The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 304

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304. Black magic (4)

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“The achievement ‘Grand Master’ has been achieved.”

“Exclusive authority #D-0007 [Increased reward] is automatically activated when the conditions are met.”

「… … .」


“With the approval of the Tower of Trials, the system allows challenger Han Seong-yoon to acquire additional exclusive authority.”

In an instant, a system message appeared before my eyes and a reward was given.

「Exclusive permission #A-0107 [Transcendence Skill] has been obtained.」

Transcendent skill.

You have been given an ability that is a type of exclusive authority deeply related to the Tower of Trials.

And then I stared blankly at the system message for a moment and then laughed out of bewilderment.

[What is this… … . ]

It was worth it.

Originally, top achievement rewards were paid out neatly along the lines of ability or skill.

However, by creating the black magic [Skill Cooldown Acceleration], the reward for the new achievement was different.

[Is it possible to obtain exclusive permissions this easily? ]

Dedicated permission.

Ability related to the Giant Tree Labyrinth and the tower that can sometimes be obtained from administrator quests.

And even now, some of the exclusive rights were being used well, so I couldn’t help but feel even more embarrassed about this situation.

At best, it is not a power that can be obtained as a reward for an achievement.

‘I don’t even think this is a meaningless exclusive right.’

However, the name of the newly acquired exclusive authority was extremely heterogeneous.

Transcendent skill.

Among the exclusive privileges I have obtained so far, there was no power that could affect skills or authority.

It was just that I was able to handle various functions related to the tower in a little more depth.

But it doesn’t stop there.

‘It’s an exclusive authority directly related to the skill.’

What level of ability does he have?

―Really, at this point, you can see TOP’s determination and push… … .

And with his eyes sparkling at that, Dam Cheon-woo spoke as if he was in despair.

―No matter how great your achievements are, getting exclusive permission from the tower is almost impossible… … .

[So you’re jealous? ]

―… … Boo, are you jealous? That’s not the case at all? From now on, I’m just going to do it!

[ well. It doesn’t look that way. Anyway, that’s the way it is. ]

―… … .

Dam Cheon-woo kept his mouth shut, wondering how much regret he still had for the tower.

He looked dumbfounded, as if he had hit the nail on the head.

But instead of teasing him further, I turned my attention to my newly acquired exclusive authority.

That’s right… … .

‘I’m looking forward to it.’

In the first place, isn’t the name exclusive authority ‘A-0107 [Transcendence Skill]’?

I don’t know what the actual ability is, but since the name is flashy, it must be worth it.

And above all, among the exclusive privileges I had acquired so far, there was no ability that could be dismissed as useless.

At the very least, there will be an ability that can be used with exclusive authority someday.

Therefore, without hesitation, I activated my exclusive authority.

“Exclusive authority #A-0107 [Transcendence Skill] is activated.”

“You can designate one of challenger Han Seong-yoon’s skills as a skill.”


「※The explanation begins with the first activation of exclusive authority #A-0107 [Transcendence Skill].」

「※When you select one of challenger Han Seong-yoon’s skills, the skill becomes a [Transcendence skill] for ‘1 minute.’”

「※Skills designated as skills with exclusive authority #A-0107 [Transcendence Skill] are assigned the highest grade in the system for ‘one minute’ and receive assistance from the system.”

「※However, this effect has a 10-year cooldown immediately after activation, and the skills possessed by challenger Han Seong-yoon are removed from the skills.」

After reading the entire explanation of exclusive rights, I touched my chin and narrowed my eyes.

[In other words, does this mean that the highest level skill with a 10-year cooldown can be used for 1 minute? ]


[I got something interesting. ]

And at the same time, my eyes sparkled and my interest in transcendence skills increased.

‘… … Even if it has a cooldown of 10 years, being able to use the highest level skill for 1 minute is very meaningful.’

It was worth it.

Because I have never had the highest level skill at the top.

Previously, the power skill ‘Holy Won Demon Sword’ had reached SSS-level, but it could not be said to be the highest level.

The highest level of the tower will be located beyond it.

‘Does this mean that I can at least use EX level skills for 1 minute?’

