The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 320

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Episode 320

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320. Boss room

The final 72 people went down the basement stairs with nervous faces.


As we walked up the final stairs and down the long, bright passage, sighs came out of everyone’s mouths.

“Wow… … .”

“It’s so spacious… … .”

In front of me was a cavity reminiscent of a huge dome.

And you can see a 30m tall stone statue filling the cavity.

These are guardian golems that guard the path to the boss room.

‘It’s just like I saw before.’

Swords, spears, bows, axes, maces, wands, etc.

There are as many as 100 angelic golems equipped with all kinds of weapons.

An ordinary person would feel intimidated just by looking at it.

just as expected.

“Well, we have to deal with all of them?”

“It’s incredibly big, isn’t it?”

“There are a lot of numbers… … .”

The players watching whispered in uncertain voices.

I’m afraid the guardian golems might react to the noise.

But there is no need to worry.

‘Because it doesn’t work if it’s not within a certain range.’

Unlike the people who were horrified, Ryumin’s expression was relaxed.

We have a history of breaking through against them in previous rounds.

And that too alone.

‘I’m tens of thousands of times stronger than I was then, so I can’t lose face if I’m scared by those guys.’

Ryumin confidently stepped forward and spoke without looking back.

“Don’t step forward. “I deal with it.”

Let’s walk steadily and reach a certain range.


The guardians, who had been as still as stone statues, begin to react with their eyes shining.


The guardian in front walked up and swung a sword the size of a house horizontally.

Hu Woo-woong-Kwak Kwak Kwak!

The spot where the sword hit shattered into pieces, but Ryumin was not there.

That time when the Guardian was looking around like an idiot.

“It’s here.”

Before we knew it, Ryumin, who had stepped into the air and climbed to the top of his head, descended vertically.


Let’s lightly come down to the ground and retrieve the scythe-

Damn it –

The Guardian was cut in half.

[Experience +1,000,000]

[The experience gained has exceeded 100,000.]

[Experience points are replaced with stat points 10.]

[Current kill count: 1/100]

[All stats increase by 1% due to the Rune of Massacre effect.]

‘1 million experience points?’

Ryumin was surprised by the unexpected figure.

Considering that there are about 20,000 ogres, this is a huge amount.

‘In the previous round, it was not possible to know how much experience was gained due to the nature of the round. but… … .’

Now, anyone can extract experience points with the Rune of Transcendence.

The result was an enormous number of 1 million.

‘I didn’t make these guys to catch you… … Were they the ones to avoid?’

Well, each one is as big as an apartment and there are so many of them that it would be difficult for an average player to catch them.

They were easy for Ryumin to catch, so I caught them.

‘I caught people I shouldn’t have caught. Well, I guess it’s okay. No matter how strong an enemy appears, if you interfere… … .’

Ryumin’s body rose upward.

A moment later, an arrow hit the spot where he was staying.

‘It just kills everyone.’

Ryumin’s scythe, imbued with branches of fire, shook like a whip.

* * *

[Your level has risen!]

[Your level has risen!]

[Your level has risen!]

… … … … … …

… … … …

The 1 million experience points per animal rapidly raised Ryumin’s level.


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It went up almost every time I caught 6 fish, and as time went on, the number of fish needed increased… … .

‘The important thing is that the higher the level, the stronger it becomes.’

[You have reached level 100!]

[From now on, the amount of stats increased when leveling up increases to 3!]

… … … … … …

… … … …

[You have reached level 110!]

[From now on, the amount of stats increased when leveling up increases to 4!]

… … … … … …

… … … …

[Current kill count: 100/100]

[All stats increase by 100% due to the Rune of Massacre effect.]

‘It seems like the stats increase as the level increases by 10 units.’

Raising from level 99 to 110, Ryumin gained 32 stat points.

The stat, which should have originally increased by 22, increased slightly.

‘As the level increases in the future, the increased stats will increase.’

Well, it may not be as bad as catching an angel with the devil’s blessing, but isn’t a good thing a good thing?

“Everyone, come here. “You are safe now.”

“… … .”

Despite Ryumin’s call, people remained motionless and looked at the messed up space.

He single-handedly destroyed 100 guardian golems that looked strong at first glance.

It was a truly shocking sight, as if dozens of buildings had been brought down by himself.

“What are you doing when I tell you to come?”

“Oh, yes!”

People were able to safely cross towards Ryumin without lifting a finger.

“Now then, shall we go check out what the guardians were protecting?”

There was a door where the Guardian Golem was blocking.

As I entered first, people followed me with nervous faces.

“What is here?”

“What kind of temple does it look like?”

A grand space appeared, and at the end was another door.

It is none other than the door leading to the boss room.

“Is there a door on the platform over there?”

“Should I go up there and try?”

“Careful. Something might pop out.”

People were worried, but Ryu Min was calm.

Because I knew there were no traps.

‘ah! Strictly speaking, there is one. A trap that hits you in the back of the head very hard.’

How absurd was it when I heard that a minimum of five players were required the moment I stood on the podium?

Now I felt relaxed because I had more than enough to meet the entry requirements, but at the time I was so frustrated that I couldn’t sleep for a while.

‘It’s a new feeling. ‘I can’t believe I came here alone with so many colleagues.’

When Ryumin, who was filled with emotion, suddenly turned his head to look, people looked at him with puzzled expressions.

