The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 351

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351. Baekhakgeomseon (2)

System messages appear before my eyes and fill my field of vision.

『Unique Trait – Necromancy (SS)』

『Detailed effects (11) – ■■■. Effects can be selected.』

『Detailed effects (12) – ■■■. Effects can be selected.』

『Detailed effects (13) – ■■■. Effects can be selected.』

And at the same time, my whole body stiffened and my thoughts stopped.

“What is this again… … .”

It was worth it.

‘You can select effects.’

Before I knew it, the system messages that filled my field of vision were out of sync.

As for its inherent characteristics, it can be said that S-class is the limit and final stage of growth.

It wasn’t that different even before the tower appeared on Earth, so I couldn’t even think about the realm beyond that.

‘I’ve never heard of an effect selection function for unique trait growth.’

No, I thought it would be no different even if it was a state beyond that.

As for the unique characteristics, detailed effects had to be added each time the level went up, so I just had to continue growing based on the unique characteristics.

“… … .”

And I thought it wouldn’t be any different even if I passed the growth limit.

I just thought that since the level of necromancy had exceeded the upper limit, I would be able to see a correspondingly great effect.

That’s right… … .

In any case, the growth of necromancy will have to follow the mechanism of unique characteristics, even if it is possible to intervene in the level of godhood.

‘Does this make sense?’

But that common sense has now been broken.

As I climbed the tower, I had to watch the growth of necromancy without fail.

Necromancy made me stronger as I grew, but nothing more.

Even if it was something that could establish the state of godhood, it did not go beyond the boundaries of its unique characteristics.

“It’s foreign.”

But not anymore.

‘I can feel it.’

The system message in front of you is not just dependent on the tower.

─The growth level of the unique trait ‘Necromancy’ has exceeded the system’s allowable limit.

Necromancy has long since exceeded the upper limit set by the system.

─All effects of the unique characteristic ‘Necromancy’ belong to Han Seong-yoon’s soul.

What it meant was this:

Only I can possess the power of necromancy.

And my necromancy has become something beyond the system.

‘Should this now be considered a unique characteristic?’

At this point, you can’t not know even if you try.

‘Actually, this is my power outside the system.’

This has now gone beyond the scope of an inherent characteristic.

Because the power of necromancy has reached outside the system.

If we had to be really specific, it would have to be called a power skill or another ability like the concept of divinity.

‘Maybe that’s why it doesn’t follow the growth pattern of its unique characteristics.’

Of course, if there is a transcendental myth <Spiritual Attunement> or a transcendental myth <Absolute Immutability>, the system doesn’t matter… … .

“Still, it’s not a bad change.”

Even if that were the case, we should be happy about the growth of necromancy.

In any case, it became my own strength, not the Tower of Trials.

And growth methods outside the system were also interesting in their own way.

‘I still only see a black box, but if I make a choice, how will it change?’

It was worth it.

Isn’t this a growth method I’ve never seen before while climbing the tower?

At that, my eyes sparkled and I first turned my attention to the 11th detailed effect of Necromancy.

『Detailed effects (11) – ■■■. Effects can be selected.』

As a system message hidden in an invisible black box.

“Loading options… … .」


“Loading complete.”

Next moment.

“One. Tamcheon(貪天)」

「Explanation: By consuming Sa?, you can extract unique special skills*&^!… … .」

“2. Essence 「Explanation: Become the essence of Han Yun and be imprinted in the deepest part of the soul and disappear? Isn’t it!%^… … .」

「3. “Atmosphere (大器)”

「Description: Acquire the abilities of a dog. Can you acquire concept ability by consuming four? *^&… … .」

“… … .”

As it was, I couldn’t help but frown as I looked at the system messages that appeared in front of me.

‘What is this again?’

It was worth it.

This is because the options for selecting the detailed effects of necromancy are very heterogeneous.


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The letters appear broken, as if a low-performance translator was used.

