The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 344

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Episode 344

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344. Episode 101 (8)

‘Is it that guy? A guy called Black Scythe.’

Archangel Artaros received orders from Chaos.

A simple mission: play as the boss in round 20 and stop the man called Black Scythe and his allies.

‘I thought you weren’t interested in the gods’ games… … .’

There were some questions because it was an unusual order, but it didn’t matter.

Because he received a confirmation from Chaos that if he just took care of this matter, he would kill him as he wished.

‘Did you say black scythe? I don’t know what kind of guy he is, but he was picked on by Chaos. ‘I have no luck either.’

I was lucky, but at the same time, I was also curious.

To draw the attention of the primordial god to the subject of an insignificant race called humans… … .

Artaros’ eyes scanned the humans.

As the name Black Scythe suggested, a human was seen holding a scythe.

‘Is it that guy? The guy who killed God.’

I already heard information about the black scythe from Chaos.

He’s a human being who deserves to be killed, killing dozens of gods.

I asked how this could be possible with a human subject, but all they could say was that Chaos was Gaia’s toy.

‘I guess it’s good. ‘I just follow instructions and that’s it.’

A hunting dog is good as long as it is good at hunting.

The Black Scythe will surely kill whoever it is.

That’s why Chaos sent him.

[You insignificant creatures. You can’t go any further… … .]

Artaros stopped talking and created a rainbow-colored sword.

It was to counter the sudden preemptive attack of the black scythe.


Isn’t the field of vision split in two?

‘what happened… … .’

Artaros realized it belatedly.

That he couldn’t even react and was torn in two.


“Don’t let your guard down just because you’re dead. “Because this guy is immortal.”

As soon as Ryumin finished speaking, Artaros’ torn body was put back together like new.

[What a great human being. It’s so bad that I can’t even react. The rumor that the gods were massacred was not a lie.]

“Nothing to be surprised. “It’s just the beginning.”

[Praise your confidence… … .]

Artaros, unable to speak, lost his life again.

A penalty was applied and it was revived, but to no avail.

“It’s just the beginning.”

As I said, Ryumin completely played with Artaros.

It was Ryumin who had already killed dozens of gods and showed overwhelming growth in stats.

Things like Artaros have now reached a level where they are not even the slightest threat.

Two, three times… … Ten times.

As he was unable to resist at all and died immediately, a slight change appeared on Artaros’ blunt face.

[I admit it. you are stronger than me But do other colleagues do the same?]

While the body was being formed, Artaros prepared a wide-range attack.

At this time, he was invincible, so no one could touch his spell.

However, there is no way Ryumin, who has already experienced it, does not know that fact.

‘You must not give yourself a chance to use the wide-range technique.’

Ryumin used the temporary skill obtained from Moros, Time of Destruction.

It is a skill that can control the mind of a target with an evil mind, and if caught, it will be able to prevent it from using the skill.


[This is a high-level opponent.]

[The skill is cancelled.]

It didn’t hit Artaros.

‘After all, this only works on low-level opponents?’

Ryu Min, who thought there was nothing he could do, decided to use the same method as last time.


Artaros frowned as he saw Ryumin suddenly turning behind his back and holding his head.

[What did you do… … .]

Artaros tried to resist, but he couldn’t move.

The difference in strength was too stark to shake off the opponent’s touch.

Like a newborn being held by an adult.

‘Humans far surpass my strength?’

Is that why?

Ryumin was able to open Artaros’ mouth and feed him the potion without much effort.

A memory erasing potion that turns you into an idiot in an instant.

[What are you feeding… … !]

Artaros tried to spit it out, but he closed his jaw and hit his uvula to let it go.


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Then a change appeared.

Artaros closed his eyes sleepily, and Ryumin was able to flip through his memories like a film.

‘This and that are all erased. Even the memories of Chaos.’

In the last episode, I only erased his abilities to use him, but there is no need to look after him this time.

Ryumin, who had turned him into a complete idiot, even to the point of losing his language, escaped from his memory.

[uh… … friend… … .]

Artaros was staring into space with unfocused eyes.

There was no trace of any godliness in him anymore.

‘Now I have to finish the round.’

Ryumin was able to see Artaros’ weaknesses with his eyes of insight.

└Weakness: Soul annihilated by cutting 10,000 times with the branch of Destruction.

‘It’s just like I heard from Lubuahi.’

How to kill Artaros, who is cursed with immortality.

That was to use the branch of fire that could burn the soul.

‘Rubuahi also said that if you cut down a guy while wearing the Branch of Fire, your soul will be chipped away.’

Instead, just one or two cuts won’t work; you need to cut ten thousand times.

Then, even Artaros, who is immortal, can be completely erased.

‘The answer was in Plunictos’ weapon, but it seems Artaros didn’t even know about it.’

It was a body that could die without necessarily following Chaos.

‘Anyway, if you kill him, you can clear round 20. ‘Though it’s a hassle to swing it 10,000 times.’

Since he was already wearing the branch of fire, the scythe moved like a red whip.

Sigh- Sigh-!

Every time the scythe passed, his skin was torn, but Artaros did not even scream.

He seemed to have forgotten the pain and was just standing there like a wax doll.

‘If we destroy Artaros like this, we can conquer the round… … .’

Chaos will not let that happen.

