The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 310

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Episode 310

310. Qualifications of the Demon King

66 hours ago.

When Ryumin used his newly acquired skill, qualification as a demon, he was able to come to a familiar place.

‘This place… … It’s the devil’s castle.’

As written in the description, I warped to the Demon Castle.

I’ve been there before during the 18th round, so I can’t help but recognize this place.

‘At that time, the guards and Cerberus were all wiped out.’

Maybe that’s why the inside of the Demon King’s Castle is quiet.

There wasn’t a single demon to be seen or the sound of ants crawling.

Although the message that suddenly appeared made my eyes dizzy.

[You left your seat during the round.]

[If the player does not return to the venue within 1 hour, the player will be disqualified.]

[Time remaining until disqualification: 00:59:59]

‘I know, I know. ‘I’m going back.’

Going back is not difficult.

All I have to do is use the warp function again.

However, Ryumin walked somewhere instead of Warp.

He didn’t come here just to see if his skills were being used well.

‘I got the information through Plunictos’ thoughts.’


Ryumin’s steps stopped at some point.

‘If you sit on this sprain, you can become the devil.’

In front of Ryumin was a sprain that was blazing with fire.

It is incredibly gigantic, perhaps because it is the seat of the demon archduke who was over 10 meters tall.

Ryumin’s goal was to take the place of this demon king.

‘I can become a god, but can’t I become a demon lord?’

Of course, anyone can’t become a devil just by sitting down.

Not only do they have to have the same qualifications as the nobles of the demon world, but they also have to undergo a test to see if they are suitable vessels for becoming a demon lord.

Thanks to Ryumin’s skills, he is treated the same as a demon noble, so he is qualified enough.

‘If you just pass that test, won’t you be able to become the Demon King?’

Ryu Min, who thought that the title of Demon King was just a title that could be earned if he was bored, did not consider it a big deal.

‘Shall we see what’s going on?’

With that in mind, Ryumin sat on the throne.

No, it would be more correct to say that he was standing up rather than sitting down.

That’s because the chair was big enough for a giant to sit on.

[Player ‘Black Scythe’ sits on the throne of the Demon King.]

[Explore whether you are qualified to challenge for the position of Demon King.]

… … … …

[Conditions met.]

[Immediately testing your qualifications as a Demon King.]

<The Demon King’s Qualification Test>

└Protect the Devil’s Sprain for 30 minutes.

└When successful ▶ Becomes the Demon King

[The message has now been delivered to all demon nobles.]

[After a while, demon nobles will come to disturb the demon king.]

[Do not fall from the sprain during the limited time.]

[If you fail, you will be immediately eliminated as a candidate for the Demon King and your status as a noble will be revoked.]

‘A message was sent to all demon nobles?’

It seems that the demons have seen this message and are coming to interfere with the qualifications.

just as expected.

Less than a minute after coming through the portal, a demon arrived.

It was an armored devil riding a huge crocodile.

[what’s this? I came here to see if the Demon Archduke would finally challenge for the position of Demon King, but he turned out to be nothing but a mere brat, right?]

The guy’s eyes widened, as if he was surprised to see him as a human.

The same was true for other demons.

[huh? what? Human?]

[Why are humans here?]

[This is absurd.]

[How can a human take the Demon King’s qualification test?]

[This doesn’t make sense, what does this mean?]

The demons arrived one after another, each spitting out a word.

A devil who doesn’t believe, a devil who grumbles, a devil who laughs, a devil who shows hostility, etc.

Numerous demons gathered in front of the Demon King’s Sprain.

The number has already surpassed 60.

“Seeing that there are exactly 62 people, are they all from 11th to 72nd?”

The demons seemed to be dissatisfied with Ryumin’s muttering and shouted with angry faces.

[What are you talking about?]


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[human. Can’t you come down from that place right now!]

[How dare you occupy a sacred place when you are a human being worse than a bastard?]

Although he received all kinds of criticism, Ryu Min only laughed sarcastically.

“I want this. Cowards who don’t have the courage to attack first are nobles? “The future of the demon world is bleak.”

