The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 348

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Episode 348

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348. Full story of the incident (3)

After hearing Dojun Min’s detailed design, Gaia visited Chaos.

And he said it as if it was a design he came up with.

[Let’s incorporate a game system familiar to humans? That’s a pretty good idea.]

[Do not give false praise.]

[No, I’m not talking nonsense, I’m serious. You have talent for this. So, you were born with the power of creation.]

[Then I will make it this way.]

[Please come check often like now. I also have to see if the system is well-made.]

Chaos smiled at Gaia, who turned around without answering.

‘You brought the idea yourself. ‘Is it unexpected?’

He thought the threat worked, but he didn’t know it.

Gaia is working with Dojun Min to design a weapon to use against him.

* * *

Over a long period of time, the system was perfected.

An alien space was created for up to 20 rounds, and life was created there to live like NPCs.

Humans, elves, dwarves, kingdoms, empires, monsters, etc.

Following Min Do-jun’s advice, it was created by referring to game fantasy novels that are familiar to humans.

Although it was a creation made for the round, if you think about it, it was a real life that was alive and moving.

‘Now the preparations are complete.’

I borrowed the power of Kronos to create a time-reversing rune and set it to hit a random person.

I don’t know who will take it, but that person will undergo deification through 100 regressions and be reborn as a transcendent being.

‘Can humans really kill the gods and achieve secondary deification as I intended?’

Originally, it was impossible for a god race to steal Terra from another god race, but Gaia is the undisputed god of creation.

Even the impossible can be designed to become possible.

If you think about it, the other gods were also creatures conceived by him.

‘We have to raise humans by using the gods as scapegoats… … .’

Can not help it.

To break free from the bondage of Chaos, humans must be strengthened.

Until you have the power to suppress Chaos by killing the gods and accumulating 10 billion tera.

Of course, I won’t let you fight alone.

‘If Kronos and I assist, it won’t be impossible to destroy Chaos.’

Gaia wished.

‘A weapon against Chaos. I hope you grow into the blade that will slay God’s neck just as I designed… … .’

* * *

Soon after, the Third Heavenly Demon War began.

The result was obvious.

The Demons won again, and the defeated Elyos proceeded with the program for the first time.

Although the idea of ​​having to train humans was undesirable.

‘Good.’ As designed, the time reversal rune entered humans.’

One of the billions of humans is lucky enough to have a rune.

The lucky human progressed through the round by going through 100 regressions.

Up to this point, everything was as planned.

However, variables come unexpectedly.

‘Even though you regressed 100 times, you still couldn’t pass round 20?’

Humans did not grow as intended.

Because it wasn’t easy for an ordinary human to endure 100 regressions.

Of course, even Gaia does not know the records of the last episode.

Even Gaia is affected by regression.

I could only guess how much it had regressed by looking at the number of uses written on the rune.

‘Damn, I can’t believe I didn’t even make it to the 20th round and wasted all my opportunities…’ … .’

Although raising humans failed, Gaia was not frustrated.

The next Heavenly Demon battle remained, and the humans there might not even be able to make it.

And then the 4th Heavenly Demon War began.

The Elyos, who were inferior in strength, were defeated again.

The Elyos’ 4th consecutive loss from the 1st to the 4th rounds.

Of course, the gods no longer expected anything from the Elyos.

[Will the demons win this time too?]

[I guess so?]

[You don’t know, right? The Elyos may be able to raise human mercenaries well this time and bring them to the final round.]

[Even so, how strong can a human mercenary be?]

[Still, just in case, I should bet on an Elyos with high odds.]

[I want to bet safely on the demons.]

The gods all predicted the victory of the demons, and the defeated Elyos searched for another Earth and carried out a human abduction program.

However, despite expectations, no human passed the 20th round, and it was expected that the Elyos would lose this time too.

But something strange happened.

In the 5th Heavenly Demon War, the Heavenly Clan overcame an overwhelming gap for the first time and achieved victory.

Without the help of human mercenaries.


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[Well, the Elyos won!]

[Haaah, if I had known this would happen, I would have bet on the Elyos… … .]

[Damn it! I bet almost all of Terra on the victory of the demons!]

The joys and sorrows crossed, and the Elyos who contributed to the victory were promoted to the status of seven archangels.

On the other hand, Gaia could not help but become anxious.

‘I can’t even pass the 20th round… … . ‘There’s no point in putting in a rune that returns 100 times, right?’

Gaia could not wait for the fish to be caught like this, so she asked Chaos for permission.

[I think the difficulty level of the round is too high. How about changing the settings a bit?]

[I was already thinking that too. good. Try lowering the difficulty level a little. Don’t touch the big frame.]

[all right.]

Gaia smiled and tinkered with the system without Chaos knowing.

Reaper class advancement items, which had somewhat difficult conditions, have been modified so that they can be easily obtained by killing Elyos or Demons.

And it was changed so that when you kill a battle angel or a high-ranking demon, you get a huge buff called Devil’s Blessing or Angel’s Blessing.

‘It will be easier to grow this way.’

In addition, it is set so that if you kill 7 archangels or 10 top demon nobles, you will be deified to the first degree.

‘Now that we’ve grown faster, we’ll be able to achieve this easily.’

We didn’t forget to lower the difficulty of each round as Chaos requested.