I could even use any of my skills that way.

Perhaps skills such as martial arts or black magic that are not registered in the system can also be designated as ‘transcendence skills’.

However, the downside is that it can only be used for 1 minute, and it has a 10-year cooldown immediately after activation… … .

Still, this is a huge harvest.

“Cancel the activation of exclusive authority #A-0107 [Transcendence Skill].”


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In response, I immediately canceled the activation of the exclusive authority ‘#A-0107 [Transcendence Skill]’ and smiled.

‘There are many places where this can be used as is.’

I was even able to see beyond its original purpose and its uses beyond that.

‘… … ‘What if I could assign this to black magic?’

If you say you can apply the newly acquired black magic [Skill Cooldown Reduction].

And if it really goes as planned, perhaps it could be used beyond imagination… … .

But continuing to think like that only lasted for a moment.

Suddenly, a presence was felt beyond the collapsed fortress.


―Han Seong-yoon.

Even if it’s not Dam Cheon-woo’s words, I already know.

[ … … I know. ]

Damn it!

At that, I stopped checking the reward I received from Top and turned my head away.

And then the empty space opened wide, and a gentleman with a goat’s head appeared.

It has a heterogeneous appearance, like a mountain goat mixed half human and half devil.

The goat-haired gentleman who had already landed on the floor of the throne room with the broken ceiling spoke politely.


And I had a hunch, feeling a little bit of power coming from him.

“You are the one who has newly obtained the seat of the 62nd monarch.”

It’s no different… … .

“Nice to meet you. I’m Alton. The one who sits on the seat of the 64th monarch of the Demon World. … … and.”

Divine power was flowing from the gentleman with the head of a mountain goat.

[ -God of despair, fall, and madness. ]


[ A monarch who serves a great ancient deity and holds the position of both a deity and an apostle. ]

It was also a divinity with a very terrible and familiar atmosphere.



The god of despair, fall, and madness.

An ancient deity with whom he had many bad relationships, starting with the Giant Tree Labyrinth and Karnar Saghsis.

Even the deity, unlike any other ancient deity, is a monster of monsters with three divinity.

Since the name of such a being was suddenly mentioned, my guard immediately rose and I broke into a cold sweat.

‘Could it be that that ancient god intervened in the ordeal again?’

For now, the most reasonable inference is that an ancient deity intervened in the ordeal.

The God of Despair, Fall, and Madness had dealt with trials many times before, so there was a high probability that it would be as expected.

Just as he had previously raised the difficulty of the ordeal by tampering with beings such as the usurper and Karnar Sagsis, there was no way he would have done so this time as well.

That’s why I immediately shut my mouth and glared at the goat-headed gentleman in front of me.

[ … … . ]


The situation has become so tense that it has no choice but to explain it that way.

And then I got ready to activate all my battle-related skills.

So that we can respond with all our might whenever a battle occurs.

But suddenly the goat-headed gentleman burst out laughing, changing the mood in the blink of an eye.

“ha ha ha! No need to be so nervous! New monarch. “I just came to talk.”

[It’s a conversation… … ? ]

“That’s right. 62 monarchs… … , No, now it’s a goblin that has been torn apart. anyway. “I can only salute the pioneer of the new era who took down that lowly goblin.”

[ … … . ]

“Unlike a goblin, he is well-versed in black magic, so it was difficult to kill him hastily, but perhaps luckily, he got rid of it… … .”

[Shall we skip the nonsense and get to the point? ]

“… … Excuse me. When I think about trivial things, I get angry. In any case, I have no hostile intentions towards them.”

[Explain. ]

“I will do that. Monarch. He murdered the previous 62nd monarch and took his place as the new 62nd monarch. “I would like to suggest several things regarding that.”

As I continued my conversation with the goat-headed gentleman, I was able to realize one thing.

‘no way.’

as soon as… … .

‘Didn’t the God of Despair, Fall, and Madness hear about me?’

This means that Alton, the goat-headed gentleman in front of me, did not come by order of the gods.

Alton only said that he was the 64th Lord and that he served an ancient deity.

He didn’t show any signs of murder, nor did he try to pull off any tricks.

