The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 306

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306. Melee (2)

I narrowed my eyes as I looked at the space that had changed in the blink of an eye.

‘Is this the cradle?’


Because a place that could only really be described as that was unfolding before my eyes.

I think this is probably the one-on-one duel gathering of demon lords that Alton was talking about… … .


I had no idea that they had set up a duel arena in such a full-fledged manner.

It wasn’t even a typical duel arena, but there were seats scattered throughout that looked like spectator stands.

And I was able to vaguely sense and notice divinity, demonic energy, and magical power from those sitting in the spacious auditorium.

[ Monarchs. ]

To put it roughly, should we say that he has just reached the rank of an official god?

… … It is difficult to say for certain, as he does not possess divinity alone, nor has he reached that level solely through divinity.

It seemed certain that he had at least that much power.

And as I was watching the eight monarchs sitting in the auditorium of the duel arena with sparkling eyes, I suddenly heard a voice next to me.

“What is this…?” … .”

It’s no different… … .

“I can really imitate arcane magic…” … ?”

It was Alton.

“Well, I guess…” … , that can’t be… … , there won’t be… … !”

He still did not understand the newly modified black magic [Folding Vortex].

The goat’s face is distorted as if it cannot accept it.

The facial expression that I had maintained so well collapsed like a sand castle in front of the waves, and in an instant, I was spitting out a mixture of anger and shock.

“This is my black magic as the 64th Lord… … ! It was also independently developed by my family!! But outsiders can use it!?”


“Even in the form of modifying the very principles of arcane arts?”

Alton’s hand was clenched tightly, and infinitely thick feelings of negativity flowed out.

“Something… … , something must be very wrong… … !”

But it’s not a very interesting story.

[It’s not that important anyway, so is there really anything to get excited about? ]

It was worth it.

Anyway, I have already confirmed that he has a remarkable talent for black magic.

Didn’t he learn some of the essence of black magic during his previous battle with Alkaid, and create a completely new black magic based on that?

Therefore, it is not surprising that some parts of black magic are modified.

‘Not even that.’

And more than anything, I didn’t understand why Alton was astonished by the transformation of black magic.

Since I don’t even know the principles of black magic myself, am I qualified to evaluate the newly remodeled black magic?

Perhaps Alton still doesn’t know what the flaws of the dark magic [Wanderer’s Vortex] are.

Still, even though he was a goblin, he was different from Alkaid, who had some knowledge of black magic and could use it as a foundation for his growth.

Alton was nothing better than Alkaid.

‘To begin with, Alton seems to be a skilled person who specializes in divinity rather than black magic.’

If he were not an apostle serving an ancient deity, he probably would not have been able to sit in the position of 64th monarch.

Since he serves the god of despair, fall, and madness, he must have been able to sit in that position based on the power of the ancient godhead.

But doesn’t Alton think so?

Suddenly, intense emotions flashed in Alton’s animal-like eyes.

“There’s no way you can do that… … !!”

That wasn’t all.

Alton’s emotions became a kind of influence, and divine power flowed out of him.

A horrendous form of divinity that reminds one of a world that was about to end.

As an apostle serving the god of despair, fall, and madness, he possessed a truly irritating divinity.

“FALSE! It’s fake! “The black magic they showed was all fake!”

But that was only for a moment.

Dude… … !!

“The God of Remorse is irritated by the rude attitude of this insignificant trifle.”

[ -Stop right there. 64 monarchs. I don’t know what it is, but it’s rude. ]

Suddenly, the old man sitting at the head of the audience in the duel arena showed his dignity by saying that.


And I couldn’t help but widen my eyes as I felt the force coming from beyond.

‘divinity… … .’

It was worth it.

‘It’s not even like an apostle, but it’s a state where you have pioneered divinity yourself.’

The tall old man currently sitting at the head table in the duel arena is not a metaphor or anything, but a true, formal deity.

At best, unlike apostles who depended on external sources like Alton, who received their divinity from an ancient godhead, their status was inherently higher.

Should I say that the level of the soul is purely higher than that of any enemy I have ever seen in the demon world?

actually… … .

[They said they would bring in the newly-acquired 64th monarch, but if they forget their duties and become angry like that, it will only be ugly. ]

God of remorse.

When the tall old man, recorded as such in the system message, said that, Alton quickly hid his emotions with a pale face.


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He looks like a child whose mistake was caught by an adult.

And Alton quickly became polite again, as if his anger until now had been a lie, and bowed before the God of Remorse and spoke.

“S-sorry… … . Because my family’s arcane arts were insulted, my eyes became blurry for a moment… … .”

[Do you think that if you make excuses like that, your ugly behavior will become okay? ]

“… … .”

[What a fool you are. ]

The God of Remorse tilted his chin and laughed.

[But that doesn’t mean you can’t just be annoyed like this for several minutes. ]

Then he looked at me and said with interest.

[Welcome. 62 monarchs. no. You… … . Hoo. Has he reached a high level of divinity? ]

Still, since they are high-ranking gods, is it possible to easily know each other’s capabilities?

[<Transcendence> and <Death>, and countless possibilities… … . ]

The God of Remorse smiled, his eyes that had been quiet until now sparkling.

[It’s fascinating. <Transcendence> and <death> coexist. The fact that your divine name is not established as one may indicate your potential. ]

He blurted out things that even I didn’t know.

