The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 304

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Episode 304

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304. Demons

Ryu Min was not actually tracking Heo Tae-seok.

‘I thought Victor would be in danger, so I came here and found this… … .’

I rushed to the event belatedly, thinking that I had to ensure the safety of the supporters, but I had no idea that something like this would happen.

“Krrrrr… … .”

“You bastard, you’re out of your mind.”

Ryumin sighed when he saw the animal baring its teeth at him like an animal.

How could a follower dare to kill a being revered as a god?

At first glance, he seemed crazy, but I could already tell by reading his thoughts.

‘The only thought in my head is that I have to kill everyone.’

No matter how crazy I am, I can’t think of just one thought.

This is not a normal way of thinking.

‘Someone messed with my mind.’

Ryu Min noticed external intervention and guessed who it was.

Because there was only one guy with this kind of ability.

‘Plunictos. That guy is in another world.’

After reading Plunictos’ thoughts last time, I figured out his abilities.

By taking away a little of his power, he can turn a human into a vengeful demon.

Therefore, the culprit is clear.

‘Plunictos stained Heo Tae-seok like a devil.’

I tried it briefly, but it was out of control and the command function didn’t work.

Looks completely demonized.

Currently, he is a beast, nothing more and nothing less.


Heo Tae-seok rushed in with revenge for his severed arm.

But he chose the wrong opponent.


The head was cut cleanly and the body rolled around on the floor.

Ryu Min looked at Heo Tae-seok, who died somewhat in vain, with a sad expression.

‘We lost a warlock, but there’s nothing we can do. ‘You can’t take a monster for 20 rounds.’

Ryu Min, who killed Heo Tae-seok with his own hands, looked at Eom Jun-seok.

“Are you okay?”

“ah… … Yes, thank you for saving me.”

Nodding his head once, Ryu Min passed Eom Jun-seok and stopped in front of Victor.

“Are you okay?”

“yes… … But Sophia… … .”

When I saw Victor with his despairing face, I realized it all at once.

‘It looks like there is no potion of life made.’

The Potion of Life is definitely a legendary item.

The materials used to resurrect people are extremely difficult.

Currently, the round is coming to an end, so it is not that difficult to obtain materials.

‘I should have provided ingredients for Victor to make the potion… … .’

I think I neglected it too much, thinking it would take care of itself.

Wasn’t Victor a talented person who survived until the 18th round without his own help?

‘You’ll need my help.’

Ryu Min glanced at Heo Tae-seok and then at Sophia.

His heart was completely pierced and he died instantly.

There seems to be no possibility of revival other than resurrection.

“Black Scythe. “It’s shameless, but can I ask you a favor?”

“Try it.”

“Please use Black Scythe’s fast movement ability to bring Chrissy to me. Please bring me back and ask me to resurrect Sophia. please.”

“I guess 10 minutes haven’t passed yet.”

“That’s right. So you better hurry… … .”

Ryumin shook his head resolutely.

“That is impossible. “There is no way for me to cover a distance of 5 km and back in 10 minutes.”

The distance from Chrissy on the tracking list is 5km.

It’s not a distance that can be taken.

“Ah, hmm… … .”

Despair appeared on Victor’s face, but Ryumin’s words were not finished yet.

“But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way.”

Ryumin took out the legendary potion selection box he received as a sub-quest reward after killing 1,000 demons last time.

I was glad I hadn’t used it yet.


[Please touch the desired potion among the following.]

└ 1. Potion of Life

└ 2. Elixir of super regeneration

└ 3. Indomitable Resistance Potion


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└ 4. Memory erasure potion

└ 5. Elixir of immunity

Ryumin chose number 1 without hesitation.

Then, a potion of life is created in the palm of one’s hand.

“This will do.”

While saying that, he used the potion on Sophia.

Then, as if time had been rewound, the pierced heart was restored and color returned to Sophia’s face.

“iced coffee… … .”

Victor’s eyes opened wide as he faced the miracle, and Sophia also sighed and lifted her eyelids.

“W-this place… … .”


Sophia frowned when she saw Victor hugging her.

“It hurts, brother!”

“ah! I’m sorry. Are you okay now? Doesn’t it hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt… … What happened? I would definitely have died… … .”

Sophia, who had memories of just before she died, lowered her head.

The blood staining his chest proved his death.

“Black Scythe here saved me with a potion.”

“Black Scythe?”

Sophia’s gaze turned to the black scythe and then to Heo Tae-seok.

Although I had no memory of death, I had an idea of ​​what had happened.

A black scythe appeared, sorted out the situation, and resurrected him.

“Thank you for saving my life, Black Scythe. “How can I repay this favor?”

“There is no need to repay. “I only helped because I was in a situation where help was needed.”

Although she humbly declined, Sophia’s eyes still sparkled.

“You saved someone’s life, so how can I just overlook it? If you need any help, please let me know. “I want to repay the debt I owe with my life.”

“It’s really okay. If you are with me as a colleague, that is enough.”

Ryu Min declined again and looked at his colleagues.

Alex was clearing his throat to see if he was okay, and Eom Jun-seok was staring blankly at Heo Tae-seok’s body.

‘The situation has been resolved. but… … .’

I can’t continue like this anymore than I know that Plunictos intervened.

He may try to target his colleagues like he does now.

‘Unless you know what Plunictos’ body looks like, tracking it is impossible. then… … .’

I have no choice but to track down my colleagues around me.

What he’s targeting is probably Ryu Min’s favorite close associate.

Ryumin scanned the tracking list with serious eyes.

‘As of now, the closest place is where Minjoo Ri is located.’

We met a little while ago, but the devil may have come in the meantime.

