The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 316

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316. Transcendent (2)

I smiled as I looked at the system message that appeared before my eyes.

“※Second Ascension obtained through the myth <Possibility of Transcendence> has reached 100%.”


The time has come to raise the level of divinity again due to the effect attached to the myth <Possibility of Transcendence>.

This time, it is not a promotion to a formal god, but a level that allows one to rise to the level of a new ancient god.

‘Actually, we’ve already completed 100% of the second ascension.’

It doesn’t even stop at that level.

Did killing the apostles serving the ancient deity Demon God at once play a big role?

In the blink of an eye, enough growth was achieved to reach 100% for the second ascension.

And the value of that fact was not that small.

“Conditions satisfied.”

「Challenger Han Seong-yoon.」

“You have earned the qualifications to enter the state of ancient godhood.”

“With Ascension reaching 100%, challenger Han Seong-yoon can obtain Divine Harmony.”

“Ascension reaches 100%, challenger Han Seong-yoon can obtain divinity expansion.”

“From now on, challenger Han Seong-yoon’s ascension to ancient godhood begins.”

I feel it.

‘This… … .’

Before I knew it, the divinity in my heart was facing upheaval.

The concept of divinity itself is reaching a high level, focusing on divinity <transcendence> and divinity <death>.

It feels like reassembling a puzzle from scratch.

Even if one is a formal deity, this is an area that one cannot ascend to. As the concept of divinity expands, the level of the soul also rises accordingly.

‘What is this again?’

And as soon as I realized its meaning, I couldn’t help but be astonished.

‘Could it be that the divine power is increasing by two?’

It was worth it.

Originally, the name of God itself is a kind of self-identity obtained by becoming an official God.

Acquiring the divine name could be said to mean that the divinity that had been accumulated so far would escape the metaphysical realm and enter the metaphysical realm, and cast off the status of mortality.

Therefore, divinity was in charge of abstract concepts.

[ … … . ]

Therefore, it was not easy to accept the expansion of Shinmyeong into two.

… … Of course, the basic divine power ‘deification’ was used before to use the power of the divine <Death> at the level of a formal god.

Wasn’t that why he was able to control the divine power of <death> despite being a transcendent god?

But this is something different from that.

That’s right… … .

“Divinity <transcendence> harmonizes with divinity <death> to obtain a new divine name.”

What you will get from now on is not something like a shortcut like superimposing divine names.

「※Second Ascension reaches 100%, so some of the effects of the myth are applied in a twisted manner.」

“The effect of <Causal Attunement> is applied to challenger Han Seong-yoon.”

“Because you have not been defeated even once against numerous enemies, the causality rate has been adjusted.”

“Even if challenger Han Seong-yoon becomes an ancient deity, he will not be interfered with by the constraints of causality.”

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon is given the effect of <Increased Godhood>.”

“Because you have gained countless powers against countless enemies, your level of divinity has risen.”

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon can demonstrate unwavering divine power against opponents of low rank.”


“Challenger Han Seong-yoon’s official name has been partially adjusted to <God of Transcendence and Death>.”

“You will be able to deal more deeply with the concept of sacred <transcendence> and sacred <death>.”

“※From now on, you can maintain the divine name of <God of Transcendence and Death> without using Deification.”

The moment when such a system message appeared before my eyes.

[ … … . ]

Suddenly, the divine light in my heart began to leave its place.

Why is it that the divinity, which has never changed its location since gaining divinity, is now spreading throughout the body?

Before I had time to respond, the divine power that had spread throughout my body soon settled down below my navel.

But the divine power still did not stop moving.

‘It’s not like it’s really established, it’s like it’s gathering momentum…’ … .’

And that was actually the case.


The divine power that settled in the lower part soared, emitting infinitely intense light.

As if ascending to heaven in the true sense of the word.

Soon, the moment when the divinity rose in a straight line like a waterspout, from below the navel to the heart, and from the heart to the brain.

Before I knew it, I felt the three danjeon (三丹田) connected as one, and the power of divine power began to take control of every part of my body.

―This is such a ridiculous thing… … .

And Dam Cheon-woo, who sensed such an upheaval, spoke in astonishment.

―Could it be that even the living body is now an appendage of divinity? … ?

It was like that.

Before I knew it, the divinity that had connected the three stages into one was transforming its body into a type of divinity.

The body, which had until now been narrowly within the category of human, has completely crossed that line.


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‘… … Is this what it means to become an ancient god?’

Originally, the body was supposed to function as a vessel to contain divinity.

Even if he is a god, he is ultimately an evolved form of mortal life.

Even if one had surpassed mortality, it was natural to put the water of divinity into a vessel called the body.

Therefore, if the vessel of Shingeki was broken, his life could be cut off, and he could match the extremes of techniques such as martial arts or black magic.

In any case, if the vessel called the body breaks, the godhead will also die.

‘But not anymore.’

Divinity is the body, and the body is divinity.

Now the boundaries between the vessel and its contents have disappeared, and all that remains is the concept of divinity.

At most, he was close to the level of true immortality, where he could not die, even if his body was crushed to pieces.

