. Killing some angels won’t result in losing the war. “I will lead the war to victory no matter what happens.”

If it had been the words of a shepherd boy, it would have been unconvincing, but the opponent was none other than a black scythe.

Everyone, no matter who they were, bowed their heads at those confident words.

Judging by his actions so far, there was no doubt that his words were trustworthy.

There were even people who muttered that they believed like crazy cultists.

Ryu Min then gave strategies on how to win the war.

It wasn’t particularly great information.

It just told me about the demons’ habits and what they looked like to watch out for.

“… … That’s all the strategies I know. Thank you for your hard work listening. Now everyone, disperse.”

As Ryumin came down from the stage, people dispersed and looked at their phones.

He seemed busy making reservations for his return flight.

Some touched the air and rolled their eyes here and there.

The goal was to take a good look at God-level items that I hadn’t seen since I was listening to the strategy.

“Wow… … This is God grade… … .”

People unconsciously exclaimed in excitement at the option that could not be compared to other items.

The cult leader Heo Tae-seok was no exception.

‘It increases the number, damage, and projection speed of black arrows by 50%? Are you completely crazy?’

The options for [Moros’ Robe], the god-grade armor he created, were enormous.

I can confidently say that this is by far the strongest item I’ve seen so far.

Under the information about whether it is one or not, it says Moros’ clothing set effect (1/5).

‘If I create two or more god grades, do I get a set effect?’

What if there was one more great item like this?

You too can become as strong as a black scythe.

As long as a player’s value lies in strength, he couldn’t help but become greedy.

‘Is it condensed ether to create a god grade? I think I need that item… … .’

I don’t know how to get it, but as long as I get it, Black Scythe will provide me with the remaining ingredients like he does now.

Then you can receive the 2nd set effect.

‘Where do I get condensed ether? Should I ask Black Scythe?’

As I closed the item window and was thinking hard, I made eye contact with an unlucky human.

This is Alex Pearson.

‘You damn nosed pig.’

The disgusting guy just looking at him glares at him and then quickly turns his head away.


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Seeing them blatantly ignoring me brings heat to my head.

‘How dare you ignore the religious leader on a layperson’s topic?’

Although the misunderstanding from the last incident was resolved, the resentment did not go away easily, and the same was true for Alex.

We haven’t talked since then, but I know it when I see it.

How can you explain those eyes and mood that ignores you instead of greeting you even when you see them?

‘I should have taken that bastard’s thing away, but it was a waste.’

If I had known that condensed ether was such a valuable item, I would not have hesitated to rob Alex.

While Heo Tae-seok clicked his tongue in regret after thinking that, Seo A-rin was looking around for someone.

“Oh, it was here. “Democracy.”

“huh? Actress Seo Ah-rin? “Are you looking for me?”

“yes. “I have something to ask.”

“To me?”

As Min Joo-ri looked at him with puzzled eyes, Seo A-rin said.

“Have you not seen the Prophet?”

“Uh, I didn’t see it… … .”

“You two are friends. “Didn’t you come with me?”

“yes. When I ask him to go with me, he flatly refuses. “They say they will leave on their own, but I don’t know if they are here.”

‘I don’t know if I’m in the Four Gods Church?’

Min Joo-ri asked to Seo A-rin, who gave her a puzzled look.

“But why are you looking for Min?”

“You’re neighbors. I’m worried because I heard that my house was destroyed. But the real reason is… … .”

Seo A-rin, who was hesitant to speak while pursing her lips, grabbed Min Joo-ri’s arm and led her to a corner where there were no people.

“Why, why are you doing that?”

“It’s a bit like that when people hear it.”

“What are you trying to say…” … .”

Seo A-rin, who was observing her surroundings, opened her mouth as if she thought it was okay to speak now.

“I think the Prophet is strange.”

“yes? That’s strange. What is that… … .”

“Tracking doesn’t work. “I definitely know the name and face, but I can’t find the location.”

“… … .”

“If you don’t believe me, try it right now. Even when the speech ended earlier, it was said that it did not match, so it will definitely come out that way… … .”

While Seo A-rin was speaking, she noticed a strange current.

This was because Min Joo-ri’s expression, which should have been surprised, changed into a face that was contemplating something.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Uh, that’s… … .”

