The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 346

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Episode 346

346. Full story of the incident (1)

Each player held their hand to the wish stone as if they were possessed.

At that moment, Chaos shouted something, but that was all.

There was no way to stop the hands of 97 people.

[Player ‘Black Scythe’ enters the wish room.]

With the brilliant jewel in hand, 97 players, including Black Scythe, entered their own time.

* * *

A white space with nothing in it.

But this is my second time visiting this place.

In this space, Ryumin was enjoying the emotion alone.

‘I did it. I saved my comrades from Chaos.’

Min-ri Min, Seo A-rin, Christine, Victor, Sophia, Jeffrey, Russell, Sang-cheol Ahn, Kyung-rok Ma, Jun-seok Eom, Tae-seok Heo, Cho Yong-ho, Yamti, Joo Seong-tak, John Delgado, Alex, Dorothy, etc.

He saw 96 people other than himself touching the wish stone.

They will each go into the wish room, perform a non-gong performance, and then say their wishes.

‘May each of you achieve what you want.’

Ryu Min also achieved what he wanted.

His wish was to save his colleagues through the 101st regression.

‘Despite Chaos’s interference, everyone touched the Wish Stone.’

Ryu Min’s wish came true.

But it is only a half wish.

My true wish is to destroy Chaos, the organizer of this damn game.

‘It’s not over yet unless we kill Chaos.’

This guy might play a game with human lives as collateral again.

It is not a situation where you can relax and relax just because you have overcome the crisis in front of you.

If it was the chaos he knew, there was no way it could go on like this.

[hello. Welcome to the room of wishes.]

[If you have any questions, please ask.]

Ryumin immediately responded to the system’s voice.

“I want to know my contribution.”

[The score that ‘Black Scythe’ contributed to victory is 264,452,952.]

Last time it was 380 million, but this time it is only 260 million.

It seems that while he was wasting his time dealing with Chaos, other players were sharing his contributions.

‘The 102nd regression has passed.’

There is no reason to go back further since the goal has already been achieved.

‘I can’t help it. I have no choice but to make that wish as promised.’

Before making a wish, Ryu Min asked about things he had been curious about.

“What happens to me when I leave the room of wishes?”

[The player will lose all of his features, levels, stats, skills, and abilities.]

“So does this mean that I will return from being a god to being an ordinary person?”

[no. Since you have already become a god, it is impossible to go back. Items, levels, skills, functions, runes, stats, etc. acquired as an avatar are simply reset. Titles and eternal items belonging to the soul will remain the same.]

“Did the title belong to the soul?”

[That’s right.]

This is information I didn’t know.

‘So you’re saying that you only lose levels, stats, runes, items, and skills?’

The only things that are maintained are titles and eternal items.

But even with that alone, Ryu Min can be considered a non-ordinary person.

“How much contribution do you need to avoid losing levels, stats, runes, items, etc.?”

[The contribution required to maintain all of Black Scythe’s abilities is 2,139,201,921.]

‘2.1 billion? It means it’s almost impossible to maintain this condition.’

In the end, do we have no choice but to make the wish we promised to Lubuahi?

Ryumin made a wish.

The wish you already had in mind while choosing the next best option.

“Let me meet Gaia.”

[Meeting with Gaia requires all contributions. Do you want to do that?]

Ryumin nodded and answered.


It’s a shame, but there’s nothing we can do.

Because if you want to kill Chaos, you have no choice but to get help from Gaia.

[As you wish, I will put you in contact with Gaia.]

A bright light covered the retina.

* * *

‘This place?’

It was a white space just a moment ago, but now we are in a black space.

It feels like I’m floating in space.

‘The Akashic Records had a similar environment.’

As I was looking around, a familiar thought form appeared.

[Are you here, Black Scythe?]


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It was Rubuahi who came out to meet me with a smiling face, saying I had met him a few times.

[Thank you for your hard work to get here. You did a good job as planned.]

“It would have been better if Chaos hadn’t shown up.”

[It can’t be helped. Still, where did they come up with the next best solution?]


Originally, Ryumin’s plan with Rubuahi was to grow without Chaos’ knowledge.

To kill Chaos, you must complete the second apotheosis and collect 10 billion Terra, but if you are interrupted along the way, there is a high chance of failure.

‘I tried to be as careful as possible to avoid the Eye of Chaos and complete the second apotheosis… … .’

No matter how good an assassin he is, it is not easy to secretly kill 7 archangels and 4 gods.

In the end, it was only a matter of time before Chaos found out.

‘That’s why I needed a second-best solution in case my presence was discovered.’

The next best option was to reach the Wish Stone and meet Gaia.

They say Gaia has another way to destroy Chaos.

‘Of course, I could have met Gaia before returning.’

However, after a conversation with Lubuahi, Ryumin decided to return for the 101st time.

Because I couldn’t sit idly by and watch my colleagues die because of Chaos.

[I saved my colleagues as I wanted, completed the second deification, and came to meet Gaia. You are truly amazing.]

“Stop talking nonsense and get to the point. “What about Gaia?”

[You are still waiting.]

For a moment, Rubuahi’s eyebrows seemed to twitch, but there was no need to worry.


Because a middle-aged woman appeared, pushing away the darkness with radiance.

‘Is that Gaia, the wife of Chaos and the creator god?’

Unlike Chaos, whose eyeballs alone were huge, the woman’s body was not that large.

It is about the size of a human and has a gentle appearance, making it look ordinary at first glance.

However, the power of creation within him seemed so enormous that even Ryumin could not guess its size.

“Are you Gaia?”

[is it so. Player ‘Black Scythe’. I am Gaia, the mother of Earth.]

