The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 352

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352. Baekhakgeomseon (3)

I closed my mouth as I looked at the system message that appeared before my eyes.

“Administrator ‘Baekhakgeomseon (白鶴劍仙)’ invites you to the administrator area.”

Baekhakgeomseon (白鶴劍仙).

One of the managers who signed an apostolic contract while climbing the tower.

And it was because an invitation had been sent by a kind of teacher who taught me various martial arts and taught me a lot.

“… … .”

And in response, I stiffened my body and rolled my eyes.

‘… … Now that I think about it, it seems like it was quite a long time ago that I met Baekhakgeomseon.’

It was worth it.

In fact, since she was a teacher, he gave her words of encouragement, but he did not treat her with much respect or visit her often.

And it has become even more so recently.

Suddenly, there were many events that raised my status as an ancient deity, and I forgot about the need to meet her.

That bothered me.

‘… … ‘I almost made a mistake.’

And belatedly, I felt a little bit of relief.

If it weren’t for her call, I would have gone down to Earth or used the Remegeton.

It was as if the order of things to be done was not wrong because there was a call from her.

In any case, it was even more so because she had to eliminate the secret ordeal, which was her long-cherished wish, before the 27th floor.

‘… … The priority was to resolve Baekhakgeomseon’s secret wish.’

However, it is true that it is uncomfortable to meet her directly.

There was still a lack of mental preparation(?) to see the Baekhakgeomseon.

If I were to be specific, I would say it feels like a child who has made a mistake and cannot properly see the face of his or her parents.

I couldn’t go right away because I also had to find out about new effects of necromancy.

‘Let’s buy some time.’

So the hesitation disappeared.

“Could you give us a little more time?”

Just like that, I continued speaking, refraining from changing my expression as I was met with gazes from one part of this stone room.

“If you do that, I will go there right away.”

Anyway, I didn’t have any problems even if Baekhakgeomseon didn’t invite me.

The administrator area can be moved around at will through the tower’s exclusive authority ‘#B-714 [area movement]’.

And is it because Baekhakgeomseon also knows about it from his last visit?

Her gaze soon cleared, and a system message appeared before her eyes.

「Administrator Baekhakgeomseon(白鶴劍仙) would like to help you… … .」

And that in a somewhat condescending tone.

‘Polite word?’

Her unfamiliar politeness is a bit strange… … .

Well, there’s nothing you can tell from system messages.

I shook my head and shook off the trivial thoughts.

Anyway, it would have bought me some time.

“for now… … , Shall I finish what I have to do?”

Just like that, I finished what I had to do.

‘Because there’s still something to check on necromancy.’

and… … .

「Strife, victory and death■? “Use God’s command to permanently increase your stats.”

“Strength has increased by 97.”

“Agility has increased by 96.”

“Stamina has increased by 94.”

“Magic power has increased by 91.”

“Durability has increased by 91.”

“Concept has increased by 19.”

The moment when you absorb the spirit of an ancient god and raise your abilities.

“As expected, is this also going up now?”

Only then was I able to put a smile on my face.

‘As I thought, I was able to grow my conceptual abilities through necromancy.’

It was worth it.

『Detailed Effects (12) – Atmosphere (大器). You can acquire the concept’s ability and consume the spirit to acquire the concept’s ability.』


This time, I was able to confirm the growth route of one of the effects of the growth of necromancy.

Isn’t the concept ability truly an ability that can strengthen the divinity of the concept?

So I thought maybe I could only raise my abilities by using special means… … .

At least the way to increase concept ability didn’t seem to be difficult.

‘But the figure didn’t rise that much.’

Still, are there any restrictions?

Even though the command of the ancient deity was converted into ability points, the conceptual ability level increased only slightly.

But even so, the income was not small.

Before I knew it, the concept divinity within my body was pulsating, albeit slightly, and each concept divinity took on a deep color.

It means only one thing.


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‘Concept divinity has definitely become stronger.’

In fact, the concept ability is a power that even ancient gods can’t help but covet.

