The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 332

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332. Battlefield of the Gods (3)

The moment of entering the ordeal is the same as always.

“You will enter the 26th floor of the Tower of Trials.”

「Difficulty – Difficult」

“The theme of the trial is ‘Battlefield of the Gods.’”

“I hope that there will be a satisfactory result after the asceticism chosen by the challenger.”

System messages appear before your eyes and a new space appears.

“… … .”

I don’t know where it is, but there was vegetation here and there.

But despite this, it didn’t feel particularly natural.

Should I say that it is like looking at a playground filled with artificial grass?

The entire environment here was not created naturally, but seemed to have been created artificially by someone.

That too for sure.

‘What… … .’

It’s not even just that.

“What is this again?”

As if everything I had seen so far was nothing, there was something even more foreign in the sky.

“… … .”

Heaven (天空).

There was something like a black sphere in the bright, seemingly endless sky.

And that too in an obscene and heterogeneous form, as if the divine powers of several gods were mixed together like stew.

‘It looks roughly similar to the source of divinity seen on the 18th floor… … .’

Then, I looked at that black sphere for a moment and narrowed my eyes.

‘It’s foreign.’

It was worth it.

The black sphere, which was presumed to be a mixture of the divine powers of the gods, was not like an egg of the gods.

Even if faith is concentrated in that place, no godhead can be born in that place.

If we had to be honest, it would just be the sacred power of the gods stored in one place.

In fact, it meant that it wasn’t even the source of divinity, so I couldn’t figure out why something like that was there.

“… … “There is absolutely nothing to know.”

But there was no time to question it.

“The 26th floor trial begins.”

「Remaining time – 1 year」

「Conditions for passing the trial – Conquer at least 4 of the [Battlefields of the Gods] within the remaining time.」

「Trial failure condition – death of challenger or end of remaining time」

「Ordeal Breakthrough Reward – Brilliant Divine Essence (SSS+)」

「Trial failure penalty – death」

Before I knew it, a new system message appeared before my eyes, announcing the beginning of the ordeal.

―The battlefield of the gods… … .

It was then.

―Only on the 26th floor, something like the Battlefield of the Gods appears as a trial… … ?

Suddenly, the blade of the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword buzzed and Dam Cheonwoo’s voice was heard.

-At this point, I can no longer use a mere challenger as the standard for the test.

Then, as if I was a little surprised, I touched the blade of the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword and spoke.

“Surely you know about this place?”

It was worth it.

In fact, isn’t this a type of ordeal I’ve never seen before while climbing the tower?

So, it would be necessary to understand the basic situation to some extent… … .

If he could find out about it through Dam Cheon-woo, the ego sword, he could only benefit greatly.

―… … okay. Battlefield of the Gods. I know about this place.

Did he notice those thoughts?

-So maybe I can tell you about this place.

Before I knew it, Dam Cheon-woo said that he would tell me about the place called the Battlefield of the Gods.

-And more than anything, it’s a place that has a lot to do with you, so I had to explain it at least once anyway.

But when I heard his words, I couldn’t help but frown.

“At most it will be a place where gods fight, so what on earth does it have to do with it?”

This is because I couldn’t figure out why the place called the Battlefield of the Gods was related to me.

-The guess that it is a place where gods fight is definitely correct… … .

But that was only for a moment.

-Regardless of that, its origins are bound to be close to you.


-It’s worth it.

Next moment.

―… … Originally, this was one of the testing grounds that the tower created to mold ancient deities.

I was shocked, feeling as if my heart had stopped.


In the blink of an eye, I tightened my mouth and tightly gripped the blade of the Blood Heaven Demon Sword.

“… … “The battlefield of the gods is one of the experimental grounds where ancient gods were tried to form?”


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The shock felt as if my heart stopped, but it only lasted for a moment.

-That’s right.

As Dam Cheon-woo’s words continued, even the shock had no choice but to run away.

-The battlefield of the gods is a battlefield created artificially by the tower by inviting numerous gods.

“… … .”

-There is only one reason why so many gods have gathered here. Ancient deity. Using the fact that this could happen as bait, the tower called the gods here.

“What is that… … .”

I couldn’t understand.

“Is there a connection between becoming an ancient god and gods fighting each other?”

Even if we assume that the tower created this ‘battlefield of the gods’, it is not logical.

But that wasn’t enough, and now the tower has hosted a war between gods using the ancient state of godhood as bait?

I don’t know why, but I also don’t know if it makes sense.

That’s because, just because gods fight with each other, it’s not like they can achieve the level of ancient gods.

“Isn’t that how divinity originally grows?”

The path for gods to ascend to the realm beyond is not through slaughter.

Originally, divinity is a law that becomes strong after endless practice based on faith and the divinity of the concept.

There is no way to become strong through a mere war between gods.

That would be the case unless you were an Irregular like me who gained necromancy and the myth <Possibility of Transcendence> by climbing the Tower of Trials.

“Even if it is said that the tower is the battlefield of the gods, I don’t think I can understand anything other than that.”

So I couldn’t understand Dam Cheon-woo’s words.

-… … I guess so.

And he didn’t deny it either.

-God is a long-term training based on faith in the concept of divinity. It is undeniable that this is the direction of Godhead’s growth.

“then… … .”

-But TOP broke that fixed idea.

“… … ?”

-And you must have seen the result of breaking that fixed idea, right?

At that moment, I immediately raised my head, looked at the sky, and opened my eyes wide.

“no way… … .”

black sphere.

The answer was found in the essence of power, a mixture of the sacred powers of numerous gods.

Only then was I able to laugh and realize why something like that was there.

“Are you saying that is the essence that can become an ancient god?”

And Dam Cheon-woo seemed to have understood it well, shaking the blade of the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword and saying.

