The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 323

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Episode 323

323. The sound of resonance

“Mr. Arin!”


Min Joo-ri urgently looked for Seo A-rin.

“What if we use the resonance to block the next attack? “Put up your summons like a wall.”

“ah… … !”

Minjoo-ri’s idea was simple.

After setting up the summoned beast like a wall, use Seo A-rin’s max level skill, Echo of Resonance, to make it invincible.

Then wouldn’t it be possible to stop a wide-range attack at least once?

This is an idea that came up in such a family.

“You mean to use an invincible summon as a shield?”

“Yes. “If we use Yamti and John Delgado’s summons, we will be able to protect the current number of people.”

It was a possible method.

Before coming here, as a test, I confirmed that both Yamti’s monsters and John Delgado’s summons were invincible.

“great. Let’s do it Min-ri Min’s method. Sister Yamti! John Delgado!”

“What happen?”

“… … ?”

Seo A-rin, who called the two people, explained Min-ri Min’s method.

Then both of them nodded at the same time as if they had made a promise.

“It’s not a bad method.”

“Since Black Scythe is trying so hard to protect us, we have to do something.”

“But can summons block attacks like light?”

“The only way is to pack it in so that there are as few gaps as possible.”

“What is the cooldown for Resonant Echo?”

“It’s one hour. “You won’t be able to use it twice.”

“I guess I can stop it once.”

“There is no time. Let’s start right away.”

The operation of the four people who had the same opinion proceeded smoothly.


Yamti’s monsters, including the three-headed dragon, were summoned one after another.

As if John Delgado could not lose, he summoned Archangel Sariel, nine demon nobles, and dozens of undead.

Seo A-rin also added a small number of summoned animals and gathered people.

“Everyone gather here!”

“I’m going to make a wall out of summoned animals. “Everyone hide behind!”

A large summon was placed in front, and the gaps in between were filled with smaller summons.

When the summoned beasts were lined up like that, a strong wall was created.

A wall that can block even an area-wide attack.

“Did everyone move behind the summons?”

“yes! “All 61 people have been confirmed!”

When Yamti said that she was ready, Seo-arin tensed and looked at the angel being cut by the black scythe.

‘The resonance invincibility time is 5 seconds. ‘You have to use it at the best possible time.’

Depending on the timing of your skills, everyone can survive or be annihilated.

Seo A-rin’s wide-open eyes followed the angel’s movements as if she would not miss them.

* * *


Scarlet blood spurted out and Artaros’ head fell.

However, it stuck like a lie and took advantage of the brief moment of invincibility to move forward little by little.

It’s a sight I’ve seen countless times.

‘shit. The fourth wide-area aircraft will be ready soon.’

You may be able to avoid it quickly, but others cannot.

‘Should I use the speed of light rune at this timing?’

I was trying to save it just in case, but I think I should use it now to save people.


To stop Artaros from approaching his allies, he cut off his head again.

The moment I turned my head to gauge the distance.

An unexpected sight came into Ryumin’s eyes.

‘what are you doing? You’ve gathered the summoned beasts together, right?’

After checking the 61 players hiding behind the summoned animals as shields, Ryumin was able to immediately grasp the operation.

‘Are you really going to block it with resonance?’

Sure enough, when I read the thoughts of Seo A-rin, who was in the lead, it was as expected.

‘It’s Minjoo-ri’s idea? ‘You’ve come up with an amazing idea.’

Ryumin, laughing, read Artaros’ thoughts and realized that the wide-range attack was ready.

[Foolish humans. They’re all gathered together in one place to kill them. Then, I will do as you wish.]

“Now is the time, Seo A-rin!”

[The Celestial God’s Wrath.]

Did he react to Ryumin’s voice?

Or would you have tried to use it even if you didn’t?


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Seo A-rin used the echo of resonance to make the summoned creatures invincible before the AoE reached them.


The light spread with such fierce force that it seemed to burn everything, but it could not penetrate even the invincible summoned beast.

The same was true for the players behind him.

As soon as the storm passed, the players who had been cowering like turtles looked up.

“I lived, I lived.”

“It’s a success!”

People cheered.

A wide area attack was blocked without any damage.

For Artaros, who thought he would inevitably die en masse, this was absurd.

[I can’t believe I made the summoned beast invincible and endured it. I praise fine hair. But it’s only a matter of time before you die… … .]


“You’ll have to wait and see to find out whether it’s a matter of time or not.”

The head that fell from Ryumin’s scythe returned to its original position with a flash of light.

I really can’t help but get tired of it.

‘I blocked it once, but the problem lies next.’

Fifth, sixth, seventh.

Can you block all wide-area attacks?

Looking at Artaros chanting a spell proudly, Ryumin felt impatient.


‘I killed 40 times with the scythe just now.’

If you calculate it, the stat that was 100% has dropped to 1.65%.

Although this level of power is greatly reduced, it is still a threat to other players.

‘In order for it to be non-threatening, its stats must be reduced to one in a million.’

To do that, you have to kill 92 more times.

‘Until then, we can’t stop the wide-range operation. Now is a good time to try.’

Ryu Min, who thought he had killed enough people, decided to carry out the plan he had prepared.

‘The rune of the chain. Restraint.’

Clap la la rock-

Instead of killing Artaros, he summoned chains to oppress him.

Both arms and legs are tied and pulled taut by chains protruding from subspace.