After this intervention, the defeated demon was the first to proceed with the program.

Is it because the difficulty level was lowered?

The demons surprisingly produced human mercenaries until the final round.

Although there was only one person, he was the only human who went through 100 regressions.

‘Player [Kang Han-sik] reached the final round.’

But unfortunately, Kang Han-sik was not the person Gaia wanted.

Even though it regressed 100 times, it didn’t have that much power.

‘What a stupid person you are. You can grow rapidly only by killing the Elyos and Demons… … .’

Not only that, but at the end, he made a wish to become rich.

From God’s point of view, it is an extremely ordinary wish.

‘Are you saying there aren’t that many talented people who can kill Elyos and Demons and grow up to contact Rubuahi?’

In the end, I had no choice but to promise the 7th Heavenly Demon War, and I was sure that I would be disappointed this time too.

Gaia finally faced it.

A weapon against Chaos, a black scythe.

* * *

[How about this? Is the Black Scythe doing well now?]

[I’m doing well. I gained the Shinigami class early on and am on a roll, taking first place in every round.]


Gaia’s eyes lit up at Min Do-jun’s words.

The talent we’ve been waiting for so long has finally appeared.

In contrast, Min Do-jun’s expression was extremely dark.

[Why do you look like that? Aren’t you growing well in the eyes of the God of Massacre?]

[That’s true, but they don’t actually try to catch the important archangel.]


[It seems to be due to the influence of the god Artaros. I think because of his intervention in episode 68, there was a perception that archangels were untouchable.]

[Oh, Artaros intervened?]

When regression occurs, everyone’s memories except Black Scythe are lost.

Because of this, Gaia had no memory of what happened in the previous episode.

Only Min Do-jun, who is not affected by regression, can only observe the whole situation.

That’s why we meet like this and get advice.

[Why did Artaros encounter the Black Scythe?]

[In round 16, I intervened after seeing the black scythe kill a battle angel with overwhelming force. Then he pressed the black scythe and asked various questions. How can one have such power?]

[I can’t believe something like that happened… … .]

[Of course, the Black Scythe did not mention it, but Artaros used his powers to erase the memory of meeting him. No, he even left behind memories of what he encountered. However, because of that, a preconceived notion arose that Archangels were strong.]

[ah… … .]

Unfortunately, because of Artaros’s actions, the weapons against Chaos were weakened.

‘Artaros, the plan went awry because of that bastard!’

Gaia was annoyed, but Artaros was the general of the Elyos she had created in the beginning.

I couldn’t blame him because he was the one who thought he was responsible for the war and elevated himself to god status.

‘It’s because of me. I made Artaros a god for no reason… … .’

Moreover, he went to Earth, a dimension that should not be touched, and was cursed with immortality.

In a way, I came back stronger.

Of course, Chaos could destroy him, but it is already too late to ask him to kill him.

‘According to the information written on the rune, this is the 99th session. I do not have time.’

How can we induce the Black Scythe to kill the Archangel?

how should… … .

[Did you know that this is the 99th episode? We’re slowly reaching the end, what are you going to do?]

[What does the God of Carnage think? Do you think the Black Scythe will pass round 20?]

[At your current level, you will pass with ease.]

That means reaching the Wish Stone without even being able to deify it, let alone capture the Archangel.

In other words, the opportunity that came after a long time should be passed away like this.

‘How did you get this weapon… … how… … .’

After thinking about it, Gaia made a decision.

[We can’t just waste the talent we saved after hundreds of years in vain like this.]

[What are you going to do?]

[You still have one chance, right?]

[no way… … .]

Gaia grinned and turned around.

It is urgent to do something before the black scythe reaches round 20.

* * *

[The story ends here. Since then, you have reached the 100th episode, and after going through various hardships, you have come to this point.]

Gaia’s story is over.

As she said, it was a long story, but it is simple to summarize.

‘You did this to protect your son, Kronos. ‘I, a human being, was caught up as a tool to fight against Chaos.’

He was just Gaia’s toy and weapon.

When he realized that fact, Ryumin’s mood became heavy.

Gaia is uncharacteristically attentive to the primordial god.

[Why is that? Black scythe? Have you ever felt bad? Because the reason for your existence is my personal grudge?]


Ryumin’s voice was heavy.

“I understand that you used me as a weapon for Chaos. I already knew it from the moment I joined hands with you. Even though we knew, we joined hands for the purpose of chaos. “Because we had a common goal.”

[Then isn’t it all done?]

“But there’s one thing missing from the story.”

[What is it?]

“What you did in the 99th session was to avoid wasting my chance in the end. “What was that?”

[I will not comment on that.]

Gaia closed her mouth.

It is not a breach of contract if you do not tell, as you just have to not lie.

But Ryu Min also has some guesses.

Because the information I heard from Kang Han-sik instantly came to mind.

“Could it be that you touched the boss room settings? To prevent me from clearing it easily?”

[As I said, no comment… … .]

“I’m asking whether the entrance condition to the boss room, which allows only one person to pass, was changed to allow 5 or more people.”

Ryumin’s murderous eyes turned towards Gaia.

Gaia, who was looking into those eyes, sighed as if she had given up.

[The situation won’t be resolved if you keep your mouth shut, right?]

“Say it. “The truth.”

[is it so. I changed it. To bring you from the 99th episode to the 100th episode.]

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