In that case, there is no need to reveal this side yet.

‘Am I fortunate among misfortunes?’

At least Alton didn’t seem to know about me.

Considering the nature of the god of despair, fall, and madness, he probably instructed Alton to use his strength as soon as he encountered me.

At the point where he didn’t reveal his intention to kill, it became clear that he didn’t know me.

Therefore, it is better to first listen to Alton more.

‘It won’t be too late to listen to the story first and come to a conclusion.’

After a moment of contemplation, I quietly listened to Alton.

“You will probably be targeted by many monarchs from now on.”

[ … … ? ]

“Because you broke the agreement between the monarchs. A demon king from outside the demon world must not harm the monarch and usurp his position. So now we’re in big trouble.”

[Is it because of the rule to exclude outsiders? ]

“That’s right… … . It would be truly absurd for a demon lord from the outside world to harm a monarch. So, they will be killed soon.”

[ … … . ]

“By killing six high-ranking monarchs, you will be eligible to challenge Baal, the current supreme ruler of the Demon World and the first monarch.”

[Is there such a thing? ]

I never thought that by killing six high-ranking monarchs, I would be eligible to challenge the first monarch.

‘… … ‘A high-ranking monarch refers to a monarch of a higher rank than oneself.’

Alkaid, who is only the 62nd monarch, cannot be considered a high-ranking monarch.

Perhaps the high-ranking monarch that Alton was talking about meant a monarch of a higher rank than himself.

And by killing six of the 72 monarchs of the Demon World who are higher in rank than him, he can challenge for the position of first monarch.

‘Then I just have to kill 5 more monarchs with a higher rank than the 62nd monarch?’

At this point, I feel like I know how to proceed with the trials of the Demon World.

However, the situation was not so good when Alton, the 64th Lord, gave out such information.

Maybe Alton is trying to murder me and become the new 62nd monarch.

Then, I narrowed my eyes and calmly asked Alton a question.

[So are you here to kill me too? ]

“Ha ha ha ha ha… … . Is that possible? I am someone who knows the subject. “At most, he is only as good as a 40th ranked monarch.”

[ Still, I am confident that I will become a top 40 monarch. ]

“It’s a shame, but yes.”

Alton said, with his goat-like eyes glazed over.

“So, I have a suggestion.”

Before I knew it, Alton’s eyes were overflowing with greed.

“Even after all this, I am an apostle of an ancient deity in my own right, and I hold the title of 64th Lord. That’s why I have ties to other monarchs.”

[ so? ]

“It means that it can prevent you from being killed by another monarch… … . However, under the condition that you respond to my proposal.”

[That’s a very welcome sound. ]

Actually, I wasn’t that happy.

It’s definitely nice to be able to avoid fights with numerous monarchs.

Anyway, isn’t this guy named Alton in front of me also doing this because he wants something?

Even if you don’t necessarily serve the god of despair, fall, and madness, it wouldn’t be a very trustworthy proposition.

“What I have to offer you is a simple one indeed.”

That was actually the case.

“Would you like to participate in the ‘Cradle’, a 1:1 duel between subordinate monarchs?”

Alton raised the corners of his mouth and spoke in a voice full of joy.

“The duelists are selected solely through consultation between the monarchs, and then the monarchs duel one-on-one without any help.”

And only then did I realize it.

“There are many people who are not suited to the devil’s dirty tricks, so we don’t hate this ‘cradle’ duel that much.”

What does the goat-headed gentleman in front of me want?

“There are many monarchs in the top 50 here. “If you come, there won’t be much loss.”


A person who serves the god of despair, fall, and madness, and also holds the position of 64th monarch.

I could read in his eyes the reason why he was inviting me to ‘Cradle’, a duel gathering attended by the monarchs of the Demon World.

“You too will have a lot to gain from Cradle’s 1:1 duel.”

That’s right… … .

“If you are capable of doing so… … . Hahaha.”

Looking at the things below, I can’t help but notice.

‘You really think you can treat me lightly now… … ?’

Greed, and a look of disdain.

I don’t know why, but Alton, who is just an apostle of an ancient god… … .

At best, they see me as insignificant prey.

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