The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 353

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353. Baekhakgeomseon (4)

A sad wish.

It grants wishes on behalf of managers subordinate to the tower that they were unable to achieve during their lifetime.

And that too in the same form as the trials that the Tower of Trials gives to challengers.

An opportunity that only comes once in a manager’s life.

The meaning of entrusting it to me is quite significant.

“Administrator ‘Baekhakgeomseon’’s exclusive authority #G-0778 [Final Wish] has been activated.”

It means that she trusts me enough to entrust me with the wish she wants to achieve the most in her life.

‘It’s not that strange.’

It was worth it.

As I climbed the tower, I went through countless fierce battles and eventually reached the state of ancient godhood.

In fact, even a challenger who climbs the 30th or 40th floor beyond this would not be able to beat me.

‘Because I am the strongest here.’

It’s not like confidence.

It’s just an obvious fact that doesn’t need to be exaggerated or exaggerated.

And that is why, beyond trusting Baekhakgeomseon, he is willing to entrust the secret ordeal to me.

“Based on the wishes of the manager ‘Baekhakgeomseon (白鶴劍仙)’, a special trial that is separate from the hierarchy will be created.”

“Decide whether to challenge the special contract trial <Last Wish: White Crane Swordsman>.”

「Accept: You can enter the world of the administrator ‘White Crane Swordsman’ recreated with the power of the tower.」

“Rejection: The special contract trial <Last Wish: White Crane Swordsman> is cancelled.”

only… … .

“I’m sorry, but I can’t accept this yet.”

I just don’t have any intention of entering the secret ordeal just yet.

It was difficult to accept the secret wish of Baekhakgeomseon in this way.

In an instant, Baekhakgeomseon’s face became as hard as stone and her eyes trembled.

Before she knew it, her eyes were filled with tears instead of her intense desire.

“… … “What do you mean?”

It looks like a small animal abandoned by its owner.

“… … “Rain, you can’t accept Biwon’s ordeal?”


“… … Uh, why? Seo, Seongyoon said he thought I was the most special! “I don’t know if he started to hate me.”

“no. “Rather than that, you need to know the contents of the secret wish.”

And only then did the water droplets that seemed to be about to pour into Baekhakgeomseon’s eyes stop.

“ah… … .”

“It’s convenient to know the contents of the secret wish and its background to some extent.”

“yes… … . Yeah, right… Yes… … . Because I need to know the contents of the secret wish… … . “I guess I was mistaken.”

A red blush appeared on her face and her head lowered.

However, just for a moment.

Baekhakgeomseon, who shook his head to calm his flushed face, raised his head and his eyes sparkled.

She calmly took a deep breath, steadied her voice, and continued.

“Now that I think about it, I’ve never properly told Seongyoon about my wishes.”

Before I knew it, Baekhakgeomseon’s eyes were stained with bitterness.

“… … It’s not that difficult. “My wish is for my family to be revived.”

And she said with such sad eyes.

“My family disappeared when I was young due to extinction. “My only wish is to rebuild it and revive it in Moorim.”

“In that case, all we have to do is rebuild and revive Master’s family.”

“… … yes. So, it’s not an extreme wish like that woman’s, Lord of Iron Blood. It’s not like we’re talking about the destruction of the world. But in some ways it can be more difficult than that.”


I had to frown at that.

It’s not at the level of discussing the destruction of the world, but what could be more difficult than that?

Even if higher-level deities were involved, it wouldn’t be particularly burdensome, so why could it be difficult?

“In the ordeal of the Secret Garden, immortals and comparable enemies are involved, but there is a more important condition than that.”

But such questions had no choice but to be resolved quickly.

“In fact, the revival of the family must be accomplished with my own hands.”

“What is that… … .”

“Ah, to be precise, I have to do it myself as a child during the ordeal of the Secret Garden.”

“… … .”

“Even if Seongyoon satisfies all the conditions for the family’s revival, I must have the minimum qualifications to continue it as I did when I was young.”