‘Have I become the concept itself?’

Even one’s own essence is aligned with divinity.

‘This is the state of ancient godhood… … .’

In fact, becoming an ancient deity seemed like a kind of conceptualization.

It is like becoming one with the divine <transcendence> and the divine <death>.

However, it is not something that is entirely welcome.

If the mind is unstable, the will itself may have been eroded by the concept.

However, the power of conceptualization gained by becoming an ancient deity had a reward commensurate with the risk.

[ Is it immortal? … . ]

Freeing yourself from the constraints of your body means achieving immortality in the true sense of the word.

Even if your heart explodes, you won’t die.

As long as the divine power is intact, it is possible to survive.

Even gods who did not reach the level of ancient gods could be crushed without any way to resist their divinity.

[ … … Even though he has only just become an ancient god, he has tremendous power. ]

It was truly close to the pinnacle of godhood.

But that didn’t cause me to feel conceited.

After all, this is just something that all other ancient gods also experienced.

‘… … What level are the ancient gods in the realm beyond this?’

Beyond becoming the concept of divinity itself, what level are the ancient gods who have mastered it over countless years looking forward to?

I don’t know.

… … What level is the ancient godhead, and how can the tower suppress even such an ancient godhead?

Nothing can be certain.

‘Now I can’t just not know.’

so… … .

“The god of transcendence and death looks at the demon god beyond.”

[It seems like the end isn’t that far away. ]

We will have to face all the truths that we have had no choice but to ignore until now.


Ancient deity.

We have reached a point where we can be seen as transcendent in the true sense.

And now I have become the concept of transcendence and death itself.

‘Still, there are limits.’

But I still needed time to prepare.

「Time ends.」

“The Holy Power ‘Deification’ is deactivated and cannot be reused for 8 hours.”

It was worth it.

“ah… … .”

Because there was no sacred power left to maintain deification.

“Is it exhaustion of divine power?”

As he entered the state of ancient godhood, even the divine power extracted from the apostles was used up.

Well, even if there is no deification now, the combat power itself will not drop so drastically.

The real problem is that divine power has been depleted to the point where deification cannot be used.

In fact, since divine power is the body, divine exhaustion leads to a decline in all abilities.

So I had no choice but to sit down.

“Then I have to fill it again.”

In any case, the divine power will not be long before it replenishes.

That’s because there are exclusive effects obtained through the myth <Possibility of Transcendence>.

And not only that, as his level as a god increased, the basic recovery speed of his divine power also increased.

There will still be enough time, and the Demon God will not be impatient, so all you have to do is recover properly and then go to the Demon God.

‘Even though I have become an ancient god, I am still a bit lacking.’

Even if you become an immortal transcendent, there are still limitations.

Since the dependence on sacred power is large, when sacred power is consumed, the power decreases, at least temporarily.

And because it has been conceptualized, instability in the mental aspect becomes much greater.

‘Perhaps other ancient gods are also completely insane.’

Even if that wasn’t the case, it was common for the mind to become attuned to divinity.

Those who have ascended to the rank of godhead are most likely distracted by the concept of divinity.

And for ancient deities who have completely abandoned their bodies and entered the realm of conceptualization, their mental instability will be more highlighted.

[ … … Maybe I’m just in the same situation. ]

At that, I smiled.

At this point, I would not be at a level where I could discuss mental instability while looking at the gods.

Perhaps, due to the divine <Transcendence>, I became very obsessed with growth, so if I were to be honest, I couldn’t call this normal either.

‘It’s just that I’m relatively fine compared to other gods.’

But ironically, that’s why I was able to come this far.

Everything that could be gained by climbing the tower, and the power itself, were used as a goal, not as a means to advance on the path.

I didn’t get a shining lamp to go down a dark road, but I just went down a dark road because I wanted an infinitely bright lamp.

The means of power were not acquired for a certain goal.

Because I made becoming stronger my goal, I was able to become endlessly stronger and ultimately reach this point.

It is a truth that nothing can deny.

[So at least I have to decide the end. ]

However, although Seosun may have changed, the time will come when power will become a means, not an end.

like now.

The truth as it should be was before my eyes, and there was the future as it should be.

There was no time anymore.

‘It’s time to prepare for the ordeal on the 27th floor.’

Perhaps after you overcome the next floor, it will be time to make an important choice.

27th floor.

This is the worst ordeal that could kill all the managers who signed their own contracts.

Therefore, power must now be changed from a purpose to a means.

‘If you raise your status as an ancient god, you will be able to reach the tower.’

Therefore, I focused on recovering my divinity as much as possible.

Anyway, no matter what I think about here, it doesn’t change the fact that I have to get to the place in front of me.

It seemed like I needed to recover at least 80% of my sacred power before I could face the demon.

Perhaps one day at most would have been enough, but maybe that was something Dam Cheon-woo didn’t like?

―… … If you have reached the state of great divine power, shouldn’t you learn the means to restore your divine power?

Before I knew it, Dam Cheon-woo, who had barely managed to contain his surprise, spoke like that.