You may not know it, but you are probably watching this situation carefully.

Sure enough, the space opened and chaos appeared.

[It’s quite a human topic. You’re completely playing with Artaros.]

The guy who appeared with admiration glanced at the crowd with his big eyes.

[But now that I have appeared, you will not be able to return alive.]

Chaos’s eyes flashed purple.

Then, the colleagues who made eye contact began pointing their weapons at each other.

It was a mental attack from Chaos.

[From now on, kill each other.]

‘I can’t leave it like that.’

Ryu Min, who already had a plan, used the command function.

“Everyone, come to your senses! Everyone here is on the same side. Don’t attack! “It’s an order!”

This feature, which allows you to dominate players of lower level than you, is not limited by the number of players.

Is that why?

96 players came out of their hallucinations and retracted the weapon they were wielding.

‘It’s better than dominance that has a limit on the number of times.’

When I easily blocked the mind control, Chaos’ eyes widened as if he was surprised.

[Then even you… … .]

I looked straight at Ryumin, but since there was a mental barrier rune, there was no way the mental attack would work.

“Do you think something like that will work for me?”

[This cheeky… … !]

Chaos gritted his teeth and tried to open the space and take out the Spear of Mortality.

I was planning to kill that cheeky black scythe and the bugs here myself.

However, Ryumin jumped forward as if he already knew this would happen and cut out Chaos’ eye.

It feels like cutting into the air.

It’s not that it wasn’t, but the phase change detected the attack and changed space 0.1 seconds ago to avoid it.

[You idiot. Your attacks can’t reach me… … .]

However, Chaos could not help but keep his mouth shut in surprise.

Isn’t the attack you thought you avoided now tracking you?


He was embarrassed and twisted the space to avoid the attack.

However, as if it has a guidance function, Ryumin’s damage follows until the end.

I twisted it twice more to make the path untraceable, but the same thing happened.

Ryumin’s attack, imbued with Terra, tracked Chaos until the end and was eventually able to inflict damage on the main body.


Ryumin curled the corner of his mouth at the scream that came out of nowhere.

‘It works.’

Ryumin, who created an eternal weapon, a scythe that cuts through darkness, used Terra energy in his attack to cut down Chaos.

He dodged it, but he used up all his energy to pursue it.

The result was the scream of chaos.

Seeing how he was in pain, it was clearly effective.

‘It’s rewarding to have been deified the second time.’

Ryumin attacked Chaos with the determination to kill him at this point.

When I swung the scythe at the eyeball, I avoided it by changing phase, but it was no use.

The power that contains Terra will eventually track its location and cause damage to it.


Chaos, who suffered the humiliation of being treated by a creature for the first time in his life, screamed in anger, but that was all.

All that can be done is to close the space and run away to avoid Ryumin’s pursuit.

‘If you do this, there will be no time for him to attack.’

The problem is that the chase takes a long time because Chaos keeps avoiding it.

As the chase went on, Ryumin’s accumulated Terra drained away exponentially.

‘Before I knew it, I had used up 30 million Terra.’

I haven’t even been able to land a proper attack yet, but I can’t believe I’m consuming this much Terra just by chasing Chaos, who is running away through space.

‘Still, how does the attack work?’

We learned that if we had a lot of Terra, we could deal a huge blow to Chaos, but the problem is that there is not much of it.

Moreover, it seems that Chaos knew that there was no answer to just dodging, so he created space even while he was busy.

A blood-red spear sticks out its head.

It is an instant death spear that can track a target and kill it with one hit.

[People like trash. I will exterminate them all right here.]

As Chaos launched his spear, Ryumin could no longer just attack.

‘I’ve been waiting for this moment. Rune of the speed of light.’

Ryumin, who used the speed of light rune as if he had been waiting, moved in slow time.

And as before, he gathered his allies in one place and placed Artaros as a shield in front of them.

‘First of all, it would be better to give up Chaos and finish the round first.’

When the time restriction was lifted, 97 spears hit Artaros.



The guy who was spitting out scarlet blood finally seemed to feel pain and fell forward.

[The 20th round boss has died.]

[Congratulations on clearing round 20!]

[The round ends in a moment.]

Chaos looked surprised, as if he had not expected to use Artaros as a shield and end the round.

[This damned human being uses such shallow tricks!]

The forced shutdown of the system forced players to let go, but Chaos did not give up.

[Damn it. I never thought I would be harmed by the system I created. But you lowly humans. It’s too early to like it. Even if only for a moment, there is enough time to kill you guys.]

Chaos, who spoke the same line heard in the last episode, once again created a window of instant death.

97 spears flew towards each player.

However, Ryu Min, who had not reached max level for this purpose, shouted at his colleagues.

“Use all your points to reach max level!”

Because it was an instruction with a command function, no player disobeyed it.

Everyone raised their experience points using the points given to them by Ryumin.

With the brilliant max level effect, 96 players became invincible for 1 minute.

Ting ting ting ting ting!

The spear of instant death failed to pierce the golden skin and bounced off helplessly.

Ryumin was already at max level and did not have the invincibility effect, but there was no need to block the spear.

[I was attacked to the point of death.]

[The knight revival rune is activated.]

[Deflects the target’s attack.]

Because the spear of instant death returned to Chaos.

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