[What did you just say?]

[You bastard human bastard!]

The devil, who was yelling, got out of the crocodile he was riding.

It was a demon wearing armor that first arrived.

[Demon Noble Rank 19, Saleos will test your qualifications!]

“Do you really have to start by introducing yourself like that? “Can’t you just attack me right away?”

[You arrogant human bastard!]

Saleos jumped up.


The guy who was flying towards the Demon King Castle split in two and fell before he could even swing his weapon.


Contrary to the momentum, the result was vain.

Although nothing could be shown, it was not a meaningless death for the demons who were watching.

‘W-what happened?’

‘The attack… … ‘Didn’t you see it?’

‘Saleos, the bastard, is so vain… … .’

An unprecedented awareness arose in the hearts of the demons.

Of course, only a few did, and the majority of demons didn’t even fully understand what was happening.

I just look at them with eyes that I don’t understand.

“Come up next. Who else is going to take on the challenge?”

[…] … .]

“You’re probably not scared of humans or something, right?”

Ryumin’s provocation seemed to have had an effect, and one of the demons stepped forward.

[Demon Noble 22nd, Iphos. [I challenge foolish humans.]

Ipos, who had a solemn look on his face, saying he was going to scold him, jumped up and stood on the throne.

[You don’t deserve to be the devil!]

But those words became his last words.

As soon as he finished speaking, Ryumin’s scythe cut off Iphos’ waist.



There was no use of skill or elaborate technique.

Although it was nothing more than a simple crosscut, the demons were nervous.

Because the disastrous results were telling.

But as if not everyone was like that, a demon wearing a purple robe came forward.

[You idiots. I was scared by just one human.]

The arrogant devil flew up into the sky and looked at Ryumin with noble eyes.

[The person suitable for the position of Demon King is me, Gusion, who ranks 11th. That’s a fact no one can deny. This means that it is not a place for you human beings to sit.]

“Do you see me sitting down?”

[Shut up!]

Gusion used magic to match his attire.

I summoned something pitch black like the black arrows used by warlocks, and there were over 50 of them.

Perhaps that was why the demons watching had no doubts.

Gusion will tear humanity limb from limb.

But it was none other than Gusion who had his limbs torn apart.

Let’s go!


The scythe flashed at an invisible speed, and the limbs were torn off, leaving only the torso.


Before he knew it, the black arrows that had been decorating the air had disappeared, and only the limbless body fell at Ryumin’s feet.

Gusion looked up at the Demon King candidate with eyes filled with fear.

[Save me… … .]


Ryumin said as he kicked away Gusion, who died instantly after being pierced through the heart.

In a dry voice.


* * *

It was not difficult to protect the Demon King’s sprain for 30 minutes.

After Gusion, many demons tried, but the result was the same.

The one who could be said to be the best among the nobles was killed, so what chance would there be for someone below him?

The result was as expected.

“This is all substandard. “It’s to the point where we need to reorganize the hierarchy.”

Ryumin was a little disappointed.

I thought there might at least be someone useful, but they were all just yawn-worthy demons.

I thought that the demon world was going well because those guys were nobles and occupied each position.



Ryumin asked one of the only ten nobles left.

“What rank are you in? “It looks like the strongest of these.”

A demon with a leopard face and griffon wings said with a despondent look on his face.

[12th place. The name is Sitri… … .]

“Aren’t you going to attack me?”

At that absurd question, Sitri turned her gaze to both sides as if to look at her surroundings.

There were 62 high-ranking nobles, but now there are only 10 left.

If that’s the case, are you telling me to attack you?

It was like asking if I wasn’t going to die soon.

[Well, I want to live.]

“okay? It’s the right decision. I don’t want to kill anymore either. “I’m so weak that I even feel guilty now.”

[…] … .]

The devils know that those words aren’t bluff.

It’s not that it’s not true, the human in front of me cut down 52 demons.

However, the fact that his breathing did not break even once showed that his skills had not yet been revealed.

‘Even if you don’t reveal your true power, it’s this much, but how powerful is your real power?’ … .’