―… … If we can decompose energy into the pure origin of all things in heaven and earth, we will be able to recover some of our divine power.

But even so, the tremor in his voice could not be hidden.

The slight shaking is repeated repeatedly, as if in disbelief.

Perhaps it is shocking that the ancient deity reached a state of conceptualization… … .

I don’t know why, but Dam Cheon-woo continued speaking as if trying to hide the fact that he was shocked.

―If you have achieved at least the level of fable, you should be able to do that much.

“Fable light ship?”

―… … This is another name for ascension in this world. And, this is what you just achieved.

“… … .”

I was wondering why I was astonished upon seeing the state of ancient deity.

‘Is it reverence?’

Before I knew it, Dam Cheon-woo was showing a slight sense of awe towards me.

It was worth it.

Anyway, Dam Cheon-woo was the leader of the Blood Demon Church and worked as a martial artist.

Perhaps he felt greatly confused when he realized that the state of the ancient godhead was the state of a immortal in his world.

―Transcendence, and death. You became the very concept of those two things. That is the state of climbing. … … It’s just a level of legend.

There was even a hint of emptiness in the shaking in his voice.

―… … If I had known that the state of Daerasin Seon was such a monster, I would not have had any regrets during my lifetime.

Without knowing why, Dam Cheon-woo spoke as if he was bitter.

―… … No, it’s okay now.

But that was only for a moment.

―Let’s talk about it. Perhaps, if you concentrate your mind and decompose your energy, or rather your magic energy, the recovery of your divinity will be faster.

Just like that, Dam Cheon-woo gathered his thoughts and recommended that I disassemble the magic power.

“If that’s the case.”

And without much response, I began to tear apart the magic power in the magic circuit one by one.

There isn’t much time left, so there’s nothing wrong with having a means to quickly restore divinity.

The moment when the horsepower itself is quickly rotated and separated, as if using a centrifuge.

As it was, the magical power was disturbed, and something strange happened.

‘… … ‘It’s amazing.’

Before I knew it, the magic power separated by centrifugal force took on a pure white form.

Even the pure white, decomposed magic was sticking to the divinity and melting into it.

In other words, the speed of divinity recovery can be increased by dismantling magical power.

And only then did I gain enlightenment.


It’s no different… … .

‘Come to think of it, the challenger from another world who appeared in England also said that.’

I had heard before that magical power was used to gain divinity.

‘I just misunderstood it at the time, but did that mean this?’


It reminds me of an otherworldly wizard who once tried to gain faith by massacring the citizens of London.

One of the pieces of information obtained by torturing him at that time was that it was possible to acquire divinity through pure energy.

“Now I understand.”

And then I was able to gain enlightenment.

‘In other words, is the normal route to gain divinity by breaking down magical power?’

As I climbed the tower and acquired divine power through necromancy, I am like an irregular.

Originally, divinity itself must have been obtained in this way.

So, there must be a legend left about him being a hermit or something.

You will be able to gain the opportunity to break down your energy or magical energy and throw off your mortal status.

But even though I know it now, it doesn’t mean much.

‘Still, it’s great that magical power can be converted to divine power.’

Is there any small significance in the fact that an old double track was collected?

As I was satisfied with the small amount of income and focused on recovering my divinity, my divinity quickly filled up.

To put it roughly, about 70% of the original divine power has been recovered.

At this point, I could focus less on recovering my divinity, so I decided to finish what I had to do.

as soon as… … .

“The command piece ‘■■■[3/3]’ has met the charging requirement.”

“You can select and acquire the potential divinity by consuming the spirit fragment ‘■■■[3/3]’.”

“Currently, the potential divinity that can be acquired is <Corruption>, <Contamination>, and <Magic>.”

「※At this time, the uneven potential divinity will not appear as an option in the future.」

He used the opportunity to acquire divinity previously gained by killing the apostles who served the demon god.

‘I don’t think there’s much to look into.’

However, contrary to what one might think, there was no need to put much effort into choosing divinity.

Anyway, we already know the contents of Holy <Corruption> and Holy <Contamination> at least roughly.

Whether it’s the holy <Corruption> or the holy <pollution>, both are just useless abilities compared to the holy <Evil Consciousness>.

Then it would be better to obtain Paimon’s sacred <skill>.

“Selection completed.”

“The sacred <skill> is replaced with potential.”

Perhaps the sacred <magic> is an ability that assists black magic… … .

There was nothing I could really know yet.

At least there isn’t much you can know until you try it yourself.

But now that I had everything I needed to get and everything I needed to do, I couldn’t waste time.

[Have I gained everything I can now with this? ]

so… … .

[ … … I’m looking forward to it. ]

Isn’t it time to go see the demon behind that black stone gate?

[How effective will my power be against the ancient god? ]

Even if it wasn’t, I was curious.

Holy <Remorse>, black magic, holy <magic>, ‘transcendence skill’, etc… … .

To what extent will all the power gained from the Demon World be used?

‘… … If the opponent is a demon, there will be at least some income.’

The time has come to test everything we have built so far.

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