The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 324

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324. New religion (5)

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“Divine <words> are used.”

“By consuming divine power, you can influence the real world with words.”

“However, a lot of sacred power is consumed in words that interfere with the laws of the world.”

《 Kneel. 》

The moment I said that to Jiang Wei while activating the sacred <Spirit>.

Wow… … !!

In the blink of an eye, Jiang Wei’s body was crushed downward and a painful sound echoed throughout the hall.


It was worth it.

Even if Jiang Wei received divine power from a deity, he was still at the level of a prospective apostle.

For me, who had faced countless adversities and had finally reached the state of ancient godhood, it was nothing more than a trivial catch.

[Do you think you understand the situation at this point? ]

And then I looked down at Jiang Wei with cold eyes and said,

[In the first place, someone like you wasn’t worth fighting for properly. ]

It’s like watching a bug sharpen its blade as if it could seriously defeat a wild beast.

But did he not like being looked down on as if he were so insignificant?

Suddenly, Jiang Wei opened his eyes wide, gritted his teeth, and let out an evil sound.

“Keu, keuhuh…” … ! Ugh, you bastard bastard… … ! Rain, you did a cowardly move… … !”

But that was only for a moment.

《 Be crushed. 》

The moment when the sacred <Spirit> was activated again and the pressure on Jiang Wei was inflated.


“Keck… … !”

Just like that, Jiang Wei’s eyes opened slightly and his face began to distort in pain.

“Rotten, bastard, gaaa… … .”

But does that mean you still have the power to use your tongue?

Despite directly realizing the power gap, Jiang Wei cursed until the end.

And when I saw that, I smiled and activated the sacred <Spirit> again.

《 Be crushed. 》


“ugh… … ! Ha, hot! I can endure this for as long as I can… … !”

《 Be crushed. 》


“Seed… … foot… … . If this is solved… … . You will tear your limbs apart and feed them to dogs… … .”

《 Be crushed. 》



How many times did I have to repeat the sound that was scattered throughout the conference room, like breaking a corn can?

Suddenly, the sound of something breaking or tearing came from Jiang Wei’s body rather than something cracking.

To the extent that it wouldn’t be strange even if it led to death.

and… … .

《 Crushed… … . 》

The moment when I tried to use the sacred <Spirit> on Jiang Wei again.

“stop… … .”

[ … … ? ]

“Hey, forgive me… … , Haeju… … Please… … .”

[ … … . ]

Before I knew it, Jiang Wei was speaking as if she was begging, with tears streaming down her face.

Only then did I slightly loosen the restrictions of the divine spirit that had been placed on Jiang Wei and spoke as if I was purely curious.

[What on earth are you talking about? ]

“Please save me… … . Please, please, have mercy… … .”

[Jang Wei. Just a few minutes ago, you said you were the strongest in the world, right? Then you should do your best to beat me here. ]

“Well, I was wrong…” … .”

[ okay? ]

There is no need to listen to Jiang Wei’s words to the end.

[But it’s too late to call it quits now. ]

Just like that, I walked over to where Jiang Wei was and lightly touched his head with my toe.

A truly light movement, like lightly rolling a soccer ball forward.

Actually, I didn’t plan on applying much force.

I had no intention of killing Jiang Wei on this spot anyway.

The only problem is that what is ‘slightly’ in my standards cannot be ‘slightly’ in Jiang Wei’s standards.


Soon, the sound of something exploding was heard and Jiang Wei’s head tilted back sharply.

“Gyeong…” … .”


Jiang Wei’s eyes became cloudy and his body stretched out.

At first glance, it looks like it’s dead… … .


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In fact, it only caused a mild concussion.

Perhaps, if left like this, Jiang Wei will soon recover like a superhuman.

Only then did I completely cancel the sacred <Spirit> and said, stroking the back of my neck as if it was annoying.

“Making yourself lose strength unnecessarily… … .”

Then, I sat down and looked around the conference room, which was filled with breathtaking silence.

Everyone in the room, including the middle-aged man who appeared to be the representative of the Seoul Hunter Association, looked at them with eyes filled with astonishment.

As if they couldn’t possibly be seen as the same person.

But I was used to this level of treatment anyway, so I smiled and spoke as if to clear up the chaotic atmosphere.

“Ego… … .”


“With this, I think the relationship with the Celestial Sect has been roughly settled.”

The moment when the eyes that quietly shimmered with divine power flashed.

“Can I hear what has happened so far?”

In an instant, the time of confession began.


Time passed quickly.

‘I think I know roughly what happened.’

Eric and Kim Ik-cheol, who introduced themselves as representatives of the Seoul Hunter Association, quickly explained the situation.

And while listening to the explanation, I was able to get a sense of what was located in the main axis of Celestial Religion.

That’s right… … .

‘It is the structure of worshiping a specific deity, and the most efficient way to spread it widely.’

Because Celestialism had a noticeable structure of apostolic worship in addition to deity worship.

