The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 331

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Episode 331

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331. I will tell you.

[Ka, about Chaos?]

“What are its weaknesses, and are there any forces opposing it?”

[Woo, first of all, Chaos has no weaknesses.]


[Well, it’s true. Do you think the primordial god has any weaknesses?]

“What force holds a grudge against Chaos? “If it’s your ability to detect anyone who wants revenge, you probably know that, right?”

[Well, that’s… … .]

Nemesis hesitated to speak.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t speak out of loyalty to Chaos.

Nemesis initially followed him out of fear of extinction rather than loyalty.

Therefore, rather than die right away, he chose to cooperate with the black scythe.

But the reason I hesitated to answer was because I didn’t know how to say it.

[Ka, there are many people who hate Chaos. There are so many that I don’t know who to start with… … .]

“That much?”

Ryu Min, dumbfounded, changed the question.

“Then who is loyal to Chaos? “Who is there?”

[You can say that. Nyx, Moros, Erebos, Aether… … .]

Nemesis called out names one after another like sausages.

Except one person.

“Why are you leaving one person out?”

[huh? Who are you talking about?]


Nemesis’ body trembled.

Then he smiled awkwardly.

[You are talking nonsense. If I had been so loyal, I wouldn’t have revealed everything like this… … uh?]

When I looked down at the sound of falling, I saw my arm rolling on the floor.

Spilling scarlet blood.

[Ah, ahhh!]

I screamed from the pain that came later, but I had no choice but to keep my mouth shut when I saw the sickle hanging around my neck.

“Don’t move. Next is the neck.”

[Why are you doing this to me? Are you not cooperating as much as possible?]

“That doesn’t change the fact that you are a henchman of Chaos.”

[Ah, I see. The reason you want revenge on me.]

Nemesis used his abilities to immediately understand Ryumin’s feelings.

[Are you saying that the Devil’s Resurrection helped kill you?]

“Is that all?”

Nemesis has a history of trying to make Ryumin a sacrifice by using a player called a small mukbang.

Not only that, but in order to hand it over to Plunictos, he gave various instructions as Michael’s superior.

Nemesis knew that he was angry because of that, so he had to stay alert even in the midst of pain.

Because if I do something wrong, I’ll end up dying in this place.

[Yes, I know how you feel. It’s natural for you to have revenge on me. But now is not the time. Isn’t there information you need to get from me?]

“What kind of information does a guy who doesn’t even know about Chaos’ weaknesses have?”

Nemesis immediately realized what Ryumin was laughing at.

Why is this guy trying to kill him?

‘This bastard. ‘They’re trying to kill me because they don’t seem to have any information to extract from me.’

Nemesis became impatient and hurriedly opened his mouth.

[Yes, as you said, I don’t know Chaos’ weaknesses.]

“He says you are you until the end.”

As Ryumin’s scythe began to move, urgency appeared on Nemesis’ face.

[Yes, yes. Correct me! Chaos! Chaos bastard! I don’t even know what that damn bastard’s weakness is. But I know where to get information.]


[Have you heard of Akashic Records?]

Ryumin nodded.


I heard through Michael’s thoughts that it was a hyperdimensional collection of information where everything in the universe was recorded.

[There may be information you want there.]

At those words, Ryumin slowly lowered his scythe.

Because there was no way to find it alone.

“Guide me.”

* * *

‘Damn it, I, the so-called goddess, am being threatened by a mere human.’

Nemesis, who had endured pain and guided the black scythe, suffered from temptation.

How about tricking him and taking him to where Chaos is?

If we beat him up like that, wouldn’t we be able to get out of this crisis?

But no matter how many times I thought about it, I could only picture a future of failure.

‘As soon as I see Chaos, the black scythe will cut my head off.’


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He is not a person who will remain quiet even if he knows that he has been deceived.

This is a person who will kill you without hesitation if he is judged to have stabbed you in the back.

‘Even if Chaos saves me, it’s a problem.’

If Chaos saves him, it will be to atone for his sins.

It was a good thing that he brought the Black Scythe, but the fact that it revealed Chaos’s location could be problematic.

If that happens, punishment cannot be avoided.

‘If it’s punishment or something, I’ll kill you right away. There is no way the cruel Chaos would let a traitor live.’

Above all, not even Nemesis knows where Chaos is.

You can find it by contacting other gods, but it is nearly impossible to secretly take the Black Scythe away.

‘In the end, there is only one way. ‘I open the door to the Akashic Records and let myself in.’

In any case, even if the door to the Akashic Records is opened, those who are not qualified will not be able to enter.

If an unregistered being tries to enter, they will be thrown out of front of the door.

‘Hehe, then you can remove the black scythe and take refuge inside safely.’

Nemesis smiled brightly, but she didn’t know.

I had no idea that Ryumin, who was behind me, was reading my thoughts one by one.

[Here, human.]

There was a door in front of me so tall that I couldn’t see the end.

[This is the Akashic Records, the library of information. If it’s a door, I’ll open it for you, so come on in… … .]

“for a moment.”

Ryumin blocked Nemesis, who was trying to get ahead, with his scythe.

“Are you going to leave me alone and go in alone?”

[huh? Well, what does that mean?]

“I knew I couldn’t go in because I wasn’t qualified, so I was planning on going in alone. is not it?”

Nemesis’s pupils shook back and forth as they hit the nail on the head.

I feel like my heart is dropping.

‘Damn, how did you know?’

The operation was discovered right in front of the door.