Even if it is an ancient god, the divinity of a concept cannot be easily strengthened.

However, conceptual abilities pursued growth beyond the line of common sense.

That too for sure.

‘It’s not a big change yet, but it’s bound to change in the future.’

Just like gathering dust into a mountain… … .

Perhaps, over time, if you can raise your conceptual skills to triple digits or beyond, a lot will change.

The sacred <Death> was able to kill even a high-ranking deity with a single blow, and the sacred <Spirit> was able to grow into a form that could suppress even the divinity of the concept.

Imagining that was something I looked forward to in many ways.

“Then do you think you can raise your abilities with this?”

And then a question suddenly came to mind and I activated my exclusive authority.

“Exclusive permission E-0001 [Secret Shop] is activated.”

“A secret store exclusively for administrators will be opened.”

It’s no different… … .

「※The class where challenger Han Seong-yoon stays is not suitable for using the store.」

「※ Accordingly, only [Category: Abilities] can be used in the administrator-only secret shop.”

「※Until you reach a certain level, you are considered ineligible to use the administrator-only secret store.」

Here was a kind of growth shortcut that only I could use.

“You have entered the secret store for administrators only [Category: Abilities].”

▶Strength [1]: 10,000P

▶Stamina [1]: 10,000P

▶Agility [1]: 10,000P

▶Horsepower [1]: 10,000P

▶Durability [1]: 10,000P

▶Concept [1]: 100,000P (*NEW!)

“… … “I never thought it would actually exist.”

Before we knew it, a purchase function for concept abilities had been added to the exclusive authority ‘E-0001 [Secret Shop]’.

Even that is at a slightly higher price point than other abilities.

Perhaps I will now have concept abilities and be able to purchase them… … .

It was truly the best result.

‘If you can buy concept abilities with points that don’t really need to be used, there’s no need to worry.’

And then I poured all the points I had gained from previous trials into one place.

“I paid [1,500,000] points to the administrator-only secret store.”

“Concept increases by 15.”

“It’s neat.”

And I couldn’t help but smile at that.

That’s right… … .

However, the conceptual ability level that can be obtained by absorbing the spirit of an ancient god has increased.

In fact, this has a similar effect to catching an ancient deity.

“The Tower of Trials falls silent as it looks at challenger Han Seong-yoon.”

Of course, the Tower of Trials knows this and is acting as if it disapproves of me… … .

‘But you can’t really disturb me.’

In any case, as long as the transcendent myth <Absolute Immutability> existed, there was nothing the TOP could do.

The exclusive authority ‘E-0001 [Secret Store]’ has already been clearly taken into my hands.

In that case, even if it was the Tower of Trials, it would have been difficult to touch it.

And I smiled and finished the work.

“Is this roughly the end of confirming necromancy?”

For now, this is the end of Necromancy that can be confirmed immediately.

“Tamcheon (貪天),” which allows you to obtain unique characteristics, and “Recurrence,” which can reduce various cooldowns, can only be used by consuming Death Spirits.

And since I spent most of my time on the battlefield of the gods, I could no longer check the detailed effects of necromancy.

Therefore, raising the conceptual ability level was all that could be done.

“Then let’s go now.”

Is it because all the complicated thoughts in my head have suddenly disappeared?

Now, it seemed okay to face Baekhakgeomseon, who should be considered his teacher.

… … Of course, she was a bit annoyed as he had neglected her for a while, but this was also an obstacle that would have to be overcome anyway.

“Exclusive authority #B-714 [Area Movement] is activated.”

“Please specify the administrator area to move to.”


「Designation complete.」

“Move to the area of ​​administrator ‘Baekhakgeomseon(白鶴劍仙)’.”

The moment I calmed down my thoughts and moved to the area of ​​White Crane Swordsman.

“… … Oh, are you here?”

The refreshing scent of grass wafted through my nose, and a faintly trembling voice came into my ears.

Only then did I see the scene in front of me more clearly.