[What are you doing? Do you think you can oppress me with something like this?]

As Artaros exerts strength, the chain rattles and moves.

‘The description says the chain has infinite durability, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking… … .’

That didn’t mean it could bind the opponent.

If you pull with that much force, it’s enough.


Ryumin cut off the tendons of the guy’s hands and feet to prevent him from using his strength.

Additionally, Artaros’ eyes were cut out.

Scarlet blood splashed out, but he didn’t flinch even once, as if he was used to the pain.

[Block movement and block vision? So what does it mean?]

‘It has meaning. ‘Because you won’t be able to slow down time.’

However, Ryumin did not make the mistake of letting people guess his intentions by giving him useless information.

He just silently took out the item from the inventory without saying anything.

If you make a mistake, your opportunity will be lost.

[What are you doing?]

Artaros frowned, perhaps seeing it with clairvoyance.

[What item is that? What on earth are you doing?]

“What are you doing?”

Ryumin’s hand grabbed Artaros’ chin.

“I’ll know it when I see it.”

[Mmm, Msunjiseul… … !]

Anyone can see that it looks like they are trying to feed the item.

Of course, Artaros, who had no intention of eating the suspicious item, struggled.

But the taut chains prevented Artaros from moving.

He, whose stats are over 200 million, is unable to move.

‘No, it has been reduced to 1.65%, so it will be around 3 million.’

Even so, it is a stat that cannot be ignored.

It wasn’t enough to loosen the restraints, but cutting the tendons in the hands and feet was a big deal.


Divine power radiates from Artaros’ whole body.

It’s a skill called Blazing Radiance that we saw earlier, and it’s a buff that improves stats by 50%.


He shook his body desperately, using buffs as if he absolutely did not want to eat, but the chain was strong.

‘If my stats were high, I probably would have used my strength to break the chain. but.’

Now that I was weak, I had no choice but to drink an unknown potion while being restrained like this.

Ryumin poured the potion into Artaros’ mouth and forced his mouth to close.


“Don’t spit it out, just swallow it.”

Artaros held his jaw tightly to prevent him from opening his mouth, but Artaros only held back and did not swallow.

As soon as I hit the uvula with the blade of my hand, the uvula moves with a gulp.

“That’s right. “Eat like that.”

Only then did Ryumin, who succeeded in forcing Artaros to drink the potion, raise his eyebrows.

Because what I fed him was none other than an memory erasure potion.

‘I’m glad I have one more potion.’

Ryumin, who was smiling, looked at Artaros with wide eyes.

“The look in your eyes makes me think you’ve been poisoned, but no. What I gave him was a memory erasing potion. “It’s a miracle potion that can turn even you, the god of battle, into an idiot.”

[…] … .]

“So stop resisting and accept it. “You won’t even remember it soon.”

Artaros lost consciousness without even having a chance to respond.

At the same time, Ryumin was given time.

Time to look through and erase Artaros’ memories.

* * *

The Rune of the Inner Mind can be used to read not only the other person’s thoughts but also images hidden in the subconscious.

It was truly a deceptive rune in terms of obtaining information, but that doesn’t mean you can find out everything about that person’s past.

‘But memory erasure potion is possible.’

This potion, which can erase the memories of the person you drugged at will, made it possible to look through all of Artaros’s life like a video.

Even how he, who was born as an Elyos, became a god and reached his current position.

‘It was a case of outstanding performance in the Battle of the Heavenly Demons, which caught the eye of the Creator God and elevated him to the status of a god.’

Between gods and Elyos, Artaros was a genius.

A true fighting genius.

He was so strong that it was said that he had no rival among the gods, and his arrogance only grew as he gained both power and honor at an early age.

Is that why?

An unexpected problem arose in an unexpected place.

He was so obsessed with power that he touched the earth, which he was not supposed to touch.

‘Artaros touched the Earth in another dimension, which is taboo even among the gods, and was cursed by humans? Is that the curse of immortality?’

It was hard to believe that a mere human could receive such a curse, but it was true.

As a result, Artaros, who became immortal, had his nose bent like an Iljin who had received a true education… … .

‘There was a story behind the fact that the emotions were worn away as a result of repeated deaths.’

As to what kind of curse it is to have an eternal body that never dies, I can only say that without experiencing it.

All beings end their lives and end their long journey through death.

However, Artaros must continue his journey forever.

Living for endless years, regardless of one’s will.

That was a life that even Artaros did not want.

That’s why I committed countless self-harms in order to die.

‘But I couldn’t die. Even if you die hundreds or thousands of times, you still come back to life.’

Unable to endure it, he went to the person who had cursed him and begged him to release it… … .

Humans were surprisingly narrow-minded.

It goes without saying that Artaros regretted hitting the ground.

‘It turns out he was a poor guy.’

Because Ryumin was reading Artaros’ memories, I was able to understand even more how he felt.

‘Even so, I have no intention of looking at it.’

There is no change in the plan to end the crisis by completely erasing his memory.

Still, the process of reading memories is necessary.

I was planning to use his memories to figure out a way to unlock the space of nothingness and pass 20 rounds.

Plus, the face behind it that gave the guy instructions.

‘It’s probably a god called Nyx.’

Ryumin, who was scanning the past with those thoughts, recognized Nyx’s face.

The god of the beginning appears to be that guy.

‘however… … ‘Is there one more person?’

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