But instead of being even more embarrassed, I stroked my chin and inferred why this had happened.

“Is it because I have abilities outside of the system?”

It wasn’t that difficult to guess the reason.

However, even though it is an ability outside of the system, it is mysterious that the side effects appear.

Even though it was outside of the Tower’s authority, it was possible to implement the system’s capabilities to some extent… … .

I don’t know exactly why, but Necromancy seemed to have difficulty borrowing the format of the system properly.

‘That’s probably why there was a side effect such as the letters being broken.’

But that didn’t cause much of a problem.

‘But it doesn’t mean I can’t read it at all.’

Even if the letters in the system message are garbled, they are still readable to some extent.

“At least it won’t be that big of a problem when it comes to choice.”

Then, I shook off random thoughts and worked on choosing an effect.

“One. Tamcheon(貪天)」

「Explanation: By consuming Sa?, you can extract unique special @^? with random probability*&^!… … .」

I could roughly think of what this meant if I concentrated.

‘Perhaps it is possible to extract unique characteristics by consuming the spirit.’

It was truly a standard effect.

Necromancy has grown so far by absorbing abilities, skills, and the concept of divinity.

Perhaps only if I can extract its unique characteristics will it be able to become my strength.

At least as long as the growth threshold is not low, other unique characteristics can be fully utilized.

“2. Essence”

「Explanation: Will it become the essence of Han Yun and be imprinted in the deepest part of the soul before disappearing? Isn’t it!%^… … .」

‘This seems to be roughly the same effect as the transcendental myth <Absolutely Unchangeable>.’

It wasn’t really worth choosing.

I don’t know what it means to be my essence… … .

Isn’t this already sufficiently resolved by the transcendent myth <Absolute Immutability>?

Now no one could touch what I had, not even the tower could interfere in any way without my permission.

「3. “Atmosphere (大器)”

「Description: Acquire the abilities of a dog. Can you acquire concept ability by consuming four? *^&… … .」

‘I don’t really know this time.’

What effect is this?

It seemed like you could roughly acquire the concept’s abilities, and based on that, consume the spirits to obtain the concept’s abilities.

But that’s it.

I didn’t know what the concept’s abilities were used for, and whether I had to consume spirits to obtain them.

“It would be better to choose something decent here.”

And the choice to make was decided.

“Selection complete.”

“Your choice will be reflected and <Tamcheon (貪天)> will be imprinted on the detailed effects.”

as soon as… … .

『Detailed Effects (11) – Tamcheon (貪天). By consuming the spirit, unique characteristics can be extracted at random probability.』

Tamcheon (貪天).

By consuming spirits, you get the effect of extracting unique characteristics.

And I smiled when I saw the new details reflected in the effects.

‘It’s just the effect I expected, but it’s good in its own way.’

Of course, like skill extraction, unique characteristics are extracted at random probability… … .

Still, no matter what, I liked the fact that I could obtain unique characteristics again.

Although it may not be a unique characteristic like necromancy that can obtain the divinity of a concept, it would be the best result if you could obtain a useful unique characteristic.

‘Then I guess this is done now.’

I continued with my choice.

‘Now, should I select all the remaining effects?’

and… … .

『Detailed effects (12) – ■■■. Effects can be selected.』

Accordingly, options appear before your eyes again.

“One. Martial arts”

「Explanation: By consuming Sa?, you can extract the martial arts inherent in Sa? into a skill*&^!… … .」

“2. Sangseong (上聖)”

「Explanation: Is it possible to acquire spiritual power instead of growth in ability points by consuming magic? *^&… … .」

「3. “Atmosphere (大器)”

「Description: Acquire the abilities of a dog. Can you acquire concept ability by consuming four? *^&… … .」

“… … .”

But I didn’t like it that much.

“Is it all about extracting skills, acquiring divine power, and acquiring special abilities?”

If I were to express this succinctly, should I say it’s a disaster?

Compared to before, there was nothing that caught my eye.