“Do you know something?”

Min-ri Min flinched and shook her shoulders, as if she had hit the nail on the head.

‘He looks so good, but somehow he seems to have a personality that can’t lie… … .’

After all, physiognomy is a science.

“If you know anything, please tell me.”

In response to Seo A-rin’s question, Min-ri Min sighed as if she couldn’t answer.

“Because it’s a secret… … Where do you go and don’t tell me?”


“I also talked to Min about that issue recently. “I can’t trace it, so what happened?”


Seo A-rin focused with bright eyes, but Min-ri Min waved her hand as if it was no big deal.

“It turns out that there is a rune that disrupts tracking. “I think it’s a rune that can prevent others from tracking you when you want.”

“iced coffee… … .”

Seo A-rin lowered her head as if the secret had been revealed.

“If that’s the case, I understand.”

“Look. “It’s no big deal, right?”

“But the questions don’t end here.”

“What else is there?”

“It’s been a few months since I joined the Church of the Four Gods, but you’re saying I haven’t seen the Prophet’s face at all? “Is it true that the Prophet joined the Church of the Four Gods?”

Min Joo-ri answered as if there was a reason for that too.

“I asked the same question, but they said I signed up. He only put his name up and barely participated… … .”

“The number of people is the same. “But you didn’t participate?”

Min Joo-ri answered the questions in succession.

It was easy to explain because I had the same question last month.

“I am intentionally hiding my identity by using a different nickname because I am afraid that if my profession as a prophet becomes known, there will be confusion among people.”

“But did you really just say that and end it? “Did you say anything else?”

“I said something else that didn’t make sense, but… … “It’s not something worth worrying about.”

“What is it?”

“It was just a simple joke. Never mind.”

I kept telling myself not to worry, but when a person’s heart is trying to hide it, they want to hear it more.

“Don’t do that, just say it. “What kind of joke did the Prophet tell you?”

After persistent questioning, Min Joo-ri had no choice but to listen to Seo A-rin’s demands.

“He said something ridiculous that he was a black scythe.”


Seo A-rin asked back as if confirming a fact that she had never thought about.

“Well, the Prophet… … He said he couldn’t find it because he was a black scythe… … “He said that?”

“Is that so? If you don’t want to talk, you can say no, but you’re making a trivial joke… … .”

Min Joo-ri was blabbering, but that didn’t reach Seo A-rin’s ears.

‘Black Scythe and the Prophet are the same person?’

Seo A-rin did not dismiss the words as a joke but took them seriously.

As far as I know, the Prophet is not the type to make pointless jokes.

‘Come to think of it, I’ve never seen the two of them standing at the same time.’

Although these two people cannot be considered the same person, both physically and in terms of personality, Seo A-rin did not take the remark lightly.

‘perhaps… … ‘Maybe he was telling the truth.’

Since the skill can even revive the dead, how can we say for sure that there is no ability to change appearance?

‘What if we assume he changed his appearance and led a double life? All questions about the Prophet are resolved.’

Seo A-rin seriously thought that the prophet might be a black scythe, but Minjoo-ri’s reaction was different.

“Isn’t it absurd to hear it from the actor? Even jokes like that… … .”

“You don’t believe in democracy?”

“sure. “How can I trust you when you look different?”

“Have you ever thought that you can change your appearance?”

“Even so, people have personalities. “They’re not Jekyll and Hyde, they have completely different personalities, right?”

“To think that it was decorated to look like that… … .”

Min Joo-ri waved her hand as if it was nonsense.

“Do you think I, a high school classmate, don’t know Min? “She’s never been the type of girl to hide something.”

“… … .”

He spoke so firmly that Seo A-rin had nothing more to say.

‘Did you say people only see what they want to see?’

When there is a rainbow, people only see the colors they want to see.

If you believe that, you can’t help it.

It’s not something that can be changed just because someone else says this or that.

‘If you try to change it, that’s meddling.’

That’s why Seo A-rin decided not to care whether Min Joo-ri believes it or not.

What was important was the information that the Prophet might be the Black Scythe.

‘I’ll have to check it out.’

Seo A-rin’s eyes turned to the platform where the black scythe had left.

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