-That is correct.

Dam Cheon-woo continued, as if he had finally explained the background to some extent.

-The battlefield of the gods exists only for the sake of the concentrated essence of that divinity.

“… … .”

-Every time the gods here die, their divinity accumulates in the black sphere, which eventually turns into a heavenly treasure.

“In short, it seems like the ability I have.”

At this point, it is easy to understand.

In fact, the mechanism of the place called ‘Battlefield of the Gods’ would be similar to the necromancy ability I have.

Isn’t this a form of accumulating the sacred power of numerous deities in one place solely for the sake of one final victor?

‘It’s like necromancy in that it takes someone else’s power.’

Even though I don’t know why the tower was designed like a battlefield for the gods, I couldn’t dismiss it as meaningless.

‘If one person possesses the power of countless gods, there is certainly a possibility of becoming an ancient god.’

However, that would not be the way to become a typical ancient deity.

That’s because ‘Battlefield of the Gods’ is not a way to raise the level of divinity without flaws like the myth <Possibility of Transcendence>.

It merely seeks to elevate one’s level by concentrating and cramming the sacred power of many gods into one place.

So, the end result couldn’t be dismissed as good.

“If I tried to raise the level of divinity in that way, the probability of failure would be higher.”

In fact, isn’t it a gamble that has a higher probability of failure than success?


Even if one lays the foundation to become an ancient deity through the battlefield of the gods, there is no way that it would be a proper ancient deity.

Perhaps the ego is not complete because many divinity are mixed together.

‘There’s no way something like that could be called an ancient god.’

But even so, there was nothing more to say.

“No matter what, we have to occupy the battlefield of the gods… … .”

It won’t change the fact that you have to conquer the battlefield of the gods anyway.

‘It would be better to do what needs to be done for now.’


“It is the battlefield of the gods… … .”

There was no time to waste now.

“Still, it would be nice to have a higher level of deity.”

I smiled expectantly and quickly took a step forward.

“That way, we will be able to lay the foundation to surpass the level of ancient godhood.”

I guess… … .

‘At least, you can accumulate [Transcendence] by about 10% with the myth <Possibility of Transcendence>.’

It seemed like there would probably be a lot of growth here.


Battlefield of the Gods.

That place was known to be a place with treasures that were attractive to many gods.

A place of opportunity for gods who have been eliminated due to the halt in their development as divinity to raise the level of divinity itself under the leadership of the tower.

“The clumsy god of rage laments over his own situation.”

However, those who come to the battlefield of the gods are not all who aim for the state of ancient godhood.

[ … … Haaa-. ]

Should we say that they are people who can hardly be called gods?

It’s not like I’m aiming for the level of an ancient god… … .

There are also those whose wish is merely to be elevated to formal deity status.

And Kellic, with the divine name ‘God of Clumsy Fury’, was one of those people.

[ … … Why is this body doing this here? ]

It looks like a human body attached to a lion’s head.

Kellik let out a sigh with a lion-like face and continued walking, bleeding.

And while he continued walking, he recalled his own situation and narrowed his eyes.

‘… … I was told that the tower was an opportunity to become an official god, but I never would have guessed that it would be a place overflowing with monsters like high-level gods.’

Kellik is close to the weakest person here.

While most of the people who came to the battlefield of the gods were formal gods or higher-level gods aiming for ancient gods, he was too weak.

That’s serious enough.

‘If I had known it would turn out like this when the damn tower invited me, I should have refused!’

And Kellic had to feel it with his own body.

A place littered with monsters that cause disaster and collapse space with just a single wave.

Here, Kelric lost all of the apostles he brought with him and had to evacuate to the farthest place from the battlefield of the gods.

[ Ugh. ]

Kellik barely held back his anger as his face was contorted like a hideous beast.

[ … … Still, it’s still too early to give up. ]

Still, isn’t Kelik’s own life still at stake?

If so, he thought he could start anew.

In fact, that was the reason why they came to the farthest place from the center of the battlefield of the gods.

[ … … Surely, there are many lesser deities in this outskirts. This body will become stronger by making them its servants. ]


[ that… … . ]

Does that mean his luck still holds out to some extent?

Not long after, Kellick was able to spot a man.

Even though the man was wearing dual swords on his waist, he felt like a kind of inanimate object, without any energy.


And in an instant, Kellik straightened his distorted face and smiled broadly.

‘I never thought I’d meet such an ordinary mortal in a place like this!’

In the battlefield of the gods, the only people who were not gods were actually other people’s believers or apostles.

But how could someone who felt no energy appear in this situation?

In fact, it is close to the meaning of a wandering mortal who has lost his godhood.

Only then did Kelric flick his tongue and look like a lion.

‘If you kill and eat that guy, you will be able to recover from the wounds inflicted by an inferior god!’

Before he knew it, his eyes were stained black with greed.

‘You’re lucky!’

Kellic is currently seriously injured on the battlefield of the gods.

Because Kelic inherited the blood of a lion-like beast, he was able to recover from fatal wounds by consuming life.

So he couldn’t have any doubts about this situation.

In fact, this situation would be like an oasis appearing in front of a traveler walking through the desert.

Since I couldn’t even feel his presence like an inanimate object, I couldn’t even think that the man in front of me was a god.

only… … .

[ Haha! After all, this body is not destined to end here! Mortal, your body will eat well─. ]

If there is a problem with that, it would be one.


It’s no different─.

“… … “He’s a fun guy.”

That the man who was walking there was not, in fact, mortal.

A man who does not exude any kind of energy and is like a stone on the side of the road.

that… … .

“The god of transcendence and death blinks as he looks at an unlikely god.”

[You’re talking about me, right? ]

It was Han Seong-yoon.

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