“No way, that… … .”

“that’s right.”

That’s right… … .

“therefore… … .”

This is because Baekhakgeomseon realized why this secret garden could be difficult.

“In short, it means that I, who is recreated in the secret garden, must grow to the level of a pseudo-god.”

That too for sure.


In fact, Baekhakgeomseon’s secret wish cannot be fulfilled by an ordinary challenger.

‘… … I never thought I would have to grow the white crane swordsman recreated by the tower to the level of godhood.’


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It was worth it.

With the ability of a mere challenger to climb a tower, it would be impossible to reach the level of godhood.

It’s not even just that.

Even if you have reached the level of godhood, you cannot enable others to achieve the same level.

‘Is it possible to clear this at the level of a challenger?’

And it wasn’t that different for me.

I could not say that helping others to reach the level of complete godhood was my area of ​​expertise.

Even if it was at the level of quasi-divinity rather than formal godhood, it was still the same.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t refuse it.

“… … “I’ll give it a try.”

In the end, the answer was fixed.

“Uh… … . sorry… … . Because it’s an absurd wish… … .”

And Baekhakgeomseon said that with a sullen expression on his face, and I answered with a grin.

“But I think I know, so that’s okay.”

She lowered her head and spoke in an ant-like voice.

“Ugh, yeah… … .”

“Well, I’ve already thought of a solution anyway, so there’s nothing to worry about.”


“That’s right.”

If we were to be honest, should we say that it is an application of the power that was originally possessed?

‘The power I have as an ancient god could be the key to the solution.’

Since becoming an Ancient Godhead, I have been able to handle many things.

‘Of course, I’m not sure yet, but there’s a good chance.’

That is enough to enable a mere mortal to step into the realm of godhood.

“Maybe if the solution works, there won’t be a need to take so long.”

Of course, to be honest, it is a kind of expedient solution… … .

In any case, it can be resolved sufficiently as long as it can be raised to the level of godhood.

The only problem is that it is not the level of godhood that Baekhakgeomseon hopes to achieve.

“… … “If that’s the case, I’d like to ask you a favor.”


“Administrator ‘Baekhakgeomseon’’s exclusive authority #G-0778 [Final Wish] has been activated.”

The moment her exclusive authority was activated again.

“I will wait until Seongyoon returns here.”

Are you relieved to hear that a solution has been found to some extent?

Suddenly, Baekhakgeomseon said this with a relaxed expression, as if he was relieved.

Only then did I let out a small smile and completely prepare to enter the ordeal.

“I won’t make you wait that long.”


“Anyway, even if it’s a secret ordeal, it won’t be difficult for me anymore.”

Next moment.

“Entering the Tower of Trials <Last Wish: White Crane Swordsman>.”

「Difficulty – Difficult」

“The theme of the ordeal is ‘White Crane Swordsmanship.’”

“I hope that with the will of a challenger, your deepest desires will come true.”

In an instant, everything in front of me turned black.

‘Is this the beginning?’

It’s no different… … .

“The special contract trial <Last Wish: White Crane Swordsman> begins.”

「Remaining time – 10 years」

“Conditions for passing the ordeal – Complete the revival and revenge of the Baek clan through martial arts within the remaining time.”

「Trial failure condition – death of challenger or end of remaining time」

「Ordeal Breakthrough Reward – ※The level of reward will be determined by Baekhakgeomseon’s emotions.」

「Trial failure penalty – death」

Now the time has finally come to fulfill your final wish.


black space.

As soon as I entered the colorless world with nothing in it, system messages appeared before my eyes.

And after reading all the system messages that appeared before my eyes, I couldn’t help but frown.

“Wearing of some equipment is restricted and will be transferred to inventory.”

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon has abilities that are not suitable for the special nature of the trial.”

“All ability scores are [80] and do not change depending on the progress of the trial.”

「※However, in the case of concept ability value, it is fixed to 【10】, not 【80】.」

It was worth it.

‘Are you saying they’re going to lower all abilities to double digits?’