Even 「3. Isn’t ‘large device’ an option that has already been excluded?

‘Even if you can choose the effect, there is nothing you can do if the choice itself is not good.’

Anyway, there were already many ways to obtain skills and divine power.

Even if you do not specify it as a detailed effect of necromancy, it is the only thing that can be done.

In that case, it was decided what to choose.

That too definitely.

“Selection complete.”

“Your choice will be reflected and <Great Equipment> will be imprinted on the detailed effects.”


『Detailed Effects (12) – Atmosphere (大器). You can acquire the concept’s ability and consume the spirit to acquire the concept’s ability.』

Next moment.

“A special ability ‘concept’ is created.”

“Divinity is imbued with the status of concept, and as concept ability increases, concept divinity becomes stronger.”

“This… … .”

Only after seeing the system message that appeared before my eyes was I able to understand.

“Could it be possible to make the concept of divinity itself stronger? … ?”

This is truly an effect comparable to the multiple acquisition of unique characteristics.

“I got something bigger than I expected.”

It was worth it.

Being able to strengthen concepts such as divinity <transcendence>, divinity <death>, or divinity <spirit> is of considerable value.

The divinity of a concept can be extremely strengthened only by increasing the ability of the concept.

It was truly an effect that could have caught the eye of an ancient god, and only then did I realize that my accidental choice had brought about good luck.

『Detailed effects (13) – ■■■. Effects can be selected.』

‘Then let’s move on.’

And just like that, I continued to make choices without stopping.

“One. Genius”

「Explanation: Is it possible to permanently increase the level of innate talent by consuming Sa? *&^!… … .」

“2. “Foresight”

「Explanation: Can you partially see the future instead of increasing ability points by consuming Sa? became*^&… … .」

「3. “Recurrence”

「Explanation: By consuming Sa?, you can remove the cooldown of all species’ abilities. ^@&… … .」


“This can’t be… … .”

To that, I answered “3. After reading the contents of “Return,” I immediately erased my hesitation.

“Reset cool time?”

It was worth it.

This is because it is a more intuitive and powerful effect than saying that you can increase the level of your innate talent or see a part of the future.

In fact, if you look at the description, isn’t it an effect that can eliminate all types of cooldowns by consuming spirits?

‘Then it’s best to choose this.’

There were quite a few abilities that could not be used properly due to cooldown times.

Such were the exclusive authority ‘#A-0107 [Transcendence Skill]’, or the skill ‘Last Resistance’ or the authority ‘Sunbo’.

If you can use it to remove the cooldown after storing up the spirits, you will be able to have the best battle.

It had to be a very attractive effect.

“Selection complete.”

“Your choice will be reflected and <recurrence> will be engraved in the detailed effects.”


『Detailed Effects (13) – Recursion. By consuming spirits, you can reduce the cooldown of all types of abilities.』

The moment when you have finished selecting the final detailed effects.

“In addition to acquiring unique characteristics, strengthening the concept of divinity, and now even resetting the cooldown.”

Just like that, my eyes sparkled and I smiled.

“I never thought it would have such a huge effect… … .”

At best, it was because he gained indescribable benefits by only increasing his level of necromancy by one level.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how far I can use this.”

However, just for a moment.

“At this point, it would be a good idea to go down to Earth and collect its unique characteristics.”

At that moment, while I was speaking excitedly, I felt eyes on me and had to close my mouth.

“Administrator Baekhakgeomseon (白鶴劍仙) is looking at you blankly… … .」

「Administrator Baekhakgeomseon(白鶴劍仙) is looking at you blankly… … .」

「Administrator Baekhakgeomseon(白鶴劍仙) is looking at you blankly… … .」

It’s no different… … .

“Administrator ‘Baekhakgeomseon (白鶴劍仙)’ invites you to the administrator area.”

Before I knew it, a frightening amount of attention was pouring in, and the manager’s invitation arrived.

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