[It’s a vessel that I’m excited to see how far it can reach… … . ]


[Perhaps <transcendence> and <death> can be mixed together and advance to a new level. ]

[ … … . ]

[ Excellent. At best, with just a few thousand years of training, you can shed the shell of a higher-level godhead. ]

[ Is that so… … . ]

[That’s why I’m curious. ]

The moment the God of Remorse stopped admiring and changed his expression as if he was interested.

[Why did the tower send a monster like you here? ]

As it was, I couldn’t help but be shocked with my face frozen.



‘You probably know that I came here because of the Tower’s trials… … ?’

As soon as I heard that one word that the God of Remorse suddenly spit out, I raised my guard.

What it refers to is probably no different from the Tower of Trials.

This was even more so if the person who said it was not someone else but someone who had ascended to the position of a higher deity.

The God of Remorse continued speaking as if he was happy and curious at the same time.

[How can a vessel of the ocean like you be used in a place like this? ]

[ … … . ]

[Are you trying to interfere with the demon world? … … But for all that, it’s surprising that the tower didn’t use skilled hunting dogs. ]

[I don’t know what he’s talking about. ]

And then I just played it off as if I didn’t know anything.

Can not help it.

If I let it be known that I am a challenger from the Tower, I will become someone who must be quickly excluded from the demon world.

There is no way to know that I came from the tower anyway.

‘You just have to pretend it’s not like this.’

In fact, the strong people sitting throughout the duel arena tilted their heads and expressed doubts.

“The tower… … ?”

“You’re not talking about a castle or something, so what on earth are you talking about?”

“Are we talking about the same place as belonging? No, but that’s a bit ambiguous… … .”

He acts as if he doesn’t even know what a top is.

And looking at that, I was able to realize that many monarchs did not know much about the tower.

But despite this, there was an exception, and Alton’s eyes became greatly distorted and a sound close to hatred rang out.

“I came from the tower… … ? then… … ! Are you saying that you are a blasphemous sinner who blasphemes my great God?!”

Still, he was an apostle of an ancient god and seemed to know quite a bit of information.

[ … … . ]

It’s almost absurd to think that he doesn’t know anything about his own black magic.

However, the fact that Alton reacts so violently certainly means that the God of Remorse, who has reached the level of a higher god, knows more.

So now it might be useless to claim that it actually didn’t come from the tower.

In reality, those worries soon became reality.

[It would be useless to deny it like that. ]

[ … … . ]

[And there is no need to deny it like that. ]

[What is that… … . ]

However, the God of Remorse did not react as strongly as expected.

[ Anyway, in the demon world, there isn’t much to worry about whether you’re a top or a challenger. ]

The God of Remorse said with a mirthless laugh.

‘Whether you’re a top or a challenger, the demon world doesn’t really care?’

What on earth does this mean?

Until now, just the slightest guess that it came from outside has made it a target for many people.

I couldn’t help but be confused as the higher-ranking god in front of me said that it was a good thing.

[Ah, I heard your story. … … You said before that you killed that friend of Alkaid and became the 62nd monarch, right? Too bad. Even I could admit that the goblin friend had dark magic. ]

[ … … . ]

[ Still, if you encounter a monster like you as an enemy, it would make sense for that goblin friend to die helplessly. ]

[ … … Do you have any resentment towards me? ]

And then I narrowed my eyes and asked a question.

Why does the God of Remorse talk like that, as if it’s not something to worry about?

Why does the God of Remorse, who is apparently a high-ranking monarch in the Demon World, hate me even though he knows that I come from the Tower?

[Of course, it has to be there. ]

When the God of Remorse heard that, he snorted and said.

[After all, power is everything that decides something here. ]

[ … … . ]

[The basic principle of the demon world operates according to the theory of the strong. And I just have no intention of denying that strongman theory like any other behemoth. ]

[ then… … . ]

[ okay. Unlike other guys who reject outsiders, I accept you. … … That’s why we created this ‘cradle’. ]

The God of Remorse spoke as he trimmed his long beard.

[ These days, things like power struggles, strategic activities, and other annoying things are done in the final battle of the monarch, but isn’t that the original essence of the Demon World? ]


[ Originally, being the monarch of the demon world was a position determined solely by power… … . ]

The moment when the eyes of the god of remorse flashed with a strange desire.

[In response, I gathered like-minded monarchs and squared them one-on-one to determine the extremes of living creatures. ]

Suddenly, a smile appeared on his lips.

[ And this is a kind of rule that applies to you as well. I have no intention of treating you unfairly just because you came from the tower. ]

An expression appeared as if he had found a fun partner for the first time in a long time.

[Therefore, as a participant in the cradle, I have a suggestion for you. ]

[ proposal… … ? ]

[Perhaps you have definitely reached the position of a higher godhead. So most people won’t be your opponents. ]

[ … … . ]

[So, I would like to change the 1:1 duel rules of the cradle and apply them. ]

The God of Remorse spoke with a bright, twisted smile that did not match the old man’s face.

[How about joining Alton there and the other monarchs here and have a melee? ]

even… … .

[I think that way there will be some balance. ]

Before I knew it, the face of the repentant god was filled with joy and anticipation.

[How about it? ]

And if I were to interpret his words, I could say this:

[Do you want to do it? ]


You can quickly increase your experience for the second ascension… … .

It’s a kind of experience gain event.

It’s also a rare opportunity.

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