The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 299

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Episode 299

299. Three Men

“ah. ah.”

Any player whose level is over 90 is sufficient to deal with the ogre alone.

That too if you are a player with god level items.

However, Christine is a non-combat class without any common attack skills.

I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed because I was just like an ordinary person among the players.

‘Oh, what should I do, what should I do?’

I was so embarrassed that I was frozen like a stone statue and couldn’t even think of running away.

Then, Christine’s feet fell when the ogre screamed.


Christine ran through the forest without looking back.

The ogre’s roar, which was supposed to be scary, actually made the prey run away.

Crack, clap, clap!

Christine ran while looking only ahead.

There was no time to look back, and there was no need to.


The sound of the approaching ogre’s footsteps sent a chill down my spine.

‘oh my god. Come on, I guess we’re close.’

Although I ran hard, it was not easy to beat the strides of an ogre that was over 3 meters tall.


The moment when the sound got closer and closer, as if it was just a stone’s throw away, and the shadow was so deep that it almost covered me.


The ogre stretched out its arm to snatch the prey’s head.



The ogre’s arm, which was blocked by the shield, bounced back with half-elasticity.

Even the large body was pushed by an intangible force and flew more than 15 meters away.

It was thanks to the god-grade armor Christine wore, [Wings of Eros].

[You blocked the death blow.]

[Number of uses: 1/2]

[Each number of charges has a cooldown of 12 hours.]

Even when the message came to mind, Christine was too busy running around looking at it.

However, I didn’t run without thinking.

I ran using trees as cover or moved as narrowly as possible to prevent the ogre from entering.

But, as if that was of no use, the ogre rushed forward, destroying the trees.

Kwajak- Kwazak!

Whoa whoa!

Christine, who was truly scared, quickly opened the quest progress window.

‘Go, you have to ask a nearby player for help.’

If you want to survive, you have no choice but to depend on others.

Fortunately, there was a player at the top of the list, at the 150m mark.

We checked the player’s nickname and face and used straight tracking.

[The face and nickname match. Tracks the location of the target.]

[The location of player ‘Scholar’ has been discovered.]

[It is currently 148 meters away.]

[To track the target, follow the arrows in front of you.]

It was nice to have someone nearby to ask for help, but Christine’s expression was dark the whole time.

In the meantime, I narrowed the distance and allowed the ogre to strike once more.

[You blocked the death blow.]

[Number of uses: 2/2]

[You have used all remaining counts.]

[Cooldown time takes 24 hours to charge.]

Now, if you get caught, you die.

That made Christine run with all the strength she had from breastfeeding.

However, with poor stats, it was difficult to increase the distance.

“Ha, ha, ha… … .”


Even though the ogre was thrown back 15 meters by the power of the armor, the distance narrowed.

Is this the end?

That’s what I thought when the ogre’s shadow appeared before my eyes again.

I heard that a flash of light passes by me when I die, but nothing like that happened.

I just remembered one person.

‘Black Scythe… … .’


At that moment, the ogre’s hand was about to pull out Christine’s head.


The ogre’s voice sounded strange.


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It sounds like a panicked voice, or a voice like boiling phlegm.

In the meantime, I continued running without stopping and the distance increased considerably.

‘What’s going on? ‘Why aren’t you following me?’

Unable to control my curiosity, I turned my head and saw an ogre standing tall.

‘Why aren’t you suddenly chasing me? … .’

I looked at it because I didn’t understand, and I saw something shiny on the ogre’s neck.

It was a knife.

A small knife was sticking out of his throat.


The ogre fell forward, revealing who had stabbed him in the back of the neck.


Jeffrey pulled out a dagger the size of his forearm and looked at Christine.

“Phew… … I almost got into big trouble. Anyway, nice to meet you. “Christine.”

“How could the deacon get here…” … ?”

Geoffrey was not a close player.

But did they suddenly appear after closing the distance?

“The deacon wasn’t on the tracking list, so how could it be…?” … ?”

“That will be done by using invisibility. “If you use transparency, it will say ‘untrackable’ and you can escape from tracking.”


This is a fact I didn’t know.

Maybe that’s why the black scythe couldn’t be traced?

Christine, who had escaped the crisis, breathed a sigh of relief.

“Whew, thanks for your help. “She really almost died.”

“I’m glad you showed up on time.”

“Iknow, right. How did you show up at such good timing? … Oh, you really came after me in a state of invisibility?”

Jeffrey did not deny it.

“you’re right. As soon as the round started, I turned invisible and tracked Christine. “But he didn’t know he was going through a crisis like this.”

“Why did you chase me?”

“Black Scythe gave me instructions to protect Christine.”

“Black Scythe?”

Even though she was surprised by those words, Christine’s expression brightened.

Because he didn’t know that the black scythe would care about him.

Geoffrey, who easily killed the ogre, shook himself off and got up, but his eyes suddenly changed.


“Yes, I felt it too.”

Someone was approaching within the range of presence detection.

At first I thought it was an ogre, but judging by the way it approached in a group, I decided it wasn’t.

‘It’s a person.’

It’s not that it wasn’t, but when I turned on the tracking list, the distance was getting closer.


As expected, the one who appeared through the thick forest was the player.

“Oh, I found it.”

“You were here?”

“Hello, Chrissy.”

The three people who suddenly appeared seemed to know each other, but Christine saw them for the first time.