“It’s one of God’s tricks.”

Even so, I guessed it because I felt a sign of divinity in Jiang Wei, along with Eric.

Perhaps the identity of the person who did something like this on Earth is Godhead.

And now that guess has turned into a half-certainty.

‘At the very least, there is a high probability that he is a god who has accumulated enough status in another dimension.’

It was worth it.

The path that Celestialism has taken so far has been too biased towards the worship of the Godhead.

The process was even familiar, as if I had done this a few times before.

‘The Earth is definitely a kind of restaurant for the gods.’

Even so, I couldn’t help but sigh because this had happened several times before.

‘In the end, the problem is that there is no proper divine protection on Earth.’

And because of that, I could sense that this would happen again and again.

“… … .”

Perhaps only when a proper deity takes root can this happen.

If we make it known that the Earth is not an empty house and that no one can visit it like a restaurant, this kind of trickery will disappear.

But that didn’t mean I could put down roots here.

Unlike common deities, I paved my own path and came here with mythical power rather than someone else’s faith.

The trajectory of life itself is far from leading a religion and being worshiped by everyone.

So, I didn’t really want to establish a religion on Earth.

‘… … And, it’s a waste to waste time on Earth.’

Even more than anything else, I didn’t want to waste time establishing a religion.

Just as the Tower of Trials is now approaching the 27th floor… … .

There is already a lot of work to be done.

“… … .”

Using the Lemegeton, where the truth of the tower is recorded.

Achieving the secret wish of Baekhakgeomseon that had been postponed until now.

And in the trials on the 27th floor of the tower beyond, changing the predetermined future that the God of Proof had spoken of.

When I thought about that, I wasn’t very happy about wasting my time on Earth like this.

‘… … I think the only answer to this is periodic sweeps.’

So I had no choice but to rule out founding a religion as an option.

‘… … Well, it would be a different story if we happened to find a proper religion on Earth.’

Of course, I don’t have any thoughts about religion at all.

If a religion about me naturally arose and grew on Earth, I was willing to manage it to some extent.

There wouldn’t be such a big waste of time on a religion established like that.

But as soon as I thought about that, I smiled and shook my head to erase that thought from my mind.

‘No way, something so good could not happen…’ … .’

And as soon as I organized my thoughts, I looked at Kim Ik-cheol and asked him a question.

“By the way, don’t you know where the Celestial Sect’s leader is?”

Kim Ik-cheol was startled by that, then nodded and responded with an anxious face.

“… … yes. In the Celestial Church, only members other than the religious leader appear. “The cult leader himself is nowhere to be seen.”

In fact, even if it is the Hunter Association, the leader of the Celestial Church cannot be identified… … .

It was worth it.

If the leader of the Celestial Religion is truly a god, then a mere human being would not be able to figure out where he is.

Still, I asked Eric if he knew anything, just in case.

“… … I-I don’t even know! Really! “The leader always gives orders through apostles, so there’s almost nothing you can know!”

This too had no income.

“They say this is from the Celestial Church, but I don’t know anything about it.”

“that… … However, among the Celestial Church members, they tend to know a lot… … .”

“So you don’t know where the person you serve is or what their identity is?”

“… … .”

“That’s it. Then, an apostle who gives orders instead of a religious leader. “Where is that guy?”

“uh… … ? no… … . “I’m not sure about that either.”

“If you say you really don’t know that, you’ll die.”

“… … “Now, now, wait a minute!”

Still, Eric shook his head in horror, as if he knew that life was precious.

“… … Well, there are still places I can guess!”

Is this why there is a saying that hawks are medicine?

Suddenly, Eric seemed to be rolling his eyes and shaking his head uncharacteristically.

Even the sound that came out of his mouth was better than expected, so it wasn’t that bad.

“… … Ah, perhaps the Apostle is in London.”

“The basis is.”

“… … “The last time I saw him, he told me he was going to persuade a guy named David Taylor from the Clock Tower.”


In fact, I think I guessed where he might be based on the Apostle’s schedule… … .

‘… … ‘I never thought David Taylor would be involved with an apostle.’

The influence of the Heavenly God Church seemed to have spread far and wide, reaching into troublesome places.

“… … “And, there is a possibility that there may be a religious leader there.”

It’s not even just that.

“The leader of the cult?”

From the mouth of Eric, who had previously said he knew nothing, a story about the cult leader came out, although it was speculative.

“Well, it’s just a guess, but… … . When going there, the apostle said this… … .”

even… … .

“If things go well in London, many powerful people from all over will gather, including David Taylor.”

And in a different form than I thought.

“And there, all the strong will be subdued and made to worship the religious leader… … .”

“… … .”

“Even if the Four and Apostles are strong, they won’t be able to make them all submit. So the cult leader could appear… … .”

“Okay, now.”

“… … uh?”


“I think I understand now.”

Next moment.

“The leader of the Heavenly God Church, where is he and what does he want to do?”

Just like that, I smiled murderously and my eyes flashed.

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