Because they know that fact, the devils stay still.

Even if the opponent is a human.

Of course, Ryumin only looked like a human, but in reality he was no different from a god.

“uh? “Time is up.”

No sooner had Ryumin finished speaking.

[The given time has passed.]

[You have proven that you are worthy of becoming a Demon King by protecting the Demon King’s sprain for a limited time.]

A message came to mind, and a fiery flame enveloped Ryumin’s body.

[Sprain of the Demon King welcomes a new owner.]

[Obtain the title ‘Ruler of the Demon World.’]

[Title – Ruler of the Demon World]

– Conditions for acquisition: Obtained by protecting the devil’s sprain for 30 minutes.

-Effect: You will be able to rule the demon world with the status of a demon king.

[You have become the devil.]

[From now on, you can rule the Demon World.]

[All members of the Demon World will absolutely obey your commands.]

After a while, the sprain’s flames flared up and disappeared.

It gradually shrunk and turned into a throne that perfectly fit Ryumin’s body shape.

[Congratulations on becoming the new Demon King!]


The nobles who had been watching Ryumin a moment ago bowed their heads.

Although there were only ten nobles left, I felt like a gang boss as I received such a respectful greeting.

“Oh, that’s enough.”

Ryu Min, who was burdened with greetings, ordered his head to rise and then looked elsewhere.

Wherever he looked, there was a message.

A message to be happy about.

[‘Branch of Deterioration’ was given as a reward for achieving the Demon King.]

[As a reward for achieving the Demon King, the temporary skill ‘Demon Qualification’ is changed to ‘Demon King Qualification.’]

[Branch of Deterioration]

– Category: Weapon

-Grade: Eternal

-Attack power: 6,666

-Effect: Burns the soul.

-Durability: Infinite

-Restrictions on use: Black Scythe (soul bound)

-Description: A whip that can only be used by those who have the qualifications to become a Demon King. It is a weapon that can burn the soul.

‘Eternal level. Is this okay?’

The advantage of Eternal weapons is that they can be used with God grade.

Ryumin immediately tried the item on.


A scythe appeared wrapped in red flames.

I definitely feel stronger after using the whip together.

‘I already didn’t have an Eternal weapon, but it worked out well.’

In addition to this, the qualification of ‘Demon’, which was a temporary skill, was strengthened to the qualification of ‘Demon King’.

Other effects are the same, and [Increase in stat points when killing an Elyos] has been added.

‘Good good. This is how it tastes like being a demon king.’

Ryumin, who would have been disappointed if they said he would simply rule over the demon world, raised the corners of his mouth.

The demon nobles flinched as if the sight looked scary.

Ryu Min looked at the lined up nobles with a straight face.

“Why are you looking at me like that? “Do I look like a crazy person?”

[Oh, no. King.]

The demons could not help but tremble in fear.

That’s because there was a being in front of me who mercilessly cut down dozens of demons.

“You’re not planning on betraying me, are you?”

[No problem! Could that be possible?]

Ryumin quietly read the thoughts of the demons.

There seemed to be no lies in their loyalty, whether they were absolutely obedient to what the system said.

“good. “I will believe you.”

[thank you.]

“Are you all demon nobles?”

[Yes, that’s right.]

“Start from here and stand in order.”

As Ryumin commanded, the demons looked at each other and lined up according to their ranks.

“Did you say Sitri was ranked 12th?”

[yes? yes!]

“From now on, you are number one. You are in second place, you are in third place. “In this order, up to the top 10.”

Since there were only 10 high-ranking devils, it was a natural increase in ranking.

[Seongseong is devastated… … .]

“Don’t use the tone of a historical drama, tsk.”

[Ah, thank you. King.]

The devils were thrilled, but Ryumin wasn’t interested in it or not.

His only interest is one thing.

“I have an order to give you.”

[yes! Please give me orders, king!]

Ryumin said with a smile.

“Is there anything here for humans to eat?”


“I’m hungry. “Bring me something to eat.”

It was the first command he gave after becoming the Demon King.

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