No, I knew the nickname and face of one of them.

Because he was the person he was trying to find.


“uh? How did you know? “It’s a fantasy world, so you won’t see my nickname, right?”

“I knew it when I saw the face on the tracking list.”

“ah-ha, I see. “Then I guess I don’t have to introduce you?”

The nickname of the player who smiles while saying that is [Scholar].

The player sitting next to him is [Ballon d’Or].

For some reason, Christine could tell that the player staring with cold eyes was from [Scary World].

That’s why I didn’t ask for a self-introduction.

I just asked straight for the purpose of my visit.

“From what I see, you came to visit me. What did you want to do?”

“Don’t be too guarded. “We didn’t come here for a bad purpose.”

The scholar, who tried to reassure people with a friendly smile, slowly revealed his purpose.

“We are the players who received Chrissy’s help in the last round.”

“You want my help?”

“You supported me as a healer in an emergency. “Thanks to you, I was able to overcome several situations where I almost lost my life.”

Christine tilted her head when told that she had helped.

These are unfamiliar faces that you will inevitably see for the first time.

‘I helped you last round?’

The 18th round is a war-themed round.

There are thousands of people who have supported him through extensive healing.

In a situation like that, would you remember who you helped?

“I’m not sure.”

“Don’t you remember?”

“Maybe it’s because I’m so busy during the war… … ?”

“I feel a little sad.”

When the three people chimed in, Christine was embarrassed.

I really can’t remember, so what can I do?

“So why are you here?”

“Why are you coming? “I came because I wanted to repay the help I received back then.”


“This 19th round is a dangerous round to go around alone. There are a lot of monsters around like this. “I thought Chrissy would be in danger, so I rushed to him with his colleagues.”

The intention was good, but Christine had no intention of accepting help from a stranger right away.

“Thank you for your words, but it’s okay.”

“You’re so cold to the person who came to help you.”

“It’s too much, really.”

Christine was a little taken aback when the atmosphere suddenly became one of self-criticism.

“… … As you can see, there is someone helping.”

“Who? “That person next to me?”

“Looking at the tracking list, I see it’s someone named [Jephy]?”

“Look, Mr. Jeffy.”

The scholar approached Geoffrey.

“Did you get help from Chrissy too?”

“… … .”

“What’s your relationship with Chrissy?”

Jeffrey just stared coldly.

It’s like he doesn’t want to talk to people like you.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?”

“Are you dumb?”

Christine got angry at those words.

“Hey. “You’re being harsh.”

“I guess you’re dumb. “I saw you getting upset.”

“Why is Chrissy so upset when this person stays still?”

“Surely you two are like that?”

“The saint had a bed partner. “Isn’t this a bit shocking?”

As people were being driven strangely, Jeffrey could no longer remain still.


“Wow, look at that. “A dumb man carries a dagger.”

“f*ck, you want to try it with us?”

“Put that down, when you say something nice.”

The atmosphere suddenly became dangerous.

Although it was partly Jeffrey’s fault that he wasted his life, they were the first to provide the cause.

“Stop it.”

“uh? “Did you know how to speak?”

“I thought you couldn’t speak because you kept quiet like a mute.”

“But why should we go out? “You just go away.”

Even with the three people working together, Jeffrey was not intimidated.

“Your tongue is so long. “Is it a snake?”


“This bastard said something nice, but it won’t work.”

“You crazy bastard. “You just pull out a knife at someone you meet for the first time.”

It wasn’t wrong.

They felt bad for approaching me and pulled out their swords, which seemed absurd to them.

But Geoffrey had a duty to protect Chrissy.

“It’s obvious without even looking at what purpose you approached Chrissy, so get the hell out of there. “No more warnings.”

“Hey, be scared.”

“You are a prince riding a white horse.”

“so? “You’re going to deal with the three of us alone?”

“Hey, you’re not alone. “There’s Chrissy too.”

“Ah, that’s right.”

Even if Chrissy helped, the three didn’t worry.

Because there wasn’t much point in having just one healer.

That way, they have a numerical superiority.

“Just give it a try.”

“Try to attack first.”


Christine was taken aback when all three drew their swords.

“Come on, don’t fight. Jeffy, please stop too.”

“Chrissy, stay back. Those guys clearly didn’t take a friendly approach. “He was probably planning on using Chrissy and then killing him.”

“we? On what basis?”

“This is ridiculous. People who come to help are branded criminals.”

“Leave your delusions at home. mister.”

It was an absurd reaction, but Jeffrey believed that his thoughts were right.

It was then.

“What happen?”

Another player appeared rustlingly.

It was a face Christine knew.


Shrine Dorothy rolled her eyes as if trying to figure out what was going on.

“What are you doing now? “Why is the atmosphere like this?”

“What’s going on here Dorothy… … .”

“Chrissy resurrected me last time. “I was grateful for that, so I came to help.”

The three players who were confronting those words shouted that it was right.

“Look at me! “That woman also came to help.”

“But why are you pulling out a knife on us and telling us to get out of here?”

“Is it okay to do this to someone who came all the way to help me? yes?”

After listening to it, there was nothing wrong with it.

It simply happened because Geoffrey was in a bad mood.

At that time, Christine hesitated and was about to speak.

An unexpected person appeared.

“What are you all doing here?”

It was none other than a black scythe.

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