“Everyone, listen carefully.”

Victor, Sophia, Alex, and Eom Jun-seok paid attention to Ryu Min’s words.

“The devil may have intervened this round. “I guess that’s why Heo Tae-seok changed.”

“Oh, devil?”


I know the reason, but Ryumin shook his head.

Because there was nothing good about being honest and saying it was because of yourself.

“I do not know. However, it would be safer to stick together and move like we do now.”

With those words, Ryumin told us to gather at Twin Canyon.

“I told other people to gather there too, so please hurry.”

“All right.”

“What are you going to do, Black Scythe?”

“I am… … .”

Ryumin turned his head and looked in the direction where Min-ri Min was.

“I need to check if my colleagues are in danger.”

With those words, Ryu Min’s new form disappeared like the wind.

* * *

The mission Yamti received from his master was simple.

When the round starts, find and protect Minjoo-ri.

It wasn’t a difficult mission, but as soon as I started, I couldn’t help but get angry.

‘f*ck, the distance is 8km, right?’

Perhaps due to bad luck with the starting location, the distance between us was too far, and it was only after an hour that we were barely able to reach Minju-ri’s place.

Additionally, I was given a task by my master to mediate between Min-ri Min and Seo-rin so that they don’t fight.


All Yamti could do was barely able to hold back the double insults.

“So you’re saying I confessed to him but he rejected me?”

“It’s not a rejection, it’s an opening of opportunity, right?”

“Ryu Min drew the line to remain friends, but what kind of opportunity is this? “It’s like clinging to something you rejected.”

“I beg your pardon? What can you say like that… … .”

“Ah, kinda! “Can’t you both just keep your mouths shut?”

When Yamti lost her temper, Minjoo-ri and Seo-rin no longer opened their mouths.

They just snort and turn their heads as if to show off.

“Ugh… … I’m glad I’m your older sister. I want this… … .”

If they were younger, would they have even listened to what they said?

I’m glad I was born a little early.

At that time, the now familiar death message appeared and the cold atmosphere turned solemn.

“This is already the twentieth death.”

“Iknow, right. Are we really killing each other?”

“Other than that, what else can I do?”

The three people added one word at a time and looked familiar.

The whole time they left the forest and walked across the plains, all they saw was a death notice window.

Therefore, the three people were confident that they would not be surprised by any notification, but they were mistaken.

So far, no surprising names have come out.

[The twenty-first death has occurred.]

[The nickname of the deceased is ‘No Gay’.]

[Now that 10 minutes have passed, we will destroy the player.]

[Current remaining players: 122]

[Extinct players: 21]

[Time remaining until round end: 70:06:44]

“uh? If you are an old person… … .”

“Aren’t you the leader of the Four Gods Church?”

Until now, only nicknames I didn’t know came to mind, but this time, the name of a colleague I definitely knew came to mind.

That’s a name they’ve seen all along.

“I can’t believe the leader is dead… … .”

“If it shows up in the notification, it means you can’t be revived… … .”

“ha… … “How could this happen?”

A sigh of regret came out of the mouths of the three people.

It was a sigh that was only possible because I did not know the exact circumstances.

“What happened? If it were the cult leader’s skills, he wouldn’t have been hit by a monster… … .”

“You could get hit. “If three ogres attack at the same time, will you be able to deal with them?”

“Am I available? “You can see how strong my spirit knight is.”

“We start fighting again, again!”

When there were signs of a fight, Yamti reacted nervously.

“Isn’t it time to reconcile?”

“I don’t know. “What it feels like to compete for someone you like.”

Yamti laughed at Minjoo-ri’s words.

“I don’t know? “Who has been holding back until now?”

“What does that mean? No way, Yamti too… … ?”

At Minjoo-ri’s suspicious look, Yamti blamed his own snout.

‘Anyway, your mouth is fair, fair!’

I said that because it is natural for a slave to yearn for his master.

Isn’t it like pouring oil on a burning house for no reason?

“Tell me. Yamti, do you also like Min?”

“Haha, is that possible? “I like Black Scythe.”

Min Joo-ri felt reassured by those words, but instead, Yam-ti had to receive Seo A-rin’s glare.

-Isn’t it okay for a slave to like his master?

Looking at Seo A-rin’s eyes, it seemed like she was protesting.

It’s not that it wasn’t, because it was Seo A-rin who knew that Yamti was a slave.

To escape jealousy, Yamti quickly changed course.

“I’m saying this out of old age, but please don’t misunderstand. I just like him as a colleague, this is what I mean. Haha.”

“iced coffee.”


Only then did Yamti feel the wrinkles growing on her forehead as she looked at Seo A-rin and Min Joo-ri who looked relieved.

‘Wow, this is the moment when the real double lust comes out.’

Yamti clicked his tongue and looked ahead.

The journey toward the Twin Canyons couldn’t have felt this long.


However, as Yamti looked ahead, a person was caught in his eyes.

‘That’s strange? The nearest player is 800m away?

However, the distance to the opponent was only 50m.

Seo A-rin and Min-ri Min also witnessed it, wondering if their eyes were wrong.

“Isn’t that a person over there?”

“I see?”

When 50m got closer to 30m, the three people stopped walking at the same time, as if they had made a promise.

The figure was clearly human, but I realized it wasn’t human.

“Ah, devil… … ?”

At that moment when Min-ri Min was muttering, a devil came out from the side.


The devil seemed to find it amusing to see him backing away in surprise, grinning.

[Hehe, the prey rolled in just in time.]

[That’s right.]

[All three are female humans.]

[I’m lucky for my first hunt.]

The three people couldn’t even think of running away due to the devil’s voice coming from all over the place.

There was not just one devil.

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