“Why are you doing this? Black Scythe?”

“Why are you like that? “Aren’t you going to go in together?”

“ah… … .”

“I have to go in.”

As people approached, Ryumin smiled and walked away.

He then pointed to the magic circle drawn on the podium.

“Let’s stand up there.”

The magic circle was narrow for all 72 people to stand.

But Ryumin knows.

That there is no need for everyone to stand.

[At least five players are required to open the boss room.]

[72 players have been confirmed to have accessed the boss room.]

[The entry conditions have been met.]

[Boss room opens.]

“Boss room?”

“Was this the boss room?”

While people were panicking, light leaked out from the magic circle on the floor.


Eventually, the temple door opened and Ryumin smiled in relief.

It was true that I was worried that I might get stabbed again.

When the door is fully opened, a dark interior is revealed.

‘This is the boss room.’

From here on, it’s an area that even Ryu Min has never been to.

Maybe that’s why I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

“egg plant.”

72 players entered the boss room.

Then, a spacious hall that can accommodate 1,000 people appears in the darkness.

“Everyone is nervous because something might come out.”

At that time, people were wary of their surroundings while nodding to Ryumin’s words.

Grrrrrrrrrgh- Boom!

The opened door quickly closed, creating pitch-black darkness without a single light.

“Huh, what is it?”

“Are we trapped?”

“I can’t see anything!”

“Hurry up and turn on the lights!”

People who felt anxious used magic to illuminate their surroundings.

There was still nothing in the hall, perhaps because it was not yet time for the boss to appear.

‘I counted the number of people and there was no one who didn’t get in… … Could it be that they locked him up so he couldn’t escape?’

I pushed on the door to see if I could get out.

Even though I push it with a strength stat of over 900 million, it doesn’t budge.

“Oh, it won’t open? Black Scythe?”

“okay. “Completely trapped.”

A situation where the escape route is blocked.

At that time, a light came on in the dark hall.

Hwareuk- Hwareuk- Hwareuk- Hwareuk-

Hundreds of torches attached to the wall lit up one after another.

As soon as all the fireworks turned on and the cavity became bright, a message came to mind.

[The 20th round quest will be revealed.]

◀ ROUND 20 ▶


└Defeat the boss in the boss room within 3 hours.

[You cannot leave until you defeat the boss.]

[The round ends as soon as the boss is defeated.]

[Time remaining until round end: 02:19:57]

As expected, a quest to kill the boss appeared.

‘I guess I did, but there was a time limit.’

Still, I was glad that everything was as expected.

It remains to be seen what kind of boss will appear.

‘At least someone stronger than the guardian golem outside the door will appear.’

Ryumin and the others didn’t let down their guard because they didn’t know what was going to happen.

“Everyone prepares for the boss as planned… … .”

At that moment, light flashed in the central hall.


What appeared after interrupting Ryumin’s words was a blood-red dragon.

The eternal item ‘Eye of Insight’ saw through the essence of the opponent.


└ Race: Balaur

└ Tendency: Evil

└ Status: Boss Monster

└ Special note: Red dragon, the most vicious of all dragons. It is a worthy 20-round boss.

└ Weak points: between the eyes, under the chin, and groin.

‘A dragon.’

There was disappointment in Ryumin’s eyes.

I thought a stronger boss would appear, but a dragon appeared.

‘But it’s my first time dealing with a red dragon.’

I’ve already caught the black dragon Karthynox, but it may be on a different level.

After all, isn’t he the boss?

Perhaps because he is a boss in name and personality, his momentum was good.


The players trembled at Karmyugas’ deafening roar.

-Well, that’s the boss of round 20… … .

-Maybe it’s because he’s the boss, but the feeling of intimidation is no joke.

-If you just kill that dragon, you can pass the round and get your wish… … .

-Can you really deal with Black Scythe?

The frightened thoughts of the companions were clearly conveyed, but Ryu Min was not afraid.

If it’s a dragon, haven’t you tried catching it once?

At that time, a thought occurred to Ryumin and he called Yamti.

“Yamti. “Is that guy capable of taming too?”

“I’ll give it a try.”

Since it was a Yamti that could tame a boss level, I tried it right away.

If you get the timing right, you will be able to easily finish the boss battle.

Yamti, who was aiming his staff at the dragon, shook his head and lowered his arm.

“No. “A message appeared saying it was impossible.”

“Is that so?”

Well, I expected it.

If all bosses could be tamed, the fraudulent job would have been a Tamer, not a Shinigami or anything.

There would have been no reason for there to be a boss fight in the last round.

“Then there’s nothing we can do. “I have to kill him.”

“Are you going to deal with it alone?”

“okay. “I go first as planned.”

Ryumin stepped forward without any delay.

You only know how strong it is when you hit it, but it wasn’t that scary.

[The opponent you are facing is a dragon.]

[All stats are doubled due to the Dragon Slayer title effect.]


“It’s so damn loud.”

Ryumin jumped up and picked up the scythe.

The plan was to measure defense with light hits.

‘Let’s see where I can take my damage.’

Carmyugas followed the floating Ryumin with his eyes.

Then he opened his mouth and created a flame.


Ryumin struck down the scythe faster than him.

“I have no intention of becoming a whole roast.”

It was my weak point and I was weak, so I targeted the top of my head and fell.

But something unexpected happened.

The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 319The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 321
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