“Is that your true self?”

[no. I just created an image that is easy for humans to see. There is no real image of me. The same goes for Chaos.]

“It’s just a form that’s easy to see, isn’t it?”

[yes. However, it is me and Chaos who are not an illusion but a real, original being.]

Ryumin just stared.

As if trying to read Gaia’s inner thoughts.

However, neither Chaos nor Gaia can read their inner thoughts.

‘That’s right, I don’t have the inner rune anymore, right?’

All of the stats, runes, and god-level items collected so far have been lost.

At least there were titles and eternal items left, so it was a blessing in disguise.

‘Even so, it’s the same as not being able to see the information.’

The Eye of Insight did not provide much information about Gaia.

[Looking at your eyes, I see that you are wary of me.]

“… … .”

[Didn’t you sign a contract to tell only the truth? Why are you on guard?]

“You know why, right?”

[You seem to hate me.]

“… … .”

Ryumin didn’t bother to answer.

Gaia smiled and shook her head as if it was worth it.

[I understand. Many people died because of the system I created.]

“It’s not just our planet. Humans from other dimensions were torn apart because of that damn war. “Just to participate as a mercenary in a bet made by the gods.”

[I find that part unfortunate. But I can definitely tell you that it wasn’t my doctor. It was all Chaos’ plan.]

“The idea of ​​using humans as mercenaries came from Chaos? “You just created a system?”


Ryumin glared at Gaia, who was quietly smiling.

It appears that he is telling the truth, as it does not expire as per the contract.

“Even so, it doesn’t change the fact that you collaborated with Chaos.”

[I regret that. I also didn’t want to go through the humans. Is there any parent in the world who would want to kill their child? All creatures are like my children.]

“… … .”

[Furthermore, I only have the power of creation and do not have the power to kill living things. The power of destruction belongs to Chaos.]

Gaia has the power of creation, and Chaos has the power of destruction?

And those two are a couple?

‘They are the strongest couple.’

Gaia smiled again.

[You just thought they were the strongest couple, right?]

“… … .”

[Looking at their expressions, I guess they got it right. I’m sorry, but our relationship is not very good. How can it be good if the being who destroys creation is my husband?]

As Gaia said, they could be seen as polar opposites.

‘No, is it only Gaia who is stressed? Chaos only seeks destruction.’

Ryumin vaguely understood why Gaia hated Chaos.

“So, are you trying to use me to kill your husband, Chaos? “Because you don’t want to look at it?”

[There is no reason for that. But the real reason is different.]

“The real reason?”

[It will take quite a while to talk, is that okay?]

Ryumin nodded.

What’s left is time.

And shouldn’t we know the reason before we can decide whether to believe in Gaia or not?

“Let’s listen.”

* * *

Chaos and Gaia had a son.

Kronos, the god of time.

Possessing tremendous power to manipulate time freely, he has grown to the point that even his parents are afraid of him.

Was it because he was afraid that his position would be threatened?

Chaos, realizing how dangerous the power to control time is, eventually tries to kill Kronos.

However, Gaia, who noticed this, could not stay still.

To save his son, he sends him to a distant dimension.

[Kronos, where is that damn bastard!]

[I don’t know either.]

[Are you going to keep acting silly? That bastard’s very existence is dangerous. I need to kill him right away!]

[Where in the world are there parents who want to kill their children?]

[You’re not going to say anything in the end, right? good. Let’s see where it goes. Because I will definitely find you and kill you.]

Gaia desperately tried to protect Kronos, while Chaos turned on his eyes and tried to find and kill his child.

It was from this time that the relationship between the couple began to deteriorate in earnest.

* * *

Kronos, now alone, ran away to avoid the gap in the dimension.

Sometimes, we could turn back time and overcome a crisis.

‘Phew, I almost got caught.’

Chaos’ subordinates, including Nyx, were trying hard to catch him.

Cronus, who had been living a life of escape by cleverly hiding in the gaps between dimensions and time, could not help but become angry.

‘I can’t hide away like this. If I want to be free, I have to kill Chaos, a man who is not even like his father.’

However, he only has the power to turn time and is no match for Chaos, who has the power of destruction.

‘I will kill you someday. Someday… … .’

Kronos continued to escape again, sharpening the blade of revenge he would use one day.

* * *

A long time has passed.

Time changes everything.

Flowers, trees, living things, all died and disappeared.

Each time, Gaia conceived a living being through the power of creation.

New life was created and nurtured repeatedly, but Chaos, on the contrary, committed destruction.

In some ways, it was a difference in personality, but in other ways, it was only Gaia who was stressed.

But that didn’t mean Chaos wasn’t stressed.

‘Chronos. I need to find that damn bastard quickly and kill him… … .’

I have sent my subordinates to search, but so far there has been no result.

There is no trace of where he was hiding.

‘It’s like damn time. ‘My strength is dwindling.’

As time passed, the power of Chaos weakened.

On the other hand, as life forms were born, Gaia’s power grew stronger.

This is why Chaos desperately destroys life.

As the god of the beginning, he cannot be pushed aside by Cronus and even Gaia.

‘It can’t go on like this. I need to regain my strength.’

Chaos is the god of destruction, but is essentially the god of chaos.

The more chaos a living thing experiences, the stronger its power becomes.

‘What should I do? How can I confuse the creatures?’

Chaos, who was thinking of a way to recover his strength, soon made his eyes look like a crescent moon.

‘Tsk tsk, yeah, that’ll do.’

The method he came up with was simple.

He threatens the Elyos and Demons and makes them fight periodically.

‘Then there will be chaos between the two races.’

That was the opportunity for the birth of Cheonma Daejeon.

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