… … And, the white-haired beauty half-hidden by her wooden pillar.

It was the white crane sword that I could recognize even after seeing it for a long time, but it was in a strange state, although I don’t know where it was.

“… … Oh, it’s been a while.”

It’s no different… … .

“… … sir.”


“Han, Han Seongyoon… … sir.”

“… … .”

There, Baekhakgeomseon was trembling, slightly frightened.


We even had a moment of ridiculous confrontation with each other.

“so… … .”

As I sat down as usual, I saw the white crane sword standing far away next to me.

It looks like he’s sitting rather calmly, still unable to get rid of the tension.

I continued speaking, feeling a slight headache.

“Why are you suddenly using polite language?”


“That’s it… … .”

Next moment.

“Seongyoon… You are an ancient god… Because it’s poetry?”

Only then did I understand where Baekhakgeomseon’s awkward politeness came from.

“You saw what happened on the battlefield of the gods through the tower.”

“… … It happened to be like that… Right? that. “I’m sorry if I offended you.”

“And you’re doing this because at that time, I had reached the state of perfect ancient godhood.”

“… … yes. Seongyoon, you are different from a fake godlike like me. “I thought you might be uncomfortable with that.”

I felt dumbfounded when I saw that he was somehow intimidated.

‘I never thought it would be like this because I became an ancient god.’

But at the same time, it was persuasive.

In the first place, isn’t the administrator itself a fake god created by the tower?

So, from Baekhakgeomseon’s point of view, it seemed like she thought that I, an ancient deity, might find it unpleasant for her to speak to me.

“… … .”

Not only that, but he was quite scared as if he could cause harm.

Still, is it because it is a relationship that has built up affection in its own way?

Just because he became an ancient god, it didn’t look good to see him behaving like that.

So I immediately opened my mouth and said what I had to say.

“There’s no need to treat me with such respect, so just treat me comfortably.”

“… … yes?”

“Anyway, it’s not like I’m being tyrannical just because I became an ancient god.”

“no… “Huh?”

“… … .”

Then, belatedly, Baekhakgeomseon glanced at me and shook his head.

“… … Sorry, sorry. “I made a mistake.”

“… … “I’m glad you know.”

And then I smiled awkwardly and continued.

“And even if you become an ancient god, aren’t you still a priest?”

And in a very gentle tone.

“So just take it easy.”



Is it because of the emphasis on the title ‘Master’, which is like a kind of cheat?

“S-Master, it is… … ?”

Before I knew it, Baekhakgeomseon approached with tears in his eyes, as if he was moved.

“Even though you have become an ancient god, do you still think of me as a teacher?”

“That’s right.”

“Does this mean that I am that special to Seongyoon?”



I didn’t really think of it as that special… … .

I just think of him as a teacher because I can learn martial arts.

‘… … In reality, wasn’t it only a few hours that you learned martial arts from Baekhakgeomseon?’

Even martial arts was not taught in a strict manner.

Isn’t it just that Baekhakgeomseon gave a martial arts demonstration and I followed suit?

It’s true that I had some affection for Baekhakgeomseon, but I didn’t think of it as that special.

But those thoughts did not leave my lips.

“… … is not it?”

… … Before I knew it, it was hard to deny that she was seeing her eyes sparkling.

“… … no. Now that I think about it, I think it’s true. “Master.”

Only then did Baekhakgeomseon put a big smile on his face.

“Hehe… … ! I knew it! Seongyoon also thought of me as the most special! “I knew that!”

Like she said, I thought she might have been scared of me, but… … .

“therefore… … .”

In fact, those thoughts lasted only for a moment.

“As expected, it is right that I should entrust my secret wish to Seongyun.”

That’s right… … .

“At that time, Seongyoon made a contract to make my wish come true.”

This is because a light that could be called a certain desire suddenly appeared in her eyes.

“Administrator ‘Baekhakgeomseon’’s exclusive authority #G-0778 [Final Wish] has been activated.”

It’s also very intense.

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