Because suddenly a system originating from the tower tried to exclude the power I had.

“A modified work.”

But even so, I wasn’t particularly embarrassed by it.

“The transcendent myth <Absolute Immutability> is activated.”

“From now on, challenger Han Seong-yoon’s actions will be subject to the divinity effect of <Denial of Transformation>.”

“You can deny all negative changes about you that are brought about by external interference.”

“From now on, the divinity effect of <The One and Only> will be applied to challenger Han Seong-yoon.”

“External phenomena can never imitate the power that is yours without permission.”


In any case, even if it is a tower, it will not be able to break through the transcendent myth <Absolute Immutability>.

In the blink of an eye, the restrictions of the tower that came from all over collapsed and scattered without shape.

That too, very neatly.

and… … .

「… … .」

“An error occurred.”

“The Tower of Trials is silent about your actions.”

The response TOP chose to deal with this was truly simple.

“The Tower of Trials activates exclusive authority #A-088 [Restriction Modification] to modify some restrictions.”

“Some of the restrictions of the special contract trial <Last Wish: White Crane Swordsman> are changing.”

“The Tower of Trials has activated exclusive authority #A-021 [Reward Modification] to modify the reward contents.”

“The level of reward for the special contract trial <Last Wish: White Crane Swordsman> has increased.”

Only then did I smile.

“Does this mean that now that we have no means of coercion, we will appease?”

In fact, at this point, it is closer to a favor rather than a manipulative act.

‘It seems like a lot of equipment restrictions have disappeared.’

Of course, the restrictions on wearing equipment have not completely disappeared… … .

The restriction of not being able to use ‘Inventory’, one of the penalties of the ordeal, seemed to have been lifted.

In short, it meant that you could enter the trial and use all the equipment you originally had.

‘It’s just that the equipment is there, but it’s changed to the level of mana.’

But there were still some parts that remained the same.

‘Do you have any intention of negotiating on all abilities?’

Currently, Top is insisting on lowering all my abilities to double digits.

However, it is not an obsession that is completely incomprehensible.

If my physical abilities remain the same, my balance will collapse.

‘But this is enough.’

It’s not even just that.

The tower has activated the exclusive authority ‘#A-021 [Reward Modification]’ and a correction has been added to the trial reward.

Perhaps they want to preserve the restrictions on all abilities by adding corrections to the rewards… … .

“Even so, it is a meaningless restriction.”

In any case, it was not difficult to regain strength by using the transcendental myth <Absolute Immutability> on a large scale.

“but… … .”

In that case, it was decided what to do.

“The offer isn’t that bad.”

At best, if compensation can be adjusted in exchange for all abilities, the benefit will be certain.

“In that case, it doesn’t matter.”


“The transcendence myth <Absolute Immutability> is deactivated.”

Soon, the transcendent myth <Absolute Immutability> disappeared and the level of all abilities was downgraded by the tower.

“The world creation of the special contract trial <Last Wish: White Crane Swordsman> has been completed.”

In an instant, the black space in front of me changed, regaining its color.

「Casting selection completed.」

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon will be assigned the role of Shandong Baekga’s <Guard Warrior>.”

“Proceed with the trials in order and satisfy the clear conditions of the trials.”

The moment when I finally captured the wide-open view of the scene.

“… … .”

As it was, I couldn’t help but frown.

“What is this again… … ?”

That’s right… … .

“Achievement ‘Extinction of the Land’ has been achieved.”

“All abilities increase by 1.”

The scene that was revealed before my eyes was even more horrendous.

No matter where you look, the river of blood stains every corner, spreading its bloody scent.

You can even hear screams, the sound of steel clashing, or battle cries everywhere.

And as if that were not enough, the palaces built on the large land were engulfed in fire and burning.

“… … “It’s fun.”

It’s no different… … .

“… … “Is it hard mode from the start?”

… … The secret wish for Baekhakgeomseon was placed in a situation where it would fail as soon as it began.

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