‘Ha, sir! It’s within reach if you just stretch out your hand… … .’

Nemesis, who was quietly watching, seemed to have made up her mind and put away her scythe and reached out to the door.

No, I tried to stretch out.


The diagonal scythe cut through Nemesis’ body.

Ryumin, who had been calmly looking at the falling pieces of meat, raised his head.

Then I couldn’t help but be surprised.

[Experience +1,500,000,000]

[The experience gained has exceeded 100,000.]

[Experience points are replaced with 15,000 stat points.]

‘Experience… … 1.5 billion?

Without any time to calm my startled mind, countless messages fill my eyes.

[Your level has risen!]

[Your level has risen!]

[Your level has risen!]

… … … … … …

… … … …

[You have reached level 120!]

[From now on, the amount of stats increased when leveling up increases to 5!]

… … … … … …

… … … …

[You have reached level 130!]

[From now on, the amount of stats increased when leveling up increases to 6!]

… … … … … …

… … … …

The amount of acquired stats increased every 10 levels.

‘How much did you level up?’

Ryu Min couldn’t help but be surprised when he opened the status window after the notification.

Because I have risen to level 126.

‘My level was 111 and became 237 in an instant.’

The number of stat points received was also 16,248.

‘I never thought that catching a god would give me so much experience.’

Originally, experience points did not increase when fighting gods, but thanks to the rune of transcendence, experience points could be extracted from all enemies.

This wasn’t the only good news.

[The Soul Gauntlet absorbs the souls of slain gods.]

[Soul ‘Nemesis’ has been saved in the gauntlet.]

[The abilities of the soul ‘Nemesis’ are being extracted.]

[…] … Extraction successful!]

[Learned the new temporary skill ‘Vengeance’!]

[Temporary Skill – Vengeance]

-Effect: Damage against the target for revenge is doubled.

Additionally, you can find the location of other vengeful targets.

Just as he obtained the qualification as a demon from Plunictos, he was also able to extract the skill called vengeance from Nemesis.

<Soul Binding Quest>

└Kill God

└Number of gods currently defeated (2/4)

└When successful ▶ ????

‘Now can I just kill two more guys?’

Nemesis’ body was destroyed by erasing traces in case anyone found it.

I tested it to see if it works on gods, and it still works.

‘Shall we go inside now?’

Ryumin, standing in front of the door, used his strength to open the door to the Akashic Records.


When the huge door is pushed open, an interior as black as space is revealed.

Ryumin stepped into a place where he couldn’t see anything.

Then, contrary to Nemesis’ expectation that it would bounce back.

[Check your eligibility to enter the Akashic Records.]

[You are a user with an Akashic Records ticket.]

[Entry approved.]

Ryumin’s body was sucked into space.

* * *

Akashic Records, a library of extradimensional information.

The inside was closer to a library than a space.

An infinite space where endless books rise high into the sky.

There, there was a ghost-like being.

[welcome. Black Scythe.]

“Do you know me?”

[First, let me introduce myself. My name is Rubuahi, the librarian of the Akashic Records.]

Ryumin quietly watched the guy.

Then the Eye of Insight gave me information.


└ Race: God race

└ Tendency: Good

└ Status: Librarian

└ Special Features: A thought form that protects the Akashic Records. In his space, the Akashic Records, it is absolute.

└ Weakness: Cannot escape from Akashic Records.

‘Inclination is good?’

Ryu Min judged that the tendency of the eye of insight to speak was relative.

This is because the tendency of the person who has been fighting against you has always been evil.

‘Does that mean that ghost-like guy is friendly to me?’

Ryumin’s hostility towards Lubuahi has eased a little.

However, he did not let his guard down.

Because I couldn’t read his thoughts.

“How did you know my name?”

[Is it okay for a librarian who can know all the information in the universe to not even know that much? I have to hit it.]

“How much do you know about me?”

[I know a lot. More than you think.]

“… … .”

As Ryumin looked at him in disbelief, Lubuahi raised his finger.

A thick book floated down from the sky and landed in Ryumin’s hand.

[Read it once. This is a book that summarizes your life.]

Ryumin silently read the book.

On the outside, he didn’t show any reaction, but on the inside, he was freaking out.

‘Everything about me is written down, right?’

From the time I was born, through the rounds, to the process of getting here.

Everything I had done so far was written down in one book.

However, the contents of conversations with other people were not recorded.

It only says what you did and what you got.

‘However, what is written here is the content of the 100th episode.’

The content from episode 1 to episode 99 was all over the place.

‘Is it natural that it has regressed?’

Just as I was thinking that, Rubuahi made an unexpected statement.

[Oh, there is no record of your regression in that book. Don’t worry, there’s no way anyone will find out by reading it.]

“… … .”

Ryumin, who tried to suppress his surprised emotions, glared piercingly at Rubuahi.

He smiles with a knowing look in his eyes.

“You guy.”

Ryu Min showed his will to live as if he had no choice.

“How much do you know?”

As long as we know about the return, we can’t keep it alive.

As Ryumin approaches, Lubuahi raises both hands and steps away.

[Oh, calm down first. I have no intention of fighting. Although we can’t fight here.]


[The Akashic Records are a noble space that protects all information in the universe. All abilities of body and soul are limited. Even chaos cannot destroy me here.]

When the name Chaos came up, Ryumin regained his composure.

“Do you also know information about Chaos?”

[of course. You came to find out this guy’s weakness, right?]

Rubuahi grinned as if he knew everything.

[I will tell you. I’m on your side no matter what anyone says.]

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